good luck in tampa

Sorry school I’ve got more important things going on right now, like the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Thank You For Everything Cally 

Good Luck In Tampa, 

So Sad To See You Go

Leto is such a phenomenon that it’s worth breaking down just how the man does what he does. Herewith, four simple ways to achieve Absolute Letodom:

1 Be Hot

Okay, we’ll get to his talent in a second. But hoo boy, Jared Leto, the pride of Bossier City, La., is a fine-looking fella with a face for both big screens and big stages. He has the otherworldly eyes of a sympathetic cyborg. His hair is a constantly morphing tabloidal obsession that looks good long or short or pulled into a smoldering just-got-up ponytail. Plus, he has that Clooney thing going: He’s 42 and getting cuter by the day. Sigh.

2 Be Good

So yeah, about that talent! Leto’s a method actor who can shapeshift into any part, whether it’s his salad-days role as Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life, the heroin-addicted Harry Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream or transgender firecracker Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club. Then there’s the music: Thirty Seconds to Mars, which lead singer Leto formed with brother Shannon, pumps out ear-pleasing synthy, clashy electro-rock, built for arenas and dance clubs. Leto’s voice has a New Romantic post-punk passion — maybe not the best vocal chops ever but good enough to get the sensitive-guy job done.

3 Be Selective

Leto isn’t an attention-hungry celeb, making him all the more appealing. It’s not that he’s careful about his image; he just doesn’t seem to care what you think. He’s content with taking a small selection of movie roles that speak to him (otherwise known as the Sean Penn approach). He allows his band to grow organically without taking weird gigs or forcing it into awkward MTV-phony situations. Leto picks his spots and picks them well.

4 Be Different

Leto does his own thing in all walks of life, so his music career seems like much more of a natural evolution of his talents. He loves NASA and space (hence the band name). He’s a vegan. He’s a techie. He sells cute little rocket toys. When doing a Reddit Ask Me Anything, he was much more into his hobbies than his career. He’s quietly offbeat, a trait that made his earnest and normal Oscar speech — one that referenced his mom, Venezuela and the battle against AIDS — all the more hero-making. Jared Leto makes being Jared Leto look easy. As for the rest of us, even those with awesome hair, good luck.

—  Tampa Bay Times 2014

Soooo… I don’t know if anybody would be interested in this, but after all of the watch parties last season, and getting to go to more games in person this year, my friend and I have wound up with an excess of Lightning branded swag. They’re little knicknacks, really, but I’d like to pass the extra stuff along to a fan who maybe doesn’t get to attend events in Tampa.

If you’d like to be the recipient of these nice little doodads, there are just a couple of rules. First, you should be following me. Pretty standard. Second, either reblog and/or like this post if you’d like to enter. Each person may have up to two entries, so whatever works for you. Third, you must be willing to share your address with me so that I can actually mail this stuff to you. Fourth, entries will conclude at 11:59 PM on November 1st. Finally, you must be a Bolts fan in some capacity. I obviously have no way to check this, really. But I’d like for a fan to get all of this stuff.

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This is the most essential thing to me: the heart pendant I’ve had since just before I graduated high school. I’ve worn it in plays, on TV (as an extra), and have worn out a cord and two previous ribbons in the seven years since it first came into my life, as a $5 bargain bin deal at the Tampa Museum of Art.

It’s my talisman, good luck charm, and something to play with when I’m bored. I twirl it when I’m lost in thought (as seen in the gif), bite it when I’m nervous and rub my thumb across it when I’m homesick for all I left behind in Tampa.