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I remember one of my first real “this is total bullshit” moments with a teacher was in Highschool when she was reviewing my story for class, and said my character in college wasn’t believable because he was ‘too mature’.

I sat there in silence like, ‘I’m… 16???? And I wrote a character???? older than myself???? an adult???? that’s too mature???’

I was like what kind of teacher are you.

I love being a lesbian

twilight-hourglass  asked:

regarding the last ask, do you have any good meditations for meeting a spirit guide or spirit companion? and would it be enhanced if i used amethyst, labradorite, or celestite?

I know @magickalmenagerie have a few guided “meet your guides” meditations on their site (for free too, you can find them in this section!)! And you can also find a bunch on youtube and as well, although I don’t really have any there I would recommend as I don’t typically do guided meditations. Good luck! :)


Sean Pertwee gives advice on how to treat people at Toronto Comicon ‘17 (x)

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a tiny clip of boy in luv acoustic ver. with jin playing guitar at the fukuoka fanmeeting 😍😍😍

Not So Shore

A ‘Mortals Meet Percabeth’ fic, with a twist!!
10k words

“Hey, Kelly?”

Kelly looked up from her biology textbook, blinking at her best friend Olivia, who was definitely not doing the chapter review questions they’d been assigned. “What?”

“Do you think there’s something weird about Percy Jackson?” Olivia asked.

Kelly followed her to gaze to where Percy was sitting at the back of the room, leaning back in his chair. He wasn’t doing the review questions, either - instead, he was staring into the fish tank behind his desk. Kelly couldn’t see his face, but his dark hair was ruffled up and he was wearing his AHS hoodie with ‘Jackson’ emblazoned across the back of it.

“What do you mean, weird?” she asked, turning back around to Olivia.

Olivia shrugged. “I mean, just… there’s something strange about him.”

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And bromance of the year goes to… 


#this episode was gay as fork