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I commissioned @oftlop​ to do this beautiful picture to go with a little missing makeout I wrote! Isn’t it radiant? ugh i can’t get over it. SO AMAZING. 

“You’d think the rebellion would send their stars not the weakest player,” Jyn muttered under her breath.

Cassian’s fist clenched in time with his jaw and his whole body felt tight. That wouldn’t normally be a problem, he was more skilled than this. 

And yet, that was the whole issue.

“I am the best the Alliance has to offer, it’s you that’s the problem,” he snapped.

“Excuse me?” Jyn asked, incredulous.

“Intelligence officers don’t generally brag, but the Captain is correct, he is the best, by the numbers, if you take into account-” Kay-Tu started but both Jyn and Cassian shushed him.

“I should have left you on Jedha.”

“To die?”

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Making Out with Yugyeom

-At first he would be really shy
-Like he would awkwardly sit there
-He wouldn’t know what to do with his hands
-And his kisses would be really sweet and purely romantic
-But after a while he would warm up to you and what you liked
-He is the type of guy to put his hands on your ass
-He would make you straddle his lap and kiss him
-His hands would start on your ass
-But soon they were everywhere
-And the kisses would start out innocent and loving
-But soon they would turn slow and passionate
-He would be the type to french kiss
-And he would be the type to be damn good at it too
-Makeout sessions usually last a long ass time
-My boi could go for hours
-And usually they would turn into some pretty mind blowing sex
-But anyways
-He would be so good at making out
-Like you would get horny just from kissing
-He would get horny just from kissing
-Which usually led to you guys grinding on each other
-Which almost always led to sex
-But when he wasn’t making out like a sex god
- He was kissing you all fluffy like
-He would be kissing you and then start giggling in the middle of it
-Then you would start laughing
-Then you would kiss some more
-He would start tickling you
-And you would laugh and fall back on the couch/bed/floor
-And he would get pulled down with you
-Then he would kiss you some more
-I feel like when he is like this he wouldn’t french kiss
_I think his kisses would be super sweet
-Lots of pecks
-But also a lot of sweet opened-mouth kisses
-His arms would be wrapped around your waist for sure
-overall he is a great kisser
-also sorry for not posting for 44890174892 years


This is disgustingly fluffy

Content, that’s how Harry felt as he returned home to find his girlfriend curled up on the couch with their cat, Sox. He stood there for a moment admiring the precious sight before him, his girl was in nothing put an old lace knickers and Harry’s “lover” t-shirt with an old pair of Harry Potter socks she bought at Primark covering her feet. Her hair was thrown up into a messy bun and it was clear her hair was filled with knots.

A half of cuppa which Y/N had no intentions of drinking rested on their coffee table along with one of Y/N’s many novels. A low grunt escaped Harry’s lips in order to gain Y/N’s attention. Y/N’s body went into a state of fright as felt her heart race as her head suddenly snapped in the direction of the sound

“Oh, Hi H” Y/N breathed a sigh of relief. A soft smile covered Harry’s face, one which Y/N soon returned.

“Hi there petal” Harry mumbled as he walked over to Y/N and plopped down on her. “Harry you loaf get off of me” he squealed as she smacked his bum. “Never.” he replied a smirk playing on his lips.

A loud fussy screech left Sox’s mouth. “Harry get off you’re squishing Sox” Y/N demanded. “Ugh fine b’cause I like Sox and not yeh” 

“Hey, that’s mean” Y/N pouted.

“Sorry petal, yeh know I love yeh” Harry muttered as he pressed a chaste kiss to Y/N’s lips. “Mmm pet yeh taste like berries” He mumbled against her lips as he leaned in once again and pressed another kiss to her lips, his lips soon wandered to her cheek, then to her nose, and before he knew it, he was smothering her face with kisses, peppering them all over her face.

“Harry, stop” she shrieked, “It tickles” she continued as she tried her best to push Harry away but she failed miserably because he was much stronger than she was. “I know it does pet” he replied as a trailed kisses down her neck before blowing raspberries into her collar bone. “Harry please” she shrieked as her body erupted into a fit of laughter.

“Alrigh’ alrigh’ m’done” he said as he pressed one final kiss to the tip of her nose. Harry let out a loud huff as he situated himself between Y/N’s legs, they were resting on either side of him as his head rested comfortable on her tummy and he traced his fingers ever so lightly on her thighs.

“How was your day H?” she asked while running her fingers through his hair and lightly scratching his scalps.

“Twas’ okay baby and yeh?”

“Mmm it was unevenful, I tried to give Sox a bath, naughty thing he is, just like his daddy” she mumbled the last part.

“Hey now pet, yeh love when I’m naughty” he whined a pout evident on his little pink lips. A soft chuckle escaped Y/N’s lips as she leaned down to peck his lips.

“I love you a lot H, did ya know that?’ 

“Think yeh may have mentioned it once or twice t’ me”

“Well love me back now would you?” she complained with a playful scowl playing on her features.

“Aww petal” he cooed as turned to face her, one of his hands griped her hips while the other rested on her cheek as her softly caressed her cheek. “Course I love yeh” he muttered

“Yeh know what we haven’t done inna while?” Harry questioned. Y/N’s brows furrowed and she shook her head no. “Well pet, we haven’t had a good makeout session in awhile, I mean like a good high school makeout session, with lots of tongue, spit and groping.“ Y/N eagerly nodded as Harry licked his lips.

Harry leaned in and pressed his lips onto Y/N’s lips. His lips felt slightly chapped against hers due to the cold weather outside, not that she cared. Harry’s lips come together with Y/N’s and part, making soft, wet, filthy noises which filled the room. Harry’s tongue slowly slides into Y/N’s mouth and she caresses his tongue with hers. Harry slowly pulls away from the kiss, catching Y/N’s bottom lip between his teeth and he gently tugs on it.

As Harry releases Y/N’s lip, he rests his forehead against her own and nuzzles their noses together. 

“I love yeh so much pet”

“I love you too H”

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Here’s my masterlist

anyway this is a thing, and some of it is awkward and half-formed and not good and some of it is a big ol’ cliche but this is the first real thing I’ve written in years so like. whatever. for those of you who remember Marwick, this is right before the climax of book one. and it’s not like I Wrote A Thing, I just rewrote a bit I only shared with like three people in summer 2013 in the context of New Marwick Is Probably Set In New England And Lottie Is In Her Late Twenties And I Don’t Know If It’s Actually In First Person But It Keeps Coming Out Like That When I Try To Find The Shape Of It. and normally I try to sleep on things but I haven’t written real prose in. literally years. so. whatever. this is a mess but I need to leave it somewhere conspicuous as proof I did something. 

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Motel on the Hill (Bucket List!AU)

+ Soulmate/Reincarnation!AU

Warnings: mentioned character death

Obi can hear the crackling of the fire and bubbling, drunk laughter outside the motel from where he lies on the stairs. His head lulls to the side slightly when he shifts the arm beneath it. The stars streaking against the night sky turn, and in the corner of his eye he can just peek at the red hair in the dark.

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To all the new followers and people who liked/read my superbat drabble: You are awesome <3

Anyway, have a continuation? I’m a sucker for reactions

Clark Joseph Kent, I cannot believe you bothered to show up to work!!

“Um. H-Hi, Lois.”

Gah!! I could just-!” While Lois pantomimed strangling the soul right out of his body, Clark adjusted his glasses and tried to not listen too much to the whispering.

Who was he kidding, he was both ‘curious and obscenely nosy’, as Bruce liked to put it.

“Braver than he looks, if that’s real-

Actually sleeping with Batman, holy shit-

“How did Batman pick that up? I’m surprised Clark didn’t faint at the sight of the Bat.

“-cannot believe we spent all these years one cubicle from each other, and you have the audacity to keep something like this from me- hello? Clark?!” Lois snapped her fingers impatiently, and Clark blinked several times.

“Sorry. Spaced out.” Lois pinched the bridge of her nose. She breathed very slowly.

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anonymous asked:

Any soumako fic recommendations? I'd appreciate it!

np! ive got a couple, lol :’D 

- When The Stars Align, by astudyinwhimsy. soulmate AU, very dreamy and cute. :’) i don’t often read soulmate AUs, but this was a reaaaal good one. 

- Unnamed, by tastewithouttalent. PWP, featuring soumako one night stand and bottom!sousuke, which im personally a big fan of. great characterization, great writing, great smut, with the tiniest dash of angst to top it all off. 

- close quarters, by popnographic, aka @radiodread (<3) roommate AU with broke friends, sousuke and makoto, bein adorable sexy dorks together. a must read. 

- 404 by moeblobmegane is another soulmate AU that’s FANTASTIC. a great example of a soulmate AU done right, and it’s adorably done soumako, to just add a whole new level of perfection to it. :’) 

- Image recieved by Trashness, aka @irrevocably-delicious, is an absolutely hilARIOUS texting fic that should be a required reading for anyone who likes soumako. so good. makes me giggle just thinking about it. 

- To the flower of winter, by aesopeau, is a soumako classic that’s p much 25 chapters of pure poetry. it includes yakuza!sousuke and paramedic!makoto, and i just about die every time i so much as think about the title, it’s so good. 

- I’ve known you before…, by wheelsablaze. Another soulmate AU, but much more lowkey on the soulmate aspect of it. focuses more on the fun lil plot. remember how i said i didnt read a lot of soulmate fics? well i wasn’t lying, soumako just happens to have top-tier soulmate fics that get the better of me. anyways…. real good fic including messy makeouts and scary video games

- Ever Blue! Iwatobi Music Club, by karumello aka @karumello. super cute band AU with slow burn soumako bein high school dorks. features both of them singing, so you know im gonna lovelovelove it

- and, of course, the legendary Future Earth, Future Sky, by Inky. the soumako bible, if you will. it’s unfinished, (and probably abandoned for good, as much as it pains me to say,) but boy oh boy what a fic. 57 chapters of A level shit right there. 

Really anything by cyancandy (@roseshell ) and Miss_Murdered (@miss-m-muses) and ishka (@iskabee) is gonna be hella good. Very trust-worthy writers who leave me shook again and again. next level shit w/ them, guaranteed. you should check out their blogs too, bec i know iska and miss-m both have soumako drabbles on their tumblr and roseshell’s got a greaaaat soumako dance AU under the tag :’D

ok, that’s all im gonna say now, bec im p sure that’s more than enough and im starting to feel guilty about tagging all these people :’) sorrryyyyyy

Dating Jonathan Byers

I know everyone does these but omg I love him


- “Babe”

- Lots of cuddling

- “You need to listen to this song, it reminded me of you”

- Midnight drives

- Talking on the phone until you fall asleep

- Candid. Just dozens of candids.

- Soup when you’re sick

- “Do you think I’ll be a good father?”

- Makeout sessions in his car

- Dinner with Joyce and Will

- Makeout sessions in the dark room

- Hands on your upper thigh at the dinner table which creep a little to close

- Napping together after school

- “I love you to the moon and back”

- Piggy back rides

- Nudes (like lowkey ones like he just grabs the camera while he’s on top of you)

- Him getting in trouble for developing the nudes in the school dark room

- Skipping class to go adventure in the woods

- Rubbing his back after a nightmare

- “I finally don’t feel like I’m alone”

Pynch at the Movies

*This is a Pride prompt for @ravensandthings118 who requested Pynch + At the Movies. I hope you like it! ;)

“Ronan, you can not bring Chainsaw to the movies. I am positive that they have a no pet policy.”

Adam, Chainsaw is not a pet! She is my child!” Ronan had one hand on the steering wheel, the other clutching the gearshift. Adam was, against his wishes, holding Chainsaw. She was no longer a small raven, but a glorious full grown adult. She was nearly two feet long and weighed about two and a half pounds. Her wingspan was daunting, nearly 45 inches across. Adam winced as Chainsaw accidentally buried the sharp ends of her feet into Adam’s leg. She seemed to sense his discomfort and eased up, tapping his knuckles with her beak.

Adam scratched behind her head, ruffling her feathers. “It’s not that I don’t want you to go, Chainsaw,” Adam explained. “But this is a date.” He glared at Ronan. “And I thought it was just Ronan, I mean Kerah, and I going out.”

Ronan laughed. He had his head tilted back against the driver seat’s headrest, showing off his magnificent jaw line. Adam really couldn’t stay mad, though he couldn’t fathom how Ronan planned to smuggle Chainsaw into the theater.

“So, why exactly is Chainsaw going with us?” Adam asked. “She’s old enough to stay home alone.”

Chainsaw made some noises like water falling on rocks. Ronan interpreted. “You remember when we watched the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie?” Adam nodded. “Chainsaw loves Rocket. Like she has a total crush on the talking raccoon.”

Kerah!” Chainsaw cawed. It sounded like agreement to Adam.

“I’ll be,” Adam murmured.


The parking lot at the theater was mostly empty. They were catching a weekday matinee several weeks after the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie had premiered. Ronan put Chainsaw on his shoulder and whispered, “Pirate mode.” Chainsaw went as still as a stuffed parrot. Adam trailed behind Ronan as he walked boldly towards the ticket window.

“Can I help you?” The girl at the counter looked about fifteen and she appeared equal parts amazed and intimidated by Ronan, tall, gorgeous Ronan wearing his standard badass attire and a damn raven like an accessory.

“Two tickets for Guardians,” Ronan said. Adam sidled up beside him and gave the girl a small smile to offset Ronan’s perpetual scowl.

“That’ll be ten dollars,” the girl answered. Her nametag said Cynthia. Ronan handed over his card and she processed the transaction and gave them their tickets. “Uh, mister, I have to ask, is that bird real?”

“Of course she’s real!” Ronan said. He bent down until Chainsaw was about eyelevel with Cynthia. “Do ya want to pet her?” Cynthia shook her head frantically. “Okay, then.”

Ronan held the door open for Adam, making him duck under Ronan’s arm. They got popcorn and an extremely large Coke slushie. The employees kept giving Chainsaw the side-eye but she stayed perfectly still.

The theater was empty and Ronan sent up a loud whoop and charged to the very back of the theater, plopping down in the middle seat and putting his boots up on the seat in front of him. Adam followed, gingerly climbing the stairs, careful not to spill any popcorn. Chainsaw had flown up into the rafters to, as Ronan explained, give them some alone time. Adam laughed and sat next to Ronan. That wasn’t good enough for Ronan, though. He pushed the armrest up and hauled Adam over until Adam was practically lying on top of him.

“Ronan,” Adam gasped, “I get that you’re very excited about a movie date but I actually do want to watch the movie.”

Ronan grumbled but let Adam sit up. As a compromise Adam sat with his back against the other armrest and draped his legs over Ronan’s lap. While the previews played they amused themselves by throwing popcorn at each other and trying to catch it in their mouths. Chainsaw swooped by a few times to pluck the kernels out of the air, showing off aerial tricks while she did so. There were plenty of times when both Adam and Ronan went for popcorn at the same moment, hands bumping, fingers twining briefly. Ronan tried to shove a handful of popcorn in Adam’s mouth. They were being too loud and making a mess but it was kind of wonderful.

When the movie started Adam had to clap a hand over Ronan’s mouth to get him to shut up. Adam could count on one hand the number of times he had been to a movie. His parents never took him and he had neither the time nor money to go on his own. He had been treated a few times as a kid but yeah, this was a big deal. As the movie went on he leaned into Ronan’s arms, enjoying the warmth of his body compared to the frigid theater temperature. He also liked the way Ronan’s body moved when he laughed, and Ronan laughed a lot. As well he should because the movie was hilarious. Adam found himself laughing more than he had in ages.

Sometime during the movie Ronan started running his fingers through Adam’s hair, his cheek resting against the top of Adam’s head, arm wrapped around his back. It was unbelievably cozy. Adam took a drink from the halfway melted slushy, holding it up for Ronan to take a drink, too. The poor straw was mangled from Ronan chewing on it. Chainsaw had settled in somewhere; they heard her occasionally mumbling to herself, getting quite vocal whenever Rocket had an exciting scene.

By the end of the movie both Adam and Ronan were pretty emotional. It had been a wild ride. They waited around for the after credit clips. This time Adam did slide onto Ronan’s lap, his knees pressing down into the seat. Ronan shifted under him, his hands resting lightly on Adam’s lower back.

“Is this what the kids do these days?” Adam asked, his lips against Ronan’s ear.

Ronan laughed, the vibrations settling into Adam’s chest. “Yes, Parrish, I believe this is what the kids do.”

“Oh, good. This is good. Very nice.” He kissed Ronan’s jaw, nipping a little. “Five stars.”

Ronan groaned. “I’ll give you five stars…” He twisted his head to the side and captured Adam’s lips. They kissed until the next clip came up. All told they got in several minutes of good makeout time before the movie was well and truly over. Adam got up, bracing himself on Ronan’s shoulder for a moment because he was feeling pretty unsteady. Ronan pulled him in for a hug, a real hug. Adam rested his forehead against Ronan’s chest, his fingers clutching at the belt loops on Ronan’s jeans. Ronan rubbed his back and sighed.

“I’m gonna miss you,” he murmured.

Adam tugged at his jeans. “I’m not gone yet.”


Chainsaw dove in and landed on Ronan’s shoulder, pecking at his collarbone. She croaked twice.

“Chainsaw says that we should come see Wonder Woman.”

“Does she?” Adam grinned.

“Yes. She fancies the Amazons.”

“Well,” Adam nuzzled Ronan’s neck. “She’s not the only one.”

Ronan laughed. “Easy there, Parrish. You’re gonna make me jealous.”

Before they left the three of them cleaned up the popcorn mess and then strolled out of the theater. The sun was going down and the Henrietta summer was balmy. Ronan and Adam passed the slushie back and forth, driving down the familiar road to the Barns.

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Originally posted by fyeah-twice

requested by anonymous

  • this lil gay
  • she’s obsessed with you
  • you are never going to feel like she’s bored of you because she’s not she’s so into you
  • the hardest part of writing this list is that…. what can i explain we all know how she is
  • she loves telling people you’re girlfriends
  • but you already know that cause she is just so, so gay
  • you get full time affection
  • but she’s also a bit of a tease because with you it’s actually satisfying
  • like she can just kiss your cheek or your neck and then walk away and you actually like it
  • holy shit
  • wow
  • they like it
  • groundbreaking
  • bottom
  • if you’re standing up doing something she’ll come up behind you and grip her hands on your shoulders lightly and ask what you’re doing
  • “i’m cleaning out the fridge”
  • “wow..” *stares adoringly*
  • she talks about you to her members all the time
  • some of them are happy for her and find it really cute
  • and then 2yeon are like “ah, yes. the honeymoon stage.”
  • listening to girl groups together
  • talking about how hot girl group members are
  • headcanon: she loves girl’s day, t-ara, sistar, mamamoo. and yuri of snsd (??? idk this feels true to me)
  • sometimes you learn dances together too bc that sounds like a very sana thing to do
  • lying down and holding each other and asking how each other’s days were
  • not just to start conversation, she is actually interested in knowing
  • she just loves listening to you speak
  • she might get jealous a little easily
  • and she might not be straightforward about that either
  • what can she do? for some it’s easy to be jealous when you adore someone so much and especially when that adoration might not be reciprocated in the same way
  • but as long as you remind her that you’re still into her and only her and whatever girl group members you obsess about with her then she’ll feel reassured
  • she likes it when you tuck her hair behind her ear and hold her cheek before you kiss her
  • and she prefers sweet kisses to makeout sessions
  • not that she doesn’t love a good makeout session
  • for some people this might not be the type of girl they’re interested in being with
  • but i have a feeling if you’re looking for girl group imagines you’re probably more likely to find this relatable than a turn off
  • i mean, isn’t that what most of us on this blog are??? young, kinda inexperienced sapphic girls who love girl group members and want to have a girlfriend???
  • that’s why i found this so easy to write; sana is similar to a lot of her fans

thanks for the request! next up i have girlfriend!xiyeon and girlfriend!somi, then girlfriend!jeongyeon, but requests are still open so don’t be shy. have a good monday, love.

Long and Lost

Harry Potter AU. Auror Sif x Death Eater Loki

Sifki Week Day 5: Star-Crossed Lovers

Also posted on AO3

The cool night air lifted strands of her dark hair as Sif walked quickly down the misty street away from her apparation spot. Her boots clipped against the pavement and her travelling cloak rustled as she climbed the short steps of the small, dark house. She paused on the doorstep, taking a deep breath before turning the knob, feeling a tingle of magic against her palm.  

Sif tried to calm the furor of her heartbeat as the door softly shut behind her. The house was still, save for the light dancing against the wall from the single old lantern illuminating the entrance.  She slowly made her way up the creaky stairs, following the sliver of light leading her down the hallway. She raised a hand and pushed, swinging the cracked door to open fully into the sparse bedroom.

Her breath caught at the sight of him, his tall form silhouetted against the moonlight streaming in from the large window. The hem of his dark emerald green robes, meticulously kept as always, brushed against the dusty floorboards. The slight raise of his chin, lifting minutely above the high, stiff collar of his buttoned tunic, was his only acknowledgement of her entrance. Looking out over the misty hills he did not turn away from the pane of glass to face her.

A flame flickered and crackled softly in the small fireplace set into the far wall. Sif stepped into the room and walked towards the mantle, keeping her eyes on the figure and fingering her wand tucked into the sleeve of her deep maroon Auror’s robes.

“You needed me?” Sif broke the silence, her voice softer than she intended, thinking of the hairpin, a gift once,  adorned with stars that had grown bright with its Protean Charm, a signal.

“He’s growing stronger,” Loki said. Loki. Her Loki. The sound of his voice made her heart pinch, so familiar yet infused with something new. Something that hadn’t been there in the days of their youth, spending time lounging on Hogwart’s lawn, partnering together in their different Houses’ shared potion classes, sneaking down dark, far flung corridors of the castle’s maze-like hallways. “He becomes more powerful each day.”

Loki absentmindedly brought his hand up to touch his left forearm, long fingers tracing a pattern against his opulent robes. Sif sighed from across the room, pushing off from the wall and pacing forward. “We know this. The Ministry has a good word on his whereabouts and are confident he’ll be brought in soon.”

“The Ministry is naive,” he shook his head, finally turning towards her and taking a step closer. “He’s searching for something. Collecting. A weapon, I think. You have no idea how serious this is about to be.” His eyes bore into her, the gravity and certainty in his voice caused a shiver to trickle down her spine.

Officially, she’d been tracking Loki for months, tasked with the capture of several high-ranking Death Eaters. Unofficially, they’d been meeting here sporadically for months, the home of his muggle parents. The ones he did not know existed until the muggle’s lawyer had contacted him regarding the will. This place was a secret, known only to the two of them. If the others found out that Loki was not pure of blood as he himself had so zealously believed for so many years, it could be dangerous.

It was stupid, she knew, to keep doing this. The likelihood of getting caught, by his side or hers grew each day as a war brewed in the shadows. Loki assured her that he was skilled in Occlumency, but she heard rumors of his leader’s skill in mind-reading. Even worse was the thought of him betraying her, either through curse or free will; the possibility of him summoning for her in an attempt to capture or kill. They were enemies now, she should stay away.

But something kept drawing her in, drawing her back to him.

“Why? Why are you here? Why are you telling me this?”

“To warn you. To protect you.” He stepped nearer, the small distance between them now allowing her a chance to see the dark circles under his eyes. Eyes that shone with fear. “So you can leave before it’s too late. People are going to die, Sif.”

His imploring, near frantic tone pooled dread in her stomach. She shook her head. “If what you say is true, I can’t leave, Loki. I must defend against it.” He dropped his gaze to the wall behind her at her words. Stepping closer to him, ever-so-lightly pressing her palm to his chest, she drew his gaze back to her. “But you can get out. Please, Loki. You don’t have to do this.”

It’s too late, Sif,” the ice in his voice was punctuated by his hand reaching for his sleeve, shoving the emerald fabric up to expose the inside of his left arm. She gasped, seeing the dark, midnight ink raised against the pale skin of his forearm. “There’s no hope left for me now.”

Sif reeled at his words, at the sight of the Dark Mark and swayed on her heels. She shook her head again. “Turn yourself in, come with me to the Ministry. I can talk to Tho-, to the Prime Minister. I’ll vouch for you or we can say you were under the effects of the Imperius Curse.”

He laughed coolly. “No. Mercy is not likely, considering what I’ve done. And if the others heard of my treason, I’d be dead within the hour.”

He never spoke of the particulars of what had been asked of him, what deeds he had committed to win favor. But rumors had reached her ears and detailed the Apprehension Orders for Undesirables stacked on her desk at the Ministry.

Her palm pushed firmer against his chest, fingers tangling in his robes. She knew the truth of his words, and feeling desperate she wanted to shake him.

“Leave. Run away with me. Together we can leave all of this behind.” She reached out with her other hand, her fingers wrapping around his arm, covering the mark.

“No,” he repeated, but his tone was not as cool nor distant as it had been moments ago. A sad smile flitted across his lips. “You deserve a far better fate than to entangle yourself with someone as doomed as me.”

He brought a hand up and brushed a strand of hair away from her face, then slid his fingers into her hair. She closed her eyes at his touch, wrapping her hand tighter around him. Loki pressed a kiss to her forehead, his voice then whispered against her ear. “This must be our goodbye. I’m sorry, Sif.”

A wave of hurt, anger, resentment, fear crashed over her. In one swift move she pushed him away from her and drew her wand, the rosewood tip pointed directly at his heart as she tried to blink the tears from her eyes.

He caught his footing from her blow and then stood stock-still in the center of his room. Her mind tilted and whirred, it would be easy to Stupefy him or hit him with a Petrificus Totalus. He was a skilled dueler, but so was she. 

Imperio, an Unforgivable, rose to her tongue, waiting.  She could make him come.

Still, Loki just stared at her waiting. His face a mix of acceptance and sorrow.

She gripped her wand tighter, feeling her heart ache, shattering with love for the boy who had been her most intimate companion, and pounding with sorrow for the young man who had gone astray.

Slowly, she felt her anger and pain melt, a strange hollow sensation washing over her and lowered her arm. He had made his choice, and she had made hers. She nodded at him. “Very well. Be safe out there.”

She turned and with slow steps she crossed the room.

“I am sorry, Sif.”  His soft voice made her pause at the door. She turned to look at him, nodding and offering a soft smile.

“As am I. Goodbye, Loki.”

“Goodbye, Sif.”

The faint pop as she apparated out of the room did little to mask the cry of agony that rang out from the house upon her departure, echoing down the road where Sif ran as fast as she could, cloak billowing behind in her wake, without letting herself look back. 

Bad Ideas (11)

Aw our boys are just head over heels for each other and it’s adorable!
But alas, into every life a little rain must fall… so a bit of drama this chapter and get to meet violent!Peter which I kind of love.

If you missed any chapters check the MASTERLIST to get caught up!
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“Wade, someone’s coming up the drive. I just heard the bell go off.” Peter murmured, and Wade just hummed a little, refusing to let go of him. “Wade.” Peter tried again, and this time Wade huffed in annoyance.

“They can wait, baby boy. I’m busy with you right now. Why are you complaining?”

“I’m not.” Peter assured him, and scratched his nails over Wade’s rough scalp, bringing the man back against him. “Never gonna get tired of this.” he shivered when Wade’s teeth scraped his skin, when they closed over his pulse point and tugged lightly. “Not…ever.”

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Choose Me

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Summary: You wish your boyfriend would just take a break from work and spend time with you.

Genre: Slight Angst, Fluff (with sexual implications)

Prompt: “If you really loved me, there wouldn’t be a choice” / “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.” (request by anon)

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Tangled Sheets

Pairing: Y/N/Michael

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 1.700+

Summary: Too tired to do anything the night before besides some good old makeout session and lazy grinding, Michael decides to wake you up with some lazy morning sex straight from the cliffoconda

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SouRin stepping up their game! But Sousuke, you are embarrassing. At least let Rin change before you kiss him, but it’s okay he seems to be liking it an awful lot. TAT Surprisingly, Sousuke was fun to draw with Rin since they just look so good together it should be a crime just arrest each other. OTL

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