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You know what I want? I want an au where Owen and Beru survive the burning of the homestead and decide “there’s pretty much nothing for us here, no way we’d be able to start over at this rate” and head out with Luke.

An au where Owen quietly fumes even while dropping a blanket over Leia’s shoulders because she’s a kid! They’re both kids! He knows life is hard – it’s always been hard on his family – but it shouldn’t be like this!

An au where Owen looks up at the snub fighters in the hangar and picks up a toolkit without being asked. Where he looks at Biggs, getting ready to take off, sets his jaw, and says “Darklighter, you bring my boy back in one piece, you hear?” Even though he knows there’s no guarantee of that.

An au where Beru finds herself somewhere between team mom and good luck symbol of Rogue Squadron. They all call her Aunt Beru (except Hobbie, who accidentally called her “mom” once and couldn’t look her in the eye for two days).

Where Beru has Rules that she makes the Rogues recite whenever they go anywhere (based on my sweet godmother’s Life Rules she used to make my cousins repeat)
1. You are not invincible
2. Yes, you can bleed

Where they don’t always get to be on the same base as Luke, but keep in contact as much as possible. And Owen ends up inadvertently becoming the Grumpy Cowboy Uncle for most of the mechanics while Beru sometimes ends up on the field doing a little gunslinging.

And after Bespin, they see red.
“You mean to tell me,” Owen hisses so that only Luke and Beru can hear, “That all this time we thought he was dead, he was out there playing attack dog for the only Hutt in the galaxy that walks on two legs? And then he went and cut your hand off?! I’d give him a piece of my mind if he weren’t all homicidal-like.”

“I’d give him a piece of my mind regardless of him being all homicidal-like,” Beru snaps, “And I bet he would choke on it!”

Just…rebel outlaw Beru and Owen, please


7/7/17 1s and 7s number sequence symbolizes good luck, prosperity and happiness. You have worked hard to achieve your goals. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

She had loved that cat-a paper mached thing with its back arched and made of many colors. It held a prominent place in her cell at the prison. When the prison fell, she’d been too caught up in avoiding and then finding people to care about the cat. People you cared about were worth more than a flimsy statue any day.

Then there had be rapists and cannibals to worry about.

And then Alexandria, the herd and Carl.

She still felt a lump in her throat at the flashback of Carl falling amongst all those walkers.

But once their journey had quieted, she couldn’t help but think of that silly little cat. It had brought her good luck, a symbol of the start of her friendship with Carl. A symbol of the start of her love with Rick. Her family: Glenn. Maggie. Sasha.

She let it slip how much she missed it one day when Carl was doing physical therapy and Rick was lounging around the house. Carl had finally came back to them two weeks earlier and found his way back home in the last week.

“I actually liked that cat.” She’d tucked her robe closer as she heated up water for tea.

“Seriously?” Rick had tilted his head and given her an incredulous smile. His crooked teeth making him look more charming.

“Yes. Seriously.”

“It was ugly,” Carl had said, his ball bouncing against the wall with a steady thud.

“It was art,” she’d grounded out.

“Ugly art,” Rick chimed in.

Michonne had scowled. “I liked it and I miss it.”

The tea kettle had whistled and broken the conversation, keeping her from launching into a defense of the beautifully, ugly little creature. It was the only time anyone had brought it up.

Until Rick handed her an even uglier cat that he struggled not to bleed on.

She loved it immediately. Her hand kept flicking its springy tail and nuzzling its bulky head as they drove away from the trash heap.

She loved what it symbolized; the amount of care she continuously saw Rick take with their love and relationship. The days of only worrying about whether the solar panels were holding up or the crops were growing were over with Negan perched over their shoulders constantly yammering and batting people to death.

But Michonne knew this cat was one of those things she could bury in her heart and not have it taken. Not only the trash heapers were takers. Their whole world seemed to be taking.

Rick lifted her hand and gave it a gentle kiss.

Except Rick. Rick was a giver. Carl was a giver. Judith was a giver.

And the silly, ugly looking cats in her life were symbolic of that.

hetaliafandomhubepsilon  asked:

Hello! To start off your Ambassador work, can you talk about some interesting traditions in your country? (If you'd like a different question, let us know!) Thank you so much!


Ukraine has many interesting traditions. Some of them are a fusion of different aspects such as the change of the seasons, ancient Slavic beliefs and modern religion, while others have a strong connection with various forms of human relationships. Ukrainians are very proud of their their traditions and try if not to follow them then at least make sure that people remember those traditions. 

One of the holidays that combine a lot of different traditions is Івана Купала (Ivana Kupala or Kupala night).It is celebrated on the night of 6/7 July. That holiday involves a lot of mystery and magic. During the night people can really feel their connection with nature. 

A lot of people look for the mysterious fern flover (цвіт папороті), since Kupala night is the only day when fern blooms. The one who finds the flower will be extremely lucky and rich during the next year and their wishes will definitely come true! 

(source: x ) 

Unfortunately, fern is not able to bloom, but who doesn’t like a good legend? :D Come on, we all like unicorns, leprechauns and fairies. It is good to have something to believe in. And who knows, maybe those legends are true, but we don’t know that yet. 

Another tradition involved is jumping over a bonfire. That proves your strength and stamina. A lot of couples jump too to make sure that their relationship is true and sincere. 

(source: x ) 

Young girls make wreaths of flowers and let them flow on the river. The way the wreath flows describes their future relationship. The person who will find the wreath is meant to be together with the one who let it flow. 

(source: x )

Weddings also involve a lot of traditions. Bride and groom have their hands tied together to symbolize the special connection between them (reminds me of the red string of fate). During the ceremony bride changes her veil to a kerchief (kerchiefs were worn by married women in the past). This tradition means that the bride enters a new period of her life and says goodbye to her past life. 

(source: x )

Those wedding traditions are very beautiful and symbolic. However there is also some weird stuff going on at the weddings (e. g. when groom washes his mother-in-law’s legs with vodka. It is supposed to be fun, but it isn’t. Yeah.). 

I would also like to tell you about some common Ukrainian superstitions. 

  • Black cats symbolize bad luck. You should not cross the road if there are any black cats ahead of you. Same thing with empty buckets. Be careful! 
  • Broken dishes symbolize good luck and happiness, however broken mirrors are associated with grief and regret. Try not to look into the shards if you are single, because you will remain single for the next 7 years!
  • If you have friends that moved into a new house make sure to give them a present, so that their life in the new house will be pleasant. 

That’s all for today’s post. I hope it was interesting! Thank you for the ask! 


It starts a week after Yuuri officially moves to St. Petersburg. Victor’s leaving practice when he spots it – a floral shop he must have passed hundred of times before, but never paid attention. He ducks inside and looks around. It’s rather quaint and not to his usual style, but flowers are a thing, right? Flowers are romantic. Yuuri’s never previously expressed any interest in flowers, but Victor has yet to read a romance novels where flowers failed to make someone happy, so he goes with it and buys a small arrangement of white daffodils.

When he gets back to his apartment, Yuuri, having left practiced early than Victor due to not being a competitor and a coach, is sitting at the table picking at his protein-heavy meal and laughing at a video on his phone. Victor thrusts the flowers under Yuuri’s nose.

“What.” is all Yuuri says. Flat. Unemotional. Victor frowns. This is not going like he was led to believe it would by his vast collection of paperback romance novels and the select–select–fanfiction he’s read.

“They’re flowers! For you. Flowers are romantic.”

Yuuri’s confusion softens into a smile and he takes the arrangement, getting up to put them in a vase. Victor has enough from flowers given to him by sponsors and fans over the years.

“Thank you,” Yuuri says, and kisses him on the cheek before sitting back down. Yuuri’s made up a plate for Victor, so he takes his seat opposite of Yuuri. Victor practically melts into the chair. He hadn’t realized how tired he is.

“Any occasion for the flowers?”

Victor shakes his head. “I just wanted to make you happy.” He pauses. “I’m so happy that you’re here.” He hasn’t told Yuuri that, not yet, not in words. Yes, he’s exhausted down to his bones and he knows he has a long road ahead of them, but he never dreamt he could have this. All of this. “I’m so lucky.”

Yuuri fiddles with his ring. “Yeah, well,” He says, and his face starts to go a bit red, “I had posters of you on my wall growing up, so now who’s the lucky one?”

“Still me.”

Yuuri laughs. “Noooooooo.”

The evening devolves into a silly mock-argument, but Victor is stubborn and gets the final word, or so he thinks.


Victor doesn’t think of their conversation again for another few weeks. On a rare day off, he talks Yuuri into going for a walk. Not a training run or anything done for exercise, but an actual stroll with Makkachin where they can just enjoy each other’s company. It’s cold, but tolerable.

There’s a park not far from their apartment, so they end up there, sitting on a bench while Makkachin romps around on the grass.

Victor notices a red and black bug on the arm of the bench and smiles, coaxing it onto his index finger. “Look,” He shows Yuuri. “I don’t know the word for them in English, but they’re good luck.”

Yuuri hums. “They’re called ladybugs,”

Victor offers his hand to Yuuri and Yuuri lets the bug crawl along the back of his hand.

“I told you I was the lucky one,” Victor teases. Yuuri rolls his eyes and lets the bug move back along to the bench.

“If you say so,” Yuuri replies. Victor narrows his eyes. Yuuri never gives in that easily.

He’s proven correct when a few days later Yuuri comes to him with a small copper coin in his hand.

“An American penny I found, heads-up, in Russia. In America, a lot of people think finding a penny heads up is good luck. What are the chances? Guess this means I am the lucky one.”

Victor doesn’t argue, but five days later presents a four-leaf clover he found to Yuuri, who just laughs. Yuuri makes a small paper box to start collecting all the good luck symbols they’ve shared – except the most important one, of course. Victor smiles every time he sees his ring, as cheesy as it is. He’s never taking it off.

Yuuri can argue with him all he wants, but Victor knows he’s very lucky to have Yuuri Katsuki in his life.

Nûrsot: The Sacred Sith Tree

Long before the Exiles arrived, Korriban had vast, dense forests of Nûrsot covering much of the planet’s landscape.

The trees were massive, wide, aromatically fragrant, and had impressively long branches reaching out and winding toward the sky.
It appears in many myth and legends of the ancient Sith. Most notably, it is known as the tree Ahmurn blessed and bestowed upon Marserha and their children to always bear fruit through any season, ensuring the Sith would never go hungry so long as the Nûrsot grew on Korriban.

Although the fruits the Nûrsot bore were edible and nutritious, its green leaves were toxic to the Sith in high doses.

The fruits had a slight fuzzy on the peel that could be washed and rubbed away before consumption. The could be eaten raw or utilized in a variety of recipes and cooking methods from teas to cakes to salads.
The leaves on the other hand, could be used to create various poisons and even some medicines.

Aside from the fruit and leaves, the Sith also used the wood from the branches to create art.

A common token that would be crafted were small figures of mowhefs.
(ok, i kno dis a tiger but pls work with me)

Carved from the deep, red wood of the lower branches and polished to a fine finish; the mowhef figures symbolized good luck, bountiful blessings, and if gifted, it let the recipient know of the undying love and loyalty of the giver.

Other artwork carved from the Nûrsot were used as doors, gates, pillars on buildings, or even wall hangings.

A particularly famous wooden carving from the Nûrsot depicts a battle of the Great Hyperspace War.

The frieze is currently held at the Kaas City Sith Art Museum.

A much less common use for Nûrsot wood is utilizing them for a lightsaber.

The wood is durable and light, making it an ideal material to craft a hilt or a part of one. Very few Sith over the centuries had their entire lightsaber hilts carved from the wood. It is rumored that the former Wrath had a fragment of Nûrsot wood on the hilt of his lightsaber in the shape of a fang.

Unfortunately, what was once an abundant and thriving species of tree, the Nûrsot is essentially extinct today.

With their arrival, the Exiles also brought the spores of a deadly fungus off world that infected and decimated the forests of Korriban. As the forests withered away, the Exiles burned many of the art and relics crafted from the Nûrsot wood, especially if the item depicted anything relating to the native Sith religions.

There are only three surviving specimens, and they are all currently held in heavily guarded, special facilities by the Imperial Botanical Society within the Garden District of Kaas City.

Because of their scarcity and the history associated with them, only highly distinguished Sith can obtain a piece of Nûrsot wood, even if it’s only a small one. The fruits are carefully gathered and sold in the Scarlet District once every five to seven Imperial Standard years. And any Sith alchemist or apothecary that wishes to use the leaves must get clearance from the current Councilor heading the Sphere of Biotic Science.

ok so like notes…?

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a family of tributes and rebels

oKAY so some months ago, I saw this post from @snapback-gravity-falls detailing a partial timeline for a Gravity Falls/Hunger Games crossover, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it for all this time…

Since then I’ve had a ton of fun expanding the idea, and time permitting, maybe I’ll acTUALLY end up doing something with it? Little sketchy comics of some scenes, or something? Hopefully! :D


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EXO as tattoos? \\OT12

Just for fun. :”) [My opinion, feel free to disagree or agree.] 😁💕

btw if you’re unsure of a tattoo, I read somewhere setting it as your lockscreen for a month would help decide. Since it’s permanent and all. 

Credit: To the owners

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Human Prince Sidon and Zora Link are so pleased to be together. :)

Shoutout to Art_Phantom on AO3 for the idea of Zora Link having a koi fish head! :D ‘Cuz koi symbolize good luck and courage and all that great stuff.

This version of human Prince Sidon was inspired by @cuteouji‘s human Sidon outfit and @starhoodies‘s Sidon’s fluffy-hair! <3 You guys are such talented artists. >~<

The background is just words I wrote on a whim, without much editing. If I were to edit it, it would probably read:

And there before Sidon, Link stood, no longer a boy or a girl or both or neither, but a beautiful golden sea creature, a Zora with the head of a koi fish and tapering fins, a being with a slight but strong frame, and with the same most brilliant blue eyes Sidon had come to know.

“I’m sorry,” the Zora spoke, in a voice soft as the song that had healed Sidon the night he was shipwrecked. “I wish I could’ve told you before, but I couldn’t.”

Link was afraid of what the prince would think of him – would he treat him entirely as someone else?

“I understand,” the prince said, in a voice quieter than Link had ever heard from him. “So it was you. Oh, I can’t believe I didn’t realize sooner. But please, do not look so sad, dear one. I would never want to cause you worry.”

Later, Sidon promised himself, he would tell Link – for he dearly wished to, though he was yet shy – that Link was still, and now even more so, the loveliest being he had ever been graced to know. He had become surer of this with time.

The prince’s expression was earnest, gentler than Link remembered ever seeing him. Touched by his warmth, Link was heartened. With gratefulness he felt he could keep trusting in the prince and his kindness. And in that moment, Link wanted nothing more.

“Link?” Prince Sidon spoke. “Are you well? You seem a little faint…”


finished dana!! thought i’d post the full thing as well as some choice close ups
she is an absolute joy to draw, my beautiful muscle daughter.

More info on Dana
  - she specialises in two handed weaponry, with her strength she has the ability to give hammers and halberds decent swing and with her second set of arms, she can use shields and smaller weapons for close combat.
- Although she’s half elf, she’s non inherent (a being that cannot perform any feat of magic). This would usually count against her in her course (most heroes have some form of magic as back up, in case their sidekicks get knocked out), but her quick thinking and battle strategy as well as obvious physical skill make up for her lack.
- she has a huge sweet tooth. whilst she is very careful with her diet, for her course, she manages to fit cakes into her calorie count. Her favourite is carrot cake.
- her clothes, apart from her work out gear which she has modified, are all hand made. Despite there being many clothes shops in the city that cater to four armed beings (elves being the majority of the population there), none of them cater to a being of her size and width. So push comes to shove and she makes her own. She’s rather good at it. 
- she will often fix her fellow students battle outfits
- “dude, how long has that seam been torn, dude, just, just give it to me before we have to endure it ripping mid practise. i don’t need that before exams, Atam”
- she will literally sit between practises either lifting weights or fixing the younger students tunics.
- they never see the symbols she sews into the lining, good luck symbols, symbols to protect, and she will deny it, shut up tiny, the fuck would i do that for now hurry up and rush me before you drop that sword in that shitty hold you have, dave.
- she is great at colour co-ordinating her outfits. she is aware that her dress accentuates her muscles, yes, and that it goes with her eyes. she is aware.

i love my daughter, i think i’ve said this.
my character thankyou

You’ve probably heard of runes and you’ve probably seen them throughout popular culture media, - they’re often used in fantasy based television shows and films. It is likely that the runes you have seen are Elder Futhark Runes (old Norse ones - we’ll cover that later) but the ones featured in this post, are Witches Runes. They’re often inscribed on stones or used in rituals.

Crossroads: use if you’re going through a change, have decisions to make or wish to bring about change.

Man: use in magick that deals with men (naturally!), masculinity, or (if you’re religious) the strength of your God(s).

Woman: use in magick that deals (again, naturally!) with women, femininity, or to invoke any Goddesses you have.

The Eye: use in psychic workings or dealings with truth; to reveal deception, for example. Used also in/for protection.

Harvest: use for prosperity and abundance magick, dealings with money or to attract something good to your life.

The Sun: use for growth and happiness, strength and masculinity and for invoking any deities that are associated with the Sun. Use also in protection magick and on Sabbats.

The Moon: femininity and magick. It enhances power and is used in the invocation of deities associated with the Moon and during Esbats.

Flight: higher knowledge and the attraction of something new; success and business ventures - brings about new opportunities.

The Rings: used for binding and attracting new love; it strengthens existing bonds.

Romance: naturally, this attracts new love and/or romance. Used in sex and fertility magick and heals broken hearts.

The Scythe: used to break curses and hexes; removes bad luck and influences and can be used to break or weaken bonds and relationships.

The Star: a wishing rune that, when meditated on, brings about good fortune and good luck.

Waves: symbolizes purity and can be used for forgiveness and healing, as well as the expulsion of bad and negative energies.

[Taken from my own personal grimoire.]

[F] I See All the Colours Blooming Their Glow

Title: I See All the Colours Blooming Their Glow
Pairing: Soonhoon (Soonyoung x Jihoon)
Length: 10,525 words
Summary: Love is fluorescent. Even though your soulmate, the person you love, might be among other people, that person will stand out to you. Why can’t Soonyoung find the colour he’s looking for?
A/N: This took about a month to write on and off, but hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I did researching and writing it!

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capstevenrogers  asked:

So all the courts have a spring celebration. The spring court has calanmai and the night court has starfall. What do you think the other courts have?

I was thinking about this ask and the purposes of the different celebrations that we know of in ACOTAR all day. And then I had a nice talk with my friend @squaddreamcourt lol what’s new, you ask, and we had thoughts and she had a lot more than me so she helped me out with this, because I am totally into this ask, but also really tired today, and apparently she is a hoarder of ideas and wooden video game spoons.

So the Spring Court has Calanmai because of spring and fertility etc, right? And Starfall in the Night Court is… well I feel like the mythos of that has been lost, because it isn’t explained fully. There is speculation but it’s pretty different from Calanmai in the sense that there isn’t a specific purpose or something that the celebration achieves. I was trying to think of different celebrations and their purposes - what are their origins, in a way that would make sense for the different courts. Enter Harry and her headcanons and knowledge, and so the rest of this post is basically her (thank you!!!! she says this is based on the Wheel of the Year) and I had to put it under the cut because LONG.

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I started this thing forever ago as a project for my Redbubble shop and I ONLY JUST NOW finished Tim and Masky, but better late than never right? All of these are available as stickers and other things in my store. 

All their flower crowns have meanings too because I put way to much thought into this. 

Alex - Tiger/Orange Lilly
This flower symbolizes pride and passion, but orange lilies can also symbolize hatred

Brian - Pink Camellia 
This flower is given to express admiration or to wish good luck. Pink camellias specifically symbolize longing or missing someone. 

Jessica - White Daisy 
This flower symbolizes innocence and hope, and is often given to someone to symbolize new beginnings.

Jay - Red Poppy
This flower symbolizes peace in death and remembrance and is given to express consolation. 

Hoodie - Blue Rose
This flower symbolizes mystery, and because it does not occur naturally, it can symbolize the impossible.

Masky - White Anemone 
This flower is considered an omen of bad luck, and when the petals close it signifies rain. 

Tim - Yellow Zinnia
This flower symbolizes lasting affection, remembrance, and thinking of an absent friend.


Ancient Anchors

Travelling by sea in ancient times could be very dangerous. Anchors were decorated with the name of the sea god Poseidon or the goddess of sailors Aphrodite and with good luck symbols in the hope of a safe voyage.

The first anchors were large flat stones pierced with holes to tie a rope through. Wooden arms helped the anchor grip into the silt or rocks on the seabed. Later anchors were made of heavy lead stocks attached to a wooden shaft with curved wooden arms. 

A boat usually needed to lower several anchors, depending on its size and the weather conditions. There was always a risk that an anchor would stick too firmly into the sea floor and have to be cut loose.

See these three Greek anchor pieces, made between 500 and 200 BC, in our Storms, War and Shipwrecks exhibition which closes soon on 25 September.

Das Hufeisen (horseshoe) is a good luck symbol in Germany. Dem “Wundermetall” des Hufeisens wurden im Volksglauben Zauberkräfte nachgesagt. Es mache unverwundbar, schütze gegen böse Geister und könne Naturkatastrophen abwehren. Tatsächlich war Eisen in der Vergangenheit sehr teuer. Keine Einigkeit besteht darin, wie ein Hufeisen aufgehängt werden sollte. Mit der Öffnung nach oben könnte es die Hörner des Teufels darstellen. Es kann auch für einen Brunnen oder eine Pforte stehen, durch welche das Glück eintreten kann. Darum dürfe man es nicht mit der Öffnung nach unten aufhängen, sonst fällt das Glück heraus. Nach einer anderen Deutung sei genau dies nötig - es müsse mit der Öffnung nach unten aufgehängt werden, damit das Glück herausfließen könne. So findet man über manchen Türen 2 Eisen, eins mit der Öffnung nach unten und eins mit der Öffnung nach oben. 

Hufeisen wurden mit der Öffnung nach unten über Türen, Eingängen, Kamin, an Schiffsmasten usw. angebracht, weil man glaubte, weder der Teufel noch böse Geister könnten unter einem Bogen von Eisen durchgehen. In ländlichen Gegenden galt es auch als Glück, wenn man ein Gewitter unbeschadet überstanden hatte. So wurde das Hufeisen schützend über das Haus mit der Öffnung nach unten aufgehängt, um einen Blitzeinschlag abzuhalten. Während des Höhepunkts des Hexenwahns glaubte man, dass Hexen deshalb auf einem Besen reiten, weil sie sich vor Pferden fürchten. Jede Erinnerung an ein Pferd würde daher Hexen ebenso wirksam abhalten wie Knoblauch einen Vampir. Zur Verhinderung der Auferstehung brachte man daher auf dem Sargdeckel hingerichteter Hexen auch ein Hufeisen an. Ein gefundenes Hufeisen gilt auch heute noch als Glücksbringer. Voraussetzungen ist, dass man es gefunden und nicht gesucht hat und es mit der Öffnung nach oben aufhängt. Das Hufeisen bekam seine Bedeutung als Glückssymbol durch den früheren Transport von Liebesbriefen mit Postkutschen und berittenen Kurieren.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I get a "I attract good luck and wealth" sigil please? 😁also what method of charging would you recommend for a sigil of this type?

Of course! (My hands were shaky, so excuse the messy cursive.) There are a thousand different ways that you can charge this sigil! The question is, what resonates with you the most? There’s nothing wrong with going the “simple” route by writing it on a piece of paper and then burning it. You could also draw it on a pulse point; that’s a personal favorite of mine.

Want to get more creative? 

* Carve it into a green candle, light the wick, and let it melt away. (Maybe green doesn’t symbolize “good luck/wealth” to you. No worries. Use whatever color works for you.)

* Use a fine-tipped marker to draw it onto a coin, and keep the coin in your pocket throughout the day.

* Feel like witchin’ in the kitchen? Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves are all great spices for luck and good fortune. Make a spiced apple pie and carve your sigil into the crust before it bakes. 

At the end of the day, though, use a method that you feel is most powerful.

“I attract good luck and wealth.”

Go forth and rake in those fat stacks, my dude.