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hi! this is a v v simple question & im sorry to waste ur time with it but i can't find the answer anywhere else, so who better to go to than my fave!! when you color, how do you stay inside the lines? i use the photoshop wand tool & use it on the lineart layer, then switch to the color layer to use the paint bucket tool but it's super duper slow & i cant figure out a better way to do it? how do you do it? im sure u, a neat person, has some neat tricks up ur sleeve :) thanks in advance!!!

i color in probably one of the most painstaking ways? but IMO, it has the nicest effect for me! but yea, i do it manually, like i would anything else like watercolor, pencils, etc. refer to the GIF. (from a scrapped speedpaint huhu)

(AND HELLO! thanks for the question. <3)

Raffle Time!

In celebration of 50 followers, I shall make an art raffle! =D

I want to let you know that I appreciate every single one of you! I’ve made so many cool new friends on this site and really want to show my appreciation through this. 

Alright so here are the rules! You must be following me to enter (this is a celebration for my followers after all).

You must comment/reply on this post. Reblogging is not necessary. The comment/reply is your entry.

I will select one first place! Two second place and three third place winners!

As for prizes, here they are:

> First place, gets a full body, color and everything of a character of their choice! And a drabble of about 800 words of whatever ship they’d like!

> Second place, gets bust, color and everything of a character of their choice! and a drabble of about 400 words of whatever ship they’d like!

> Third place, gets bust, sketch with shading of a character of their choice!

Here’s examples of prizes:

THE RAFFLE ENDS JUNE 2! Thanks and good luck! ^^


So, @kapeluszniczka and I passed our exams and decided to celebrate it with an update of our lame Valentine’s Card!

Enjoy ((Graphic design is our passion: the sequel))

Part I