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can i request a hansol x reader smut where you lose your virginity to him and vice versa - preferably in a situation where you've only been dating for a short time and since you live abroad and have to travel back soon, hansol shyly feels you have to get together asap ( i hope it's not too much (>人<;) )

I hope I got this right and that you enjoy this bb! ;u;  💕

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Hansol was everything you were looking for in a person. He was kind, funny, had good manners, shared a lot of your values and, above everything and among so many other things you loved about him, you felt incredibly comfortable around him.

You had first met during your year abroad in South Korea, where he had been one of the first people to approach you, which you knew to have been because you were, to say the least, lonely at that point, in a new country without more than a handful of people you knew. It felt comforting to have someone approach you as kindly as he did, instead of only forming a shallow acquaintanceship with you, not to mention downright ignoring you.

After your first meeting, it didn’t take too long for you to notice just how pleasant he was to be around, and so you had become friends fairly quickly - and close friends even faster. You had similar experiences, being a bit odd among all the (fully) Korean people, on top of which you had some shared interests and traits.

And even if you hadn’t shared those, as long as your personalities clicked, nothing else mattered - and your personalities played together perfectly. You spent a lot of time together, studying, going to concerts and hanging out, either with just the two of you or with the small friend group you had established, whether it was at his house or at a café or something similar.

Towards the end of your year abroad you had come to terms with the fact that you had romantic feelings towards Hansol, and were sad to leave, and even when you were back home, you weren’t sure if you were happy or sad because right before you had gotten on the plane, Hansol had taken a hold of your hand and said that he liked you.

Just like that. As his last words to you face to face.

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Juno: Who You're Attracted To
  • Juno in Aries: You're attracted to energetic, dominating, and even aggressive people. You like to be challenged, and you don't want to date someone who will let you walk all over them. You may enjoy competing with your partner. Power struggles may be an issue for you in your relationships.
  • Juno in Taurus: You're attracted to stable and loyal people. You prefer a reliable partner over a spontaneous one, and you need to feel a sense of security in your relationships. You're in it for the long haul and you require a trustworthy partner who is fully committed to you. You may be quite stubborn in relationships.
  • Juno in Gemini: You're attracted to mentally-stimulating and intellectual people. If a mental connection isn't present, you lose interest. You want a partner who is expressive and can openly talk to you about anything. Secrecy is not in your nature, and you don't bother with grand physical gestures. You may prefer to have multiple relationships at once, or you may prefer friendship to romance.
  • Juno in Cancer: You're attracted to nurturing and caring people. You require an emotional partner who can connect with you on an intimate level. You tend to gravitate towards traditional people who value family. You need plenty of attention from your partner and there's a tendency to be very clingy or dependent. You may be emotionally manipulative in your relationships.
  • Juno in Leo: You're attracted to warm-hearted, prideful, and confident people. You want to share the spotlight with your partner, and you don't particularly care for people who prefer to work behind the scenes. You require a partner who is just as generous and grand a lover as you are. You may be arrogant or bossy in your relationships.
  • Juno in Virgo: You're attracted to efficient and loyal people. You have very high expectations and require a partner who meets all of your standards. You want perfection in your relationships, and you want a partner who is just as organized and efficient as you are. You are turned off by sloppiness and incompetence. You may be over-critical in your relationships.
  • Juno in Libra: You're attracted to romantic and attractive people. You require a partner who values equality in relationships; it's crucial that your relationships are fair and harmonious. You value people who have good manners and carry themselves well in public. You care about your social image a lot, and expect the same of your partner. You may be very indecisive in your relationships.
  • Juno in Scorpio: You're attracted to mysterious and passionate people. You need your relationships to be intense and you require a partner who can connect with you on a deep emotional level. You and your partner may over-indulge in sex. You expect your partner to be loyal and dedicated. You may be very possessive, manipulative, and suspicious in your relationships.
  • Juno in Sagittarius: You're attracted to adventurous and free-spirited people. You require a spontaneous partner who is always up for a new adventure. You don't want to feel pinned down, and you require a certain degree of freedom and autonomy. You value intellectual stimulation and you love to have philosophical discussions with your partner. You may be outspoken or competitive in your relationships.
  • Juno in Capricorn: You're attracted to ambitious and responsible people. You don't tend to get too emotionally involved in your relationships and you require a partner who is practical and loyal. You can be quite a conservative lover that takes time to open up. For this reason it's especially important that your partner is patient and unassuming. You may be too conservative in your relationships.
  • Juno in Aquarius: You're attracted to unconventional and unique people. You shy away from anything traditional and require a partner who is eccentric and open-minded. You prefer friendliness to passion and you are turned off by over-emotional people. You're spontaneous and impulsive and need a partner who can give you your freedom. You may prefer open-ended or polygamous relationships. You additionally may be too detached in your relationships.
  • Juno in Pisces: You're attracted to emotional and artistic people. You expect your relationships to contain some sort of spirituality or spiritual bond. You require a partner who is intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others. You likely enjoy sharing art and music with your partner. You need plenty of time to withdraw when you become overwhelmed by reality. You may possess a victim complex in your relationships.
@ DL fandom / otome players

I am doing some research on perspective, character tropes, and audience reception in otome games. That’s the simplified version. I realize that it is a strange topic and it’s hard to succinctly summarize exactly what I am researching… if you really want the full details, feel free to message me.


First, I want to know if you have a “type” of character that you prefer. For example, I tend to prefer megane characters with a stoic personality.

2. Do you always gravitate towards this type if you see it in the prologue/introduction of a game? Or do you play other routes to see if you will like them as well?

3. (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT) Why do you prefer one character type over another? (Please explain as explicitly as you can. For example, I have a preference over the stoic/megane archetype because these characters tend to possess qualities that I generally value in people. ie: good manners, cleverness, ambition, etc. Further, these traits are IMO symbolic of stability and someone who can be depended on). But I also want you to think harder: is it the traits of these characters you like, or is it something more? Are you attracted to character or personality (learned vs innate traits)? [Personality is things like intro/extroversion, funny, energetic. Character includes things that appear in specific cases - ie: honesty, kindness].

Please answer these questions as specifically as you can IN AN ASK (not a chat message, please). I would really appreciate it and it would help me with more of my research. (And feel free to spread this to others). Thanks!

Could Roses Bloom V ~ Interlude

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An interlude from Leonard’s POV

Leonard’s Mama raised him right, taught him the value of the important things in life. Good manners, respect and honesty.

Honesty is one of the fundaments of a good character, his Mama always said.

For honesty creates a peace with oneself, creates understanding and trust between those who you surround yourself with as they will know you treat others with fairness and respect. Honesty is important, for you should always treat others the same way you wish to be treated.

He was honest with his Mama when she asked him if he could save his Daddy, no matter how much it hurt both her and him and even despite the rift it drew through their family.

He was honest with Jocelyn when she’d asked, tears in her eyes and voice soft because Jo was sleeping upstairs, if he could ever forgive her.

He was honest with Jim when they’d officially graduated the Academy and he’d told him that he wouldn’t have made it without him. Jim’s eyes had shone with something Leonard hadn’t recognized at the time. Something beautiful that caught him by surprise but for which he hadn’t had a name.

Now he realizes it was love and he spends a good portion of some nights staring up at the ceiling and wondering how long Jim must’ve felt this way.

For that moment is two years ago.

Two years.

For Leonard those two years, up in space, surrounded with people he considers family, have gone by in the blink of an eye, a seemingly short span in the time that is his life.

But for Jim…


Jim who has been by his side through everything. Depression, horrible days and weeks at the clinic, his suspension. A constant in his life, a rock to cling to in the middle of a river overflowing its boundaries as its stream rushes down.

Jim who has always been nothing but honest with Leonard.

Yet nowadays when Leonard looks at Jim, he sees heartbreak in his friend’s eyes before it’s schooled with a smile that doesn’t quite reach and he finds himself wishing Jim hadn’t been honest with him that night.

I love you

Three words that throughout the years he has come to hate. For they’ve torn him apart once, took his heart and replaced it with a black, dark hole as they’d turned into I hate you and into you’ll never see your daughter again. Three words that broke him more effectively than a fall from a cliff ever could.

And now, they’re breaking him again.

For it hurts, to see his friend like this – with pain in his smile and dejection in his eyes.

Hurts him in the part of his chest that ached for so long, that – after his Daddy, after Jocelyn, after missing Jo – had finally stopped aching.

An ache that makes his heart feel heavy, his mood gloom and sometimes he just wants nothing more than to envelope Jim in his arms.

Bring the smile back.

Repair what isn’t really broken, but it’s not exactly in one piece anymore either.

He wants it back, the days before.

His friend, his support, the jokes and the serious conversations, the silent nights spent on a couch with the both of them reading.


He wants Jim back.

And that makes him think that perhaps, just perhaps, he’s not being honest with himself.

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Relationship Advice of the Day

So my professor asked our class (of over 200) what qualities we look for in a partner on a first date to make us want to go out with them again. First he asked the men of the class, then the women. 

Here is the response, in the order in which they were mentioned. 

Men want:

  • Interesting
  • Committed
  • Good appearance
  • Goal-oriented
  • Easygoing 
  • Good personality
  • Spontaneous
  • Classy
  • Intelligent
  • Relatable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Strong values

Women want: 

  • Good communication
  • Confidence
  • Good manners
  • Eye contact
  • Genuineness
  • Gentlemen
  • Respectful
  • Humor
  • Appearance
  • Trustworthy
  • Standards/values
  • Humble
  • Timely

I thought some of you might find this interesting and surprising. Enjoy :)

Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover

I would call the crossover a decent success. I will say if I was a Bones fan I wouldn’t be thrilled with that ball of weirdness crashing onto my show, but all in all, they did a fair job of keeping each show distinct and melding the disparate worlds together (except Crane – more on that in a minute). But it also drove home some important truths.

1.      Sleepy Hollow is trying to be Bones. When I watched Bones, many years ago, it was a pleasant sort of show. But it wasn’t the sort of show you sit down and watch with rapt attention. It’s background noise. It’s what you watch when you’re folding laundry or cooking dinner. That’s why it’s been so successful in syndication.

And so far this season, that’s largely what Sleepy Hollow has been. I’ve even become somewhat discouraged from writing meta because everything is just right there on the surface. I don’t feel like there are dots to connect; I feel like whatever this fandom comes up with is more compelling than the milquetoast the show will eventually feed us. But maybe that’s what it wants to be.

This isn’t a slam. There is a place for laundry folding shows. I’m just not sure it works for Sleepy Hollow.

2.      Bones is so confident and sure in what it wants to be. Part of that is from 11 seasons, sure, but from the very first minute it has its shit handled. The tone is consistent throughout. Even when things are moderately more serious (not much of that in this episode), it still feels like itself. Sleepy Hollow hasn’t figured out how to do that. It’s always struggled with this, but the balancing of the magical and the mundane has really been hurt this season. Sleepy Hollow needs to figure out what it wants to be and own it.

3.      Sleepy Hollow needs to learn how to light its people. Going from the crisp, clear Bones cinematography into the BLUE LENS FLARE HELL that Sleepy Hollow has become was jarring.

4.      Anyone who says the show would be about romance if the leads got together needs to freaking watch Bones. Both their primary and MAIN SECONDARY characters are married with children. It was mentioned in casual, breezy passing. I don’t think we ever actually saw a child or a kiss. It was just part of the background. So let’s stop the nonsense.

All right, let’s get into our bullet points:

  • Oh wow. I forgot how many maggots there are on Bones. All righty, then.
  • Despite the magic, demons, and sexy snake people on Sleepy Hollow, Angela’s computer is more supernatural than any of them. Changing someone’s hair and giving them face studs does not change their physiognomy and thus would not affect face-recognition software. And I swear to God, when she called up candlelight on her computer and it worked I gave this crazy bark of laughter and scared the cat. That is not even a little bit how that works.
  • So, let’s tally up all the relationship metaphors in this episode: They’re like Brennan/Booth! They’re like Angela/Hodgins! Oh hey, the murder victim was in an odd-couple relationship with a good Catholic boy and it all just worked! HM.
  • All right. Let’s do this. ICHABOD CRANE, FIGHT ME. All season he has been both overly aggressive and overly regressive. It feels like he’s moved backwards, been actively infantilized. The way he acts around mundanes is unacceptable. He has been in the present day for more than two years now. HE WAS A DAMN SPY. In this episode Howe praises him for his stealth! Yet we have him talking to Brennan and Angela like a complete freak I suspect would have been out of place even in 1781. Look. I get it. That’s the Crane schtick, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. But it’s not funny to have him behave in these ways. It’s quite frankly rude and off-putting. His insistence on acting like an offended owl when people look at him funny is just absurd. He used to value manners; good manners is making other people comfortable. He’s actively refusing. I understand wanting to cling to your identity. I understand that the show wants to cling to its identity. But at least in public, he needs to tone his shit down. Let him be flowery and weird in private, let us see him working hard to fit in. But he’s honestly a danger to himself and Abbie acting the way he does and I’m sick of it. I honestly do not like him even a little bit now. And Tom Mison (yes young man, I’m using your real name so you know it’s serious), you’re not helping. I understand being frustrated with this show. But it’s your job and you’re overacting all over the place and throwing so many eyebrows I think you poked my eyeball out with one.
  • People casually referring to Abbie as “Agent Mills” makes me happy. But I swear I haven’t heard so many people referring to each other as “Mr.” or “Ms.” since I was 8. Do people still do this?
  • Brennan telling him that he and Abbie need to bone: If the possibility wasn’t there before, it is now. If you don’t know, now you know.
  • Also, Crane looking scandalized when Hodgins fistbumped him proves that it’s a sex metaphor.

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“Fitnah is everywhere , we’ve even managed to welcome it into our homes with open arms. You watch TV, there’s adultery, sodomy, pornography, music etc in literally every single thing on there. Even if you’re not practising there’s still nothing to watch with your family without wanting to dig a hole in the ground at one point or another. So some of us might try to avoid the TV and go for the phone because we’ve got more control over the content, right? Even if the websites you go on are clean, you can’t control what other people post on social media. Pornographic images, ‘awrah everywhere, music, beautification of sin, bloody everything. Temptations of trying this or other things starting to not look so bad or even nice now. Before you know it you’ve accepted things you would have been cautious of or never considered before.

Sometimes the heart gets sick of this stuff and eventually can’t take the guilt, which seems continuous as too often you’d accidentally scroll past something vile. The obvious answer would be don’t use these tools, which can be a bit mundane to begin with, but I’m starting to think is the best start to curing the heart. When we get used to harram it eventually doesn’t even feel like a sin anymore, therefor we grow immunity and it can lead us to move to larger sins until eventually we may reach a point of extremely hard or no return at all. Allah musta'an.

We fill our mind and time with idol, irrelevant things that don’t benefit us, or even more, harm us. People sit and gossip all day long and sit there lusting over people’s pictures. The soul has desires but even then it gets exhausted at some point. Man, I wish I could literally pick what necessary clothes I needed, enough money for me to live on and go move somewhere surrounded by nature and tranquility. Where interactions with people are rare, short and pleasant. Where learning and good manners and values are encouraged and people haven’t any desire for evil. I fully comprehend that this world was not made for perfection, but I do believe there is a lifestyle that is healthier for the heart and soul than what we’re surrounding ourselves with now.”

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Are you actually country or are you some idiot who just likes country music, camo and country boys? Have you ever even shot a buck, gone fishing, and do you even LIVE in the country? It dont seem like it, hun.

Wait, what? I don’t “seem” country? Oh goodness, I am so sorry. Holy shit, why has no one ever told me the requirements before now?! Obviously I’m in need of a checklist or something to get this shit sorted out!

Have you ever even shot a buck?
No. I have not. Oh damn, that’s my give away isn’t it?!? None of us as a family are much of a fan of the bitterness in the deer meat. Why don’t you come around during moose season though? I’d love to show you the bigger game. Do you think I’d be able to substitute it in my country application?!

Gone fishing? LIVE in the country?
Hmm.. let me check the records.. Oh yes, here it is..
“The Acadian Peninsula (French: Péninsule acadienne) is situated in the northeastern corner of New Brunswick, Canada. Fishing is the dominant industry on the peninsula, with a large agricultural sector as well.”  Have you ever heard of New Brunswick, Canada? I guess that means we’re some hot urban bustling province only the exclusive city slickers can visit. 

I’ll admit it. I am obsessed with country music. I do wear camo when I feel like it and I am attracted to some country boys. It’s not as if values such as manners, good faith in your community and love of your family & friends are accepted as “country” anymore. How come no one ever told me “country” folk aren’t allowed to post about ANYTHING except “country” related things or you’re kicked outta the club? 

What on God’s green earth was I thinking?