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umm this is a weird ask. But I noticed on your selfies that you have nice makeup. Do you have any tips? What primer are you using? 🙈 Sorry if this is strange?

It’s not strange at all don’t worry! I feel flattered. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve answered this before but I can’t find it so, I’ll just say it again. (warning: it’ll be long lol).

1. Your face is your canvas, prep it properly: This one’s really important wether you believe it or not. I find that washing, exfoliating and moisturizing my face fifteen to twenty minutes before applying does a world of a difference. The foundation application will be much smoother and flawless. Make sure you use a moisturizer that’s not too thick and sinks into the skin quickly and don’t forget to wait those 15/20 mins so it doesn’t make the foundation look streaky.
2. Understand your skin type: Are you dry, oily, normal or combination skin? Your foundation and powder of choice should depend on this. Oily skin-types tend to work better with matte foundations and dry skin types work better with glowy foundations. Personally, I’m combo skin, I love the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation, it’s build-able coverage and in my opinion flatters all skin types, plus it has a wide color range.
3. Apply SPF if you’re going out during the day, protect your skin. If you’re going out at night, this isn’t necessary. I advice to stay away from foundations that have spf in them, since they can make you look ghostly-white in flash photography, it’s better to buy your own spf and apply it when you see fit.
4. Apply primer before the foundation, your primer of choice depends on what you need, want to make your foundation glow? Becca backlight primer. Want to smooth your pores? MUFE skin equalizer in smoothing. Just want a regular primer that will do a little of both? Too faced Hangover FX primer. Primer will also protect your skin by creating a layer between your pores and the makeup and it’ll make the makeup last longer. Apply it with your fingers, don’t swipe it, press it into the skin.
5. Foundation time. One tip I can give you is pump your foundation in the back of your hand and with a (clean) finger make a little cocktail (aka warm the liquid up) and then apply it to the skin. It makes it last longer for some reason. Also, don’t dot the foundation on, instead evenly distribute it on your skin and THEN blend it out with your tool of choice. The finish is much better that way. I recommend investing in a beauty blender for foundation application (specially if the foundation is medium to full coverage, since the wet beauty blender will absorb extra product and prevent cakey-ness, if it’s a light coverage foundation, a kabuki brush may be a better choice since that way it won’t thin out even more) either way, blend your foundation with bouncy motions, not by swiping, it’ll blend more beautifully that way and you’ll get maximum coverage.
6. Time for concealer, if the concealer you’re using is for blemishes on your face, then it should be the tone of your skin (or maybe a shade darker) and you should only apply a dot on each blemish. If you’re using concealer for your undereye circles and to highlight the face (which brings definition and makes your bone structure pop up) then it should be one or two shades lighter than your skin. Good concealers are Maybelline Fit Me! Or Tarte Shape-Tape (the latter has much more coverage). Apply it on your undereye in a triangular shape and bring it all the way to your temples for a lifting effect (unless you want to make your face appear less wide; then contour that area later on instead). Before you blend it out, warm it up with your fingers on the skin and spread it evenly just like you did with the foundation and then blend it with bouncy motions from the outside to the inside and then from the inside to the outside (always bouncing). Also apply the concealer on your forehead, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and chin (unless you don’t wish to bring attention to them).
7. Set your concealer immediately after, if you’re highlighting and contouring, then do it with a powder lighter than your skin or bake with a translucent powder (like the one by Laura Mercier). You can also bake, which if you want to do that (it makes it last longer) I suggest you watch Jaclyn Hill’s video on how to bake. (YouTube). When applying powder, press it into the skin with your brush or beauty blender, don’t swipe. Apply the highlighting (matte) powder beneath the eyes and basically all the other high points (nose, forehead, etc). Always set concealer so it doesn’t crease on the fine lines.
8. Apply a powder the same shade as your skin on the rest of your face to set it with the same pressing motions. You can skip it if you feel like your face is too dry for that (in this case, a helpful tip is to mix a bit of beauty oil with your foundation to make it more hydrating). I always recommend setting the foundation with powder because it helps blending bronzer and blush later on.
9. Apply your broker, blush and glittery highlight as you see fitting, followed oby eyeliner and mascara.
10. If you’re doing eyeshadow, do it before you do your entire face so the fall out you get from eyeshadow doesn’t ruin your base. ALWAYS blend till it seems like one smooth lie and ALWAYS prep your eyes with some concealer or eyeshadow primer (make sure to set it with a skin tone powder or cream colored eyeshadow so you can easily blend out darker colors later on).
11. Do your brows before foundation and before eyeshadow too. Then clean them up with some concealer and a tiny detail brush. Set them with brow gel. The best brow products are by ABH.
12. Invest in good makeup brushes: zoeva, morphe, sigma, etc.
13. USE SETTING SPRAY. It’ll melt all the powders together and make it look like skin, plus the makeup will last longer.

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What brands are good for makeup? I know nothing about it. What brushes do I use? Also can you recommend any inexpensive but still good brands?


Thank you for coming to our blog, and I am so so sorry for not answering your ask sooner.

It depends entirely on what country you live in as to what brands are cheap but here are some that I recommend:

  • L.A Girl
  • NYX Cosmetics
  • e.l.f cosmetics
  • 2b Colours

Here is another list of affordable but good makeup brands.

As for makeup brushes, it can be a little bit more difficult to find good quality brushes that don’t shed hair whilst using them:

  • Real Techniques
  • Morphe Brushes
  • Sigma
  • EcoTools

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate you send in another ask!

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Some people are good at drawing, some are good at sewing, some are good with power tools, others are good with makeup brushes; all practical skills to acquire. And you always felt that you were adequate at those things. Not particularly good, but not bad enough to warrant concern, either. You could make do with your skills in those areas.

But there was one thing that you prided yourself on. Your knowledge.

You always went above and beyond in school. You were constantly top in your class. You were the student teachers loved and other students loved to hate. If there was an assignment or homework that ended up forgotten, you were the person whose homework other students copied. You were the one they wanted as a partner.

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How to Choose a Good Brush

TEST: Start off by testing the brush on the back of your hand on the inside of your wrist. If the bristles feel scratchy, stiff, itchy or annoying when you brush it on your skin, ditch it. If the brush doesn’t feel nice on your hands it definitely isn’t going to feel nice on your face. 

BRISTLES: When you first test a new brush try gently pulling at the bristles, there is no need to be aggressive. A few bristles may come out (which is completely normal for new brushes) but if you find the brush sheds more than a few times it’s not very well made.

PRESSURE: You need to be able to apply pressure to a brush in order to get the best results with your makeup, if you can’t the brush will be useless in makeup application. Try pressing the brush on the back of your hand or drawing imaginary lines, the bristles should have some flexibility to help with blending, but they should not “fan” out or move a great deal.

BALANCE. This is one of my favourite tricks for testing out the quality of a brush. Hold the brush on the back of your hand with the bristles facing down and lightly bounce the brush, this test the strength of the bristles. It is perfectly normal for the bristles to have a slight bend, but if they splay or flatten out they will not be any good for applying makeup.

FERRULE:  The ferrule is a key factor in makeup brushes and needs to be good quality.When testing out a brush try applying large amounts of pressure to the ferrule with your index finger. If the ferrule melts, moves, dents, changes shape or looks any different after you’ve applied pressure, give it a miss as it is likely the brush will fall apart. Try and opt for brushes which have “dents” in the ferrule as these are often stronger. 

MAKE: The brush head (the tip, bristles and ferrule) should not be loose, spin easily or wobble on the handle if they do; it means the brush is poorly made.

NATURAL VS SYNTHETIC:  Natural bristles vs synthetic bristles have been in debate for a very long time, but in the end it all comes down to personal preference. Natural/Animal hair bristles contain a “cuticle” around them which helps them grip onto powder products more effectively and are fantastic for blending. Synthetic bristles on the other hand are cruelty free and great for liquid and cream products.

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A month ago I bought the Brushegg on Ebay for .99cents with free shipping. After a couple of uses I can tell out that I love this product. I put a drop of dish soup and running the brush through the Brushegg gets the job done.


  •   Cheap.
  •   Easy to clean.
  •   Dries fast.
  •  Comes In different colors.


  • Not big enough for face brushes.
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I've recently gotten into makeup and I need some good makeup brushes, especially for the eyes. What are the best brushes to use?


Check out,

Real Technique’s Starter Set $17.99 at Ulta, Walgreens, Walmart or online. Includes all the must have brushes…two forms of blending crease brushes, lid brush, detail brush and an angled brush that can be used for brows, liner or for detailing like cut creases or on the lower lash line.

Sigma Basic Eyes Kit $77 which is great for a beginner or Sigma Performance Eyes Kit (currently on sale) $58 which includes more expertise brushes for more advanced eye looks. 

Zoeva Classic Eye Set. A european brand that ships internationally, very high quality brushes!

Wayne Goss The Eye Set $148. If you’re a luxury junkie, makeup artist or just really looking to invest in high, high quality eye brushes this is a great set. These brushes are also multi functional and can be used for concealer, setting under the eyes, etc. 

Face brushes: there are thousands of different brushes out there for use with powder, blushes, bronzers, contouring products and highlighters. Obviously you don’t need all of them but each one will produce different results. All the everyday gal really needs is a good powder brush and blush brush, you CAN just get away with a powder brush but a blush brush is great for a perfect application of blush, bronzer and contouring powder.

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Any good quality makeup brushes with affordable prices?

Have you seen ELF’s new brush line? $6 each! They have two new contour type brushes and three new other face brushes. Their $3 eye brushes are great steals, too. I’ve seen these at Target and Walmart but you can also get them online on their website

Just spent $50 on makeup brushes and a new palette but I got 17 items so I’m pretty happy. If you’re looking for good quality makeup brushes for cheap check out coastal scents because they’re doing a sale this week where a lot of their brushes are $1 or $3! Not to encourage anyone with a shopping problem but it’s a good deal and I just thought I’d let y'all know. Okay bye!