alright, so while everyone else was too busy thinking about the baby drama, I, being a Larrie, was trying to find some fond and stuff, but I really didn’t expect this. if you aren’t aware, way back in the good ol’ days, when louis and harry could be more open about their relationship, they frequently used the thumbs up hand signal towards each other. when one would use the signal, the other would nod his head, put up his thumb, and/or acknowledge it in some way. i’m still not clear on what this means, but only louis and harry did it, and they always smiled fondly at each other afterwards. the last of these pictures were taken today (8/4) on good morning america right after louis “confirmed” that he was going to be a dad. a lot of larries have started wondering if L&H broke up or if they were never together in the first place because of the baby rumors. in this picture, harry is clearly using the thumbs up hand signal. harry wasn’t signaling louis, because management would see him. their backs were turned to the audience and the photographer was getting shots of them from the front, with the crowd in the background. Harry is trying to tell us that he and louis still love each other very much, he knows that the Larries are worried, and he’s the only one so far that’s done anything that modest didn’t tell him to do. even if its as small as this. please reblog this, because a lot of larries are losing faith, and i don’t want them to leave.