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Today was a Tuesday afternoon, and you were on your way to the softball field.  You normally have games on Tuesday and Thursday’s depending on your schedule.  Normally your game’s get pretty intense, and your team is pretty competitive.  You were on the bus to the field with your team, and you guys were listening to pump up music.

Your bus pulled up to the field and you got your softball bag out from the compartment’s above.  You walked out of the bus and onto the pathway to the field.  Your team played your biggest rival, and you were very nervous.  (y/c) is playing on the field next to yours, and his team is playing their biggest rival.  You open your phone and pull up snapchat.  You see you have a snapchat from (y/c), you open it and it’s a selfie of him in his jersey.  The caption is “good luck at your game cutie!  I’ll be there after.”  

*game time*

You stand in the dugout with your face mask and glove, and wait to hear the starting lineup from your coach.  You hear your name called first.  First in the line up, and you are playing first base.  First base has always been your favorite position and you have played that position forever.  You take the field, and the first pitch was pitched, line drive right to you.  You caught it.

You smile from satisfaction, and shout, “GOING ONE, ONE OUT!”

The innings were over quickly and now its your 3rd time to bat.  The past two time’s you hit a single and a double.  It’s the bottom of the seventh and there is two outs, and base’s loaded, and the game is tied at 5.  You could drive in the winning run.  You step in the batter’s box, and the pitcher pitches the ball, you take a look, looks perfect.  You swing, and it hits the fence, double!!  You drove in the winning run!!  You look at the stands and see the whole baseball team watching, wow that was nerve racking.  You see (y/c) looking at you with a big smile on his face, that made you smile.

When the game was over, you packed up your bag, and hauled it through the dugout and you bumped into (y/c).  You looked up at looked into his pretty (y/c/e) eyes and smile.

“Hey (y/n).”  He smiles at you and takes your bag.  You let him, and you two start walking towards his car.

“Hey, did you guys win?”  You question him as he slips on the grass.

“Hell yeah.”  He tells you as he fist pumps the air.

“Well that’s good.”  You laugh at him, and he pulls you  over to the side of the fence.

“Well (y/n), I have a question to ask you.”

“Yes..?”  You smile at him nervously, wondering what the hell was more important than the food you were about to get.

“I like you a lot, and I was wondering if you’d be my beautiful girlfriend?”  He nervously looks at you, and takes your hands.

“Well of course handsome.”  You wink at him, and he pulls you in for a kiss.

This was the night you’ve been waiting for. 

Good Luck

Can you write an imagine where your crush plays baseball and y/n plays softball and something cute and fluffy pls. And I love your blog(:

Today was Saturday and that only means one thing. You had a softball game. It was your favorite thing to do and you loved being with your family and friends. You got on all your clothes and grabbed your stuff. You got some breakfast and headed to the fields. When you started driving to the fields and then finally got to the parking lot, you saw your other friends all ready there and some baseball players. You got all your stuff with your huge back that holds your bat and shoes and helmet. Suddenly you felt the bag magically become lighter. You turned and saw (c/n) holding your bag for you. “Need any help?” He asks. You smile and reply, “Yeah that would be great thanks (c/n).” “No problem.” You both walk together until you get to the field where your teammates are. He hands you your bag and you thank him again before he goes to the field next to you. You turn to your friends and they’re all smirking at you. You blush and don’t bother saying anything. Getting ready for your game, you put on your shoes and grab your mitt. You and your friend had a few warm ups and then your coach called you to him and we were batting first. You were fourth to bat. The first girl hit a single. The second girl got out and the third girl got out. It was now up to you to get on base. The first pitch thrown, a strike. You take a deep breath and get back next to the plate. Just then you hear someone yell behind you, “come on (y/n) you got this!” It was (c/n) and a few of his friends. You were smiling and now felt a lot more confident about the game. The pitcher gave you a perfect throw straight over the plate and it went straight into the outfield. You ran and made it all the way to third before the ball was thrown back to the pitchers mound. You looked over and saw (c/n) smiling and all his friends cheering for you. The next girl up to bat hit a double and that brought the score 2-0.

It was the final inning and the score was 5-5. You were the last to bat and either you scored or we would lose the game. The girl before you was batting and you were standing in the dugout. You could hear the faint whispers of (c/n) and his friends. “Come on man why not give her some good luck.” You could practically feel the smirk off of (c/f)’s face. “Okay fine I will.” (c/n) says. The girl hits a fly ball but gets out at first. It was now your turn to bat. You slowly walked up and kicked your feet at the ground. You took a few practice swings behind the plate but before you stepped up you heard (c/n) say, “hey (y/n), good luck. You’re gonna kill it.” Now the butterflies were here. You closed your eyes for a few seconds and took a deep breath. You then smirked. (c/n) was right. The first pitch, you swing and all you hear is a loud bang before you start running. The cheers are all over the place and when you make it to the home plate, your whole team is hugging you. After the team talk you stepped out of the field and saw (c/n) standing there smiling at you. “Great job out there.” “Thanks (c/n).”

“Well since you did so great and you seem to be the good luck charm for your team, would you maybe want to be a good luck charm for me?” “Just for you? What about your whole team?” “I would rather have you all to myself.” He walks away and back to the other players.

His game was about to start and you sat down in the front of the bleachers next to the dugout. His team started with batting and you could see him practicing on the side. The first guy hit the ball and made it to first base. He was walking and he gave you a quick wink before stepping up to the plate. He looked so cute in his jersey and his white pants. His butt looked great in those pants. The way his muscles flexed when he swung the bat made you swoon. Next thing you know you saw him walking back to the dugout. He just got out. The rest of the game he played terrible. He dropped a pop fly and even overthrew a ball to first base. He was doing terrible. At least they weren’t losing. The score was 3-2 and it was bottom of the eighth. It was once again almost (c/n)’s turn to bat. Since you were standing considerably close to the dugout, you heard the small talk between the players. “What happened (c/n) her good luck isn’t working.” “Shut up guys. I thought I could impress her.” You blushed at the fact that he was trying to impress you. You already were. He was one of the best players on the team. Another player said, “Why don’t you kiss her for some good luck?” Now you were really blushing. He replies once again, “because I can’t just ask her to kiss me. I don’t think she likes me.” Another guy says, “well why don’t we ask her to give you one then.” (c/n)’s eyes widened and you laughed to yourself. He shouted to his players “no” and tried holding them back but they already called you over. “Hey (y/n)”. You looked up and walked over to where they were. “Hey guys.” They all looked at each other and then looked at you before one of them spoke up. “As you can see your good luck for (c/n) hasn’t been working very well. So we think you need to give him a little more so he can hit this ball.” You peeked over their shoulders and saw (c/n) awkwardly standing there. “What did you have in mind?” you ask.  “He’s going to need all the help he can get, so how about a kiss? (c/f) says. You were a;ready smiling and knew that they were going to say, but you wanted (c/n)’s reaction. You shrugged your shoulders and said, “sure”. (C/n) looked at you into your eyes and then smiled. He took a few steps closer and you wrapped your hands around the fence and he followed. “My good luck isn’t working?” “Not yet.”he says with a smirk. You both went closer to the fence and he brought his lips through one of the holes in the fence. You slowly followed his lead and he lightly planted his lips on yours.

 The kiss only lasted about ten seconds before he was pulled away by his friends and pushed out onto the field. You walked back to your spot and watched as he got ready there was a smiled on his face. The first pitch was thrown. He swings as hard as he can and you watch as the ball flies all the way to outfield. It was a home run. He and the other kid on base run all the way around the bases. They won their game and when all his other teammates go to tackles him you see him point at you as if he dedicated it to you.

After him and his team talked about the game he walked over to you. “Good job (c/n).” “I couldn’t have done it without my good luck charm” he says with a wink. He smiles and steps closer to you. His smile always made you smile. The taste of his lips were still on yours and you just wanted to kiss him again.

“I’m sure you’re just a really good player (c/n). You don’t need me to win.” “Oh please (y/n) I couldn’t have done it without you.” He takes another step closer so he’s basically looking down at you. “I need you to go to all of my games so I can win. I need someone to dedicate my home runs to.” “Like your good luck charm?” You asked him. He shook his head and laughed. “I was hoping you could come to my games as my girlfriend.” Your mind was in circles. You only smiled at him and stared into his eyes. “I’ll be your girlfriend as long as you can be my good luck charm too.”

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@Harry_Styles:  @Y/T/N’s team won!!! So happy for my babe xx


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@NiallOfficial: @Y/T/N is ready to play! Coach, put her in the game!!!!


@Real_Liam_Payne: Look at @Y/T/N! She looks so cute when she’s listening to her coach :P


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