good luck trying to decipher them

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i'm an intj (female) and have a huge crush on an infj (also female) but I think she likes a guy. I'm an intj, I'm bad at deciphering feelings and what to do with them. any advice?

Try to talk to them one-on-one when you can, and get to know them. Open up a bit. Figure out how they feel about this other guy. When the time is right, tell them!!! Good luck!

- INFP Mod

Inside Out “Swords and Sworcery” AU
  • Joy the Bard, using the power of song and her accordion to enchant, wile, and delight her friends and foes and her crossbow for everyone and everything else
  • Sadness the Cleric, about the most depressed, pessimistic, but most effective healer you will ever meet
  • Anger the Mage, constantly on fire because of his magic, and extremely powerful but also extremely uncontrollable as a result
  • Disgust the Rogue, using stealth, traps, and blindingly lethal and efficient takedowns to get rid of people with minimum fuss, minimal damage to herself, and minimal mess, because “Blood stains don’t just come off leather, you know!”
  • Fear the Paladin, a noodle person in 3 inches of enchanted steel with a shield that’s almost as tall as him, and a magic gauntlet, plus an innate, unconscious ability to get hit in the face instead of other people

Headcanons below the break, alongside Joyness and Disear.

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