good morning haters

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hey someone made a post on how lance is selfish and manipulative. everyone's telling op that they did a really good job and they're all like 😫👏 in the tags but i honestly don't see anything good about this. why should ppl congratulate op for trashing lance? we get it, he's flawed. just like Every other character is. i don't understand why she had to single out lance like that. it just doesn't sit well with me. what do you think?

op’s pussy way too dry to be riding lance’s dick like this

Oh well, re: last post - There’s nothin’ else I can say.

Have this morning warm-up that got out of control (although I really think an hour and a half-ish on this is pretty decent considering how much time I spend switching my Pandora station or wandering off to bug the cats)!

And for the record, yes, it is.


Happy Monday!!

good morning haters. :)