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single dad aus!!!!!! would you do one for Namjoon ??? pls and thank you

people always ask me for more namjoon,,,,,so here you go ^^

  • has a young daughter,,,,,,she’s only a year and a half old
  • and if anything bad happened to her,,,,,,he would lose it,,,like people are like you seem like you’d be such a chill parent but once taehyung held her with only one hand and namjoon almost,,,,,died of anxiety
  • only trusts jin,,,,,,,,,,,,with his daughter for more than an hour,,,,,,,,,jungkook and jimin are like!!!!!! baby!!!! when they see her and namjoon is like stay back wild teenagers
  • sometimes namjoon is a little awkward with parenting,,,,and he has to look up things on his phone,,,,or phone his mom,,,,,but he’s doing his best - like he really is
  • because his daughter has become his entire universe and he wants to make sure he never ever hurts her and that he can protect her from the world (even if that’s slightly,,,,unrealistic) 
  • so when you see namjoon at the carnival,,,,small girl in his arms wide-eyed and making noises toward the super big plush bear hanging over your head 
  • you wave at her and motion for her dad to bring her over
  • see you work the ring toss and if anyone can land a ring around the bottle cap,,,,they can win the big stuffed bear
  • and you know the game is basically impossible,,,,but it is your job to get people to play
  • so namjoon fishes out a bill from his pocket, handing it over and looking at his daughter
  • “do you want the bear?”
  • she smiles,,,,making a noise of definite happiness at the word ‘bear’
  • you grin and hand him twenty rings 
  • “good luck!”
  • namjoon,,,,with his daughter in one hand tries to toss a couple of the rings,,,,but they all bounce off the bottles or fall short 
  • slowly,,,his daughter pouts and her once cute, bright expression grows sadder
  • with one ring left, namjoon closes his eyes and throws it
  • and you know that if he doesn’t get his poor daughter might break out the crocidile tears
  • so you grab a ring from the floor quickly, looping it around one of the bottles while namjoon’s eyes are closes
  • and when he opens them, you jump and go “we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!”
  • namjoon lets out a relieved sigh,,,,his daughter squealing as you hand the big bear over to him
  • quickly, she grabs at its ears and nose, burying her face in its paws
  • you look to namjoon and give him a thumbs up
  • but he looks back at the bottle and runs his tongue over his lip
  • “one question,,,,,why is the ring i threw red and the one on the bottle blue?”
  • blinking,,,,you freeze up,,,,eyes darting back and forth as you try to think of an excuse before shrugging and going “,,,,,carnival magic?”
  • namjoon’s daughter tries to pull the bear,,, tiny hands burrowed in the fur and the happy spark in her eyes is enough for namjoon to drop it
  • but as he walks away you think to yourself that hey - if you could make that cute girl happy, that’s all the matters
  • what you don’t expect is for namjoon to comeback an hour later,,,,in his hands is his sleeping angel as well as a smaller teddy bear than the one you’d let them have
  • he sets down the bear and you look at it confusingly
  • until namjoon goes “i tried to win a bigger one, but i have the worst luck. i hope this is enough of a thank you,,,,”
  • he shifts a bit so his daughter can comfortably nestle her head against his neck
  • you pick up the bear and slip him into the front pocket of your uniform, a small smile tugging at your lips
  • but namjoon leans over and is like “if it’s not enough of a thank you, id also love to take you out sometime,,,,,,,,,,”
  • surprised you stammer out a “w-w-why?”
  • and namjoon reddens but goes “i knew i couldnt win that bear, but if i hadnt - i dont know how long she would have cried. you saved my butt, so dinner and a movie is the only way i could think of showing gratitude.”
  • you look up,,,,his shy smile shows of his deep dimples and you bite your lip
  • “that,,,,sounds nice,,,,”
  • namjoon’s smile grows and he goes “oh also, my daughter will probably be coming with us i hope that’s not a deal breaker?”
  • you shake your head going “three is better than two, always.” 

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Prompt List 33. I missed something didn't I ? Please☺️

He rushes into the room, hair messy, cheeks pink from the cold air outside.

“I missed something, didn’t I?” he asks me as he sits next to me.

“You’re safe, Peeta. Mrs.Cartwright hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Good.” He reaches into tthe pocket of his jeans, where he takes a small box that he hands me. “Don’t fret. It’s not an engagement ring.” He says, waiting for me to pick the box.

My hand shakes as I grab it, open the lid, to find a long, thin silver chain. Lifting it, I can see a gray pearl hanging from it.

“I couldn’t resist when I saw it. It’s the color of your eyes.” Peeta tells me before leaning in. His lips are warm and taste like him. I could kiss him forever and a day.

A cough interrupts us, and soon, the bride’s mother is lecturing us about our duties as Best Man and Maid of Honor.

Once we’re out, in our favorite coffee shop, I can’t stop touching my pearl. Like everything coming from Peeta, it’s gorgeous, warm, and totally something I do not deserve.

I lean in, letting the pearl dance between us.

“Good luck finding the matching ring.”

He winks, before he leaves a kiss on the top of my nose.

“Who said I needed finding it?”

True to his words, when he proposes a few months later, the pearl on my ring is the exact same shade as the one on my necklace.

Sorry it took so long, @jroseley … life, you know? Hope you liked it :) unbeta-ed, all mistakes are mine.

3 Days of Carnival (Park Woojin fic)

Okay HUGE A/N: OMGosh you don’t know how perfect this request is. So after i saw this in my inbox, i like went to this big carnival + international exhibition that happens in my city and took pics of carnival booths there to go with this post cause I thought it would be cute so ejincnewdnvjebnweiuhvnoweb im so ExCiTeD to write this. And this may or may not be super long. I apologise if it sucks but thanks for requesting hun ♥‿♥  

(so fyi two carnival shots below are mine :D)

Day 1: 

You tugged at you friend’s hand hurriedly across the entrance gate. You were so excited to spend some time at your local carnival today. Though carnivals don’t seem like a big deal, this one was. Vendors and stores all over town set up booths, there were countless rides and your favourite part, a midway with several booth games. You were quite the competitive girl, so of course anything game related caught your eye. So as you were walking through the crowd, a red headed boy with cat face paint on his face caught your attention. “Give a hand at the ring toss folks, get a ring on any bottle and win a prize!” he called out with a cute smile. 

“Hey, can I try that?” you questioned your friend. 

“Seriously Y/N, those games are just cunning ploys to get your money.” 

“Ah Please!!! I’ll die if I don’t try it. PWEASE!!!!” 

“OMG fine” 

You squealed in delight and pulled her towards the booth. You ever so willingly handed over your money to the boy at the booth. “Is the young lady confident that she’ll win?” he questioned, his eyes sparkling. Either he was really passionate about running a game booth or super sweet, you couldn’t tell. “I am, I never give up!” He laughed and handed you your rings “Good luck!”. Three tries… and three fails. 

“Ah man c’mon!” you flapped you hands around in misery. 

“Told you this was a waste of money” 

“You were really close the last time, I thought you almost got it” the booth boy offered. 

You were about to go again when your friend dragged you away before you could protest. Though the rides were amazing, a certain prize and red head were on your mind for the rest of the day.  

Day 2: 

You tiptoed over to the booth and tugged at the sleeve of the red head, who had his back towards you. He turned around and a flash of surprise crossed his face. 

“You came back!” and that was when you noticed his snaggletooth smile for the first time. 

“I couldn’t help myself. I have my eye on a certain prize” You pointed up towards the large Squirtle plushy that was hanging over your head. 

“He’s so cute! He was worth another visit!” Inside you knew you meant both Squirtle and Snaggletooth, but of course you wouldn’t admit that out loud. 

He laughed and leaned closer. “Well, miss-” 

“Y/N… Y/N + your last name” 

“Ah yes, Miss Y/N. I’m really glad you came back today. And I’m Woojin by the way, Park Woojin.” If you weren’t wrong, his cheeks were staring to flush a rosy pink. 

You grinned and handed him your money. And the grand result… three fails again. 

“WTF, you’ve got to be kidding me!?” 

He giggled at your profanity but immediately composed himself. 

“You know, I would just give it to you if I could but-” 

You shook your hand “Don’t worry. I know you can’t do that. I guess I’m just really unlucky”. Then you trudged away sadly, distracted by your failure to see his pouty expression at the sight of you leaving.  

Day 3: 

He watched you amused as you tied your hair back and rolled up your sleeves, glaring down at the menacing bottles that were lined up before you, their necks poised up in the air so proudly. 

“Wow Y/N. I swear I see fire in your eyes. Nice, burning passion”

You smirked “I’ve got this Woojin. I have the perfect strategy. If I aim for those bottles in the corner at a 55 degree angle, that damn adorable Squirtle is mine! Muhaha!”. 

He just laughed and handed you your rings. “I’m praying for you Y/N. May the Squirtle be yours!” 

Your first shot was actually quite horrible. It hit the edge of the booth, and tumbled to the floor. He winced but gave you an encouraging smile. Your second one was a bit better, it hit one of the bottles at least. You huffed and carefully aimed the last one. It caught on to one of the bottles and twirled around. You two looked at each other with excited expressions as this one truly seemed like a winner. But then it tumbled off and gracefully flew away across the booth. Both of your jaws  dropped to the floor. 

“Like wth? I know I run this game, but I think these bottles are rigged” Woojin scowled. 

You sighed heavily and looked at him with a sad smile “It’s okay Woojin. I’m just super unlucky. Ughhh forget it! Later, I’ll see you around” You ignored his calls, and left the booth quickly. 

You were embarrassed that he had to see you fail so many times. He probably thought you were an idiot. You plopped down on a bench with a bag of cotton candy, and started stuffing your sorrows away. After awhile of replaying the miserable game attempts in your head, you got up to head home. 

“Y/N!!! Wait!” you stopped and turned around to see a breathless Woojin, the Squirtle plushy in his hand. 

“Oh? Woojin! What’s this?” 

“Here, this is for you” he huffed, handing you the plushy. You immediately wrapped your arms around the soft toy tightly.

“But I thought you couldn’t just give it to me?” 

“No, I played for it. Three times just like you. But I won on the last one” He smiled. 

You felt your cheeks heating up as you made eye contact with him. Not only was he cute, but so sweet and considerate as well.

“Thank you Woojin! You didn’t have to…” 

“I wanted to. Really!” he looked a little nervous now “So… I don’t know if this is too soon. I mean I’ve only known you for 3 days, but uh … I have a day off tomorrow and um maybe we could meet here. I could teach you, the tricks to winning carnival games.” 

You ignored your inner soul scream in delight and tried to stay calm. 

“Are- are you asking m-me on a a date?” You failed at the calm part. 

He flashed a shy snaggletooth smile “Yeah…I guess I am” 

You smiled and nodded your head quickly “Sure. I’d like that, alot.” 

And that was when 3 Days of Carnival became 4. But the last day was filled with winning lots of Pokemon plushies, laughter and sweet loving gazes.

The Letter - Part 3

Part 1     Part 2

James laughed again and it was oddly comforting because it made everything seem normal. “What do we do now?” he repeated. Then he lowered his voice and his eyes softened. “Well, right now I’d like to kiss you again.”

And he did. And Sharna felt as though her entire life had been leading her to this moment. As if every second, minute, hour, and day had come together in some fateful way to lead them here. Together. But then the rational part of her brain kicked in.

“James, I’m serious,” she told him, pulling away from him again. “I want this. I’m not going to pretend I don’t. And you - you…”

“I want this, too.”

“And you have a girlfriend,” she said, as though he hadn’t cut in.

He sighed. His expression, which had been so tranquil and content just a moment ago, shifted.

“I know,” he said, and she could hear the guilt and pain in his voice.

“And you said things were better now. Between you two.”

“Better doesn’t mean good.” He ran one hand through his hair, looking completely overwhelmed. “I mean, it is good, I guess. But everything from the past is still there. I haven’t forgotten about it and she hasn’t forgiven me. Not really.”

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Can we talk about how far Viktor has come as a coach?

We go from this in Episode 7

To this in Episode 10

Two similar scenarios with totally different results. This time around when Viktor senses Yuri’s nerves he doesn’t flounder with how to handle it, he does exactly what Yuri asked him to do. He stands by him, trusts that Yuri will figure it out, and provides his support by just being there.

He’s still not perfect, but instead of it being a negative thing, and it being a sign of how much Viktor has to learn about being a coach as Yakov suggests Yuri relies on it. Yuri knows his faults as a coach and embraces them.

Instead of bottling it all up inside until it boils over like he has in the past (last year’s GPF, episode 7′s carpark scene), after sitting alone in his room thinking about what he has to overcome to win, and the challengers he’s about to face, his first instinct is to call out to Viktor for help (at least in his head) for help. 

And later that day basically tells Viktor to distract him from the upcoming competition.

Yuri is the one directing Viktor in how to handle his nerves, he’s the one who figures out what he needs and drags Viktor along. He’s the one gets the idea to buy Viktor a “good luck” ring so that he can do his best in the finals.

(Even though this is his face when he spots the jewelry store.)

He’s the one who prompts Viktor for some words of encouragement

And Viktor keeps it in mind that Yuri flubs his jumps when he overthinks things

Instead of saying something that would cause Yuri to lose focus, or worry too hard about medaling, or nailing his jumps, he tells him to skate the way he likes the best. What he knows Yuri needs to hear.

Viktor isn’t a perfect coach, but he’s come such a long way thanks to Yuri. And yeah, he still has a long way to go. But he’s doing exactly what Yuri needs from him.

  • *late evening, 221B*
  • Sherlock & Molly: *having dinner by candlelight*
  • Molly: *smiling* This is nice. Why do we never do this?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Busy schedules, too much effort, general unwillingness...
  • Molly: *chuckles* I suppose. So, what's the special occasion?
  • Sherlock: *swallows; leans forward* Molly-
  • Rosamund: *runs out of Sherlock's bedroom* Uncle Sherlock, I can't sleep.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* You were doing fine just now.
  • Rosamund: Can I have a drink?
  • Sherlock: *still frowning* You've got one.
  • Rosamund: Oh. Okay *skips back to his room*
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Um, yes...anyway, you're very important to me. I-I honestly cannot imagine my life without you.
  • Molly: *smiles* Awww *reaches across the table to hold his hand*
  • Sherlock: *takes a deep breath* Molly, we've known each other a long time...which is why I know you'll fully understand how much I mean what I am about to say.
  • Molly: *nods slowly* Okayyy...
  • Sherlock: *nervous* Molly, I love you and-
  • Rosamund: *trots back into the kitchen* Uncle Sherlock, can you read me a bedtime story?
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* I did the first time you went to bed.
  • Rosamund: *bats her eyeslashes* Can I have another one?
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Fine, yes *half-smiles at Molly* excuse me.
  • Molly: *nods* No, it's fine.
  • -ten minutes later-
  • Sherlock: *returns* Sorry, she wanted the voices *thinking* where was I?
  • Molly: *patient* We've known each other for a long time...
  • Sherlock: *fidgeting* Oh, yes. Well, the thing is...until you came along, I never had the desire to share my life with anyone. And now I don't want anything less. Because of you.
  • Molly: *blushes* Oh.
  • Sherlock: Molly-
  • Rosamund: *beside the table* Uncle Sherlock? Can you tuck me in please?
  • Sherlock: *frustrated* No. Go to bed.
  • Rosamund: *yawns* Can I have a goodnight kiss, then?
  • Sherlock: *softly* Come here *holds his arms out*
  • Rosamund: *hugs him and kisses his cheek; whispers* Get on with it before we all die of old age.
  • Sherlock: *puts her down* Get out.
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Night, Auntie Molly *scurries back to bed*
  • Molly: *also giggling* Goodnight Sharlotte.
  • Sherlock: *grumpy* Right *pauses; glances at the bedroom door* as I was saying *pauses; looks over at the bedroom door* Molly Hooper *shuffles out of his seat onto one knee* will you marry me?
  • Molly: *leans down and kisses him* Yes. Of course I will.
  • Rosamund: *cheering in the bedroom*
  • Sherlock: *mutters* We're not having one of those.
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 11 - On Yuuri’s Love

There is a lot to unpack in episode 11 of Yuri!!! on Ice. Hardly a moment is wasted and though there is a large focus on the part C portion we have information right from the start that helps us understand this story in regards to Yuuri and Victor. Here is my overly long take on the goings on of episode eleven.

We start the episode with what seems to be an in-world introduction to the GPF contestants. Even on what seems to be an in-world piece of media we see Yuuri and Victor and their relationship all intertwined. The footage from the end of episode seven is used and there is mention over it of the fact that Yuuri’s theme is Love. This is any obvious in-world link showing us that not only do we, as the audience, see the connection of Yuuri and Victor’s relationship to Yuuri’s theme, but that it is also noted by the audience in the show.

We quickly move on to Yuuri on the ice for Eros.

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