good morning austin

Jeff and Austin are bathing in that money
Ian is in gay baby jail
Anthony is not okay at the moment
Jon is done with everyone
Rhett is prayin’ for everyone’s sins
Link is enjoying this all

i have sinned 

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Hi, it’s the b-day anon again :) Maybe one where you are Austin Carlile’s ex-gf (you broke up about a year ago) but you are still friends with Jennifer and one day she invites you over to her house where all the guys are including Austin. He tries to talk to you but you avoid him most of the time. Then later at night you’re out freezing and Austin gives you his jacket and you talk again, then also share a kiss & you end up spending the night together. The next morning you decide to try it again

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANON I LOVE YOU <3 This is my present to you c: I hope you it is everything you want!!!!


“Come on, please come, Y/N!” Jennifer said over the phone. “It won’t be the same without you here.”

“That’s sweet, Jen, but you’ll all still have fun. Much more fun than if I were there because things would be awkward,” I replied, walking around my apartment.

“If you come to this and have a good time I will never bug you again. Come on, it’s hot out, we’re gonna swim, there will be delicious food,” she taunted.

“And there will be an ex that I don’t want to see,” I countered. 

“Y/N, I am begging you. You won’t even have to see him!”

“If I say yes will you get off the phone?” I asked playfully. 


“Fine, I’ll be there,” I finally agreed. She squealed in delight and I hung up to go get ready. I was really hoping Jennifer would be right and I wouldn’t have to see Austin.

~Later that afternoon~

I walked into the house and was greeted with a squeal of happiness and a giant hug. I laughed and returned the hug before following Jen out to the patio. It was hot outside, but the shade of the house felt nice. 

“Y/N!!” the guys yelled happily. I waved and greeted them, looking around for Austin. I didn’t see him anywhere, which made me smile even bigger. Phil came up and hugged me, as did Aaron. Alan and Tino were in the pool so thankfully I didn’t get anything from them besides a few happy hellos and smiles. 

“How have you been?” Phil asked, making conversation as I sat down with them.

“Good. I’ve been working a lot to save up some money to go travelling. You?” I asked in return. 

“Oh, we’ve all been pretty great. Well, most of us anyway. Austin has been alright, not quite totally himself, but..” Phil trailed off when Jennifer gave him a look. Silence enfolded us, but it wasn’t too awkward. 

“I’m gonna get a drink, anyone want anything?” I offered, getting up to go in. They all shook their heads, so I walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and went to grab a bottle. When I closed the door and turned around, I ran straight into someone’s chest. As I looked at the shirt of the person I hit and took in their scent, dread filled me. I knew it all too well.

“Y/N..? Is that you?” Austin’s voice asked. I looked up into his gorgeous brown eyes. 

“Hi, Austin.” It came out with more reluctance than I had meant to put in it. He blinked like it stung him.

“ are you?” he asked, still a little shocked.

“Fine.” I didn’t want to have this conversation. He tried to say something else, but I cut him off. “I’m gonna use the restroom.” I hurried away, leaving him standing there alone. I slammed the door shut and gripped the sink.

Get it together. You knew he would be here. Act cool. Act fine. You are fine, you don’t need to act. Just try not stay away from him. It’ll be just fine.

After my little pep talk, I headed back out, grabbing my drink. As I entered the patio area, I saw Austin was in my previous seat. Aaron looked at me awkwardly, deciding what to say as I stood there like a sore thumb.

“Austin, Y/N was sitting-” he started, but I shook my head like it was no big deal.

“Oh, it’s fine! I think I’m gonna swim a bit anyway,” I announced. This way I wouldn’t have to sit around Austin and try to make weird conversation with anyone. With that, I tore of my shirt and shorts, dropping them next the chair, and let my down hair down and jumped into the water with Alan and Tino. For the rest of the day I managed to avoid Austin. When he got in the pool, I got out to help Jennifer with the food. When we sat to eat, I made sure to be as far away as possible from him. Any time he tried to make conversation with me, I made up an excuse to cut it short and got the hell outta the area. 

“I have had so much fun today guys,” Jen said as we all sat around her living room, fully clothed and dry, the sun long below the horizon. “We could watch a movie?”

“Sure,” everyone agreed, grabbing blankets and pillows and spots on the furniture as she put one in. We cut out the lights and sat down to watch. I felt Austin’s eyes on me about a half an hour in and excused myself to go smoke. I didn’t do it very often anymore, but it seemed like a time that would be nice for one.

I stood outside on the front porch and lit my cigarette, shivering a bit in the cold as I took my first long drag. I leaned against the house, exhaling and watching the tendrils wrap around the stars like ribbons. I needed to clear my head. 

“I didn’t know you still did that. You had quit,” Austin’s voice said. I didn’t even open my eyes to look at him.

“Yeah, well, I took it up again about a year ago,” I replied coolly. I knew that’d jab him a bit. That was right when we broke up. I had quit for him when we were together. 

“A year is a long time. People change,” Austin remarked. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“What exactly do you mean?” I questioned slowly. This could go in several different directions.

“I mean I’m not the same as I used to be,” he replied urgently, taking a step closer to me. I backed up so my body was fully against the house. Austin was so close. He put a hand next to my head, trapping me here. I tried not tto let it show that my heart was about to explode with butterflies. “Y/N, please-”

“I don’t want to have this conversation, Austin,” I insisted firmly.

“Can’t we just talk about this? About what happened?”

“No!” I almost yelled. “I don’t want to talk about it!” 

“Then let’s not talk,’ he whispered, his face only inches from mine, eyes half lidded and staring at my lips. I knew he was going to do it before he did. In an instant, Austin’s lips were on mine, soft and sweet and passionate and…longing. I didn’t return the kiss at first, but then my hands tangled in his hair and I pulled him to me. He was too much to resist. The smell of his cologne, the feel of his soft hair between my fingers, the familiarity of his body pressed against my own. His mouth parted mine and he asked for an entrance, which I granted. His tongue explored my mouth and I groaned into the kiss at the remembrance of his taste. Finally, when his hands found my hips, I managed to pull it together and push him away.

“Don’t..” I whispered. “This was a mistake.”

“No, it wasn’t. I know you felt it, too. Don’t tell me you didn’t!” he insisted desperately. I took a shaky breath. “Let’s talk about it,” he said slowly. After thinking for a moment, I agreed.

“Okay,” I told him softly, barely loud enough for me to hear. He grinned and we went back inside. When the movie was over, Austin followed me home and he came into the apartment. We sat and talked for hours and hours. We cried, screamed at each other, broke down, begged, kissed, hugged, pleaded, laughed, cuddled, and eventually fell asleep on my couch, my head on his chest and his arms holding me to him. I felt more at home than I had in a year having with me there. In the morning, I awoke to the sight of a still-sleeping Austin.

“Good morning,” I whispered, stretching out a bit and waiting for his eyes to open. he groaned and then cracked his eyes open.

“Morning,” he replied in his super sexy sleepy voice. He smiled down at me and planted a kiss to my forehead. “How did you sleep?”

“Better than I have in a year,” I admitted. He nodded in silent agreement.We sat up and stretched ourselves awake. 

“So,” I stated.

“So,” he repeated. There was a long pause. “Are we really doing this..?”

“Yeah…I think we are..” I replied slowly, turning to give him a side grin. 

“We’re gonna try again?” he asked happily, arms snaking around my waist.

“We’re gonna try again.”


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Lazy Day with Austin

Imagine #2

Imagine waking up with his arm wrapped around your waist tightly holding you. You slightly turn to see his face. He looks so adorable when he is sleeping you thought. You begin tracing his lips and they suddenly they twitch up into a smile. You look up to see his mesmerizing hazel eyes looking into yours. “Good Morning Beautiful” he says. “Good Morning Austin” you say back with a smile. He sits up and grabs his iPhone from the side table by your bed. “It’s 10:23” he says. “What are you doing today?” you asked him hoping that he wasn’t at the studio today like he was yesterday. “Nothing” he says with a smile. “Ok” you say. “How about we have a lazy day?” he asks you with a smile forming on his face. “That sounds nice” you reply with a smile. “Ok, I’ll make brunch” you get up from the bed and walk into the kitchen. You make BLT’s for the both of you. And settle down on the couch for some movies.  

Long distance. Austin Carlile Imagine

Since you wanna do a break up one, do one where Austin is on tour and you try sososososososo hard to make it work that you just end up getting really sad, and breaking it off, and Austin getting really sad (his POV) (I mean Austin Carlile if you didn’t know haha)


“What time is it?” I ask my roommate, Penny. 

“Umm 8:20. Why?” She asks. 

“I call Austin at 8:30!” I say with a big smile. 

“How’s that going?” Penny asks. 

“It’s okay. I get really lonely. He’s always busy.” I say quietly. 

“Do you think you guys will work through it?” She asks. 

“Let’s hope so.” I say shortly. 

I hear my alarm go off and I jump up and go to my room. 

I lay on my bed and call Austin. 

“Hello?” He answers. 

“Hey sweetie!” I say with a huge smile. 

“Oh, hey Y/N. What’s up?” He says awkwardly. 

“Nothing. Why? What are you doing?” I ask him. 

“Oh, um, I’m kinda busy.’ He says. 

"Doing what?” I ask in disappointment. 

“Some band stuff. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” He says before talking to someone he’s with. 

It sounds like he’s in a bar. 

“You said that yesterday.” I say with tears in my eyes. 

‘Sorry, Y/N. I have to go. Love you. Bye.” He says before hanging up. 

I throw my phone across the room and begin to cry into my pillow. 

This is the fourth time this has happened this week. 

I hear Penny open my door, but I don’t even pay attention. 

“Are you okay?” Penny asks as she rubs my back. 

“He doesn’t even have time for me. How are we suppose to work when I’m the only one trying?” I cry. 

“Maybe you two aren’t suppose to be together.” She says. 

“I love him so much. I’d do anything for him and he can’t even talk to me on the for  20 fucking minutes.”  I say, growing more upset. 

“Maybe you should call him early tomorrow and talk to him about it.” She say, wiping away my tears. 

“He probably doesn’t even have time to answer.” I say, trying to stop crying. 

“Just talk to him. Okay?” Penny says , hugging me. 

I nod and go to clean my face. 

Hopefully things will workout tomorrow. 

I text Austin goodnight, but he never replies so I decide to just go to bed. 

I wake up and still nothing from Austin. When he’s not touring, he text me good morning and good night. 

I get up, get coffee, and text Austin good morning. 

I take a shower and when I get out there’s still no reply. 

I know he’s awake. He’s always awake by this time. 

I take a deep breath and call him. 

“Hello?” He says. 

“Hey Austin!” I say. 

“What do you want? Why are you calling so early?” He asks, kinda pissed off. 

“Well, we haven’t talked in a week, so I thought it’d be nice to talk to you.” I say with a smile. 

“Well, I’m kinda busy.” He says shortly. 

“You’re always fucking busy!” I yell. 

“Calm down. What the fuck is your problem?” He yells back. 

“Oh, maybe it’s that my boyfriend can’t fit me into his busy schedule!” I yell, losing my patience. 

“Y/N, you know how busy I am! You know I do the best I can!” Austin says. 

“The best you can? You can’t even text me! It’s not fair that you’re going out every night have a blast while I’m here waiting for your call and it never happens. I’m tired of waiting on you.” I yell. 

“What do you want me to do about it? Not have a good time? I’m on tour! We party and drink a lot, you know that.” He says. 

“It’s different this time Austin. You’re not even trying. How is this suppose to work if I’m the only one trying?” I ask. 

“I don’t know Y/N.” He says quietly. 

We sit there in silence for a few minutes. 

Tears start to fall down my face as I take a breath to speak. 

“Maybe…maybe we should break up.” I whisper, trying to not sound like I’m crying. 

“Oh come on Y/N. You don’t mean that.” Austin says with sadness in his voice. 

“I can’t keep putting things on hold for someone who can’t even put down a drink to talk to me. I need someone who cares for me just as much as I care for them.” I say, crying uncontrollably. 

“Sweetie, you know I love you.” He says and his voice cracks. “Don’t do this.” 

“I have to go Austin. Goodbye.” I say before hanging up. 

I put my phone down and run into my roommate’s room. She looks at me and just hugs me. 

I lay in bed all day crying my eyes out..I’m sure it was for the best. 

—— Austin’s POV———

“Hey man, you okay?” Alan asks as I walk through the bus. 

“Y/N just broke up with me.” I say quietly. 

“What happened?!” Tino asked sounding shocked. 

“She said she couldn’t sit around and wait for me to make time for her.” I say, looking down at the floor. “She’s right though..I blew it.” 

“Call her back!” Aaron says. 

“I can’t. I can’t hear her say those words again. I really do love her guys. I know I don’t show it a lot, but I do love her.” I quietly say as tears begin to fall. 

“We know you do.” Alan says, placing his arm around me. 

The next few days I do nothing but go to the shows. I sit in my bunk in hopes that Y/N will call…she doesn’t. 

“Dude, it’s been a week. Just call her.” Phil says, sitting next to me on the couch. 

“She wasn’t wrong to do it though.” I say back. 

“Yeah, but maybe all she needs is to see you fight for her. Prove you love her and want her.” Phil says. “Just think about it.” He pats my back and walks off the bus. 

He’s right. I just need to call her. 

I grab my phone and move to the back of the bus. The phone rings a few times and then she finally picks up. 

“Hello?” She says softly. 

“Hello beautiful.” I smile. “I’ve missed your voice.” 

“Austin, what do you want?” Y/N says quietly. 

“I miss you and I needed you to know that.” I say. 

“Austin, this can’t work. I miss you too, but our relationship was toxic. Love isn’t the only thing needed in a relationship.” She says. 

“I’m willing to work on this together Y/N!” I say trying to convince her. 

“I’ve been working towards this for months..I just can’t do it anymore..I’m sorry Austin. I just can’t..” She says. It sounds like she’s crying. 

“I love you.” I quickly reply before the tears began to fall. 

“I love you too Austin.” Y/N whispers. “Goodbye.” 

I just ruined the best thing that ever happened to me..

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“The next time you write, could you maybe do an Austin carlile one where him and "Y/N.” Are just cuddling in bed and being all cute and fLUFFY FLUFF F L U F F. lol. Thanks c:“

-i changed this a little bit-

-Let Love Surround You-

"Good morning princess.” Austin mumbled onto the small patch of skin on my shoulder that had been exposed from his shirt that I was wearing.

Austin slowly leaned his body up and stretched for a moment before his shuffled on his knees down to the foot of the bed where my feet were stretched out to.

He gently placed his hands onto the bottom of my feet, pushing them upwards, causing my knees to bend up until my calfs were pressed up against my thighs.

He eased back a small bit before he set my feet down and placed his hands onto my knees, and slowly parted my legs, leaning his lanky torso between them.

“And his are my two favorite princess’ doing?” Austin cooed onto my stomach, gently placing his hand onto the raised skin.

As he continued to talk to the twins that were developing inside of me I felt a small jolt in the lower half of my body, I looked down to Austin to see his features contorted in joy, his face glowing as he stared down at my obviously pregnant belly.

“(Y/n) one of them kicked!” He exclaimed, pushing the hem of my shirt up, he stared down at the skin, watching it be forced up by the tiny foot inside of me.

“I know Austin, I can feel..and see it.” I giggled, ruffling up his already messy morning hair.

“God I love you guys.” Austin mumbled in his still rough sleepy voice as he peppered kisses around my belly.

I smiled at him as he continued to kiss his way up my body, neglecting to kiss my swelling and sensitive breasts, he leaned his body in push up position over mine and kissed my lips, my tummy grazing his abs as he stayed in that position for a few minutes, just looking at me.

“Hey (y/n), can we just watch Star Wars?” Austin asked as he laid next to me in the king sized bed we had shared since we were teenagers.

“Why not Austin?” I cooed to him, pressing my lips to the tip of his nose.

He beamed with excitement and practically jumped off of the bed to go rummage through our cabinet that held all of our movies, games, controllers, and consoles for said items.

Austin jumped back onto the bed a moment later and curled up against my side, holding his hands to my 7 month pregnant belly.


As the move progressed Austin began to pay less and less attention to the movie and more to me, his eyes glued to my stomach as he watched it rise and fall with my breath, or small little kicks.

“I just can’t believe that I’m going to be able to see the three most beautiful baby girls in a month or two.” Austin smiled, looking into the near future.

“3? Austin we’re only having twins.” I giggled, leaning my fore head against his.

“I know what I said, my 2 beautiful baby girls, and my baby girl.” He smiled, looking down at me with his big chocolate brown eyes.

I blushed lightly and he wrapped his arms loosely around my body.

“I love you.” He whispered.

-sorry this was short. I accidentally posted it like 3 times, and I almost fell asleep writing.-

Good Morning || Austin & Ethan

Austin woke up slowly, the sun in his eyes and a warm, soft body beneath his head. He sighed softly, pressing his cheek down, nuzzling into that body with a soft smile on his lips. There was an ache between his legs, but he didn’t want to pull away in order to relieve it.