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I had to drink it!(Jin)

BTS AU ( vampire girlfriend )

One shot

Jin / Yoongi / Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook /

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: “ Can you please make a scenario when Bangtan have a vampire!GF and one day she was so thirsty and she had no choice but to drink their blood? I wish you can make it w/o smut, but it’s okay if you do. Thank you so much :)

A/N: I am sorry for taking so long anony. I wanted to write it as soon as possible and here it is.I will add a twist to every story though.😉 This is a one shot and so the parts will be the members different parts. The story is the same as the request asks. I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made. Requests are open. Anony I hope you will like it as well.🙂

Word count:  1,550

Warnings: Blood

   The years have been very nice to you. Your body was young and beautiful, your face shined like the sun and you didn’t have to worry about getting old at all. It was good to be a vampire, you had everything at your finger tips. Power, knowledge, beauty and time. 

  You were more than happy, you could do anything you wanted, as much as you wanted ,with out being told that you won’t have enough time.The best part of it was that you had a boyfriend ,which you loved very much. Today was one of those amazing days, so you decided to go out and meet a friend you haven’t seen in centuries and I don’t mean that as a figure of speech.

  You were already in the cafe when she entered and sat in front of you. After her order arrived ,you started talking.

“It has been a very long time Y/N.”she smiled at you

“I should be the one saying that Ansca.” you took a sip from your drink

“My, how long has it been since I last heard that name.”she leaned in her chair, looking at you

“Why, did you already forget your given name? Your grandfather won’t be happy.”you giggled

“You haven’t changed at all Y/N, still threatening me with my grandfather.”

“How have you been?” you asked her

“Good, I am actually getting married.” 

  You jumped up from the excitement “Finally. Do you know how long Armos has been trying to make you like him?”

“Trust me I know, I am his fiance after all.”a small giggle escaped her lips “How about you? I heard you found someone. How old is he? From which clan?” Ansca showered you with questions, but stopped as soon as the look on your face changed “He isn’t a werewolf is he? Well not like we don’t have halves, it is the 21st century after all.”

“He is a human.” you said, looking down at your lap

“Oh thank goodness, I thought you were going to say he was a human.” she sighed in relief, hearing only what she wanted

“He is.”

  Ansca’s face froze and she jumped up yelling out “What!” but as soon as the whole cafe looked at her, she apologized and sat back down, whispering a silent “What!” before violently throwing herself in the chair 

“Y/N.”she looked at you again “Are you crazy? You can’t be serious.”upon seeing your face she knew “Oh god, you are.”

“Why can a werewolf marry a vampire and have kids, but a human can’t? Werewolves have been our enemies since the beginning of time.”

“Yes, but werewolves are kind of the same as us. They are strong and immortal, humans are…breakable, weak and on top of that mortals. His life is just one of your heart beats.”

“You don’t get it, I actually like him.”

“No, you are the one who doesn’t get it Y/N. How long have you been together?” she asked you

“Three years now…”

“What! This might not be too much for you, but humans say that is almost true love, at least he gives you blood.”she leaned her head fully onto her palm. After Ansca didn’t receive an answer, her eyes slowly scanned your body “Don’t tell me…” 

  She stood up and went to pay the bill, after that you felt your body being pulled out of the cafe and into an alleyway. It was dark and no one except you two was around.

“Look at me!”she demanded and you did “I hope you haven’t forgotten how to use your powers.” her eyes glowed in a bright red light, but once yours did they weren’t even able to create a shadow behind a little box. “You…”


   Ansca hit the wall next to you, creating a gigantic hole behind you. As she leaned closer to you, her eyes were illuminating your body.”You haven’t touched his blood, have you?” the question came from in between her teeth, you knew she was mad “Please tell me you have…” once you looked down she knew the answer and pulled back, running her hand through her hair

“Y/N, your powers were way stronger than mine. What is this now?!”she stopped yelling and took a deep breath before continuing “How long has it been?”

“I don’t know…”you whispered 

“Y/N…how fucking long?”this question was cut up into pieces



“Since we met.” you said

“Three years…THREE YEARS!Are you crazy?” she pulled out of her bag a bottle with dark red liquid in it and gave it to you “Have this, NOW!”

  You took the glass object and slowly placed your lips on the rim. Once the first drop went down your throat, you threw the bottle and vomited. Ansca helped you stand up.

“Do you love him this much?”she asked you and you nodded

  She didn’t say anything more and helped you walk to your home, it was pure coincidence meeting Jin there. You introduced him to Ansca.As he was here you couldn’t talk with her, so she looked into your eyes.

   You gave your heart to this boy Y/N. Now you can drink only his blood.I wish you good luck. 

 Your eyes widened, she said her goodbye and left. Jin helped you sit down on the couch and ran to bring a blanket to place onto your body.

“Jagya you should be careful.”he was concerned after seeing the way you looked. Tired, very tired.

  As he was placing the cover onto you, his neck came in your eyesight. The peach color of his skin, the beating heart, the veins filled with life. Unconsciously your lips came closer and touched him.

“You should have said something jagya.”his sweet laughter pulled you out of your instinct and you pulled back a bit shocked “Don’t worry jagya.”he placed a kiss on your forehead “You should tell me when you want a kiss.I will give you double what you want.” he winked at you 

  Jin snuggled up next to you and pulled your body close to his. He wanted you to be here with him, but at this exact moment you didn’t want him close to you at all. You knew what your animal instinct could do to him, one wrong move from you and all was going to end like a bad nightmare…that was going to last you for eternity.

“Jin…”you asked him

“Yes?”he turned to look at you “What is it princess?”

“How do you feel about vampires?”you were taking deep breaths, unknowing of your body’s condition 

“What kind of question is that?”he laughed out a bit, so pure, innocent and loving 

“Can you answer me?” was there an answer you wanted to hear, or did you just want to relax a bit…somehow

“Well, I don’t think they exist, but I don’t have any special way of thinking about them.If I meet one someday, I would say hi.It will be awesome to be honest”

  As Jin was talking, the skin around his neck was moving slowly and the veins got more and more exposed. You don’t remember when, but everything went black…

“Y/N?” your eyes shot open and you saw Jin sitting on the floor and you were crawling towards him. His hand onto his neck and you felt the metallic taste in your mouth.The realization hit you almost immediately, you knew what you had done.

“I-I…”you grabbed your lips and started stepping back, tears forming onto your eyes “I-I…I didn’t mean…”

  Jin stood up and started walking towards you “No! Stay away from me!”you swung your arm “I am a monster!”you hit him, trying to keep him way, trying not to kill him because of hunger. Yet he didn’t care how much you were pushing him away.

  Jin placed his hand onto your head gently and pulled you towards his neck. He pushed lightly, until your fangs were into his neck once more.”Shhhh.”he ran his hand through your hair, trying to calm you down ,as tears were falling onto his shoulder “It’s alright Y/N, take as much as you want. I won’t run away.”

  You were crying, but once you pulled back, he picked you up and placed you on the couch . Jin went to place a band aid on his neck and came back, wiping your lips from the red blood.His hand gently wiped away your tears as well and he kissed you.

“If you wanted to do it, why didn’t you?”he asked you “For how long have you been starving like this?”

“Three years…”you whispered 

  His eyes widened “What!Why didn’t you do this sooner?”he asked you

“I- I didn’t want to hurt you, Jin I love you too much.” 

  He pulled you into another hug, this time a warm and tight one. “Next time just ask, I can’t bare to you watch you starve yourself because of me.Got it?”

  You nodded into his chest. Latter you told Ansca about this and she sounded relived to hear that.Since that day, Jin has been giving you as much blood as you needed, yet you were trying to take as less as you could. Your full powers came back and everything was back to normal.

  He loved you and was never going to judge who you were, because to Jin you were his precious little princess, that needed love and protection.