good luck out there my friends


(March, 2014/January, 2018) My name is Jay and I’m a trans man. I’m only out to my close friends because my family is very transphobic, but I’m hoping to move out after college and talk to my doctor about transitioning. I’ve been a lot happier since I started expressing who I really am, even with simple things like cutting my hair off. I’d love to make more friends who understand what I’m going through and such. (My username is jaytranscended). I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Jay, You look fantastic! Good luck with your medical transition! You definitely look a lot happier and I really hope it continues for you!

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- Ren

never give up

hey it me monto i just want to say no matter how hard it gonna be never give up on your dreams you can keep going like how i am and throw out getting sub im gonna help the other artist on YouTuber  because remember where all in this together i know it hard but i feel if we look on the bright side of things and never give up i believe that people like us can succeeded as long as we keep stand and never backing down and rise up to succeeded even if you think you cant you can i even believe in my Friends because i feel they can help achieve there dream :3 so good luck and remember try to have fun and if you struggling than talk to a friend or a family member because its ok to get help even on the hard times but remember as long as you look on the bright side of things we can do any plus were all in this together no matter what i believe in every single one of you guys i love you all your like a part of my family and every time i see you achieve something i feel like there hope in the world no mater what so yeah never give up on your dream people because if you keep going good will happens to you no matter what :)

Voltron Terminology: Season Three

A list of places, objects, phrases, and new characters introduced in Season Three. All spelling is from the subtitles. Might be missing one or two. Good luck, content creators!


Puigsaved by Lance and Hunk in s3ep1, attacked again later by the Galra General Ladies. Call themselves the Puigians.
Ulippa System – Throk is transferred out here. The planet/system has ice worms.
Va’Kar quadrant – the Paladins set a course to this place during their search for Lotor and the comet.
Planet Kythra – a tribal desert people, featuring the same large feathered ears as the aliens who rescued Matt. Pronounced “keeth-ra”.
Tando people – live in the Valurian quadrant, and wear flappy loose pants.
Paglium quadrant – the yellow and blue lions were spotted here between season two and three.
Planet Thayserix – planet made of dense gases with unusual magnetic poles that cancel the sensors. Atmosphere has areas full of Red Syntian Nitrate, which is a highly combustible gas that goes BOOM when you shoot through it with “amplified emissions of light.” (In summary: lasers bad. Ice guns okay.)
Daibazaal - original home of the Galra. The comet that Voltron was made from crashed here.
Rygnirath - home of the original Yellow Paladin, Gyrgan
the Dalterion Belt - home of the original Green Paladin, Trigel
Nalquod - home of the original Blue Paladin, Blaytz

Terms and Objects

Red Syntian Nitrate – a highly combustible gas found in parts of Thayserix’s atmosphere. See above.
Skort pantaloons – flappy loose pants traditionally worn by the Tando people.
Bogwaggle-cape – can be trained to sing theme songs. Coran had one back in the day.
Nanothermite titanium-boron – the bomb that broke Matt out of galra prison
Tel-Galax exploration shuttle – one of King Alfor’s deep space vessels. The team come upon it half-suspended between realities. Note: This ship in particular is Commodore Trayling’s ship.
Non-cogs – a term used by trans-reality Alteans that refers to people controlled by the hokril.
Hokril – a device that plugs directly into one’s brain via the back of the skull. This device saps the fighting force from a person – from “enemies”. Used by the trans-reality Alteans to bring “peace”.
Klygarg – a computer or database of some sort. Transmissions can be logged on this device, which needs a password to activate.

Note: the comet that Voltron was made from, as well as Lotor’s new battle-ship, is never specified by name. The ship (and Voltron) are said to be made from the “ore” produced by the comet – but the comet itself currently has no specified name.


By King Groggery the Infirm! – used by Coran as an exclamation. Fun fact: King Groggery the Infirm is also on the Altean currency that Coran tries to bribe the mall-directory!Unilu with in Space Mall (Season 2.7).
By the ancients – another one of Coran’s exclamations.
Hold your gazurgas, everyone! – thank you, Coran.
And I’m the Phoblan of Gargalax – Shiro’s taller captor uses this as a sarcastic statement of disbelief, similar to “sure, and I’m the King of France.”
By willow! – Gyrgan exclaims this at least twice.


Guns of Gamara – really, Sven?


Lotor’s Generals
Ezor – awesome. ‘ribbon-hair’ Galra
Narti – blind with a kitty. Also has tail.
Zethrid – big fluffy ears. Always down to fight.
Acxa – the Galra Keith met in the weblum. Note: the subtitles spell her name differently almost every time.

Original Paladins
Zarkon, from planet Daibazaal – original Black Paladin
King Alfor, from planet Altea – original Red Paladin
Gyrgan, from Rygnirath – original Yellow Paladin
Trigel, from the Dalterion Belt – original Green Paladin
Blaytz, from Nalquod – original Blue Paladin

Commander Throk – attempts to undermine Lotor
Commander Trayling - was in charge of the exploration shuttle the Paladins discover.
Sven – ……….
General Hira – the pink-haired Altean met in the trans-reality. Refers to Allura as ‘Empress.’
Her companion with the spectacles is never named.
Moxilous – a “non-cog” controlled by the Alteans in the trans-reality
Vakala – tiny alien on the ice planet fake!Shiro/Kuron lands on. Their companion, the larger alien, is not named.
Subject Y0XT39 – approved for use in Operation Kuron.
Note: Shiro’s fugitive number is 117-9875. (Season 1.10)
General Raht – assigned by Haggar to keep an eye on Prince Lotor.
Honerva – Haggar’s original name
Kova – Honerva’s cat. Same species as the cat that Narti uses to see through – possibly the same cat? Maybe season 4 will tell us.

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kissy sentence starters.

“ is it bad i really want to kiss you right now? ”
“ do me a favor, kiss my ass. ”
“ they can all just kiss my ass. ”
“ i kissed someone today. ”
“ i kissed a girl/boy and i liked it. ”
“ kissing burns calories you know. ”
“ my lips really want to meet yours. ”
“ so are we going to kiss or not? ”
“ i sent you a bunch of kiss emojis. ”
“ don’t talk, just kiss me. ”
“ i really enjoyed our kiss last night. ”
“ you make me want to kiss you. ”
“ you owe me a kiss. ”
“ pucker up. ”
“ read my lips, no. ”
“ your eyes say no but your lips say yes. ”
“ i just want to kiss you. ”
“ i miss your lips. ”
“ give me a kiss. ”
“ blow a kiss my way for good luck. ”
“ ever kiss in the rain? ”
“ ever kiss under water? ”
“ it was just a kiss, that’s all. ”
“ a kiss doesn’t mean anything. ”
“ i love when our lips meet. ”
“ where do you want me to kiss you? ”
“ i want to either kiss you or kill you right now. ”
“ did you really just kiss him/her? ”
“ friends aren’t allowed to kiss one another. ”
“ kiss me one more time. ”
“ want to make out? ”
“ you’re a terrible kisser. ”
“ teach me how to kiss? ”
“ i remember our first kiss. ”
“ your lips are calling my name. ”
“ let’s just kiss already. ”

So to recap, Adrien “Just a Friend” Agreste;

- Thinks Marinette is a really talented artist 
- Thinks Marinette is a really talented designer
- Thinks Marinette is a great gamer
- Thinks Marinette is a great dancer
- Thinks Marinette is a great baker
- Thinks Marinette is awesome and wishes he could be just as awesome
- Supported her through his father’s design competition
- Supported her when she ran for student council
- Supported and gave his spot in the gaming competition to her
- Didn’t deny when shown a picture of Marinette and asked “She’s cute, right?”
- Fumbled when asked if Marinette was cute
- Calls her “Princess” and “Little Lady”
- Cares what she thinks about Chat Noir
- Admired her for standing up to Chloe and her antics
- Admired her for defending Mylène 
- Admired her for trying hard to include Juleka in their class photo
- Was down with kissing her for a scene that just had to be in a low-budget, high school film project.
- Was annoyed when said kiss was cock-blocked by Chloé. 
- Because you know…art
- Nervously asked for her autograph on a poster of his favorite singer
- Took time to literally spend a day with her and her great uncle
- Because, after they quickly found out Wang Cheng spoke French, she totally still needed a translator?? Right? ……Art???
- Stood up to Chloé when she insulted Marinette and her uncle
- Stood up to Chloé when she accused Marinette of pulling the fire alarm
- Took time to spend a day with her at her house…because video games…yeah
- Was super nervous and blushy during that entire exchange
- Was super touched/happy she gave him her good luck bracelet
- Hangs out with her in the park afterwards because…video games?? art??
- Immediately worries about her safety when the akuma arrives
- Actively tries to find and bring her to safety during an akuma attack
- Like twice…the first person he went to defend was her
- Asked her to dance with him
- Literally dragged her onto the dance floor
- Was super happy about it
- Basically cuddled with her on the dance floor because…friendship…art??…she smells nice??…I love holding my friends close to my body and never wanting to let go of them?? 
- Puts time and effort planning her surprise party
- Gives her the most thoughtful gift he could think of, even though he had the resources to get her anything 
- Puts time and effort making a gift for Marinette Dupain-Cheng, hoping she’ll like it
- Because we really need matching bracelets…to show…our very platonic friendship…yeah sorry Nino and Chloé y’all don’t get one…because it’s exclusively a me and her thing…friendship???

Best quotes from the new dnp craft video

“Friends are important. then you have more knives”

*laughing* “Lying makes you go to hell!”

“This one’s long with a big head. Like him!”

“Throw the smallest over your shoulder! No one wants that.” 

“I’ve selected as many knives as i have friends. Two!”

*heavy breathing*

“Next, grab your potato! Grip it with all your strength.”

“Slice it like it will remember it.”

“Chopping things fills me with good memories.”

“Sometimes its nice to look up at the stars and remember that theyre all already dead.” 

“The universe is so big….and cold.”

“If you make a mistake while cutting, just think about it for the rest of the day!”

“Phil. Too hard. You hurt it.”

“Space is violent.”

“I only trust my potato with my true friend”

“Im going to place mine [potato] in the trapdoor under my bed.”

*satanic shit*

So our friend was new to playing dnd

Newbie: So what is a survival check for?

DM: It’s basically if i threw you out in the forest and said ‘good fucking luck’, so-

Me: Its when, after you are done playing for the day, the DM makes you roll a survival check and if its lower then a 20, the DM takes you out back-

Newbie: OH MY g o

Me: and shoots you like a horse

DM proceeds to loose shit laughing

*the houses playing laser tag*

Slytherin to Ravenclaw: I got Hufflepuff in my sights *squeezes trigger*

Gryffindor: Watch out, Puff! *shoves Hufflepuff out of the way*


Slytherin: Welp,… GOOD LUCK! *shoves Ravenclaw our of hiding spot*

Ravenclaw: WHAT??

Hufflepuff: *marches over to Ravenclaw* IT WAS YOU!

Ravenclaw: WAIT! NO, I CAN EXPLAIN! *trips and falls down*

Hufflepuff: I AVENGE THEE, GRYFINN OF DOR! *shoots Ravenclaw*

Imagine Chris admitting you’re his celebrity crush.

A/N: This is a request from @unstainedlight and it took me forever to get to, I’m so sorry. But here it is, finally! It’s super cute and I’d a lot of fun writing it (as in I giggled a lot) Enjoy! X

You arrived on the ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ set shortly after your husband, Chris. The two of you came in separate cars because you’d come from your movie set, whereas he came from the hotel you were put up in while working in New York; he wasn’t due to film ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ until May. Both you and Chris had been invited by Jimmy Fallon to do your own respective interviews on your upcoming movies and pending projects, or so the both of you thought. As it turned out, those reasons were just bait given to your publicists to get both of you on his set at the same time without raising suspicion; the man had something cheeky planned.

Jimmy had interviewed Chris numerous times now- one could say that they were friends, so Jimmy knew about Chris’ crush on you. He’d said numerous times now, in most of his interviews, that you were a beautiful actress he admired, with values, morals, and ethics that made him think very highly of you; or in short, that you were his celebrity crush. The thing that Jimmy didn’t know, however, was that they two of you were actually married. You’d met Chris in 2014 while having lunch with your friends, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Chris was a good friend of John’s who thought the two of you would hit it off, and you did almost immediately.

After that day, the two of you starting secretly dating under the media’s radar because neither of you wanted the stress that came with having your relationship in the limelight. Both of you had been in the industry for a while now, so you knew what it was like when you started dating someone. The constant scrutiny, the tabloids and the rumors, the analyzing of everything you do and say, the haters and cynics calling the relationship a publicity stunt and waiting for it to blow up- you didn’t want to deal with that. Those were the things that usually ended a Hollywood relationship which was the last thing you and Chris wanted, so things between the two of you were kept under a tight lid.

Your friends and family knew about the relationship, but everyone did as you both asked and kept what they knew to themselves. During your time as boyfriend and girlfriend, you attended all red carpet events alone and took no photos together so you wouldn’t risk revealing your relationship to the world. It was unpractical, difficult, and occasionally lonely, but it worked out. Of course you weren’t going to keep it a secret forever, at some point you were going to want to reveal to the world that you were with the best person you’d ever met; vice versa. You’d both agreed to keep things hush until things were more solidified, and now that the two of you were happily married- the relationship was to be revealed at your movie premiere which was in a week’s time. But perhaps Jimmy’s cheeky little plan to embarrass Chris would move that announcement up.

“Hey stranger,” you called as you caught Chris in your dressing room mirror; he was up first and was walking towards the stage. He poked his head in and shot you a smile which you reciprocated. “Good luck out there, Captain America,” you gave him a two finger salute which made him laugh as he disappeared around the corner with the stage manager.

“Oh my God,” your makeup artist, Arizona, let out the breath she was holding in. “He is so freaking handsome,” she said then chuckled when you laughed. “I’m so glad I’m not the one doing his makeup, I wouldn’t be able to focus.” You said nothing in response as you closed your eyes to let her finish doing your eyeshadow. “Are the two of you friends?”

“I guess,” you shrugged nonchalantly.

“You know you’re his celebrity crush, right?” She was grinning excitedly when you opened your eyes. “As a fan of both you and Chris Evans, I can say that the two of you would make such a great couple.” You had to bite the inside of your cheek to stop from laughing. “You two should really make a movie together, ‘cause that’d be amazing.”

“Yeah,” you nodded in agreement.

“Okay,” she sprayed your face with setting spray then tucked a stray hair in its place. “All done, Y/N. You look amazing as always,” she complimented with a sweet smile. “And as always, it’s been an honor to do your hair and makeup. If you ever need a permanent stylist, I’m your girl.”

“Thanks Arizona,” you smiled then saw the stage director enter the room through the mirror. “And that’s my cue,” you told her and rose to your feet. You followed the stage director towards the stage and watched the TV, waiting for Jimmy to introduce you and bring you out.

“So Chris, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the interview your buddy Sebastian did with James Cordon a while back.” Chris’ eyes narrowed slightly as he pondered; he watched most of the interviews his friends and cast mates did. “The one with his celebrity crush, Sharon Stone.” Jimmy reminded him; Chris laughed and nodded. “Well, taking a page out of Cordon’s book- I thought I’d bring your celebrity crush here tonight so you can have the same opportunity to try and win her over with your charm and good looks.”

“Oh God,” Chris laughed. “This is not going to end well, I can tell already.”

“Let’s give Y/N Y/L/N a hand,” Jimmy called and you walked out right on cue. Chris caught your eye and you both tried hard not to crack even though the smiles you had on your faces were enough to give your big secret away. “C'mon Chris,” Jimmy teased as he rose to his feet, joining the audience in giving you a standing ovation. “Get on your feet, give a good impression.”

“Right, sorry.” Chris jumped onto his feet and clapped for you until you got to his side. “Hi Y/N, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” He shook your hand then leaned forward to give your cheek a quick peck. “We’re going to blow this, aren’t we?” He whispered into your ear before pulling away; you subtly nodded in response.

“Hi everyone,” you waved at the audience and they cheered for you. “Oh wow,” you began addressing Jimmy as the three of you took your seats. “It is so good to be back here. How are you, Jimmy?” You asked and he laughed.

“I’m meant to be the interviewer here, Y/N,” he joked and you chuckled. “I’m great, and you look great too. The New York air must agree with you. You’ve been out here for a while now, right?” You nodded. “You’re filming your latest movie which takes place in Manhattan, are you having fun?”

“Crazy fun,” you nodded. “I love New York, it’s where I started my career and where some of my best friends live so- yeah, I’m having a lot of fun. New York’s basically like a third home to me,” you told him; beside you, Chris smiled because he knew you refer to LA- your hometown- as home and Boston- his hometown- as your second home.

“Third home?” Jimmy quizzed. “Isn’t the saying second home?” You nodded, chuckling softly. “Okay then, so if New York is your third home then- where’s your second home? I know LA is your hometown, so that’s number one. What’s number two?”

“Boston,” you answered, trying not to smile too widely as you glanced at Chris; he couldn’t hide his grin. “It’s um- it’s a place close to my heart, a lot of my friends are from Boston- like John Krasinski, and it’s also where I fell in-love actually, with a Bostonian.”

“You’re in-love?” Jimmy looked over at Chris and pressed his lips together. “Aw, that’s a bummer.” Both you and Chris laughed at that. “Here I was thinking I was going to set the two of you up 'cause you know, Chris- Captain America, is not shy about admitting who his celebrity crush is.” You chuckled softly as you nodded. “He’s from Boston too, so if you think he’s better than your current love- it wouldn’t be hard to jump ship. Right, Chris?”

“Well,” Chris winced, trying hard not to crack. “If she’s already in-love with someone else, y'know- I’m not going to interfere with that.” You bit the inside of your cheek, stifling your laughs. “If she were single, of course I’d go for it, but she’s in a relationship, man. I can’t do that to a brother,” he tried not to laugh as he said that.

“Think about this, Y/N,” Jimmy tried to sell your husband to you. “Chris is a fan of yours, he is practically in-love with you already.” You looked over at Chris and he nodded in agreement with Jimmy’s statement, holding a serious face that made you want to laugh. “And c'mon, how great can your current guy be compared to Captain America? I mean- the choice is simple, right? Right, guys?” He asked the audience and they cheered. “The two of you would be the new Brad and Angelina, minus the divorce 'cause you’re Chris’ celebrity crush and I doubt he’d do anything to risk losing you.”

“Oh, definitely not,” Chris agreed and you turned away, laughing. “I’d treasure you for the rest of my life, Y/N.” He took your left hand in his, lifting it into vision but hiding your wedding bands. “I’d love you in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do us part. But I think you already know that from when we exchanged wedding vows,” he said and revealed the wedding bands; everyone gasped, including Jimmy. “Yeah,” Chris began as you both turned to a stunned Jimmy, chuckling. “I didn’t need your help 'cause I already married my celebrity crush.”

“Oh my God,” Jimmy’s jaw dropped. “How- when- are you guys even- Wait, what?” He laughed, bouncing excitedly in his chair. “When did this even happen? I didn’t even know that you guys knew each other, let alone dated! And you’re married? What the fu-” he cut himself off, his smile wide. “That is amazing, wow! Congratulations, you two! Wow!” The audience cheered and clapped when Jimmy did. “This is exclusive right? No one knew before this moment?”

“Our friends and family know,” you told him, chuckling. “But no one else did, so yes. This is an exclusive on your show. I’m married to Chris Evans,” you said and Chris brought your entwined hands to his lips, kissing the back of your hand.

“Yup,” Chris grinned at you then turned to the camera, “I’m married to my celebrity crush.”


all my friends are stressed up to their eyeballs right now, and as it’s exam season hell in the UK, i made a ““helpful”” powerpoint about it. ft. shitty clipart. on a calming pink background b/c it’s pretty and i like it
Enjoy my friends, i hope this helps :)

Les Amis as Stupid Things I said in my first year of college
  • Enjolras: But we argue about communism in every class!
  • Combeferre: I wrote an essay every night last week.
  • Courfeyrac: You can't make fairy lights against the rules!
  • Grantaire: If I write this paper about Enjolras do you think the professor will notice?
  • Bossuet: I swear if the fire alarm goes off at four am one more time . . . I will still get out of bed because that would be just my luck.
  • Joly: *friend gets a paper cut* Oh my goodness you're bleeding I'm prepared for this I have a first aid kit shhh no don't touch it you might infect it
  • Feuilly: No I can't go to Europe with you next year. No I have to pay for this school!
  • Gavroche: I know the football team is tall, but they won't be quiet. Do you think I could fight them?
  • Jehan: I made word art poetry instead of doing my stats.
  • Marius: Sorry I spilled water all over my shoes I'm going to be late.
  • Bonus:
  • Cosette: Everyone looks cute in crop tops!
  • Musichetta: Listen, I don't want to hear about the parties you're having but if anyone needs a ride to the hospital call me.
  • Eponine: *slams hands on desk* I HATE MEN!!!
  • Montparnasse: If we burn down the building they can't make us turn the essay in.

So my college friend and her wife just had a baby, and since the wife is a rabbi, there are a lot of well-wishes in Hebrew on their Facebook announcement, and I’m just over here laughing, because the auto-translate keeps presenting ‘mazel tov’ as literally ‘good luck,’ which, out of context, seems so fucking sarcastic. 

“We just had a baby!” 

“Yeah, good luck.” 

Sweet Creature (M)

*I have no words*

Request: Can I get a Sub Jungkook smut where their on the couch and he cums in his pants while the reader is grinding on him on his lap and dirty talks to him in his ear??? Thanks☺️☺️☺️

Word Count: 6.9k words (heh heh)

Let me ruin you goddammit

Let’s get one thing straight. You never claimed to be a good person, never did charity work, never been the perfect daughter for your parents. And you sure as hell wasn’t someone’s little girlfriend.

You did what you want, who you wanted and slipped out of their sheets before they murmur good morning in your ear. You were a ‘no strings attached’ girl, making sure that you would never become someone’s puppet. Of course, you weren’t immune to the disease called ‘love’, your innocent high school days plagued with your naive mindset of finding the ‘one’. It still haunts you, one of the reasons your night doesn’t end with a shot of whisky and half a pack of beer. The only person who was willing to put up with you was your best friend, Jungkook.

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Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter One- Dean x Plus Sized Reader


“You’d be very wrong about that one sweetheart, but don’t worry…  I’m going to make sure that I spend the next few days showing you just how wrong you are.”

Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter One
Words: 2007
Warnings: Some sexual language.  Some body issues talk. 

AN: *THE FIRST SECTION IS THE DRABBLE. THIS IS THE EXTENSION*  So by popular? demand, here we are…  Much to my dismay.    I have started this.  LOL.  Though who am I kidding this is a birthday present to me since I turn 31 tomorrow and am feeling hella old.  I hope you like it.  Please leave me feedback if you would like this to continue.  

Tagging:  This will be at least 10-15 chapters.  If you are willing to interact with me about the story then I am willing to tag you!  Though if you no longer at least “heart” it then I will stop tagging just as an FYI.  :) 

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Ah, you gonna take me home tonight
Ah, down beside that red firelight
Are you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go round
Queen- Fat Bottomed Girls.

You would have to remember to either kill Jody or thank her later for sending Dean Winchester your way.  Being a hunter, you had heard all the glories of the Winchester brothers.  You had also heard some pretty ruthless things about the older brother.  That he was hot headed, rash, and made life difficult.  Yet, as you watched him nursing a  beer,you couldn’t help the pink in your cheeks.

He look like he walked out of a fucking J-Crew catalog and you were suddenly wishing those lips were wrapped around something else.   His hand raised to call over the bartender and you sighed.  There would be no choice but to go over and talk to him now.  Your shift ended twenty-five minutes ago according to the schedule, but Buddy your relief for the evening was running late.   Then again Buddy was always running late.   

“Junie!  Customer!”  You bellowed into the back hoping you could put off what was to come.  Your boss barked back at you to ‘do your goddamn job’. You sighed in defeat as you knew it wasn’t a choice.  Scuttling down to the other side of the bar, you smiled as you stood in front of him.   Your knees going weak when smiled brightly back at you.

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the preacher’s son

There you steadily walked towards him with every step of your white converse making the boy tense up. You rested a hand against his chest as you discerned his oxford blue polo sink and rise. “Tell me, what was the naughtiest thing you have done your whole life, Tom?”

rating: R

Your legs cross seated on the floor while your skirt adjusted as it is now reaching above your knees and exposing amounts of your skin. Along with that you were wearing a black bustier with a red flannel on top with the sleeved rolled up to your wrists.

At the moment you were inside a church basement on a Saturday night and the reason why you are here is because your parents previously lectured you about your amoral conducts. Since they are stuck with a religious concept, they had to send you to this gathering as they sought to seek guidance for their own daughter.

Now you were seated with several people wherein every person formed a circle around the holy cross while the preacher was standing inside the circumference, roaming around towards each and everyone who came to the meeting, which were usually just a bunch of young adults just around your age.

“Fellow children, I am glad that you have reconsidered about your sins and retrospect upon your conduct,” he said though the words only making you yawn.

“And I am pleased to tell you that no matter how old you are or where you are, change is still possible and the Lord will surely welcome you back with open arms.”

“Speaking of sinning, can anyone tell me what are the seven deadly sins?” The preacher perked though no one bothered to speak up as they continued their deadpan stares.

There you crossed your arms against your chest before responding. “Aren’t those things like sex, drugs, alcohol, and all those other good shit?” And your answer making the rest of the teenagers glance at you and howl in laughter with grins conveying upon their faces.

“No. Those are incorrect, Miss Y/N.”

But it only made the preacher shake his head at you which lead to the others slowly control their laughter as it died down. They resumed to look down onto their thighs without uttering anything else and refuse to participate in the gathering. “It’s actually gluttony, greed, sloth, pride, envy, wrath, and uh… lust.” 

A boy who looked to be around your age and alongside of you replied which made Father express a small smile and nod at him. “Yes that’s correct, Tom.”

You stared at the boy beside you for a few more moments before leaning in to whisper a question. “Whoa how the fuck do you know these things, kid?”

“Obviously I go to church every Sunday afternoon with my family.” He whispered back with a tender but small smile directed at you and disregarding the lecture of the preacher that was in front of the both of you.

The conversation between the two of you continued with mutters as he was trying to avoid talking with you but you pretty much would not cease with the endless questions upon your mind since this was better than listening to the old, grey-haired man. 

Until you finally sensed that the gathering is nearing to an end. A hellish smirk tugged across the corner of your lips before leaning in to whisper onto Tom’s left ear. “Hey, kid you know what could make this more entertaining?”

But he only shakes his head at you before answering back. “I don’t know what you’re talking about but I could consider this as fun already.” And his reply making you either want to jump off a cliff or feel bad for him because everything he stated was clearly bullshit.

“Christ don’t ruin the moment I already am finding you cute — but if you want, you can meet me at the restroom once all of this shit ends.” You trailed off before pulling back with a smirk across your face. This would definitely end well if things go as you planned.

Once the gathering finally ended your limbs instantly guided you towards the restroom and you waited inside for several minutes until you heard the door slam shut behind you. You weren’t hoping that Tom would actually come but when you heard the door slam shut behind you, you could not help contain a smile before turning around. “And you actually came?”

Tom stood there a few feet away from you with a blank expression expressed upon his face. “What did you expect? Didn’t you tell me to meet you in this restroom once the homily ends?”

There you steadily walked towards him with every step of your white converse making the boy tense up. You rested a hand against his chest as you discerned his oxford blue polo sink and rise. “Tell me, what was the naughtiest thing you have done your whole life, Tom?”

Your heated words were brushing against Tom’s earlobe as he stammered upon answering, “I w-watched porn and jacked off to it when I was young — it was wrong yet I did not know why I couldn’t resist the temptation.”

His words ruining the moment as your mouth slightly dropped being very much stunned at his unbelievable remark. You were stuck between laughing your ass off or feeling bad that his parents had raised their son like this. “Fuck are you a virgin? How old are you?”

“Nineteen but turning twenty in a few months.” Though the first question was left unanswered, which pretty much said enough already.

“I can’t do this. My father has forbidden me to do such scandalous things.” He anxiously said though you only looked up at him.

“Then tell me right now that you don’t want to do this because for all I know it’s your parents telling you this, and they can shove a dick up my ass or so God help me.” As your statement making Tom smile for a second before it faded again. 

But his mouth did not dare let out a single protest. The room stayed silent until you got the message continuing to lean your lips against his soft neck, inhaling the husky aroma with your mouth traveling upwards onto his lower jaw pressing soft kisses.

It ended with your lips latching over Tom’s tender ones, brushing against the pair at first before nibbling onto the lower part of it. His mouth was left agape as you felt his hands sneak around your waist and under your short skirt, feeling him rest against your bum.

And you felt him kiss back with eyes shutting tight while he lets you take over and permit your tongue to gain access inside his mouth. He hums as you commenced on sucking onto his slick tongue, leaving him speechless as his hands gave a faint squeeze.

Meanwhile your fingers were hooking and toying around the loops of his belt and afterwards unbuckling it as moments had passed. After that you discarded the belt beside and your hands made their way on either side of Tom’s waist, guiding him until your back touched the sink.

There you felt Tom’s strong grip hoist you on the sink which made your hands and arms proceeded to relax around his neck. He fumbled on his back-pocket making you disconnect the kiss and seeing him pick out a familiar condom packet. “Don’t tell anyone, my friends told me it was a good luck charm.”

You nodded as your teeth chewed onto your lower lip feeling every second passing got you more excited as he pushed his pants down past his legs and dropped around his ankles. And there you saw his cock spring out in front of you, and to say he was actually quite huge compared to the rest of the guys you had fucked.

Tom’s erection was already throbbing as you could see his tip redden wherein he immediately tore the packet between his teeth and placed the rubber latex on top and rolled it down. “You sure you really want this?”

Oh fuck just let me have this for once.” Tom replies.

Next, Tom hooked his fingers around the garter of your lace panties and tugged them down as they dropped onto the tiled floor. He pushed your skirt up before welcoming himself between the inside of your thighs before finally aligning himself towards your cunt.

Without minutes passing by you felt Tom gradually slide his cock into your cunt making sure you were savoring his length inch by inch. Your legs embraced around his waist as you tugged him closer until you heard a sweet groan escape from his lips.

Your body rested against the mirror as his hands shifted to grasp under your shirt and onto your bra. The rhythm of his thrusts in synchronize with the way each breasts bounced around his hands. “Fuck, come on give it to me!” 

Then your hands moved onto his hair, locking your fingers around the strands of it as you basically ruined his perfectly brushed hair style. You linked your lips with his once he leaned down to press them against each other whilst continuing to thrust inside of you.

The restroom stall was now filled with deep moans and though you both did try to contain them, you could not. And basically you continued to moan onto each other’s mouths until sweat began to form on top of Tom’s forehead as it streamed down on his face.

Your head fell back which made Tom’s lips descend onto your cheek, lower jaw, and halting to press sweet kisses against your neck similar to what your prior actions with him. “I’m c-close,” he wearily whimpers out onto the crook of your neck.

“Me too.” Your voice pants out.

And within a few more thrusts you heard Tom’s voice collapse as he lets out the last groan before feeling him release onto the condom. “Fuck, I’m coming.” He cried out and subsequently feeling yourself chase your release too as your fingers reached over to your clit and continued to give out rough kneads against the bud.

“Father is going to kill me once he finds out about this.” Tom worried as your mind instantly concluded something. “Wait is the minister your fucking father? Are you the adopted son?”

He nods as a wide yet weary grin came across your face granting that you had a preacher’s son wrapped around your finger. “Yeah, hence why I have an English accent and living in America.”

Tom pulled back and immediately discarded the used condom onto the trash bin before bending over to pick his trousers on the floor. Then you stood up from the sink and began to clear up before anyone begins to suspect both your absences. “Don’t worry you can keep this as your dirty little secret.” Followed by a wink directed at him.

I knew Rachel Amber

I knew a girl, who reminded me of her actually. She was popular, beautiful, a huge overachiever, and of course talented. An ultimate crush. A little bit manipulative sometimes, a little bit moody, smart as hell, but an amazing person, a truly good soul. She was my good friend in high school. We hung out a lot, but then she met a guy, got involved, and you know the story, people just follow their own way, move on. Her boyfriend was just an average guy, no one special. Everybody thought she could score better and he was super lucky. Well, after a few years of this relationship, he lost his luck when she finally admitted she was into girls. She left him of course, there was no chance for them anyway, but then the problems started. He got violent a few times, tried to get her back, you can imagine the story, but he also was miserable without her, crying his eyes out. And one night he knocked on the door to her house, when her parents were asleep, asking for one last talk. She felt bad for him, so she agreed. It ended with a knife involved and my beautiful, amazing and talented friend was gone an hour later, stabbed several times by this asshole. No one expected it, no one even thought it was fucking possible. He was just a normal guy. This coward ran away but they found him the next day on the train tracks where he was crying and apologizing, but it was too late.

It is a real story. A true story. It’s not a video game, with a bad or good ending. Why am I sharing it now? Because all of you know Rachel Amber, a girl who is popular but lost, surrounded by problems, not only because of her sexuality. You all know Chloe Price, a lonely badass who is a high school outcast and doesn’t have any friends. You all know Max Caulfield, a girl with big dreams and sometimes is too awkward and too shy. You all know Kate Marsh, Victoria Chase or whoever you think of. Those people, those kids, are among us. They sometimes beg for help, even if they tell you ‘fuck off’ every single day.

Look around.

If this game, this franchise made an impact on you, imprinted on you somehow, try to talk to them at least once. You can save a life or you can make somebody smile. Make a difference. You can’t save the whole world, but sometimes you can save somebody’s world. And that’s a lot.

I will never have a chance to talk to my friend again. I never really listened when she was struggling and trying to say something, not telling exactly. I was too young, too impatient and too stupid to pay attention. Would an honest talk years ago help? Would I? What if? I don’t know. I will never know but I don’t have any special power, I can’t just reverse time and try.

The tragedy is real, the horrors are here and hell is empty. 

Let’s make this world a better place ;-)

Just Pretend

Summary: “We make Jungkook jealous, we make him wish that he was with you all the time.” Taehyung says, “we make you look so incredibly fun, so ridiculously unforgettable, that it feels like the world doesn’t spin without you in it. It’s easy.” 

“You’re insane. See this is why we’ve never spoken before.” You say, half inclined to get up and leave now before Taehyung continues with his idea. But, your interest again, is bigger than you. “Wait, what would you even get from that?” 

“It would uh—-” he begins.

“It would what?” You say, leaning in closer, close enough for him to whisper it to you. 

“Oooh, Taehyung has a little crush on someone too, does he?” You tease.

That’s right, you fancied Jeon Jungkook, but you’re not alone in the world of unrequited love, and it just so happens that making people jealous often makes them fall for you. But what happens when you really make the perfect fake match?

Genre: Kim Taehyung Fluff, Angst and super mild smut suggestiveness

Words: 10.6K (10,662 words)

Originally posted by bwipsul

a/n: so it was a spur of the moment decision to write this fic, but the words college au and fake dating just seemed so perfect together that i couldn’t resist. i hope this mends any broken hearts and maybe breaks a few with the angst. lots of love, mo.

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