good mother and father

hey nonbinary parents u kno how there’s shortened terms for mother and father but no good shortened terms for parent?? well i have the solution for you!!! instead of “parent” u can call urself “guardian”
which can be shortened to “guard”
and then when ur kid says things like “sorry i can’t go my guard says no” they sound rich and mysteriously important and u dont get misgendered and everyone wins



did all of my artworks with @kyletwebster amazing brushes

My mother taught me everything, except how to live without her.
—  I dread the day I will have to realise this for myself, ya Allah grant both my mother and father good health.

The thing that fascinates me about Asami is that she’s a good person. Her mother was brutally murdered. Her father is a bigot and terrorist. Her boyfriend cheats on her and lies to her. Her best friend/crush/girlfriend almost dies in front of her and then leaves for three years. Her father does die in front of her. She ticks every box on the villain backstory checklist, but she’s not. Even when that required giving up her father and her lifestyle. She’s the real deal. Don’t ever tell me good is boring.

Ok so I know Ron was all like “thank goodness you inherited your mother’s brains”  so now everyone’s sort of like “oh Rose Weasley she’s the girl and she’s smart so she’ll be just like Hermione.”  and its like ok, that’s good BUT

what if she inherited her mothers brains but also inherited her fathers personality?  So yes, she does know the counter curse that would easily take down that jerk of a 3 rd year that keeps picking on her BUT kicking him in the teeth is way more fun/effective.  Or like she’s studying for a test and Albus is having a crap day so she just tosses her textbook in the air and is like “let’s play chess or sneak out or whatever.” And she ends up failing the test the next day but is all like “lol whatever I can make it up later” OR EVEN BETTER-

Scorpius:  People keep picking on me because my dad was a Death Eater.

Rose: Kill them.

Scorpius: Rose no.

Rose:  *stands up* Fine, I’ll kill them.

Scorpius: roSE NO.

An illustration of the first Drabble of the little series Where @thelastspeecher crosses her au universe, the Stanley Mcgucket series, with my au universe, The Mystery Dads universe! 

The guest room is not terrible attractive, I tell you I struggled with the design. Also I wanted it to have like, white farm house style kind of furniture but that just doesn’t work with my drawing style and? Yeah yikes.

Anyway, the Drabble can be read here. 

Into the Open Air

TITLE: Into the Open Air



Imagine Loki has to raise his two children alone because their mother is dead. He tries to be as good father as he can, always spending time with his children


NOTES/WARNINGS: Some abuse elements, and minor character death at the beginning. Attempted suicide.

Loki would never forget the day he was left with his two boys standing on the hill watching the fire glow from what had once been a home, and what was now a grave for his beloved wife, Mina.

He held the twins closer as a lonesome tear trailed its way down his face.

“Father?” The youngest out of the twins, Thallion (Tallion) and redhead, like his dear mother, asked looking up.

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Cosette deserved more songs that is all goodbye

I do deplore the lack of Cosette songs in the musical, but at the same time I understand that they had to shrink stuff down so that the whole story would fit without becoming overwhelmingly long. So I give you:

Songs I would have liked Cosette to sing, though I get that crafting a whole musical from the brick was mission impossible:

  • Young Cosette at the convent, singing about how she misses her mother but how good of a father Valjean is to her, and how much she loves him
  • Cosette singing a song about deciding to be pretty and dress fashionably, and that self-love is okay and doesn’t make her vain and unsubstancial
  • ANYTHING mentionning the word lark
  • Rather than Marius and Cosette bumping into each other, having Cosette and Marius eyeing each other at the Jardins du Luxembourg, singing to themselves “He’s cute” “She’s so beautiful” and noticing little things about each other, marking the passage of time through  the lyrics
  • More of Cosette being playful in general

Imagine Loki has to raise his two children alone because their mother is dead. He tries to be as good father as he can, always spending time with his children. The older in just like his father; gifted in wielding seidr, but the younger one can’t use magic at all. Loki doesn’t notice how he starts to always spend time with the older one, training him to become even better than himself. The younger one feels left out, and that Loki is favouring the older one, making him angry and jealous (like young Loki). He starts acting out to get attention from his father, but Loki just gets angry too. Eventually, it goes so bad the younger one doesn’t feel loved and he runs away from home, leaving a note behind where he says Loki doesn’t have to deal with a disappointment anymore and can just be happily with the older child. Loki realises what he has done and goes after him.

So I don’t believe in a higher being, but I DO believe that things eventually even out and sometimes that’s a lesson…

…so after whining about how hard my day was because I had one ornery student, my dad fell and broke his hip on the ice of NYC streets and spent the night in the hospital. He handled it with grace and dignity and asked my brother to bring him his DVD of Persuasion to watch.

Lesson to self: stop whining so much.