good luck in the final

finals fall 2017.

I know it’s finals week for a lot of my friends around here, so I wanted to wish everybody talking finals this week or sometime soon good luck. Study hard and do your best. Remember to take care of yourself, and don’t forget that your life is more important than a test score/grade in a course. You got this and you are going to do do great. 

Good luck. 


Driving Lesson
Driving Lesson

Percy can’t resist giving Paul a hard time every once in a while. Either that or he’s just genuinely stupid… 

Paul: Zach Stanhoff

Percy: Logan Parrish

Audio Editor: Victoria

This audio is based off the hilarious post by @totallycorrectpjo! You can find the original post here

We wish all of you in school the best of luck on your finals! Hopefully this gave you a good laugh in the midst of your studying. 

[This just in, I have 3 more finals left (which are worth 80/85/100% of my final grades respectively; so I’m blacklisting Tumblr for the rest of the week because I can’t be trusted.

That being said, when I get back I’ll be looking at continuing threads/cleaning some stuff out because this semester got away from me and I lost some things.]

Not-so-average life cycle of an anime fan (aka me)

Me, freshman year @ college: Alright, no more of this weeb bull$*it! You’re in college now, you’re gonna go to e-zoo, electric daisy and do other supposedly cool things! No more of “I’m-a-half-Italian-mafia-boss” weeb hysteria!

Me, senior year @ college: *talking with debate club members* *probably sipping wine* Nathaniel, haha will you ever let it go? Yes, I was really special back then, I mean I was a crazy weaboo chick! Haha, oh you know, I see it as a cute mistake from the past. Well, I’m running late to work. I’ve got to complete this internship and get extra credits. Catch you next week, and good luck on your finals!

Me, now:

Hi loves! I’m finally back after finals! my semester is now over and I get to focus on relaxing and preparing for my TEAs. Good luck to anyone who has finals coming up! ♡

ig: chazzstudiess
🎶: too long - honne

Mikayuu Hold on to your Mika
Mikayuu Hold on to your Mika

Angrysnakes’ Mikayuu Art Part two: Hold on to your Mika

Note: I did not draw nor write comics, that was done by @angrysnakes​ or @incuyuu​. I posted this at like 10pm on Sunday, so I barely made my own deadline for posting once a week. I was busy with my finals (thank Mika’s thigh boots I survived). This audio is made up from three of Matthias posts that I put together has like one comic involving holding Mika. Anyways, it’s been like three weeks since I stalked bae, so I hope yall enjoy it. 

PS:  Good luck on finals.      

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I’m going to be more active in doing replies & starters after this week since my finals are coming in. If anyone wants a starter eventually from me, the starter call post is here. I won’t be on for a while ( as expected throughout ) but I’m just popping in a notice and am here to tell you all that you’re wonderful & good luck on your own finals too if you have school! 

anonymous asked:

Mum, I have finals coming up and I'm stressing, not to mention that I just can't seem to figure out anything when it comes to life. Could I ask for a hug from our dear Yan please?

Yan hurries over to you and scoops you up in a tight, bone crushing hug. Gently stroking your hair as he buries his face into your shoulder. 
“Don’t stress, Senpai. You’ll be ok. Life’s meant to be a mystery and difficult or else it wouldn’t be worth living.” Yan pulls away and smiles broadly at you. “And good luck on your finals! I know you can do it. And no matter what, I’ll be proud of the results because you did your best.”

elisashallow  asked:

Oh my god this AU gives me life... The storyline (from what I can gather from literally that one chapter) would make an amazing book on its own, and I would probably kill for a movie. Add me to the tag list like ASAP, this is going to get me through finals <3

I added you to the list! Good luck on finals!