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12.11.17 food diary… No workout. Been lacking. No excuses. Just can’t find a groove. Shrugs. But, weighed myself this morning…. maintenance!!! Least I’m not gaining!!!! Lol

Breakfast… toasted Whole wheat English muffin with 1 egg and 20g Avocado and ½ tap of my Homemade Everything But The Bagel Seasoning on each muffin slice (which I made 6 on Saturday, stuffed in a Sandwich baggie, and froze in the freezer, ready for 45 sex microwave cook)… Seriously…. Do it! I wanted more! I should make that fresh!!! Microwave killed the toasted crunchy bug the taste was grade A restaurant quality!!!! Then a standard banana for K and the Mandatory Coffees.

But the 20g avo did mess with my macros… But it’s good fat… In moderation… obviously!

Lunch… Meal prep again… Breakfast for lunch… Remove from freezer and nuke for 3 min. Bam. Done. But sausage was kinda dry. Needs salt. After researching, it needs more salt. Grrrrrrrrrrr I’ll experiment with it and post another recipe for you.

Dinner… Simple… boil 110 gram of chicken breast. Remove from water and cool. Add stuffing mix to the boiling broth (note: no butter so way less calories than listed on box!) Lmao. Yeah I'mma dork! Nuke my veggies. Bam. Done. Dinner. Idgaf! LMAO.

Oh and a protien shake when I got home. If you want that recipe, simply ask…. Or any questions regarding my foodz, just ask…

Stop it, media. Stop trying to make this awful, evil, despicable woman into some kind of fucking icon for good or a moderating influence on her shitty fucking evil family.


Things that are actually empowering to women and girls:

1. Physicality
becoming physically stronger empowers us. exercising your body not only makes your body stronger and more powerful, but it brings discipline and helps you connect with your body instead of disconnect.
being able to physically be at a location is empowering. feminists should be fighting to make all places accessible to disabled women.
disabled women should also have access to any type of exercises and physical therapy they can do. i would especially like to see more public pools having more physical therapy programs. swimming is a great way to exercise for strength while not putting any gravitational or impact on your body

2. Knowledge

Knowledge is empowering. having knowledge about how our own bodies work is empowering. women and girls who are.knowledgeable are not easily misled. in this vein, learning how to properly debate arguments and think critically about yours and others words and beliefs is empowering. having the ability to trust yourself comes with gaining knowledge.

3. Access to Fulfilling Work.

work that feeds our love and passion is empowering. workplaces with atmospheres where everyone is happy and excited to work with women are empowering. workplaces free from sexual attacks empower women. women stimulating their minds and souls is empowering. women doing the work they find stimulating gives us a sense of purpose.

many women of all different walks of life have a high propensity for art. charging them with female representation in media will empower us all by putting forth the huge diversity that women display as human beings with full experiences and lives and stories to tell.

evidence shows that the least depressed cohort of women are the ones who work and who are financially independent, not the married housewives.

4. Reproductive and Sexual Rights.

women having control over our own.reproduction is empowering. women having orgasms and thinking about our own pleasure during sex is empowering. women accepting their own physical form and refusing to be disrespected by men who find them unacceptable because of their physical form is empowering. women refusing intercourse if it does nothing for their pleasure or they dont want to take the risk is empowering. women not being forced to sell their own bodies is empowering. women having control over OUR OWN BODIES is freedom.

Things that are NOT empowering to girls and women:

1. Femininity

being small, delicate, and on display is not empowering and it never will be. wearing high heels damages our feet and is not empowering. wearing makeup because society does not believe we as women are acceptable without it is not empowering. having long and/or fake nails limits the use of our hands and is not empowering. our collective bodies are not for men to look at and enjoy as they go about their day in comfortable, dignified clothing.

kindness, nurturing, and the desire to help others are good qualities in moderation, and they should be thouhght of as sex-neutral qualities everyone should work on, not just women. women are not the only ones who should be expected to be nurturing and giving.

aspiring for smallness is the opposite of enpowering. women need to eat. women are allowed to grow. our goal should be comfort and health, not emancipation and fragility.

2. Self-objectification

our hands are for doing tasks and our feet are for mobility. our faces are to house our brains and feed us, not a thing for men to find either acceptable or unacceptable to look at. every part of our bodies are for OUR use, not for the use of others. we exist for ourselves. our bodies are not naturally political and they are all acceptable and worthy of humanity, no matter what they look like or what issues they have.

3. Submission

Submissiveness is not empowering. lowering your worth until it is under the worth you give someone elses humanity is self-harm. humiliation and degredation arise out of the degraders sense of superiority over the one submitting to him. being treated as inferior will never empower anyone.

4. Marriage and Traditional Nuclear Family

marriage is a contract of ownership where women take on the last name of men. nuclear families are an extension of male ownership to not only include women but the children they objectify as their legacy of power. men expect women to raise children while they work, but women have goals and dreams too. men expect women to drop these goals and sacrifice only their lives to raise children that men see as their property and investment. men leave the majority of menial housework and micro-cleaning to women. marriage and nuclear families will never be empowering.

5. Outside Control over Reproduction.

up to and including abortion. ALSO involving lack of access to childcare and paid leave. this one explains itself.

6. The Sex Industry.

Mens entitlement over females and our bodies will NEVER be empowering and MUST end.

Now, can people stop using this word for things that ARENT giving women any actual power? Glad we had this talk.

jack is bad at food HC
  • so i have a headcanon that jack is actually REALLY BAD at nutrition
  • not so much ‘he eats mcdonalds five meals a day and chocolate for breakfast’ or whatever
  • but like
  • that boy subsists on all that nasty Athlete shit – protein powder, protein bars, gatorade, Hungry-Man Frozen Meals, etc. – because he cares about fueling the hockey machine
  • …not so much long-term care

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Fifty Shades of Park Jimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Length: 6k+ 

Warnings: Dry Humping, Dirty talk (do you seriously expect anything else from me tbh), sub!Jimin, virgin!Jimin, Noona kink, just a lot of filth.

A/N: Okay so, I know this is 2 days late but I had to prepare an unexpected presentation, as well as present, at a peace symposium so i could not post on time. Though please appreciate that I ignored all my studies for an exam in 3 days and spent the whole afternoon writing and editing this, bless. Thank you. Other than that, happy reading :))))) Also the part about them being too beautiful is no exaggeration. To the people who have seen BTS live will know what I am talking about.

P.s.: Fuck park jimin tbh.

Today you decided to finally go to the dorms to teach English to V, Jimin and Jungkook as you had all planned. But seeing as the boys were always so busy, your plans kept getting interrupted and they had to leave for their Promo in Japan for their Japanese album and MV of Blood, Sweat and Tears. You saw them at least once a month in the past 6 or so months since your aunt was the senior stylist for BigHit and you liked to tag along to her work. Nonetheless, you and the maknae line, despite you being 2 years older than Jimin, had still decided to spend some time together outside of work related events to have a fun session of english. You had become quite close with the BigHit family over these months and you loved seeing the boys. It all started when your aunt decided to take you to work with her to the dress rehearsals for MAMA 2016.

You having just returned from America after completing your degree, knew minimal details about the entertainment and idol culture in Korea. Having grown up surrounded by Kanye West and Britany Spears, you always thought that the Korean pop scene was way too manufactured and lacked authenticity. You didn’t quite understand how hard could it be being an idol. You just had to look good, sound moderately respectable and dye your hair every other month, right? Didn’t sound too challenging, given that you have those idol looks. It always seemed to come down to looks it seemed. Thus, you never paid much attention to your Aunt’s Job or recognized your mother’s efforts to send you back to Korea to maybe tie the knot with a rich idol – Typical mother wanting to set you up for life.

However, when you did decide to finally go abroad and take a break from your normal life, your aunt had convinced you somehow to make a trip to Korea. After being in the country for just 2 weeks, you had quickly found out how busy she was with continuous shopping trips to plan outfits for the idol group she worked with, in advance. It was then that you had found out that she worked for BigHit and was a senior stylist and makeup artist for the famous boy group, BTS. You had heard a fair bit about them from your Korean friends and even some American friends who raved about their looks and voices, but mostly looks, which further pulled you away from having any genuine interest. Though, being too focused on your studies and just the normal party scene, you didn’t deem it too important to pay attention or inquire from your aunt if she knew, let alone worked for the famous boys that everyone seemed to swoon over. After not being able to spend a decent day together even when living with her for a good 2 weeks, it was then that your aunt decided to take you to work with her so you can meet the famous Bulletproof boys that your aunt also seemed to fangirl over.

When you had arrived at the BigHit building, you were instantly met by curious, yet warm stares. No doubt wondering who the foreigner was. Your aunt was quick to introduce you to everyone and soon enough, everyone on the team had welcomed you with open arms, taking extra care of you as a guest of your aunt. Every room had been bustling with people running around, calling out each other’s names to make sure each one had done their part and were ready for fittings. The boys had arrived shortly after, greeting everyone with bows and smiles. The first thing that you noticed was how beautiful they all were. Of course, you were expecting them to be quite eye catching but never did you think they would be this handsome. 

The first one to notice a new face was V, whose real name you later learned to be Taehyung. He had come up to you and smiled his boxy smile and waved while greeting you in Korean, which you returned with a smile. His smile was seriously contagious. After that, you greeted the rest of the boys, each one of them making your jaw almost drop at how their skin glowed. Though, you had only greeted 6 boys. You had been told there were 7 members? You shrugged and chatted with the ones that were present. You could mostly understand Korean and speak some okay Korean but you still preferred to reply to your aunt in English, being the most comfortable with it. So when you had started chatting with them it was no problem connecting with them all as you could understand them and they could understand your English fairly well and helped you when you decided to reply in Korean.

Every once in a while, you would forget to pay attention to what they were saying, getting distracted by their sharp features and handsome faces. It was then when your aunt called for you from the room adjacent to where you all sat, that you excused yourself and went to see what she was after and finally, met the last member known as Jimin. You remember being completely entranced by a head of cool blonde hair, a face chiselled to perfection and lips plumper than yours and as red as strawberries. Your first thought had been about how they would taste and the thought had been interrupted when the boy that all those features belong to had noticed you standing in the doorway and smiled hesitantly, not being completely sure about how to react seeing an unfamiliar face. Your aunt in turn also noticed the stiffness in the boy’s body as she was tightening the collar of his shirt and looked up to ask you to fetch a piece of garment for her. You mutely followed her instructions. when you finally came back to face the boy again, your aunt, at last, decided to introduce you two. 

Jimin had smiled in understanding that you were there with your aunt and had given you a cute smile that reached his eyes, almost completely closing them. when you smiled back and extended your hand to shake his, he had shyly looked at it and shook yours while the mysterious little smile still played on his lips. Once again, you were entranced by his good looks and immediately face palmed internally at your earlier first thought of making out with him when he was shy as fuck with just even shaking your hand. After Jimin’s fitting had finished, he had joined the rest of the group. One by one, all of them had their fittings done while you hung out with them, surprisingly having the best time, and enjoying their company more than you expected to.

You had a completely different scenario in mind. You had imagined them to be stuck up, being too busy with keeping up their idol image even behind the scenes and barely engaging with the team. All of them had proven you wrong, talking to almost everyone at the company, being cooperative and even welcoming you, a practical stranger and making you feel at ease. All of them were insanely handsome, down to earth and funny as hell. Throughout the day you found yourself doubling over with laughter multiple times watching the boys interact with each other.

 Especially the eldest, Jin, had been the biggest player in providing the laughs while the others had teased him and each other about various things. However, you noticed that even the youngest, Jungkook had warmed up to you despite having the reputation of being ‘scared’ of girls and seemed quite comfortable around you. Perhaps maybe it was because you were older than him. No matter, Jimin, the boy with lips made to sin, was still shy, never directly meeting your gaze or making direct conversation. Always settling with just chiming in when other members talked to you first. Whatever it was, you found it insanely cute that he was this shy even though you should be the one who gets flustered in this scenario seeing how his beauty surpassed yours by a million. It also made you feel quite guilty when your thoughts turned x-rated every once in a while when you caught his shy gaze. He looked too cute and innocent for his own good. Too pure.

That was, however, to be expected. Having grown up in America, there was no such thing as shame and you weren’t exactly the virgin Mary either. The culture in Korea was entirely different and you were certain that Jimin, and the rest of the boys, were not raised in an environment as sexually open and liberated as yours. In fact, you were certain that Jimin was inexperienced, if not a virgin. Keeping that fact in mind, you noticed that you chastised yourself quite often over the coming months.

It was like you couldn’t keep it in your pants. You noticed that all the boys acted cuter than sexy and that seemed to be the case for pretty much any idol. Sure, there were sexy ‘concepts’ but that is pretty much all. The Korean audience always preferred cuteness over sexiness. A lot of it also having to do with how too much sexiness being disapproved and looked down upon by the older generation and you could respect that. However, it was hard not to let your mind wander to the gutter when you saw them perform for the first time. It had taken your breath away to see a completely different side of the boys come out when they were on stage. Once again, you were charmed. Perhaps, the biggest change in aura was a tie between Hoseok and Jimin. Both having a bright, bubbly and sweet personality off stage and being the complete opposite on stage with their sharp moves, fearless expressions and languid body movements. J-Hope appeared to be more fearless with sharp movements whereas Jimin’s dancing had you spellbound and wondering how a human body can move so effortlessly and gracefully, exuding a cool sexiness while simultaneously maintaining his undeniable innocent character that he portrayed to his audience.

These weeks turned into months of keeping in contact with them all through your aunt’s job and you got closer. Your friendship with the hyung line had developed more so than with the younger ones. This was mostly due to your personality being more on the serious side. Though that’s not to say that you didn’t immensely enjoy Jin’s ridiculous dad jokes and even encouraged him on more than one occasion. Talking to Namjoon in English also had a big part in it and seeing as Hoseok’s English was good enough to converse with him as well as Yoongi, you tended to gravitate towards the elders more than the young ones. But this didn’t stop the shouts of ‘Noona’ from the younger boys whenever they wanted to show you something they found to be cool or when Jungkook was simply being a meme. Before you knew it, Producer Bang had asked you to teach the boys some basic conversing English, given that you had graduated college, so the pressure is somewhat lifted from Namjoon’s shoulders. You had happily agreed to it as an informal arrangement because you had started a fulltime Job.

And finally, here you were, finally at the dorms. You furrowed your eyebrows at the unusual silence in the house.

“Jungkook?” You called out, taking off your shoes and placing them on the shoe rack. After hearing silence, you figured that since you were still in the hallway, they just didn’t hear you. You walked further in to the living room, inspecting your surroundings, which had no signs of any of the boys being home as the TV was off and the game console that is usually always on standby, was also off. You sighed, knowing that the older boys were going to be out but having a suspicion that the younger ones weren’t home either.

“Taehyung? Are you guys in your rooms?” You called out as you walked towards the kitchen and to their bedrooms, knocking. After no response, you opened the door and as predicted, there was no one.

“Should have known” you clicked your tongue, pursing your lips in annoyance. Suddenly, you heard a noise coming from further away. Your head snapped up, looking towards the direction of the noise. So someone was home. You walked out of the room slowly and quietly, hoping to figure out what and where it was coming from and soon enough, you heard it again. It was obviously a moan, though you couldn’t figure out whether the person was in pain or not. You noticed the noise coming from Jimin’s room.

Walking forward towards the room, your anger returning and waiting to be taken out on whichever one of the boys were home. You drove 20 minutes just for these brats to not even be at home? Just as you were about to knock on the door, the undeniable sound of a moan stopped you in your tracks. And not just anyone’s, Jimin’s moan? The one that seemed to be the cutest, shyest of the bunch according to you. The sound was utterly scandalous and rude. Your mouth went a bit dry, thinking about what was happening.

It was pretty clear now, at what was going on behind the door. This house was always full of boys. You couldn’t exactly blame them if one of them decided to take advantage of the privacy. You contemplated if you should just leave, or confront Jimin about the plans you guys had made. Give him a peace of your mind and ask him why didn’t he stop the other boys from making other plans if they knew you were coming.

You being the hothead you were, decided to go with the later. You knocked on the door twice calling his name more clearly now. “Jimin? Can I come in?”

You heard shuffling on the other end and a stuttered response from Jimin telling you to wait a minute. When he finally opened the door, you were met with a swollen lipped and sweat flushed Jimin. His pupils were visibly dilated; his hair was a mess as if he had run his hands through it. You couldn’t think of a sexier picture. BUT, you wanted to stay focused on tearing the brat a new one for having the nerve to jerk off and blowing off your plans like it’s nothing. You especially made time for this.

“Noona? W-What’re you doing here?” He asked looking at you, fidgeting with his hands.

“What am I doing here? You seriously don’t remember? We were supposed to have a lesson today?” You said as you pushed past him and into the room, exasperated.

Jimin followed you in, with a confused look as the wheels turned in his head. Suddenly it seemed to click.

“Oh shit” He face palmed himself, looking at you sheepishly. “Please believe me noona, it really did slip my mind.”

“Don’t oh shit me you brat. I had reminded you two days ago and even texted you this morning” You glared harshly at him, plopping down on his bed and folding your arms.

Jimin avoided your gaze as he looked down with an embarrassed smile, scratching the back of his neck. The action lifting his shirt up, giving you a peak at his solid V line, dragging your mind back to hell. Jimin had started saying something, though you could barely remember what as you took in his attire. He looked soft, pink and ready for bed. His sweatpants were extremely distracting. When you reached his face, you were met with shy eyes that had obviously caught you checking him out. The blush on his face said so clearly.

You sighed for the second time in less than 10 minutes. Leaning back on your arms and looking around his room, which was somewhat messy.

“You know that I don’t live close by and had to make time for our lesson. Yet you let those two brats go and are having the time of your life here by yourself”

“Well… if it makes you feel any better, I’ve been reading English books?” He says hopefully.

“Yeah? What books?” He goes to look in his bedside drawer and pulls out several English books and sits beside you, ready to be an obedient student. Though that’s not what makes your blood run cold suddenly. Definitely not it. It’s definitely not the way his sweatpants hint at what’s underneath, due to him sitting with his legs spread, either. Though it definitely makes you want to fuck him even more.

“Noona?” you noticed that you had completely stilled and not heard, for the second time, what Jimin had been previously saying. Instead, your eyes were firmly locked on the copy of Fifty Shades of Gray beside the pillow. You were guessing he had tried to hide it, though it clearly didn’t work out. You don’t know what possessed you to do the things you were about to do, but clearly, the lust for this damn boy had finally won. You picked up the book, bringing it in Jimin’s line of sight as well, looking him straight in the eyes. Completely composed except the rising heat in your body. He on the other hand, looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Is this your idea of ‘studying’ English, Jiminie?” You quirked up your eyebrow. Beside you, Jimin had gone completely still, breathing hard, trying to look anywhere but at you.

“I-I can explain n-noona”

“Oh? You can?” you asked in a voice dripping with sugar. Sometime between this exchange, you had leaned closer to him, almost feeling his breath on your face. Jimin visibly gulped, desperately trying to think of something to say. You tsked in his face at the lack of his response. Who knew Jimin was into getting off at erotic books?

“I never imagined you to be the one to read dirty books, sweet Jiminie. I guess you have been fooling everyone all this time huh?” your face was even closer to his now. His was beet red, breathing quite fast now while his eyes constantly shifted from your lips to your eyes. Instinctively, you licked your lips.

“I thought you were about to explain yourself? Use your words brat.” You said loudly this time causing Jimin to gasp and back away slightly.

“I-It has a n-nice storyline?” He said more like a question than his own opinion. You scoffed at his reply, knowing that he was clearly trying to save face.

“Please, honey, we both know that it has little to no storyline. Are you lying to me Jimin?”


“First I find out that you forgot about your English lesson and now you are trying to make a fool of me?” You almost spit out the words. You were definitely being overdramatic. But the reaction that you were getting from him was worth it. Plus, he did piss you off anyway. This was incredibly hot to you. The fact that Jimin read this filthy book, a BDSM book at that, and got off to it, turned you on to no end.

“No n-noona, that’s n-not-”

“Then tell me the real reason you were reading this.” Jimin looked extremely conflicted, deciding between keeping his pride or letting go in this extremely hot scenario.

“I don’t have all day Jimin, don’t waste my time more than you already have”

Then, you heard the faintest whisper. You weren’t even sure if you actually heard it at all.

“It’s hot..”

“What was that? You read it because you it makes you hot?”

Jimin bit his plump bottom lip, looking up before meeting your gaze and nodding his head. That was all the confirmation you needed to go ahead with this. Believe it or not, you actually were thinking about just leaving, not taking this any further because you were sure no one was going to praise you for bedding an idol who was 2 years your Junior. It wasn’t much of a difference really. But in the society you lived, it definitely would be as opposed to America.

“Oh Jiminie… you like reading porn? Hm? You liked reading about some rich guy fucking a girl for his pleasure, doing all sorts of dirty things to her? Hm?”

Jimin’s breathing was getting more and more laboured by the passing second. You moved your hands from your lap to place it on his thigh. Dragging your fingers slowly up and down as Jimin’s eye followed their movements. He nodded once again.

“Use your words Jiminie”


“Were you touching yourself when I knocked?” You whispered, dragging your hands up to his face hoping he’d let loose a bit, and indulge your filthy desires to have him come undone. He was warm beneath your touch, unusually so.

“W-What if I say yes?” You chuckled lowly against his face at his response. Your forehead was now resting against his as your hand was on his right cheek, keeping him to you firmly.

“Then I guess you’re a dirty little boy Jimin, touching yourself over a dirty book.” You tsked once again. “Tell me, did you imagine it was you getting your cock sucked in the book, instead of the male character?” Jimin looked completely lost in your words, almost in a trance as he started in your eyes.

“Yes” This was the first time he had replied without stuttering. You took that as a good sign. You were slowly losing control yourself too. He just looked so hot sitting there, completely hypnotised by you with his eyes now closed, answering you like his life depended on it, skin shining with perspiration and smelled like heaven. You closed your eyes, willing yourself to be stronger for a bit more, tease him a bit more. You sighed, for the third time, however this time, due to the heavy lust clouding your brain.

“Did you imagine someone doing it to you? Taking your cock in her mouth?”

“Y-Yes” Your breath hitched. You had some idea, or maybe it was your wishful thinking, that he thought about you. You had caught him more than on multiple occasions staring at you then looking away bashfully.

“Who… who did you think of?” At this question his eyes shot open, looking into yours as if to decide whether it would be appropriate for him to answer. You laughed inside, knowing that all the barriers of appropriateness have been surpassed.

“Y-you…noona” He whimpered. You almost moaned out loud at his answer. In a flash you had pushed Jimin back on the bed and straddled his hips, leaning down until your hair fell to the side and face was a mere inch away from his. Both of your breaths were shallow. Jimin looked a bit surprised from being still all this while and then your sudden outburst. Though you definitely preferred this position as it allowed you to feel every ridge of Jimin’s perfectly sculpted body. Your core aligning with his perfectly.

“You’re so bad Jiminie… thinking about noona like that” You shook your head slowly, looking into his eyes that were still enlarged with surprise. It seemed like Jimin didn’t know where to put his hands, on the bed or your hips. Even in your compromising position, still, he hesitated.

“I’m sorry noona I-I-” He sounded almost ashamed. To ease his discomfort, you decided to fess up yourself as well.

“It’s okay baby, noona has been thinking naughty things about you too. How can I not, when you look like this” You bit your lip looking down between your bodies, noticing how hard he was underneath you. Pressing angrily against your clit. This was the great pro of Jimin not being insanely tall, being able to press him directly against your core while still being able to reach his lips. Speaking of his lips, you decided to kiss them. You finally leaned down, brushing yours against his plump ones.

“Jiminie, noona is going to kiss you now, would you like that?” Jimin’s eyes closed instinctively, anticipating the kiss, nodding his head. You pressed down on his lightly, prompting him to be vocal.

“Y-Yes please, kiss me”

This was all you needed as you crashed your lips against his, moaning as your lips met and tasted his for the first time. It didn’t take long until you felt the first swipe of his tongue against your lips and you both opened your mouths, slipping your tongues and tasting each other deeper. Jimin tasted of strawberry lollipops that he always was sucking on and it made your head spin. His hands were now on your waist, careful to keep them away from your hips until you took his hands pushed them further down. You felt like you were drowning in him as his kisses were getting out of control. Your efforts to keep the kiss slow and sensual were being interrupted by Jimin’s needy ones as he kept leaning up, giving you short but deep kisses as if he would die without them. It was almost getting hard to breath so you broke away to take in a much needed gulp of air. Jimin leaned up, chasing your lips with his eyes still closed. Instead, he settled for your neck, digging his face in, just resting there while he sucked the skin gently.

“Jimin, honey, s-slow down” You gasped as he grazed his teeth against the skin in his mouth. Undeniable pleasure was coursing through your body and you had barely done anything with Jimin except kiss. Jimin was truly like a drug. He was fucking addicting. You already knew that this won’t be the last time you touch him like this. And by the looks of it, seems like Jimin won’t either. He was now whimpering, making whiney noises trying to get you to kiss him again.

“N-noona, please”

“Please what baby?” You grasped his hair, pulling him back from your neck to look into his eyes.

“Do something” He moaned out, pushing up into your hips making you gasp and push down. You grabbed his hands and pinned his arms above his head harshly.

“Don’t tell me what to do brat and do not move until I tell you to. Okay?”

When Jimin nodded his head you grasped his cheeks with your hand, making him look at you.

“I said, do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes, I understand. But please, d-do something. I-It hurts” At the sound of a helpless Jimin, you softened your tone.

“Hurts where baby? Tell me, let noona fix it” You asked sweetly. Jimin rolled his head to the side with a bite of his lips.

“Y-You know where, please.”

“I’m afraid I don’t Jiminie. Tell me. Come on, you can do it”

Jimin closed his eyes burying his face in your neck and whispering his answer softly.

“M-My dick”

“What baby?” You asked again with a cruel smirk on your face, wanting him to go crazy almost. And god bless, it was worth it considering Jimin was now a moaning, whimpering and whiney mess.

“Fuck, my cock Y/N. It hurts. Please touch m-my cock”

With a low chuckle, you fastened your hands back up pinning his to the bed as you started to move your hips back and forth on his dick, slowly. As soon as you started, Jimin had lost control over his vocal cords it seemed. You never suspected that calm and collected Jimin, the shy cute boy to be this vocal and filthy in bed.

“Ah. Yes! yes yes yes noona. Fuck me. Rub your pussy on me Y/N, fuck yes” His words were burning you alive. Your pace increased slightly due to Jimin’s constant squirming, trying to stay still and obeying your command of staying still. To be honest, you didn’t care at this point. The pressure in your lower stomach was starting to build. All that build up from before had you coming nearly to your end. Not to forget that Jimin turned out to be a dirty talker and moaner. Fuck, he was a moaner. His sounds alone were making you come undone.

“Noona” Jimin whined in his incredibly sexy, raspy voice.

“Yeah baby?”

“M-More, please, I’m so close.”

You let go of his arms, reaching down to pull his shirt up and over his head, coming in contact with his hard pectoral and abdominal muscles. Jimin fucked up into you, making you half gasp and moan at the hard length pushing against your clit so deliciously. You braced yourself placing your hands on his chest, breathing hard.

“Jimin, baby, h-hold on a minute. Let’s take these off” You said as you began pulling his sweats off him, leaning back to take them off completely. Jimin gladly helped as he looked about ready to burst. You were definitely not prepared for what you saw. Hard, thick girthy length. He was bigger than you had imagined. Almost disproportionate for his frame. Almost. Jimin’s confidence had seemed to be boosted when compared to about an hour ago when he was a stuttering, blushing mess of a boy. You took a moment to admire him. He looked like a fucking Greek god with his sculpted, golden body, hair a mess, lips swollen, cock hard and ready. As you were about to get back in to position, you felt his hands tugging at your pants.

“T-take these off noona. Please” He looked in your eyes hopefully. You bit your lip and placed your hands by your side, silently directing Jimin to do the honours. His face bloomed with a beautiful pink flush as he pulled the zipper down on your jeans, tugging them down. You lifted your hips for him to pull them down further and off your legs. He stared in amazement at your panty clad hips, your long legs, almost mesmerized. You took your previous position again, leaning down to get closer to his face once again while you started the grind of your clit on his cock. You abandoned all hope of being slow and sensual as feral need took over your being. Your core being ultra-sensitive, making every brush of his hard length a hundred times more lethal. Not to forget that his length was not confined beneath the constricting material of his sweatpants anymore. You almost came when you heard a high pitched moan from Jimin. Speaking of coming.

“Jiminie, did you come before?” You asked, referring to him touching himself earlier. Jimin, being the moaning mess he was, took a few seconds to reply.

“N-No – mm- but I was about to- Ah!” You pinned his hands above his head again, pouting at him.

“Aw, poor baby. It’s okay honey, noona will make you cum.” Jimin whimpered at your words, thrusting up harshly, battering your clit at this point.

“Noona, f-faster, please, make me cum noona. Please please please” Fucking hell. Jimin was straight up begging you. You knew Jimin might be submissive, but never this submissive. It was such a contrast to how he controlled thousands of screaming girls with a flash of his abs. And here he was, a moaning, sweaty mess. Spouting such filthy words.

Your movements had slowed down a bit as your body was getting exhausted. You were about to come even just from this. But this boy’s stamina was obviously higher than yours. Jimin noticing your fatigued body took action. Boy did he take action. In an instant, Jimin had you flipped over, pulling you underneath his body, lining his cock with your covered pussy, where a substantial wet spot was embarrassingly visible. You looked at him with disbelief in your eyes.

“I can’t take it anymore, p-please let me?” Jimin asked with a sinful roll of his cock against your pussy. The contact was so close now that you could feel your lower lips parting, nestling his cock between them. You shakily nodded, wrapping your legs around his hips in response.

“Go ahead Jiminie… U-Use noona’s pussy to make yourself cum” Jimin whimpered at your words he wasted no time in following your orders, picking up his pace and fucking you into his bed. The bed had started to creak with the force of his thrusts. Each time he dragged his hips, his cock slid against your pussy lips and up to your clit, creating the best friction. All of these sensations happened so fast as Jimin was almost moving too fast for you. Scratch that, he was moving too fast for you.

“J-Jimin, ah! B-baby, slow down. Oh god” His pace was relentless. Grinding his hips in your cunt as fast as he could, moaning like a porn star. It was obvious he was chasing his release. Your end was near. You could sense it as your legs tried to close despite having Jimin’s slender body in-between them. You could see his abs clench with the force of his thrusts. You couldn’t believe that the cute mochi, Park Jimin was on top of you, thrusting his cock against your pussy, pursuing his orgasm. If someone had told you a week ago that you would be in your position, dry humping the shit out of each other, you probably would’ve slapped them. Though this wasn’t so much dry anymore. Your panties were a sticky mess from your own arousal as well as Jimin’s pre-cum being all over them creating the most sinful sounds as sweat dripped from his forehead. The knot was so tight in your stomach that you almost couldn’t bear it.

“Fuck, fuck baby, I’m coming! Jimin-ah!”

“Fuck yes Y/N c-cum for me” Jimin’s pace helped you tip over the edge in a euphoric bliss. Your vision had turned white for a few seconds due to the force of your orgasm coursing through you as Jimin continued to thrust his cock against you. It felt like you came for a life time. Your pussy had become extremely sensitive from your orgasm and you weren’t sure how much more of Jimin’s grinding you could take. So you decided to help him along by placing little suckles and kisses to his neck, whispering in his ear.

“Come on baby, you can do it. Cum for noona. Cum all over noona.” Jimin whined at your words, getting nearer his release. You couldn’t believe that he had held out this long.

“I’m s-so close Y/N noona”

“That’s it baby, just a little m-more” Your words coming out in a stutter due to how scorched your clit was now, being already so sensitive as it was after your orgasm. But, you held out for Jimin, letting him get his release. His rhythm had become irregular and his whines had gotten louder.

“Ah, ah, ah, fuck I’m coming oh fuck” Jimin swore like a sailor as he got dangerously close. But what he did next almost made you come again. With a speed almost quicker than a gunshot, Jimin had leaned back, pushed your panties down exposing your swollen pussy. Before you could comprehend what was happening, Jimin worked his hand over his cock until he had let go. Until he came all over your pussy. Sticky hot white ropes of cum landing on your swollen clit and pussy. You moaned at the scene unfolding above you. This was the hottest shit you had ever encountered. Where the fuck was this Jimin hiding before?

After he had let out what seemed to be an endless stream of cum, Jimin fell forward, resting his face in your neck panting. You both took this time to catch your breath. Several moments passed as you both laid in his bed, you stroking his hair as you stared up at the ceiling contemplating what to do now. You were the first one to break the sweaty silence.

“You okay baby boy?” You whispered, tenderly stroking his hair, to which he replied with a blissful hum.

“Never been better” He replied with a sweetly shy smile, indicating that his usual charming self was back as the lust had settled.

You kissed his cheek softly, savouring the moment with the younger boy and went to get up when Jimin pulled you back again.

“Where are you going?”

“To clean up the mess you made, you brat” You said teasingly which made Jimin blush again deeply as he bit his lip. His next request surprised you.

“C-Can I clean you noona?” His request seemed innocent enough in the context of this indecent scenario.

“I guess you can” You laid back down as Jimin got up, sliding down the bed, sitting beside your hips.

“Uh, Jimin? Aren’t you going to get towels?” You inquired when he didn’t move from his position, instead moved between your legs, parting them.

“Why would I need those when I have a mouth”

Fuck what you said before. This was the hottest shit you had ever encountered.

A/N: Okay so don’t freak out, yes there will be a part 2 to this as I wanted to include so much more smut but satan called me demanding why I kept postponing our plans. Once again, I will immensely appreciate feedback :) drop an ask or a request. I have so many more fic plans but I will start writing those after my exams (in 2 weeks). Also, SURPRISE I have started writing Wrong Ch. 2. :) Anything else pls free free to ask!

Okay little shits I want to say some words about the Earp Sisters- particularly my darling Willa

I see a lot of you guys have been giving her quite a bit of flack- you know for hating Waverly and shooting Nicole and unleashing a writhing tentacle beast on Purgatory. Now these are all very bad things. But I’d like to take a moment to explore how we got here. And as a clinical child psychologist specializing in abuse and trauma- I have A LOT to say about these three. Because OH BOY do they run the spectrum of child abuse outcomes in the real world.

Now, I want to start by saying all three of the Earp sisters were born into an abusive household. But the three had some very different experiences of abuse/neglect, and environment is SO important on child development. Like genetics is some basic groundwork but really it’s environment that does most of the shaping. In this analysis, let’s start youngest:

Waverly Earp. Now Waverly is like an ideal outcome from abuse. Clearly this girl was born with a hell of a lot of resilience in her genes (that Earp? legacy). She can bounce back from a crisis. But, she kinda got it easiest of the three: she was only in the homestead until she was 6- after that she was raised by Gus and Uncle Curtis in what was no doubt a much healthier, stabler household. Now see age 6 is important- because personality is generally done developing just before puberty- about 10 years of age. This factoid of personality development will come up again later, but for Waverly, being removed from a toxic environment at a young age meant she actually had a chance to unlearn/recover from many of the more nasty potential effects of severe neglect (she was by far the most neglected I mean a demon was her best friend and NO ONE KNEW) as well as the sibling abuse inflicted by Willa (blackmail, sadism, power plays- not a good sign in a child). 

Now does the abuse still affect her? Hell yeah! She still lived through it and it changed her permanently- you see it in how she needs love and attention (why else go for Champ as soon as Wynonna leaves town? She needed ANYBODY) even at her own expense. She downplays herself, but simultaneously wants to be important (the Heir- cause you know her dad only cared about the Heir). And you know what I think? She didn’t resist telling Wynonna about Nicole because she was scared what she would think. No. Wynonna of course doesn’t care. No she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to even risk Nicole getting involved in the toxicity surrounding the Earp family. She wanted Nicole separate to keep her safe (remnant thought process from Willa using what Waverly loved to blackmail her). But still, even with all of this, she is not as severely affected as she would’ve been if she had stayed neglected and abused for say, 12 or 13 years. Waverly had intervention, and real world case studies of severe emotional neglect have shown that a child as old as 5-6 can bounce back remarkably well in the right care. I mean to where you wouldn’t know they had been through Hell- at least not immediately.

Wynonna Earp. Middle sibling, mix of neglect and abuse. She is the most moderate/common outcome from abusive childhoods- with healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and personality traits meshed together. Like Waverly, resilient as hell, because she lived in that environment for 12 years, and unlike Waverly didn’t get a healthy stable home afterwards. No she got the foster care system and juvie and unhelpful counselors who essentially gaslighted her (unintentionally but it’s still gaslighting) which does no one any favors. So Wynonna had way more negative environment time, yet she still held on to her “good” side- she has a moral code she follows, she cares for those close to her, she’s able to have a healthy relationship with at least one person (Waverly). I’d almost say she’s shown the most resilience of the three. Now her childhood experience is interesting, because she’s in the middle of this spectrum. She didn’t receive the full force of Ward’s attention because she wasn’t the Heir, Willa was. So that’s less aggression abuse from him, instead she was more neglected by him. But her very close age with Willa put her close to that aggression abuse as she experienced it vicariously through Willa. She saw what he did to Willa by way of abuse and Waverly by neglect, and seeing that affected her. It made her so, so protective and parental. Of both Waverly and Willa. So while Ward may not have done much direct abuse to Wynonna, she still lived it. And it affected her to make her a caretaker. 

It’s also a form of displacement on Wynonna’s part- to be a caretaker. The prospect of caring for herself is far too daunting but caring for another? More doable. Taking a caretaker role also helps her regain some sense of control, none of which she had when she had to witness Ward’s abuse and couldn’t help Willa or Waverly. Now some of you may be asking: “Didn’t she see Willa abuse Waverly? How could she still care for Willa?” Remember she had known Willa much longer than Waverly, and on top of that she knew WHY Willa was so callous and aggressive- she knew first hand why. So she explained it away because she loved Willa and saw she was broken and I’m willing to bet when she witnessed the sibling abuse, she stepped in. I have a feeling Willa did most of it under the radar. Hell I bet even Wynonna got some verbal or emotional abuse at times from Willa, but she went with it because it was less severe. And again she would explain it away. And in Willa’s absence, Wynonna idolized her even more, and she became a myth of herself. Her good qualities remembered over her bad ones. Waverly had a different experience seeing as she didn’t HAVE any good memories of Willa.

Now to the contentious point. Willa Earp. Now I’ve taken you through the personality development of Waverly and Wynonna. You see how they came to be. Now I’m going to show you how Willa came to be. As the Heir, Willa was THE focus of Ward’s attention. And this is where it begins. If she had been neglected she may have actually had a shot, ironically. Because Ward promoted aggression, antisocial behavior, and created a culture of fear. We’ve only seen glimpses but he was taking her out in the middle of night telling her how everyone would die and it’d be her fault. He was creating a paranoid soldier. Now this is awful for a child’s development, especially personality. Remember she lived under Ward’s thumb for 13 years- her personality had long since formed, and it formed to cope with constant fear and a desire to gain some semblance of control over her situation to stay safe. And to keep Wynonna safe. I do not doubt she loved Wynonna- but she loved her how she LEARNED to love another human. Ward had no problem hurting and scaring Willa in a horribly misguided attempt at raising her. She knew as a child that fathers are supposed to love their daughters. So Ward’s abuse must have been how you love (in the mind of young Willa), and you see her applying this with Wynonna. She was more than ready to kill Wynonna because she truly believed it was a kindness and a show of love. 

Did Willa ever love Waverly? I do not think so. Because Waverly didn’t show up until Willa was already about 8 years old and completely bonded to Wynonna. And, I think she was too busy to learn to love her, which I’ll explain more later on. Even in a healthy family, it’s not uncommon for an older sibling to resent a younger one, but add in the way Willa has been treated and raised up until that point, and you get the extreme response of sibling abuse. Now you might ask “So why didn’t Wynonna do the same? Why did she get parental while Willa got aggressive?” and the answer is (for the first time in this whole spiel) likely genetics. 

A quick lesson: everyone is born with a specific type of temperament, which in short is how a child naturally deals with their emotions. Do they sorta “go with the flow” of their emotions, are they a powder keg with strong, uncontrollable emotions, or some mix? Temperament forms the building blocks of all further personality development, and it is far far from destiny. But it’s a genetic predisposition to regulate your emotions in a certain way. And it is interconnected with that resilience I’ve mentioned previously. 

Resilience, if you aren’t sure, is a child’s ability to cope with adversity. The greater the resilience, the more likely a child is to come away from adversity without major psychological harm. A highly resilient child, is more likely to have a “good” temperament (moderate level emotions, relatively easy to work with) whereas a child with low resilience is more likely to have an “at-risk” temperament (very strong emotions that are difficult to regulate). Wynonna, with her obviously high resilience, clearly had a “good” temperament growing up. Willa, most definitely was an “at-risk” temperament (her losing her cool at the slightest provocation with Whiskey Jim for example), and combined with the severe abuse and aggressive environment, that temperament blossomed into the rest of her personality. 

A third vital ingredient in this is called cognitive load. What that refers to is basically how much mental effort/energy the brain spends performing a task or tasks. There is a finite amount of cognitive load the brain can handle, and so it must apportion its time as it sees fit. If there’s a lot of stimuli (external and internal) to deal with, the brain will prioritize, again, as it sees most fit, leaving out “unnecessary” information. EVERYTHING take some cognitive load, from thinking through a problem, to emotional regulation, to social relationships. And we all know you can only juggle so much.

Now let’s combine these three concepts together in Willa. Willa was born with an “at-risk” temperament, which means she has BIG emotions and cannot regulate them well. That takes a LOT of cognitive load to manage. She also has lower resilience to adversity, and some of resiliency’s power comes from a LARGE capacity for cognitive load. You are more resilient if you are better able to process and work through adversity instead of getting drowned in it. So low resiliency=low cognitive load capacity. This already low cognitive load capacity had to deal with emotional regulation of a veritable firecracker, so it’s mostly busy doing that. Add in her forced focus on Ward’s “training” (skills and cognitive tasks) and abuse, and her close bond to Wynonna (a social relationship to manage and someone to protect) and her poor brain is overloaded. It can’t handle any more responsibilities. So when Waverly comes along she sees another potential responsibility and says no. So instead Waverly becomes not only a nuisance to her (she’s got enough to focus on already), but an outlet for her frustration and pain. She has no control with Ward, but she can control Waverly like he does to her. She can feel big, and what kid doesn’t take comfort in feeling big?

Another major thing I want to point out with adult Willa is her obviously stunted emotional and social development, which is no surprise. I’m willing to bet growing up she really didn’t have any friends besides Wynonna, so all of her socialization happened in the Earp homestead (not a great place as has been clearly demonstrated). Willa shows an understanding of the world that is basically that of a preteen. It’s shown as a black and white understanding of other people when she tells Wynonna of the citizens of Purgatory “They hate us Wynonna, they’re evil they deserve that thing!”. It also plays into her lack of emotional regulation, because even a child with an “at-risk” temperament tends to improve some as they age because they learn ways to cope. Willa never did. Now not only did Ward contribute to this stunted development but so did being isolated by Bobo and Lou.

And finally it is here where I will address the Stockholm Syndrome briefly. Only briefly because while she clearly has it- believing Bobo loves her- it did not create Willa as she is. That happened long before Bobo. Bobo used what Ward had started, that’s probably part of what drew him to Willa. Bobo’s influence sure as hell didn’t help because all he did was reinforce everything she had learned up until that point. But Stockholm alone did not make Willa. It’s a much more complicated story and it is tragic and it is one that needs to be heard. She is a product of fear and pain and the need to survive, and while her history does not change the fact that as she is now she is a villain, she is a villain worth sympathy. Because the poor thing never really had a chance from day one. So I dare you to instead take a look at Willa not as the evil lesbian-shooter, but as a scared child trained to be a soldier who is solely responsible for everyone’s lives who cannot handle the pressure and needs to escape and doesn’t know any other way but destruction.

Maladaptive Daydreamers.

There is nothing more comforting than to slip into your daydream.

Sometimes willingly and sometimes not.

Daydreams of adventure. Romance. Virtue. Sin. Imaginary pleasure and skin-crawling terror. There’s happiness, sadness, violence and debauchery.

Sometimes you think that your life would be better without the constant stories in your head. Getting rid of your characters would mean slicing open a part of your soul and sealing the colour away, leaving you in a world of black-and-white monochrome.

So you return to your world again and again. You know your characters better than you know yourself. Intimately, indefinitely. Aren’t they a part of you, since you are their maker?

Like all things, daydreaming is good in moderation.

Maladaptive Daydreamers don’t do moderation.

Daydreamers do extremes; all-in or all-out. Zero or ten-thousand. On or off. There is no middle, there is no balance.

So we make due and we live.

We live in our heads, but it is living none the less.

If Storms Were People | Bucky Barnes x Reader

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Enhanced!FormerHydra!Reader

Part: 1/??? Probably at least 3

          Part 2

Summary: You’re an enhanced human, formerly affiliated with Hydra, with the ability to control electricity, and honey, you do not get along with Bucky Barnes. With a passed mostly erased in your mind, you can’t seem to figure out why he dislikes you so much.

Warnings: Swearing, fighting, allusions to past Hydra experiments and mistreatment, nothing out of the ordinary for Marvel related things.

Words: 4679

A/N: I have been thinking about this for a while and am super happy with the plot line so far. I wrote a sappy and cute Bucky fic first so I figured I’ll write one where he’s a dick turned sweetheart because I LOVE those types of fics with him tbh. Feedback and reblogs are always encouraged and appreciated! Thank you for reading!! Check out my masterlist for more criminally good imagines!

(low key Steve’s entire character in this fic is defusing situations)

“James Buchanan Barnes, you better back the fuck up right now.” You snarl, nose to nose with the super soldier. You were clutching your upper bicep where a bullet had just grazed you, blood leaking through your fingers.

             “Or what?” He said with a sarcastic smirk, but there was no amusement in his eyes as he met your angry gaze.

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A/N: For the anon that wanted a reader-insert Thranduil’s wife (with a Bofur appearance) in Mirkwood. I hope you enjoy this!

Summary: The dwarves arrive in Mirkwood, and the elf!reader has to moderate Thranduil’s vehement reactions.

Word Count: 1,711

Warnings: None, I think…

You loved your duties as Queen of Mirkwood. It brought you joy to plan feasts and ceremonies, to tend the luscious gardens that hid in the recesses of the woodland fortress, but most of all you loved to care for your subjects. The people of Mirkwood were so dear to you, and you felt their struggles and triumphs as your own.

You did not particularly love the duty of mediating your husband, King Thranduil’s sternness. The vigorous, impulsive, headstrong elf you had fallen in love with was slowly replaced by a suffering, brooding king as Greenwood fell to the dark powers of Arda. You knew of his troubles, and the very good reasons for his withdrawing, but it did not make your task of persuading him to be mildly pleasant any easier. You loved him with everything in you, but he did not always make the relationship easy.

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He just wanted them to understand. He just wanted them to know. He wanted them to just see. See what he had to go through.

Anxiety- a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

When your officially diagnosed with anxiety, as a disorder, as more than the healthy amount of precaution and self-preservation, they say it’s worse. It gets to the point where it inhibits your life- stops you from proceding with your plans- halts you in your tracks and forces you to stop moving, sometimes to never start again.

Now imagine being that feeling. Imagine being anxiety. To feel that fear and uncertainty as part of yourself, a constant presence in you brain and weight on your heart. Imagine it being your entire being.

Anxiety. Nobody wanted him around. He was good in moderation, a safety measure everyone had, but bad when he begins to dictate your every decision.

Anxiety worried. Anxiety feared. He couldn’t help himself. He only wanted Thomas to be safe, he only wanted him to be happy. He knew sometimes he went overboard, but he couldn’t stop himself. It was a never ending loop of protect, fear, protect, fear- he feared for what could happen, and he only wanted to protect.

The others didn’t understand. But, they wouldn’t. They don’t know what it’s like to never be able to make a decision without fearing for its outcome, without regretting every step you take because you know there are so many different ways you could mess it up.

When you were afraid to walk down the street, because who knew what could happen?

Anxiety knew these fears had no true basis except “what if’s” and “maybe’s” but that didn’t mean they would ever stop.

So often, he felt he was in a dark corner, surrounded by nothing but fears, and mistakes, and every bad thought that cycled through Thomas’ mind.

He wished someone would reach out there hand to him, that someone would take the lead. He wished someone would let him know he wasn’t alone. He wished that, sometimes, someone would just direct him, so he didn’t have to worry about his actions. He wished that someone would come, and lead him from this lonely isolation his thoughts put him in.

“Hey, Anxiety!”

Said man’s head snapped up from the book he was reading (some cooking book).


The bright figure of Prince materialized next to Anxiety’s bean bag chair and he snatched his wrist pulling him up.

“Thomas is going to see Moana! Come on- we can’t miss it!”

Anxiety stumbled after Prince, his book laying forgotten on his soft chair.

He just needed someone to take him by the hand, and tell him it was going go be okay, that they would show him where to go.

“Just come with me, this will be amazing!”

anonymous asked:

"All knowledge is good knowledge" I'm really starting to doubt Eclipsa being a true antagonist, I mean, maybe she first delved into dark magic for the sake of knowledge and not any malicious intents.. If they do manage to turn her into an actual antagonist, then they did a great job making us doubt her role.

While I’m sure we still have a loooot to learn about everyone favorite (minus Moon and most of Mewni) grandma the vibe she’s giving me so far is that of… well, a selfish person, essentially. Not necessarily someone who only does things for herself, obviously, but someone who puts her own self interest before anything else. From abandoning her kingdom to pursue love, to, possibly, potentially endangering it with her continued study of magic. Someone who, as she herself said, has “self control” issues, who doesn’t know when to stop.

Some of these attitudes and advices are obviously good, with moderation, encouraging curiosity and self discovery. Even doing what’s commonly considered to be forbidden might be a good idea - just like Star who is trying to reintegrate monsters in the society, something that has surely be shunned for centuries, but I think she might have taken everything to an excess, at her times, thinking only about the moment and not about the consequences.

Dolores Del Rio, 1932

“Beauty does not come with creams and lotions and all those silly things. It comes with good digestion, moderation in eating, a discipline in life… Beauty comes from the inside out. Creams are a waste of money if you don’t take care of your health.”

Different reactions of the students and teachers of Kunugigaoka Junior High when receiving Valentine's Day Boxed Chocolate


Nagisa: W-wait are you sure that’s for me? Thank you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

Kayano: Wow, I don’t know what to say… I didn’t expect this! Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Karma: Eh? For me? I didn’t really think I’d get one this year but oh well… You must have some sort of special feelings for me then? Interesting~

Isogai: Thank you for the chocolate! I can’t wait to eat this with my family!

Maehara: Wow 35 boxes already! That’s a record!

Nakamura: Oh? I got one too? This is rather new… How sweet~ I’m flattered~

Kataoka: Thank you but this is the 45th box already

Okuda: F-for me?! A-are you sure t-that’s for me?? I-it is…? Thank y-you! I didn’t k-know I was g-gonna get one today but thank you!

Kanzaki: Oh my, chocolate! Thank you so much for the chocolate! I’ll make sure to eat this happily! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sugino: W-woah for me?! I’m actually getting something? Man this is cool! Thank you!

Itona: Oh? You made this? It’s rather bland in taste and the color and shape are slightly off but it’s appreciated.

Chiba: Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day

Hayami: Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day

Kurahashi: Woah! Chocolate for me! I bet it’s really sweet! Thank you!

Okano: Wow this is really for me? Not sure why it’s for me but thanks anyway!

Yada: Ah, thank you so much! I wonder how it tastes! Happy Valentine’s!

Fuwa: Is this like one of those situations in anime where people confess their love? Are you inlove with me?! Woah!

Ritsu: Thank you! I didn’t expect to be given chocolate today! Sadly, I cannot eat it, but thank you anyway! I appreciate your gesture!

Sumire: Is this homemade? Teach me your recipe next time okay? I love it! Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kirara: Does this chocolate contain darkness residing in it? How cursed is it? Give me details of the darkness of this sweet

Terasaka: Mine? You… to me? Uh… This better not be poisoned or I swear Imma bash your head in… Thanks too

Yoshida: Woah this is cool! Thanks!

Muramatsu: Man this is sweeter than anything I’ll ever make! You better show me how to make this!

Mimura: This is mine?! I mean- for me?! Woah I can’t believe this! Happy Valentine’s Day and Thank You!

Takebayashi: A 3D person could never compare to the work of a 2D person… But this… May be an exemption… Thank you…


Kimura: I’m already pretty chubby but if it’s you who made it for me, I’ll eat it!

Sousuke: The way you made it! It’s beautiful! So artistic! This is my type of chocolate! Thanks a lot!

Koro-sensei: Nyuya!! Someone is giving their beloved teacher chocolate!! I knew someone wouls appreciate me!!

Karasuma: Hmm, chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Makes sense, thank you.

Irina: Hmm? My my, giving your teacher chocolate on Valentine’s Day hmm? Is this your way of trying to get with me? Know that it isn’t gonna work but maybe I should kiss you as a reward- NO WAIT DON’T WALK AWAY COME BACK


Gakushuu: I appreciate the fact that you decided to give me something today but so have 156 other students at this school by far regardless of gender. I will accept it if you would still want to give it to me but know that I will not be able eat this immediately. Thank you, I suppose.

Ren: Ah, my dear… Giving me chocolate on Valentine’s Day… Does this mean you have something you want to tell me? How much you admire me? How much you love me? Hmm…

Seo: Heh? Chocolate for me? Pft, as if it’ll be any good compared to those from abroad! But… Alright alright, I’ll accept it since it seems to be made with a lot of effort

Araki: Are you trying to stuff me up even more? Haha just kidding! I can’t say for certain whether or not I’ll really like it but thanks!

Koyama: Chocolate made with a certain recipe… Did you memorize the recipe? Do you know all the ingredients and the procedure? Show me to prove your chocolates worth!

Gakuhou: Generic. Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is generic. To be given chocolate on this day is nothing new, especially to me. However, if you expect me to accept a gift on this day, it must have importance. I am the Chairman of this school nonetheless and chocolates are… too plain. What did you expect from giving me this? Extreme gratitude? Praise? This chocolate must be extremely delicious and pique my taste then. If it is not, then how do you expect me to give you praise? It has to be atleast moderately good. If it cannot even be the least bit delicious then what was the point-