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Some people are good at drawing, some are good at sewing, some are good with power tools, others are good with makeup brushes; all practical skills to acquire. And you always felt that you were adequate at those things. Not particularly good, but not bad enough to warrant concern, either. You could make do with your skills in those areas.

But there was one thing that you prided yourself on. Your knowledge.

You always went above and beyond in school. You were constantly top in your class. You were the student teachers loved and other students loved to hate. If there was an assignment or homework that ended up forgotten, you were the person whose homework other students copied. You were the one they wanted as a partner.

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anonymous asked:

Any good quality makeup brushes with affordable prices?

Have you seen ELF’s new brush line? $6 each! They have two new contour type brushes and three new other face brushes. Their $3 eye brushes are great steals, too. I’ve seen these at Target and Walmart but you can also get them online on their website