good luck jeremy

Lost In Stereo

Concerts always gave Issy an adrenaline rush. The eighteen year old rock star had been performing  with had band, Purple Memories, for years yet the rush never got old. The redhead finally exited the stage after a second encore to find a new face standing outside her dressing room. He wasn’t a fan, she could tell by his lack of t-shirt or any type of merchandise that had the band name anywhere on it. Normally the fans waiting outside of her dressing rooms were covered in it. The guy just wore a plan black t-shirt. “So you’re the new guy they hired to keep me out of trouble?” She asked, grabbing a bottle of water off the table and walking into the dressing room, leaving the door open for him to follow. “Good luck, the last bodyguard slash babysitter didn’t even make it through one week before he was fired. Couldn’t keep up with me." 

*PSA: Everyone needs to stop trying to hang Ray’s departure over his head like he’s in the wrong here. It’s his choice and if he’s confident in it, fucking leave him alone. The guy hasn’t even been gone for 12 hours and people are already pulling this kind of dumb shit. 

*Little disclaimer thingy: in the comment, I did say potentially and I understand that the hate toward him could have had either nothing to do with his leaving or it could have had much to do with it. either way, the possibility still stands that it may have been a contributing factor. Also, I know Jeremy says that the short jokes don’t hurt him and that he’s not going anywhere, but once more, the possibility stands.