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dare i ask....what is critical role?

oh boy, okay, so THIS IS GONNA BE LONG, HEADS UP

Critical Role is a series on Twitch produced by Geek & Sundry where (famous) voice actors Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Ray, Liam O’Brien, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel and Matthew Mercer play Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes there are guests players and they are all always AMAZING.

They are all very close friends (some are spouses and married) and had this D&D campaign even before it started being broadcasted. Matthew is the Dungeon Master. Everyone is always in-character during the games, thanks to their talent, the voices and acting and RP is TOP NOTCH and you cry and laugh a lot.

The episodes can be up to 4 hours long sometimes, and there is 110 episodes so far (roughly the same length as a TV show with 7 seasons). It’s very intimidating, but you can also just listen to it and not watch them.. although (and i’m not even biased when I say that) watching Laura Bailey react to everything is like, one of the best thing about CR. Also the physical acting is sometimes important! The show is being uploaded in podcast form tho!

It’s broadcasted every Thursdays on Twitch, and then the episodes are added to Youtube on Mondays.

Who’s in the Party aka Vox Machina (some things will be left unsaid to avoid spoilers):

Vex’ahlia (Vex) played by Laura Bailey *harp music*

Half-Elf Ranger. Went from Neutral Good to Chaotic Neutral, and currently is Chaotic Good. Vax’s twin sister. She has a bear named Trinket whom she loves more than anything in the whole world (tie with Vax, probably). She winks a lot and flirts with everybody. SHE LOVES MONEY. A good person but sometimes does questionable things like lying and stealing. Self-worth issues. Lowkey bisexual, only kinda confirmed off-screen.

Vax’ildan (Vax) played by Liam O’Brien

Half-Elf Rogue. Chaotic Good. resident emo boy, but also a Soft Boy. Vex’s twin brother. Very emotional. A bit obsessed with Death. Depressed. Loves to prank Grog, and would die (literally) for his twin sister. Bros with Grog and Scanlan. Loves to braid hair. An actual bird. Canon bisexual.

Grog Strongjaw played by Travis Willingham

Goliath Barbarian. Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral? VERY TALL. Has an intelligence of 6. Pike’s best friend. Thinks water is poison (but not anymore, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT). The cutest murder machine. Fighting is like yoga for him. LOVES women and brothels. Also ale.

Pike Trickfoot played by Ashley Johnson

Gnome Cleric. Chaotic Good. The Mom friend. Grog’s best friend. Loves the goddess of Light and Healing, Sarenrae, whom she is a cleric of. She will swing her holy mace in your face if you threaten her friends. An actual angel?? Played by an actual angel? Plays only when she isn’t busy on the set of Blindspot.

Keyleth played by Marisha Ray

Half-Elf druid. Neutral Good. Percy’s best friend. Basically The Avatar. Most powerful member of the party. Vox Machina’s moral compass, she is 90% of their impulse control. Very wise but very socially awkward. (Spoilers) She jumped off a cliff, turned into a goldfish and died that one time. She’s okay tho. She loves the twins. She loves all of her friends tbh. Gets arrested a lot??. Scared about her future. Lowkey bisexual, kinda confirmed off-screen.

Lord Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (Percy) played by Taliesin Jaffe

Human Gunslinger (Fighter). Neutral Good. Keyleth’s best friend. A little bit haunted. Obsessed with contracts and demons tbh. THE SMARTEST BOY. Build a lot of impressive stuff. Sometimes he makes jewelry for the party out of sea shells or dragon scales. Talks fancy. Loves explosions. Has PTSD.

Scanlan Shorthalt played by Sam Riegel

Gnome Bard. Neutral Good or Chaotic good? Unsure. Probably Chaotic Good. Bros with Vax and Grog. Really fancies Pike. A player. Has a lot of issues but hides behind humor. The funniest and most talented. Is often naked. Very loyal. A complex character. He doesn’t like Trinket. Canonically not Straight. Probably Pan??

Taryon Darrington (Tary) played by Sam Riegel (for a while)

Human Alchemist. Alignment?? He’s a good boy. A REAL DIVA. Rich. Super smart. Has an automaton named Doty who writes down his adventures. Vex’s best friend. Bros with Percy. His arc was brief but he started as a pompous brat and ended being a soft and loyal member. Scared easily. Loves being an adventurer. Canonically very gay.

Beloved NPCs, played by Matthew Mercer (but only some of them because Matt plays over 100+ NPCs)

  • SHAUN GILMORE. Human. The prettiest and (canonically) gayest shopkeeper in all the lands. Actually an incredibly powerful sorcerer. Had a crush on Vax and vice versa.
  • Allura Vysoren. Human. Very graceful and smart. Amazing arcanist (wizard). Vox Machina’s number one emergency contact tbh. She loves Kima, in a gay way. Canonically bisexual.
  • Lady Kima of Vord. Halfling Paladin. She serves the deity Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon. Small but will kick everyone’s ass.  Sassy. Will kill you if you prank her. Butch Icon. Loves Allura very much. Canonically very gay.

/!\ SPOILERY NPCs /!\ :

  • J’mon Sa Ord. Nonbinary. SO ELEGANT. Barefoot at all times. Kind of tired of Vox Machina’s shit, but is still fond of them nonetheless. Spoilers x1000: Actually a (good) Dragon. The coolest sovereign. I’m in love.
  • Cassandra De Rolo. Human. Percy’s sister. Is running a kingdom while her brother is out and about shooting at bad dragons. NEEDS A FUCKING NAP. LET HER SLEEP, MATT.

Characters came and went (Tiberius Stormwind played by Orion Acaba for example) and some guests come back more often than the others, but this is getting way too long so let’s stop here.

Honestly, CR is the best thing I’ve ever watched. I never laugh as much as I do in front of a TV as I do in front of CR. Same for surprise and tears and stress and everything a show can make you feel. It’s truly something else.

“What is Critical Role” video. A good and fun recap.

You can watch Critical Role HERE

Good luck!

About Post It Forward

What is Post it Forward?

Post it Forward is Tumblr’s campaign to counter the stigmas around mental and emotional health through community-building and conversation. Our wish is to reinforce something Tumblr users had been doing on their own for years: strengthen the community’s openness, kindness and support regarding issues that so many people, particularly young people, are facing today.

For a lot of people, social media platforms like Tumblr have been a safe haven for openly discussing bullying, self-harm, depression, and other issues that they struggle with in their lives. But too many people still suffer alone, unaware of the caring communities right on the other side of their screen. By creating a channel for people to share their personal stories and positive messages, we hope to turn the community into a support tool for those that may not have one in their daily lives.

Who can Post it Forward?

Anyone! Anyone who wants to reach out and let people know that they don’t have to struggle alone. If you have a positive message that helped you through a tough time, you should share that message. Someone out there needs to hear your story.

Okay, but you forgot to tell me how.

It’s easy, and there are so many ways to do it:

Make it personal, or don’t. It’s up to you. Dedicate it to yourself, your mom, your childhood best friend, or a good dog you once saw. Or don’t dedicate it at all. This is about you and your story. Only you can decide how it should be told.

Don’t forget to tag it with #postitforward so it can be easily found and shared among this wonderful community.

How can I be a part of the Mental Health Quilt?

It’s also easy. Want to submit something original? Sure! Just a couple formatting things:

  • Your work must be 600x600px at 72 DPI, in a JPG or GIF format.
  • It must be 100% your own. 
  • Totally and completely original.
  • Try to keep the post captions under 100 characters.

Or! Three New York City artists and four of our fantastic @Creatrs made these templates for you to download if you just want to color in a patch.

Whichever method you choose, just submit it here.

How can I support Post it Forward?

The main thing you can do is join the conversation. There’s no better way to fight a stigma than to talk openly and supportively about the thing being stigmatized.

But even if you’re not ready to share your story, you can do plenty to help out. Reblog other people’s stories, for example. Spread the word.

We’ve teamed up with some of our top Creatrs — Laurene Boglio (@boglio), Brian Butler (@showdrawn), Thoka Maer (@showeringsquid), Jonathan Reyes (@jlrreyes), Mr. Phil (@misterphildraws), Lala Vicencio (@lalavicencio), Mans Swanberg (@mansswanberg), Hana Shafi (@thefrizzkid), Stefania Tejada (@stefaniatejadaillustration), Gabby Sanchez (@thatnoisegallery), and Lily Padula (@lilypadula) — to create some beautiful original work to reblog or just admire.

Anything else?

Nah. We’ve been talking too long already.

Just remember, no matter what your situation, you can help. Be vocal. Share your story. Post it forward.

bittyholtz pining

“Why are you being so rude to Jack?” Bitty asked, cornering Holster in the kitchen of Jack’s apartment. They were there for the Falconers’ home opener and the “quiet gathering” Jack had planned for after had turned into a semi-kegster, sans kegs. Half the Falcs had shown up, including Mashkov, who was currently chatting with an incredibly star-struck Ransom.

Holster frowned. “Why are you avoiding him?” He shot back, only feeling slightly guilty as Bitty’s face crumpled for a split-second before returning to an annoyed purse.

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I bet ya’ll are gonna hate me for this one.

I don’t support teenagers having children and I personally believe they shouldn’t be allowed to. I think teen pregnancy is a real problem and has been way glorified. If you don’t have the means to take care of a child (financially AND mentally) you shouldn’t be allowed to. Period.  

Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion

quick storytime because god do I love seeing children happy.

There’s this girl who has been my student since she was 6. Lovely child, talented, good attendance, nice mom. Her two best friends eventually also came to the studio. Once they all got older (they’re 6th graders now), all of them got ready to transition into competitive dance. And that’s where nice mom turned into really weird kinda shitty mom. Said girl was not allowed into our pre competitive program (because they were worried she’d stop getting straight As… *eyeroll*) and her mom tried to talk the two other kids out of doing it so her daughter wouldn’t be jealous. Well, that didn’t work, so they both got onto our comp team this year and the third girl was forced to quit dance entirely (god knows why they thought that was a good idea). Cold turkey, never even let me know, just stopped showing up. I eventually find out from her friends’ parents that they’re not even allowed to mention dance in her presence pretty much because she gets so jealous. Poor kid.

Fast fwd to last week. I get a phone call from the mom. “Hey, it’s so-and-so’s mom, I have a problem. For the last six months my child has been nothing but sad and angry and has told me multiple times that I am ruining her life, help?! We’re willing to let her compete and everything we just want her to stop being sad. Also, she doesn’t use the extra time to study she’s just glued to her phone all day, just like you always said!” (I literally always tell parents that making their child quit dance is literally the least effective way to bring up their grades, because it usually doesn’t. If anything, it makes them study and care even less…)

I offered her a spot on the pre competitive team and her mom surprised her by telling her they had to run errands and then instead dropping her off at the studio tonight. I have never seen a child so happy. She looked like someone dropped her off at Disney. And mom was just as happy because child was so thrilled about being at dance, she even forgot her phone in the car ;).

Parents are so ridiculous sometimes but I can’t tell you how glad I am this mom came around. 

Good vibes for my mom

My mom is about to go through back surgery at the hospital for special surgery in NYC. She’s my best friend and I know that everything will go well because it has to. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I love you mommy and can’t wait for you to come out of surgery! ❤️🍀❤️🍀❤️🍀

Ladynoir being really close physically and emotionally without romantic subplot is something I would die for

KOTLC Characters as things that I have said to people.
  • Sophie: I may be suffering but at least my grades are good and I'm able to eat great food
  • Dex: technology is going to be the death of me but I'm still going to use it
  • Keefe: I'm going to get killed by pranking them but no one is going to stop me so why shouldn't I?
  • Fitz: it's hard being miserable and cute simultaneously
  • Biana: if you don't love yourself then I will do it for you, you soggy noodle!

My dads crush on Dorian might be bigger than mine cause he watched me romance him an actually applauded when he sassed Mother Giselle and every single time Dorian said something saucy or flirted or kissed my guy my dad cat whistled and went “damn”

I made a child and i love her

Her name is Kou cause when she was born a beam of light was practically pointed at her. A literal ball of sunshine. She has to wear special goggles and gloves(in the photo) whenever she works with any light because they’re most sensitive when she works with her quirk.

She’s 16 years old, she;s very short (5′1″), and she’s in the Department of General education class 1-C. She wants to be a hero who will ‘shine a light’ (hah) on all the evil in the world, even though she’s in GE. 

She will think of all the light puns, you’ll get tired of them, but she’s just havin a good time. 

To her best friends @korreh she’s the mom friend,and also the baby sister friend, but will also whip your butt into shape if she sees someone about to do something dumb. 

She’s always all smiles and she just lights up my heart with her smile, i love her. 。゚( ゚இuஇ゚)゚。

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A girl from your past who's name you barely remember leaves your baby on your doorstep with the birth certificate, a letter to the baby, DNA test results and 100 dollars what do you do?

Belch didn’t give a verbal reply to this question. He knew what he’d do. He’d take care of the kid. One thing his mother did right was teach him about giving a damn about friends and family. However the mother on the other hand would be in for a rough ride. She’d be sure to get a special visit from a very pissed off Belch. To him abandoning your kids was one of the biggest offenses to him. Odds are good no one would see her around much if at all after that.

Lost best friend - Hanbin scenario

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Genre: Fluffy/angst/ slight smut
Members: Hanbin x You, Bobby
Word count: 4425

A/N: Hope you like another scenario I wrote for you :) 

— 1st year in high school —

First day of high school. Damn, it is scary. New people,people you don’t know. What will happen when you enter that school? Will everything change since that moment? Will everything go well and fine or bad?

Those thoughts been running trough your mind and you just got so nervous.  
“Have a good day girls!” your mom smiled as your best friend Chloe and you got out of the car
“Byee” you waved

Chloe and you look at each other, then at the school.
“Let’s do this” you said

Everyone was looking at you two while you two passed by. First up was looking for your locker.
“Ahh here” Chloe said and walked to the locker
“My is right next to yours!” you smiled and open it, putting some of your stuff in the locker.

“New girls, nicee” guys smiled as they passed by you two
Chloe and you look at each other and just laugh

First period was about to start, so Chloe and you rushed to the classroom.
You without looking who was to enter the classroom, because you didn’t want to late on your first day. You bump harder into someone.
Your books started to slip out of your hands, but you catch them so they don’t fall. You look up and all you saw was a pretty face, actually handsome face. He had a small smile on his lips and then entered the classroom.

You walked by new people and sat down next to Chloe.
“Where were you stuck?” she laughs
“Bumped into a person” you smiled

Putting your books on the table you turn your head around, looking for the guy you bumped into. When you found him, he was already looking at you. He played with his pencil with his fingers. You quickly look away and smile.

“GOOD MORNING EVERYONE.. I mean… New kids, who are about to get prepared to survive 4 years of high school, who is a horrible place” teacher smiled and turned towards the board writing his name

All of you look at each other, because you were shocked of what he just said.

“Mr. Alaric… You are going to call me that… I am your new teacher, history teacher” he smiles

He kept observing all of you.
“Oh come on, did I scare you with what I said? Chill, everything will be fine” he waves his hand

“Okay, I want you guys to introduce yourself, just your name, so I can remember you” he sat down on the edge of the table smiling, he points at first row to say their name.
“I am Brian”
“Ohh nice name” he points at him

Brian smiles awkwardly. Next 4 persons said their name and it was turn for third row.
Mr. Alaric points at you
“I am Y/N”
“Ohhh, I like that name” he smiles and points at Chloe.

4th row was last one, that is where that handsome guy was sitting down and three other guys.
“I am Hanbin, but you can call me B.I” you smiled as he said that, then looked at you quickly, smiling
“I’ll call you B.I then. Cool” Mr. Alaric smiled, points and wink at Hanbin so does Hanbin just points at him smiling.
“I am Tyler”

“Okay, Okay…From tomorrow, we will start our work… I think you guys as a class will be great. I like you all” Mr. Alaric smiled and bell went off
“Have a nice day” he said and took the grade book and walked outside of the classroom

“What’s up man” Brian smiled and shaked hands with Hanbin
“Hi I am Tina, as you know” she smiled and walked up to you
“Oh hii! Y/N” you smiled

Three of you laughed and just talked, got to know each other.
Hanbin, Tyler, Jay and Justin already knew each other from before, and now Brian is with them too.
“Girls are okay” Justin smiled sitting on his table
“I bumped into her” Hanbin points at you with his eyes
“Ohhhh” boys smiled
“She looks a bomb, even that young” Jay said
“Jay that sounds wronggg” Hanbin laughs and shakes his head
“By hearing what they were saying and such, they pretty cool” Brian nodded his head
“You are listening to them? Brian, man, c’mon” Tyler laughed and pushed him to side a little

Two more classes passed, and all you did is repeat the same thing. Just saying your names and maybe here and there what you like to do.
It was lunch time.
“YESS” you said as the bell went off

Everyone walked to the cafeteria. Chloe and you were looking for a table to sit down. Hanbin was already sitting with the boys, he saw you.
“YOU!” he shouts, pointing at you

You turn your head and see Hanbin pointing. He waved, you laugh and walk towards them.
“Sit with us!” he smiles and pushes Tyler to make room for you to sit next to him.
You sat down and Chloe was on other side the table, in front of you.
Both of you looked at each other and ate lunch.
Boys were looking at you two and when they look at each other they smile.
“I am Hanbin, nice to meet you two” he broke the awkward silence
“I am Chloe, always full of energy” she laugh so does everyone else
“I am Y/N, ummm… I don’t have anything” you laughed and looked at everyone
“Good one” Tyler smiles
“Tyler, a guy with awesome body” he added and continued to eat

“I am Brian, with awesome smile” he smiled
Jay almost choked on his food, he laughs and shakes his head.
“I am Jay, I like wearing glasses that don’t have glass in them and I look swag with them” all of you again laughed
“But I like music, singing, rapping” he added
“Ohhh wow, singgg” Chloe smiled being so almost in love with Jay because of it
“Nahhh, too many people” Jay whispers and makes a face
“Justin, with a lot of charm” he winks
“Eeeeeww” Hanbin closes his eyes

Everyone was talking between themselves, but Hanbin and you were talking to each other the most.
“What really?” he raised his eyebrows
“Yeah, but I gave up on that so.. I mean since then” you nodded your head looking at him
“Well don’t give up that easily, who knows, maybe you can dance again even after that injury” Hanbin took a sip of his water
“I don’t know” you raised your shoulders

Bell went off for start of the class. Everyone started to get up.
“Hey, maybe we should hang out sometime” Hanbin smiled
“Sure, why not?” you smiled

— 2nd  year in high school —

“What’s up baby” Hanbin smiled putting his hand over your shoulders

Hanbin and you were best friends. Whole first year, summer, you guys spent together.
“I am not your baby” you laugh
“Happy to see you again” he smiled kissing your head
“You saw me yesterday Hanbin”
“Yeah yeah” Hanbin said

Walking through the hallways, you two laughed.
“B.I! Party, my house” a guy walked up to him
“School just started” Hanbin laughs

Those two stop and look at each other, they start laughing. A guy holds his arm.
“Oh my God, that’s a good one” they laughed

You stood awkwardly, not getting the point.
“Bring anyone you want” guy smiled
“See you there man” Hanbin said

Guy walked away and Hanbin looks at you
“You coming of course” he smiled
“Finee” you sigh and take your books from the locker
“Like you don’t want to” he laughs

When it was lunch time, boys didn’t want to go eat, they wanted to go outside.

Tyler pulled out a box of cigarettes and a lighter.
You look at him, you were surprised.

“Pass me one” Jay said
“Me too” Hanbin said, you look up at him
“What?” he puts a cigarette in his mouth
“Since, you boys are smoking?” you asked

Hanbin lights the cigarette
“Since like one week ago, two maybe”

Chloe and you were still surprised.
“Wanna try?” Justin asked you
“Nope” you smiled
“You don’t mind-“
“No, I mean like it is your thing Hanbin” you look up at him

He nodded his head and inhaled the smoke. Tyler and Jay were making circles with smoke, which was pretty cool.
They all looked hot while smoking.

“What do you say of an idea of mine” Hanbin said as you two walked together towards your place
“And what idea do you have?” you smiled, getting your house keys out of your bag

“We now set up on your balcony, like blankets, so many pillows, and we take out the laptop and watch a movie?” Hanbin watched you while you unlocked the door
“Ohhhhh, me likeee” you smiled
“I will go and get everything done right away!” Hanbin smiled and rushed upstairs to your room

You left your stuff on living room couch and walked to the kitchen, taking snacks and drinks for you two.
“H-hanbin. Need so help!” you shout and Hanbin rushes to you, takes some stuff out of your hands
“See? It looks sick!”  he smiled and puts snacks down
“Awesome!” you lay down

He brings the laptop outside and finds a movie and plays it.
While watching a movie, you two ate snacks, laughed out loud that some people got scared…

“Y/N I am home!” your mom walks to your room
“Oh hello Mrs. Olivia” Hanbin smiled
“Hi Hanbin, what you two doing? Also I hear loud laughter coming from my balcony and I was like what is going on” she laughs
“We watching a movie and it was Hanbin’s idea” you smiled, sitting up
“Oh is this like a date?” your mom smiled
“What? Mom, are you serious?” you close your eyes, both of you were so embarrassed by what your mom said
“Sorryyy” she laughs and walks out of your room

You look at Hanbin, he was just smiling.
“Seriously, like, I apologize for my mom’s craziness” you roll your eyes
“Nah It’s fine” he laughed

After the movie ended, you started to get ready for the party.
“No short skirts” he said and you look at him
“Becauseeee,  there are some dirty and awful people, so no” he added
“I didn’t even want to wear a skirt” you laugh

You took a simple black dress, not too short, not too long. It was just perfect. You put your make up on, curled your hair.
While you did that Hanbin was taking selfies, then selfies with you, then just randomly taking pictures of you.

“Let’s go now to your place” you laugh
“Bye mom!” you shout
“Have fun!” she shouts from the kitchen

Hanbin and you took a taxi to his house.
He rushed inside and to his room. You walked slowly and carefully in your high heels.
“Y/N?!” he shouts
“I am coming!” you shout

Hanbin laughs and comes downstairs, finding you only at the front door.
He lifts you up, bride style and carries you upstairs. You smiled at him.
“What?” he smiled looking at you
“You got stronger” you tap his chest
“Hey don’t touch my boobs” both of you laugh
“Here” he puts you down and again rushes into the closet, finding himself stuff to wear.

You sat on the bed looking at the heels.
“Nope, I am not doing this” you said to yourself and took off the high heels, and take out your white converse out of the bag and put them on.

“You know we don’t have to be there on time” you laugh, watching Hanbin in a rush
“I knooow, but I want to be there in time” he said peeking out of the bathroom door


Arriving at the party was epic. Right away you two found the others and started to drink, dance.

For one minute Hanbin and you stood in a hug.
“I love you” he whispers

You smiled as you hear those words for the first time, coming out of his mouth.
“I love you too” you said into his chest

He let’s go of you and smiles, looking at you.

Boys started to twerk, which was so funny to watch but very weird.
Chloe turns around she starts twerking as well.
“YEAHH SHAKE ITT” Justin shouts and Tyler comes next to her and slaps her ass few times.

After some time, Tyler, Jay and Justin got drunk, they were smoking cigarettes, but Hanbin didn’t, he was only just getting drunk.
“Y/N come here” he called you

Hanbin puts his arm over your shoulders, pulling you close to him…
“I need to tell you something”
You just waited him to say it
“I like you” he kept looking at you, but all you felt is your heart racing, you being happy
“Ahhh don’t be quiet Y/N… I don’t want to look like an idiot” he laughs

You smiled
“I like you too” you said and Hanbin’s smile grew on his face

He came closer toward you and tilt his head, leaning in. He pressed his lips against yours.
“OH MY GOD!” you both heard voices in the back shouting

Hanbin got so into the kiss. He puts his hands on your cheeks, he now licks your bottom lip for permission. You give him a permission, his tongue was touching yours, exploring your mouth.
As he pulls away, both of you catch a breath. He smiled looking down at your lips.
“God” he whispers

You chuckle and he gives you one more kiss again.

Both of you laugh. Hanbin puts his arm around your shoulders again and you two start dancing.

Since that night nothing changed between you two. Everything was the same. Just one thing was for sure, now what happens next after that.



— 3rd year in high school —

Hanbin smiles, putting your hair behind your ear. You two were cuddling in his bed again.
“You’re beautiful” he said looking down at your lips
You smiled and gave him a kiss

Hanbin and you weren’t together. Nothing happened after that night.
You guys here and there, but only at parties, or when going out. You guys never talked about that night. Just both of you knew you had feelings for each other.

“People keep saying to me that we are cute together” Hanbin laughs
“We actually never talked about that” you sit up

Hanbin follows your moves and listens to your words. He sits up as well.
“We never talked about that night or just being more than best friends” you nervously bit your lip and looked at Hanbin

He smiled
“About that night. I knew what I was saying to you. I just couldn’t stay away, I wanted to kiss you so bad for like so long”
“I had feelings for you since the first summer we spent together”
“Yeah” you nodded, feeling your face getting red
“You’reee blushing” he teased and pokes your cheek
“I am happy, that nothing changed between us” you said

Hanbin nodded his head and licked his lips
“It will never change” he looks at you
“Come here” he added spreading his hands

You move towards him and hug him.

Hanbin and you, at school acted the same. Just never you two kissed in school. It was always a good day with the crew.
Junior girls falling in love with Hanbin and other guys, also ones who are second grade too.
All of them doing stupid stuff just to get attention of the boys.

After school Hanbin and you always head to your place.
“MOM Y/N AND HER BOYFRIEND ARE KISSING!” your little brother comes in and sees Hanbin and you making out

Hanbin’s face was red, he was so embarrassed. You laugh at your brother
“Just goo Charlie” you said

Your mom walks upstairs.
“Come on Charlie, go get ready, we are gonna go to grandma’s!” she smiled
“Okay!” he shouted being excited

“We will be there just today and get back home tomorrow… I cooked you enough food so you both survive” she smiled
“Okay mom, love you”
“Love you too, bye” she closed the door

Hanbin and you were going through your old pictures and videos that you took.
“Look at my hair!” Hanbin face palms himself
“You look so funny!” you laughed
“I like your hair now… Only that is like 80% gel” you laughed
“Staaap” he pushes you a little

Both of you see a video called “GREAT TIME by Chloe” . You click on it and it was a short video of Hanbin and you kissing at the party.
“Oh my GOD!” you laugh feeling shy
“I can’t look at thisss” you added and exit the video

Hanbin smiled
“There was nothing wrong with it..” he said and you push him
“Look at this one” you said and click on a video

Hanbin turns on the camera, looking at it.
“OH IT is recording” he said  *both of you laugh watching that scene*
“Next to me.. Is Y/N, who is sleeping” Hanbin whisper putting camera on your face. He zooms in on your lips
“Y/N’s lips” then zooms in on your nose
“Cute little nose” again he whispers and zooms in on eyes
“And.. HUGE EYES” he makes a weird voice
“So that was Y/N” he lays back on the pillow and smiles, turning off the camera

Hanbin and you laughed
“Wow” you said
“But I got same thing for you” you added looking at Hanbin
“WHAT?! You filmed me?” he points at himself and you nod your head and play the video

“I will film Hanbin now” you whisper to the camera as you walked to the door and open it.
“Ohhh sexy” you quietly laugh and walk over to him

You zoom in on his face.
“This is his ugly face” you again laugh
“Just kidding…. This are his lips” you sowly zoom in on his lips, then nose
“And we have his… HUGE forehead! Daaaaamn” you zoom on his forehead

Video ends and Hanbin pins you against the bed.
“Whyyyy” he laughs
“I had to make a payback” you smiled

He rolls his eyes and keeps looking at you. You move away his hand and as his necklace was swinging, you take it and pull Hanbin down for a kiss.
You started to kiss more passionate, his hand wondered under your tank top and his hand touches your skin. His hand moves up and he grabs your boob… You pull away from the kiss and laugh at him.
Hanbin kept his serious face, and he started to take off your T-shirt, you lift your hands up so it is easier for him. Both of you look at each other.
Hanbin took off his T-shirt too and threw it on the floor. He comes back at your lips. Kissing you.
His lips fall on your neck leaving kisses, hickeys. Quiet moans escape your lips.

Soon after, Hanbin took off your jeans and panties.
“You are so fucking beautiful” he said while kissing you down your stomach.

“H-hanbin” you said, he looks up at you
“Don’t hurt me” Hanbin kissed your lips
“I won’t” he said between kisses
“I trust you” you said

Morning after, Hanbin and you were smiling at each other.
“God I feel embarrassed” you put your hands on your face
“Why? Don’t be” he moves away your hands and gives you a kiss on the lips…

Both of you got up and needed to go to school. While walking through the halls, Hanbin held your hand in his.
As you two walked inside of the classroom he let’s go of your hand and rushes to hug his boys.
You smiled and waved at them and sat down next to Chloe.
“You seem very happy today” Chloe smiles, fixing her lipstick
“Yeaah” you bit your lip

Chloe looks at you and smiles
“So?” she whispers
“Hanbin and I…” you whisper
“Ohhhhhh!” Chloe smiled
“Finally after almost two years” she added
“I am happy for you” she again added and hugged you

“Sit down EVERYONE!” Mr. Alaric shouts, walking inside of the classroom
“Whatsss up Mr. Alaric! How have you been?” Tyler raised his hand smiling
“I am fine, thank you… Now get your hand down and listen” he said and Tyler puts his hand down
“We have a new student”

All of your faces drop. Everyone looking at each other.

Guy walked inside. You scan him from head to toe. His jawline so sharp that it can cut you, his body build up, so right away you knew he is working out.
He looked so serious.

“Introduce yourself” Mr. Alaric said

“My name is Bobby…” he stops for a minute, not saying anything and everyone laughs so does he
“Okay, just go find yourself a seat” Mr. Alaric taps his shoulder and Bobby laughs and walks over to the third row, there was a seat next to you free.

“Can I..?” he looks at you
“Of course” you laugh and he sits down

His perfume was so strong that you could feel it. He just smelled so good.

“That is for homework, have a nice day” bell went off and all of you stood up

Bobby awkwardly stood up too and checked his phone.
Boys walked over to Bobby and he looks up at them, boys introduced to him.
“Nice to meet you all” Bobby smiled
“Y/N!” Hanbin turns around

You walk up to them
“I am Y/N, as you already heard” you smiled
Bobby smiled
“Oh hell no, like how can you forget me!” Chloe shouts pushing the boys
“I am Chloe”
“Nice to meet you” Bobby laughed and shaked her hand


After school, Hanbin and you went to his place.
“You’re little bit quiet” Hanbin looks at you, as you two enter his room
“Tired” you said and lay on his bed

Hanbin takes off his T-shirt and lays down next to you.
“You’re lying” he pokes your nose

You laugh and move away his hand.
“That new guy, Bobby seems like a cool guy” Hanbin said
“Well you have been with him all day today, so” you said

Hanbin looks at you and smiles.
“That is why you are like this”
“Like what?” you raise your eyebrows
“You are jealous of me hanging out with Bobby today”
“No I am not” you roll your eyes
“Come on, nothing is going to change… Don’t worry too much” Hanbin smiled

You didn’t say anything. Hanbin pulled you close to him, he wrapped his arms around you.
“You are my best friend Y/N, no one else” he said to your hair, kissing your head
You just nodded your head.

You believed in Hanbin’s words, but they started to be a lie. More and more he hang out with Bobby and other boys.
Chloe couldn’t hang out at all because she had many bad grades and had to study her ass off.

Hanbin didn’t even come to your house anymore, after school you guys didn’t do anything, just because he has “plans” with Bobby. He didn’t talk to you that much. Every single thing about him was killing you slowly inside.
Hanbin means so much to you that he doesn’t even know.

You felt used, manipulated.

— 4th year in high school —

Last year. It felt so good to be last year of high school.
Chloe, Jay, Tyler and Justin, with them you were still great. Hanbin didn’t speak to you anymore. Everything faded away.
For whole summer, Hanbin and you saw each other just for few times. And those times when you were together Hanbin acted like nothing happened between you, he acted the way before kiss happened, first time having sex.

You thought that he didn’t deserve your friendship or love. But you couldn’t stop thinking about him, stop missing him.
You will never forget the day, you were sitting on your bed crying because of him.
He didn’t realise that since you did what you did, made you fall in love with him. You loved him.
He doesn’t know how many times you wanted to text him, call him to hear his voice. You have these feelings but he doesn’t give a fuck.

“Y/N” Hanbin called your name when another stupid and boring day ended in school. You didn’t turn around, you didn’t want to.
He rushed towards you and grab your hand, making you turn around towards him.
“I know you heard me calling my name” Hanbin looks at your face
“Yeah I did” you simply said
“What’s going on?”
“Don’t you feel it? See it?” you move your hand away from his hold

Hanbin tilts his head a little, like that he was confused.
“You lied to me”
“Lied? About what?” he points at himself
“You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did” you tear up  

His eyes spoke the truth, he was telling the truth. Those eyes didn’t look at you the same way they used to.
Whenever he saw you crying, he would tell you not to, that you stop, because he hates seeing you cry.
He didn’t say a word now. Because he knew what you said is true.

You wipe off a tear that was falling and walk away.

Since that day, all you were saying to yourself is “Don’t care, think about him” .
Days passed, weeks passed, and yet nothing from Hanbin. He was doing fine.

Prom night came.
Your date was Tyler. All of you together danced and sang songs.
You were sitting down at your table, who gave you a perfect view of the dance floor.

Slow song came up. Couples were gathering on the dance floor.
“Y/N wanna dance?” Tyler asked
“Noo, not my type of thing…” you said
“Okay, I’ll go find myself another date” he laughs
“And you should!” you laugh and your eyes wonder back at the dance floor

Hanbin was with the new girl.
All along you watched them, smiling at each other looking at each other.
He looking at her the way he used to look at you. Him looking at her like she’s the only girl he ever seen
You thought to yourself how he doesn’t care, and never did. Never gave a damn about you.

How he wants only her, needs her and never will need you.
He didn’t noticed that he was slowly killing you.

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rereading Tintin, i now see the amount of character development that Tintin had after he met Captain Haddock and started interacting with Thomson and Thompson more. I mean, back when it was really just him and Snowy he was more…withdrawn and immature and had this sort of toughguy attitude, but after he became close with the Captain and Thomson and Thompson (and later Cuthbert) he matured and turned into the mom friend for four grown men and honestly he went a little soft but like. good soft