good morning left side

in the beginning,
i was excited to kiss you good morning,
cuddle during a movie. 
we never left each others’ sides,
practically attached at the hip.

but then something changed. 
you were becoming as necessary
as my morning caffeine-
something i couldn’t function without. 
there was a sense of codependency,
almost like neither of us could survive
without the other. 

it wasn’t love anymore. 
it was need.
—  j.e.b. ((that’s when you need to get out.))

And while other girls were scribbling names in a heart
I was smearing cement between bricks
Building them so high i could never be found
Because for me, love was never rose petals and good morning kisses
Love was an empty left side of the bed
It was hi and bye and nothing more
Love was locked doors and hidden bottles
It was putting on a pretty face for the world but the wedding rings never left the dresser
For me, love was just a lie

And they think its strange that romance never appealed to me
That fairytales seemed so fictional
But i grew up in a love that lacked passion and intimacy
And a marriage that was broken before i could even see the cracks
For me, love wasn’t something that lasted
It was something that left you bloody and bruised

And they wonder why i never want to fall in love
And i wonder why they would

—  m.n.v

AN: I am so glad y'all liked “Reliving Those Memories.” I had so much fun writing it. Thank y'all for you kind feedback! Hope y'all enjoy Part 2 just as much. (Gif not mine.)

Part 1


“Reliving Those Memories” (Part 2)

You awoke to find arms wrapped around you. At first you forgot, but then you recalled Pietro coming to your room last night to comfort you. You smiled at the thought of Pietro kissing you for the first time. Of course, the circumstances weren’t ideal, but he cared for you deeply. It showed last night. He never left your side, as you gently wept.

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I think its super funny when people point to the failure of the USSR as being a sign of communism’s and socialism’s irrelevance.

MLK was a communist.

Most of the Black Panthers were communists.

The first man in space was a communist. So was the first woman.

Most of the technology in your iPhones and tablets were designed by communists.

Malala Youfazai is a communist.

John Lennon was a communist.

Most of the people that fought for your right to have a minimum wage, a decent amount of hours, and protection from discrimination were communists or socialists.

A large portion of people in punk bands are anarcho-communists.

George Orwell was a socialist who wanted a “united socialist states of Europe” type scenario.

Hellen Keller was a socialist.

Frida Kahlo was a communist.

The army currently fighting off ISIS in various parts of Syria are mostly communists and socialists.

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were both socialists.

The list could go on and on. Some of these people are definitely controversial, and not all of them are good people personally, but irrelevant? I think not.

Gingerbread and Styles

I Have Loved You Since Extras//CHRISTMAS SPECIALS (2015): Gingerbread and Styles


December 12th, 2017 3:36 a.m.

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Good Morning Babygirl (Luke Hemmings Smut)

I rolled over to left side as I felt myself slowly wake up to the sunlight around me. I also felt slight movements against my neck. They were sporadic and tender and as I fully awoke, I realized kisses were being planted to the delicate skin there.
“Mmmm,” I mumbled still half asleep.
“Good morning baby girl,” I heard Luke coo in his husky morning voice, “Did you sleep well.” He mumbled against my neck as he continued to pepper it with kisses. I sighed out of content.
“Yes, very well actually. Did you?”
“Yes I did. You know, I actually had a dream last night.”
“Really? About what?” I turned my head to look at him.
“Well,” he lightly chuckled, a small ghost of a smirk starting to appear on his face, “You were there. And I was there. And we where here, on this bed..” His fingers trailed up and down the bare skin of my hip where my–his shirt had lifted slightly as his words trailed off.
“And?” I raised my eyebrows at him, having an idea where this was going.
He slowly dipped his head back down to my neck and kissed my sweet spot before sucking on it. His lips trailed up to my ear and I could feel his hot breath on me.
“And I was fucking you senseless,” he whispered, causing the breath to hitch in my throat. He continued to nibble on my skin and I quietly groaned.
“Babe, it’s 8 in the morning though,” I half moaned, half whined. I tried to sit up to get out of bed, but Luke firmly gripped my hip with his one hand before pulling my back against his chest. His hips rolled up towards me and I gasped as I felt his hard on press between my legs.
“I need you so bad right now Y/N,” he groaned in my ear as he rolled his hips again. His lips pressed to the skin below my ear and he nipped at it, causing a moan to escape my lips.
“Fuck Luke. Fine,” I breathed out before pushing him over to lay him flat on his back. I swung one leg over his waist and sat down, straddling him. He smiled up at me, gently grabbing my face in his hands and pressing his lips against mine. His tongue ran over my bottom lip and I opened my mouth to let it slip in. Kissing Luke was always amazing because he was so good at it and he vaguely tasted like cotton candy. As he continued to deepen the kiss, I ground my hips down against his, eliciting a groan from his lips. I smirked into our kiss and repeated my action but harder.
“F-fuck Y/N. Do that again baby,” he moaned quietly. I pressed my hips down again, moving my lips to his neck and leaving kisses to it. My hands trailed down his torso as I continued to grind on him, gripping the edge of his shirt.
“This needs to come off,” I purred in his ear. He smirked, pulling his shirt off before flipping us over. A gasp left my lips as he ground his bulge into me.
“F-fuck Luke,” I moaned as his lips assaulted my neck once again. I felt him smirk against my neck as his hand trailed down to the hem of my underwear since I was wearing no pants. His fingers dipped down into my panties and I half gasped, half moaned when his cold fingers pressed against my clit. I moaned as I subconsciously bucked my hips up towards his hand.
“Anxious baby?” He chuckled quietly.
“Oh fuck off,” I moaned out, his fingers running up and down my slit teasingly.
“These,” he motioned to my panties, pulling his fingers out of them, much to my disappointment, “Need to come off.” He winked at me before slipping the lacy wear down my legs.
I rolled my eyes but giggled at his use of my words, hooking my legs around his waist to pull him closer to me. Luke slowly dragged his finger down my heat once more, causing me to let out an impatient groan. My lips attached up his neck and I made my way to the skin below his ear before sucking and nipping at the sensitive area.
“Just fuck me already,” I whispered lowly. A loud growl left his lips and in a quick blur his clothes were removed. He lined himself up with my heat before I stopped him to remove his shirt off of my torso.
“No baby,” he put his hand on top of mine, “Leave it on. You look so sexy in my clothes.” I nodded, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. And with a sharp thrust, he filled me up with his length.
“Fuck,” I moaned out at the feeling.
“Damn baby,” he breathed out, “You’re so fucking tight. I don’t fuck you enough huh?” Right away Luke began to thrust into me at an enormously fast rate, making my breathing quicken. Soft and loud moans kept leaving my lips as he continued to pound into me.
“I asked you a question baby.” He rolled his hips against mine slower, but hit deeper, igniting a new feeling in me.
“F-fuck Luke,” I groaned, “No, you don’t fuck me enough. I want you to fuck me more.” His dark chuckle ringed through my ears and I felt him press his smirk to my neck.
“Of course babygirl. Whatever you want.” Suddenly, Luke lifted my right leg to hook around his waist, giving him the perfect angle to hit my g-spot.
“Fuck,” I moaned very loudly. I felt my stomach begin to knot up and my walls clench together as I neared my climax.
“Come on darling,” Luke cooed in my ear, “Cum for me.” His hand dipped down to toy with my clot, rubbing and pressing on the sensitive button. He rolled his hips against mine a few more times before I completely fell apart, moaning his name over and over again. My walls tightened and I felt him reach his high too.
“Fuck baby,” he whispered out of breath as he thrusted a few more times through our orgasms before pulling out of me and laying down. I laid my head on his chest and I could feel it rising up and down at a fast pace. When both of our breathing finally became even I looked up at Luke and saw him looking down at me.
“What?” I smiled.
“Nothing just, good morning babygirl.”

lady-gwen  asked:

Heat, Bucky

I slipped another request into this one, omg.

11. Heat, 7. Sun + Bucky

Bucky feels it in different ways and in all kinds of situations and he’s morbidly used to it. 

Sometimes when he wakes up, his body feels paralyzed as the excruciating cold takes over his limbs and all he can do is count to ten and try to remember that none of that is actually real. 

In the nights he lies down on his bed and everything is too dark and the moonlight is lighting up the room with way too much blue, he closes his eyes and it doesn’t take long until he feels the cold sensation creeping up from his feet, to his legs and soon to his torso.

If he sits still for too long, his arm starts to feel too heavy and his scars start to burn and his whole back feels like pure snow. 

It’s not exactly surprising he doesn’t deal well with less warmer weathers. 

He’s been kept in the cold for seventy years, he’s been presumed dead while suffering with cold, he's killed people in the cold. 

Ironically, he’s got an opposite type of personal hell. 

And he isn’t expecting for it to change until she happens. 

She introduces herself to him and as he grasps her hand, he feels her warmness spread through his cold sweating flesh hand. 

When she finds him sleepless in the middle of the night at the living room, all she needs to do is curl herself up against his body until he feels like he can breath again as her body heat warms his left side. 

It takes a–

“Good morning, Bucky!” She presses a kiss to his cheek and sits next to him, shoulders bumping as she rests her head in his bicep and his whole body warms up because she’s light and fire and sun and heat and she’s everything he needs. 

And isn’t expecting for it to change but it does and he can’t be more glad for it. 

Because if the cold is his own personal hell–

Then she is his own personal heaven.