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Hi, How would Guzma, Kiawe, and Colress react to finding out that there tall female SO is also super, crazy strong; like she just lifts up her Machamp ride one day, very nonchalantly?

- :0 (thats his face. he’s very red and VERY surprised. maybe a little turned on, but only a little)
- from there on out, he will request rides. he loves his big buff girlfriend and absolutely uses you to his advanatge to look intimidating + reduce how much he needs to walk in a day
- all the grunts also want to be picked up. good luck

- he’s buff. you’re buff. im sure he’s picked you up plenty of times, so returning the favor is no big deal, he’s chill w/ it
- literally yall make the ultimate power couple? granted, all his muscles are from dancing, so you probably are better at picking him up than he is, but still yall are fucking ripped
- people like to take pictures sometimes, especially mallow

- he’s gonna protest first time you pick him up. he’s just not used to it, so he’s gonna squirm and complain a bit. don’t be surprised if he blushes a bit too
- once he gets used to it, being able to pick him up comes in handy. sometimes he won’t leave his lab or accidentally falls asleep in a place he shouldn’t, so it’s up to you to get him out of there
- as long as you don’t pick him up in front of any of his colleagues, he’s completely fine with being carried

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Hey there! Just saw the release schedule and demo for Wilder, and I'm so excited for it to come out!! I was wondering though, after all of the routes are released will there be an option to buy it as a complete game instead of piece by piece for those who don't like buying the routes individually? Regardless, the game is looking amazing, and I can't wait to play it!! Good luck and keep it up!


The intention is to release Wilder as a complete game once all of the content is ready, plus additional epilogues for each route, for a reduced price.

And thank you! :-)

rosexmlk replied to your post “what are some good face masks for acne ”

green tea is good for inflammation, and papaya is good for acne scars. Just make sure the face masks don’t have “fragrance” as an ingredient bc that is going to irritate acne! A great DIY one is just oatmeal+water mask. It really helped me clear up my hormonal, cystic acne. good luck!

omg thank you!!! does the oatmeal+water mask have to be just regular oatmeal because i have oatmeal but it’s just cinnamon and spice oatmeal would it still work? 

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i thought my crush was pretty cute when we first met and was determined to be his friend skip to now, more then a year later, and he's my best friend. I found out that when we first met for a while he also liked me but it faded and im still helplessly crushing on him rip me

first of all, are you sure it faded??? and even if it did, a crush can fade then come back in no time, at any time (i can tell you from experience lol)… don’t give up too fast anon. good luck with whatever happens next <3

NO MORE PLS, my askbox is flooded with stories now! thank you guys <3 (blacklist “crush stories”)

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I'm sorry I just scrolled through your blog for thirty minutes fangirling about all the cute gayness, and I wanted to say what you're doing here is beautiful. A blog specifically to make people feel better about who they are and accept themselves. Honestly, the world needs more people like you. Good luck to you, and keep it up. This is beautiful. It made my day, and restored my faith in humanity. Good night ~ ♡

Omg thank you!! You’re a lovely person anon, and you made my day 😁

Wonderful things in YOI ep 10

-Victor and Chris’s fabulous almost nude pool photoshoot
-The fact that Yuuri’s gotten so much more comfortable in his relationship with Victor that he’s just like “Victor take me sightseeing NOW” and looks at him extra cutely like he knows he’s gonna get what he wants
-Yuuri and Victor basically going on a little sightseeing date around Barcelona
-Otabek SWOOPING IN ON HIS MOTORBIKE to save Yurio from his fangirls
-Yurio and Otabek being weird grumpy buddies because they apparently hate everyone else
-Yuuri buying Victor couple rings and then coming up with the flimsiest fucking excuse ever like “It’s not a couple thing it’s just…a good luck charm!! I couldn’t think of anything else it just popped into my head no deeper meaning definitely not madly in love with you no sir!”
-The fact that Yuuri and Victor were both like trembling and tearing up when they exchanged their “good luck rings”
-Phichit seeing the rings and automatically assuming that Victuuri got married like everyone was expecting it already (but tbh half the skaters probably have been rooting for Victuuri since the banquet where Yuuri got smashed)
-Victor taking the couple rings thing up a notch by casually making them engagement rings ok then Victor
-Guanghong and Leo are trying to watch the Grand Prix live stream together my heart
-Yeorgi has a date I’m so happy for him!!!!! Maybe he’ll stop doing interpretive skating about murdering his ex now!

Ok this is probably my very favorite part of the episode.
-Drunk Yuuri shamelessly begging his long time idol to move to Japan and become his coach and Victor looking at this sloppy drunk boy clinging to him and looking like he’s just had a fucking religious revelation.

“Be mine, and mine only.”

I read that some of you like Jumin’s abs? So please enjoy~

Part 3 is coming soon^^ Is it gonna be the sinful route or the lovey dovey route? We’ll see how Mr. Han settles it = v = /

You can check the previous parts here:

Part 1 | Answer Part 1 | Part 2 | Zen vs Jumin | Teaser Part 3 | Part 3

Sending the loves to dearest @crystalchock-blog good luck on your exam!! Have this Jumin to boost you up before the exam starts LOL

Moving on to my other project, about the keychain for MM Halloween series, I’ll post it here when all the set is done^^ It’ll be available on a local event here, but I’m going to open an International Pre-Order too^^

If you have anything you want to ask to me or want to talk about anything, well about mm mainly lol but anything is fine for me really, do not hesitate to send it through my askbox or say hi through the chats :D For you you you who’ve been chatting with me recently, thank you for brightening up my days <3 

Good night!

Ok forgive me but I just need gush about Anissa Pierce (AKA Thunder), a DC superhero, because first of all look at her, she’s amazing:

A badass woman of color whose power is to control her own density (which sounds kind of strange at first until you realize that means she can make herself completely invincible and kick everyone’s ass by dropping herself on top of them holy shit)

Not only that but she’s got a medical degree because she wanted to graduate before becoming a superhero so like???? she’s a fucking doctor oh my god

And she’s multilingual (English, French, and Spanish) so that’s amazing

But wait! There’s more!!

She has a girlfriend who is also a woman of color and is also super badass:

That’s Grace Choi, a seven foot tall (so big!!!) Amazonian and Asian-American woman who is clearly amazing. 

Grace is an abuse survivor with superhuman strength, durability, and healing so good luck trying to beat her up, she’ll kick anyone’s ass

So anyway the two of them are cute together and they’re each super awesome LGBTQ+ women of color which is great

Also here they are playing video games because that’s adorable:

End of Year Giveaway!

Hi friends! To help get everyone out of the funk that was 2016 I’m doing a giveaway! 


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Giveaway will close on December 23rd and hopefully make for some happy holidays and good luck for next year! Feel free to hit up the ask for any questions you may have and good luck!

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to anon who thinks it's too late to do art: i studied art in college, went to grad school for it, and didn't do art as my profession. as much as i enjoyed learning about it, i've found that my actual passion lies in writing. I'm now trying to make time to take classes for children's book illustration in an attempt to mix what i've learned and what i want to do. i'm 30. neil gaiman didn't write his first story until 28. i don't think it's EVER too late to find what you finally want to do in life.

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^^^^^ THIS