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Headcanons for idw megatron who falls for a human (before he became an autobot).

IDW Megatron (before he became an Autobot)

-Is confused as heck. An organic??? How??? How did they even get to Cybertron?

-Eventually he just goes with it and pushes it to the back of his mind. Until he actually sees you out on the battlefield. You’re taking cover and barking directions into the air as you point in several different directions. The bot with you is heavily damaged and you’re doing everything to keep them alive while you await backup. He leaves you alone, wondering if the organic his spark is drawn to can preform under fire.

-You do. And he has to admit begrudgingly that you preformed… admirably.

-Eventually he loses sight of you as he gets further into the war. Then he sees you again. This time you appear older, more battle worn and by the most noninvasive scans he can preform he can tell you’ve got quite a few battle scars under the biosuit.

-This time he confronts you.

-You surprise him and stand your ground even as he strides towards you with his fusion canon primed and aimed directly at you. You refuse to back down in the face of certain death and Megatron admits he cannot figure out if it’s because you’re incredibly brave…or incredibly stupid.

-Turns out it’s a little bit of both as you tell him straight to his faceplate you do not fear him. He warns you he’s killed mechs for less. A sneer is what he receives before he’s dodging fire from incoming backup. Her can hear your voice taunting him as he moves for better cover.

-A blaze of glory is the best way to burn out.

-Now he’s really interested.

-There are more meetings. More banters. You even convince one of the mechs on base to configure heavy duty weapons into the biosuit you had to wear on the battlefield.

-Next encounter ended with Megatron having a smoking aft and you laughing your ass off as he watched you in amused shock. Soundwave doesn’t question it, Stascream knows not to. There is gossip.

-You start trying to meet him when you go out there. He’s wearing a knowing smirk that you just can’t stand (oh hush up who the flip do you think you’re foolin?) as you swagger up to him.

-It’s confusing, but the two of you somehow make it work. You relate it to a romantic tragedy from back on earth and relay it to the warmonger. He assures you gruffly he would not be as foolish as the male human.

-You try to take comfort in that as you two hang out in your nightly rendezvous point. Often it’s silent, other times it’s him complaining of the incompetence of his soldiers. You could be using these moments to steal information. He could as well. The both of you don’t because neither of you are willing to give up the cause you live for.

-No, you’re both content to live in the moment. When the war’s not happening and it’s just the two of you in the night in each others company.

How the mod sends out interaction asks:

Mod: *Goes to the page of a cool daily blog they love and follow*

Mod: *Clicks on the ask option*

Mod: *Checks pokedex entries, and looks at post history to try and think of a good and fun ask*

Mod: *Let’s an hour pass without being able to think of something cool*

Mod: *facepalms a couple times before realizing it is time to go to sleep*

Mod: *Goes to bed*


A slightly more serious Galaxy of Heroes post.

- I am so tired of not having enough Scoundrels to open up the battles I want! I couldn’t do any of the omega battles because NOT ENOUGH SCOUNDRELS, I can’t get any good critical chance mods for Leia because NOT ENOUGH SCOUNDRELS.  Well, SORRYYYYYYY I DON’T LIKE THE SCOUNDRELS AS MUCH AS I LIKE THE GOOD GUYS, YOU JERKS.

- I have promoted Luminara to 7*!  \o/  I also unlocked Fives (who is only 3* but it’s progress) and promoted Talia and Ashoka is 6*, all of which is more progress!

- I am only halfway through getting Lando and JK Anakin, they are soooo sloooooow and they’re going to be even slower to promote.  But they’re so useful!  /complains


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Could a session have 2 space players? Or 2 of any aspect really? How would this effect the session? Would both space players have Frog lands?

Without a doubt, yes.

Nothing defines needing to have one of each aspect (or class) in a session, it’s just the most balanced.

On the question of two planets Of Frogs. I’m really not sure. It would definitely be a collective job to create the frog between both space players but I’m not sure about all the little things in between.

I hope this is a good enough answer
~Mod Miku

  • someone: hey i haven't seen you in a while how are you?
  • my adhd ass: i've been in a hyperactive swing and i've been awake for eighteen hours. i learned everything there is to know about chocolate chip cookies by listening to twenty seven youtube videos simultaneously. my leg started shaking twelve hours ago and i can't get it to stop. my last meal was the vague idea of a piece of toast. i have no idea where i am or what day it is, sharon. that's how i am.

A happy birthday present- from me, to you! Well. And to me. Because hell this is super self indulgent even as doodle comics go, but had to get some of that hype out of me regarding the reboot.

This is part one- Part two can be read here!