good luck visiting me

I’m not a butterfly.
My wings are not a kolidascope of color.
You cannot find me among the flowers
peaceful & happy,
loving the sweetness of the morning sun.
I am not a ladybug.
Good luck does not visit me often,
I am not a shade of ruby red,
or a strawberry on a vine,
basking in a summer glow
for the world to see.
Perhaps, I am a firefly.
I only glow when no one is watching,
& my beauty only shines
in the darkness,
a star in the night sky.
—  tcs (Firefly)

however great the misfortune that I experience at first may be… the good luck that will visit me later is grand enough to make up for all of it! that’s the talent I possess… the reason I’m called the Ultimate Lucky Student. // happy birthday jo ♡

I got contacted by the publisher of the Destiel novel. Get a load of this.

I posted a blog discussing the new book Destiel by Jordyn Burlot and the problematic nature of using vanity presses. I discussed the problems Burlot is creating in the Destiel fan community by publishing a novel aimed at us while being dismissive and aggressive toward that very community.

A few minutes ago, the “publisher” contacted me and told me it’s defamatory and ordered me to remove it. They’ve said I’ll get sued if I don’t. They also implied anyone who spreads my post around will get sued too. In other words, they’ve tried to scare me by saying I’m putting all of you in danger if I don’t comply with their orders. Never in the history of posting opinions on authors, publishing houses, book reviews, etc., have I EVER been ordered to remove an opinion blog.

Additionally, the email also said, and I quote: “On a personal note, the author in question is a good writer however you wouldn’t know that as you have not read her novel.” Very professional.

So beware. If you call her publisher a vanity press or say anything negative about her book, you’ll get a cease and desist email threatening legal action. Good luck reviewing it, folks. I still plan to review the book though.

I don’t need to deal with the shenanigans of an author and publisher flailing in tantrums because people are openly questioning the intent of the book. Be clear that I have deleted the original post, not because I believe the publisher is right but because the author has been doing a lot of flailing and the whole thing is becoming cringe-worthy. However, I do intend to read and review the book itself in the coming days. “On a personal note, the author in question is a good writer however you wouldn’t know that as you have not read her novel,“ is more of a challenge to me than threats of a lawsuit because I called them a vanity press. So yes, I’ve got the book and it’ll be reviewed. But I’m not exposing my followers to the "publisher” flailing about lawsuits, so I deleted the original post. Whoever still reblogs it is not doing it from me.

Check my blog, John. It ain’t there anymore. And my name is JESSICA JEWETT, not “Miss”, which you saw when you visited my personal website to contact me. Good luck managing a client who introduces herself by giving her audience the finger.