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James: "Okay Harry, I'm sorry to do this but, you have to read the last message that you got" Harry: "Oh nooo... come on James, we're pals, don't make me do this" James: "I don't make the rules, now hurry up and read it or I'm just gonna steal your phone and read it myself" Harry: "Okay... okay... lord have mercy" (1)

James: “And it has to be the last message that you got, I trust you” *Harry pretending to be annoyed*: “Ugh.. okay” and then Harry opens his phone, and checks his iMessage and… Harry: “Oh! I haven’t read this one yet so let’s hope it’s not inappropriate!” *crowd laughs* James: “Don’t keep us waiting, lad.” Harry: “Okay! Okay… so… the message says…” (2)

Harry: “Good luck tonight, baby! I’m so proud of you. I know that you’re gonna smash it! And I’m sorry I won’t be there.. but you know that I’d sit in the front row if I could! But we don’t want that now, do we? I mean, can you imagine how loud I’d be screaming and cheering? It’d be embarrassing! *crowd laughs* (3)

And then, Harry reads the next few lines in his head… and he can feel his eyes welling up with tears. Harry: ”…But I just want you to know that, I love you more than anything in the world, and I’m so, so, so proud of you…“ his voice cracks at the end, he’s not going to cry, he’s not going to cry… "You’re my baby, and I’m so proud of you. You’ll always be my baby. I love you, babycakes. Now go and show them who’s boss!” (4)

The crowd is quiet… and he’s afraid to look at their faces, so he just locks his phone and tries not to burst into tears… James: “Oh, wow… that was such a sweet message, mind if I ask who was the sender?” Harry, with his eyes still wet but with a little smile on his lips: “Let’s just call them a Sweet Creature.” (5)

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  1. how dare you
He can't make you feel this way - Daveed Diggs Smut

Pairing:  Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warning:  smut and swearing i think

Requests: nope this idea just popped in my head

A/N:  sorry if this is really bad i’m writing this in a car to tennessee, also requests are opened and i’m going to be writing a lot so send them ! enjoy :)

It was a typical Saturday mid-morning and the entire cast was rehearsing for tonight’s show. I was one of the dancers thanks to my boyfriend’s role as Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. We were running Yorktown when Andy rushed us, stopping us in the middle of the choreography. We all stood in place confused and breathing heavily from our intense dance.

“I hate to inform everyone that Jasmine won’t be with us for the rest of tour due an important family crisis.” He said obviously concerned and in stressed. 

“What are we going to do?” A dancer spoke up and a few voices spoke up in agreement.

“Glad you asked, well the show must go on so we need a replacement and this is why I stopped you guys because I wanted to ask (Y/N) if she’d be willing to take over as Peggy and Maria since I know you know the music for it.” He explained and my eyes went wide at the sudden offer. I nodded quickly and the rest of my friends began cheering at the sudden change in a more important role. Andy whisked me away and dragged me backstage to talk to me.

“We are going to need you and Lin to practice your scene of ‘say no to this’ and we need to run ‘the Schuyler sisters’ so you know the dance. Are you up for that?” He asked and I agreed excited beyond belief. Andy dismissed the rest of dancers and brought out Phillipa and Renee to teach me the choreography. 

It was an hour later when I finally understood all the placements for the character Peggy so I decided to go to my new dressing room and take a break. Once I stepped in I noticed how much bigger it was and I happily took advantage of the couch by throwing myself down on it and letting my muscles relax. It was only a couple minutes of lying down when a knock appeared at my door.

“Yes?” I called out not bothering to look up to see who had just entered the room.

“I got you some lunch.” A voice called which I quickly recognized as Daveed making me look over with raised eyebrows. A smile grew across my face as he strolled over with a brown paper bag in one hand and plastic to go cup of my fav drink. I sat up to let Daveed sit down next to me and I swung my legs over him as he pulled out a sandwich and handed it over to me.  

“You’re the best.” I grinned at him as I took a large bite out of the food. “I feel like actual death from learning all this stuff.” I groaned only earning a chuckle from Daveed.

“Are you done for today?” Daveed asked as he ate his own food.

“I wish, but I have to learn Maria’s song with Lin still and I have learned that pretty quickly for tonight.” I sighed in complete exhaustion and stress.

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll get it and you’re going to do great tonight and for the rest of the shows.” Daveed smiled sincerely as he rubbed my leg and I replied by pressing my lips to his in a sweet kiss. We both finished eating and I quickly returned to the stage where Andy was standing talking to Lin.

“Ah, there you are! I was about to come find you.” Andy exclaimed as I walked up to him. “I’m going to let you and Lin run this, basically when the ensemble sings ‘no to this’ you guys will need to have a short make out session and then when Lin comes to yell at you, you need to kneel down as if pleading to him and then you’ll have the chair scene. Basically, the choreography isn’t super strict and you guys can have fun with it.” He explained and I nodded relieved that it was only certain things to remember. Andy walked off and I turned to Lin.

“Can we save the kissing for tonight? Sorry but I’m very tired and I would just like to figure out the important dances.” I asked and Lin agreed with a grin. We ran through everything pretty quickly and it only a few run throughs before I felt confident in it. Afterward, there was still a couple hour before we had to get into costume so I decided it would be best if I took a nap in the dressing room.

I woke up to the annoying ring of my alarm and I rolled off the couch and sat up rubbing my eyes. There was a knock at the door and was soon opened by Marie who was going to be doing my hair, makeup, and costume. “Are you excited?” Marie asked as she started on a large amount of stage makeup.

“Yes, but also fairly nervous.” I shrugged and Marie nodded agreeing. The rest of the process to get ready was a comfortable silence for the most part until I was completely decked out in extravagant clothing and makeup and large hair. I quickly thanked Marie before leaving the dressing room and heading backstage to join everyone else. Daveed wrapped his arm around my waist and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“Good luck tonight baby, you’re going to do great.” Daveed smiled down to me and Andy called for us to all take our places.

Daveed’s P.O.V 

I had just finish Yorktown and I hurriedly rushed off the stage to change my costume as Jefferson. I pulled the hair tie from the bun and let my curls stick out and I changed from my blue coat into a red and much more expensive looking jacket. I headed back and first spotted (Y/N) standing on the side of the stage in changed outfit as well. I placed my hand on the small of her back letting her know I was there. She turned around smiling and the joy in her eyes made my heart leap with happiness.

“How are you feeling?” I whispered in her ear. I smirked watching her lightly squirm at my touch.

“I’m giving 110%, I’m just hoping everyone is enjoying the show.” She said with furrowed brows and she looked out to see part of the crowd. Her caring personality is still one of my favorite things about her.

“Good luck, you’re up next.” (Y/N) winked at me as she adjusted my jacket and placed a light kiss on my lips as the final notes of Non-Stop played and I rushed out as ‘Burr’ announced me by singing “You simply must me Thomas, Thomas!”

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

What’d I miss, Cabinet Battle #1, and Take a Break went by quickly as my nerves began to get to me as my large scene came sooner than I expected. 

“There’s nothing like summer in the city.” Burr sang out. Lin sat down at the desk pretending to write.

“I hadn’t slept in a week I was weak…” He started and I adjusted my dress one last time before walking out into the light. 

“I know you are a man of honor…” I sang out to him as he walked over to me.

“So I offered her a loan, I offered to walk her home. She said:”

“You’re too kind, sir.” I sang out completing his sentence. 

“I gave her thirty bucks that I had socked away, she lived a block away. She said:” 

“This one’s mine, sir.” I gestured to a non-existent house and we walked in that direction. 

“Then I said Well, I should head back home, she turned red, she led me to her bed, let her legs spread and said.”




“That’s when I began to pray, Lord show me how to say no to this…” Lin called out while I sang out some backup vocals to the song, my heart was racing as I looked at the front row and saw how invested people were in the music.

“Then her mouth is on mine and I don’t say…”

“No! No!” The ensemble sang out as Lin turned to me and placed his lips to mine, creating a deep and lustful kiss for everyone to watch. I placed one hand on his bicep while my other hand rested on his chest, his hands ran up and down my back and we pulled away once the ensemble quieted down. Lin wide-eyed began to sing once again.

“I wish I could ay that was the last time, I said that last time. It became a pastime…”

Daveed’s P.O.V

My blood boiled watching Lin’s hands roamed around (Y/N)’s body. I clenched my teeth as my mind wandered to Lin doing more things to her.

“I hid the letter and I raced to her place, screamed how could you in her face, she said,”

“No, sir!” (Y/N) cried out on her knees pleading to him.

“Half dressed, apologetic, a mess…” Lin sang out again. They continued to sing out a few more verses until Lin sat down on the chair placed in the center of the stage and (Y/N) sat on his lap, leaning back into him as Lin’s hands went to rubbing one of her thighs and the other ghosting over her breasts. His nose was pressed up to her neck as the both of them sang and much to my relief the song finished and (Y/N) rushed off stage. Another song started up and I looked over to (Y/N) to see her breathing heavily.

“Did it look good?” She asked and I nodded, changing my view to the stage, quickly heading out when it was my signal.

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

I furrowed my brows in confusion as Daveed went on stage without saying a single word.

The show finally finished and we all went out to give our final bows and met a few fans before we could finally go back to our rooms.

“Hey, Daveed, (Y/N) the whole cast is going out to dinner tonight! Care to join?” Lin asked and I happily accepted.

“Sure, we might be a little late though,” Daveed said and I looked up at him confused. Lin nodded and walked off. Daveed grabbed my hand and took me to his dressing room, locking it before looking at me, his look full of hunger. He quickly pulled me into a deep and rough kiss. Daveed roughly grabbed my thighs and pulled me up making me wrap my legs around his waist as he pushed me down onto the couch in his room.

“Daveed,” I moaned out softly as he began to kiss down my neck. I yelped as he let his teeth sink into my flesh, creating multiple marks down my neck. I pushed the jacket off his shoulders while Daveed unzipped the large dress. We both quickly undressed until we were stripped down to our underwear. Daveed attacked me again kissing down my stomach till he reaches my legs. He nipped at the inside of my thighs causing me to whimper out. Suddenly Daveed pushed two fingers into me making me yelp and arch my back, trying to get more friction. He curled his fingers and repeatedly thrust them as far as they could allow. 

“Daveed please, I need you.” I whined out and I could see him smirk at my words. Instead of replying he removed his fingers and filled me with his length making me moan from the satisfaction and the slight pain from the sudden action. Daveed wasted no time to being moving, easily finding my g-spot and making me groan in pleasure with each movement. Daveed placed his head in the crook of my neck, nipping and then soothing the bitten area by rubbing his tongue over the new bruise forming. I held a tight grip onto his hair while my other hand clawed down his back.

“I-I’m close,” I chocked out through moans as Daveed kept roughly thrusting in me and Daveed smiled in satisfaction.

“Let it go baby girl,” Daveed whispered in my ear and the feeling of his hot breath down my neck sent me over the edge as I moaned out loudly and came crashing down like a tsunami while Daveed kept going, his thrusts growing sloppy as I rode out my high he came down as well. Once we both finished he removed himself from me and collapsed on top of me and I ran a hand through his now sweaty hair gently.

“I bet Lin can’t make you feel like that,” Daveed chuckled as he pressed a kiss onto my forehead.

“Is this what this whole thing was about?” I asked concerned as I slid one of Daveeds shirts on in this room.

“I guess I got a little jealous when I saw you and him during Say no to this.” He admitted defeated as he sat up and began to put on a hoodie as well as some shorts.

“Babe, don’t ever worry about that. You are the only one I love like that, and you are definitely the only one who can make me feel like that.” I told him and his eyes lit up at my response.

“I love you too.” He said quietly as he kissed me again.

Promises (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where Shawns on tour and him and his girlfriend traditionally have post-concert sex but she hasn’t been with him for the last few concerts so she surprises him after a concert and they have rough/passionate sex in the dressing room

Word count: 2,825

Promises (Smut) 

“Hey Geoff, it’s y/n” I said, after pressing on Geoff’s number on my phone.

“Hey, did you land already?”

“Yes, I’m on my way to the venue now, I’ll take a couple hours though”

“It’s fine, you’ll surprise Shawn after the concert” Geoff told me, which made me smile widely.

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Valentino Baby Bump

An Eddie Redmayne one-shot for anon.

“Eddie! Y/N! Can we get an interview over here?” over the sea of cameras clicking and excited fans yelling came the voice of a reporter, beckoning us over where she stood on a platform with a camera. Eddie and I glanced at our shared publicist, who nodded. 

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I want to say something about Lauren, something that doesn’t come from hatred. Bc I don’t hate her, she is my favorite since always.
Obviously I’m not going to say anything about what I think about her or about TY…
I’m just saying they should take care of what they have and not act like a “sassy diva”. Bc u do not have that power. The fans, as long as they don’t try to pull down with insults have my respect.

I love her… I really really love her but is sad for me bc she’s on the defensive.
I just hope she is really happy and change her attitude towards us, especially when we leave a comment wit not hate, just saying something with respect.
I personally think that she is not having a good time lately, and even though they make us believe that the group is here… i don’t know.
I only have a good wishes for this girls. Because in my life these five girls are still important. For separate or together
I hope that fifth harmony’s crew this time not lie to us.

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We need to all make a prayer for melo that zion doesn't try to clown him tonight🙏🏽 melo if you reading this good luck on your game tonight baby😘I hate myself.😂😭💀

I have a feeling they boutta get that lil ass whooped 💀💀😭 nobody can guard Zion, I got faith tho

Close As Strangers [Calum Hood]

Sad song. Sad imagine. 

Word count, 5,602

“Six weeks since I’ve been away, and now you’re saying everything has changed” 

You sat on the edge of your bed, phone in your hand as you threw it from palm to palm, contemplating with yourself on whether you should call him or not. He’d been away for six whole weeks now and each one was worse than the last for you, you missed him so much. Your fingers touched the screen, dialing your boyfriend’s number, biting back tears.

Hey Y/N!” Calum said, his cheerful tone making you smile a little but made you feel more guilt as you knew that you’d ruin it.

“Hey Cal,” you sniffled, no longer holding in your tears as they streamed down your pale cheeks, the sound of his voice making the whole thing so much more painful, this was never the way you wanted things to end between you, over the phone but you had no choice, this had to happen.

“Y/N, you’re crying. What’s the matter baby?” You could hear any background noise getting quieter before it faded and you guessed that Calum had moved away from the other boys which might make this a little easier. “You’re scaring me Y/N, what’s wrong?” 

“I can’t do this Cal. I don’t know if I can stay with you.”

“What? Y/N no! You can’t do this to me, not now.” 

“I’m sorry Calum, you have to understand.”

“Well I don’t understand! What happened to us? Getting married? Having kids together? Y/N, please, please do not do this to me. I love you so much please.” The sobs coming from his mouth broke your heart, more tears falling down your cheeks as you pictured him, crying in his bunk all because of you. 

“Everything’s changed Calum. You’re touring the world. Living the dreams, I’m proud of you but I can’t deal with it. I can’t deal with you being away from me for six months right now. I love you but I just can’t, I don’t know if I can fight it.”

“Y/N, you have too. Please, just give me a little time. Until the end of tour please, I’m begging you.” You sighed, thinking about it. You didn’t know if you were strong enough to deal with it all by yourself without him physically standing by your side, the desperation in his voice broke you, all you wanted was to cuddle him and tell him it was okay. 

“I l-love you Calum Hood. Until the end of tour.” You said, not quite sure why the words were slipping out of your mouth but they were. 

“And I’m afraid that I might be losing you.”

“Morning Cal,” Luke greeted as Calum walked off of the bus, leaning against the metal. Luke glanced towards the older boy, taking a note of the heavy, black bags under his eyes and the way his hair was scruffy meaning that he hadn’t done anything with it before he came out which was very out of character for him. 

“Hmh,” Calum simply mumbled, looking outwards towards the venue that they were playing in that night. He felt pretty rough. He’d slept for a maximum of two hours, the conversation that he’d had with you the night before playing over in his mind, he knew you were right. It was going to be so hard for you and him to deal with him being away a lot but he knew he could prove to you that it could work.

“You alright mate?” Ashton said, a smile across his face as he patted Calum’s shoulder, “you slept in quite late, it’s almost ten now.”

“I haven’t slept in late Ashton, I didn’t fall asleep until eight!” Calum snapped at the oldest boy, instantly feeling guilty as his face dropped. He hadn’t meant to take it out on his best friends but all of the pressure building up inside of his own head to fix everything was getting to him already and all he wanted was to hold you in his arms. 

“Sorry bro.” Michael mumbled from where he stood beside Ashton.

“No, I am. Sorry Ashton.” Ashton nodded, a small smile on his lips. He felt sympathetic towards Calum, he’d heard the conversation the two of you had, had. Well, Calum’s side of it. It broke Ashton’s heart knowing that you wanted to end it with his best friend, he knew how happy you made the younger boy and he didn’t want that to end.

Calum turned away from the boys, heading back into the bus. He rushed towards his bunk and grabbed his phone, dialing your number without hesitation. He got voicemail. He sighed, about to hung up but then the moment came, the moment for him to leave a message. 

“Hey Y/N, it’s Calum. Obviously. I’m just calling to let you know that I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you again, it’ll be sooner than you think. I promise. Call me when you get a chance because I need to hear your voice again, to say good luck tonight.” he laughed awkwardly, “bye baby.”

He fell down so he was sitting down on the edge of his bunk, his head hung low.

“And I’m afraid that I might be losing you.” He whispered to himself, throwing his phone down before burying his face in his hands, he felt as if his worst nightmare was coming true.

“And every night that we spend alone, it kills me thinking of you on your own. And I wish I was back home next to you.”

“Thank you so much everybody! We’ve had a blast tonight and we can’t wait to see you all again tomorrow night. Goodnight!” Luke shouted into his microphone before the four boys ran off the stage, drenched in their own sweat, immediately grabbing the water that was waiting for them. Calum gulped his down quickly before packing away his bass.

“Woah, Cal, slow down.” Michael laughed as he plopped himself down on the sofa in the backstage area where they were. “You don’t need to be in such a hurry. She’ll still be there in five minutes, let yourself relax for a second, please.” Calum huffed, shooting a glare at Michael but nodded, sitting down on the edge of the sofa, the thought of you laying down, probably reading, waiting for him to call you. “You know it’s all going to be okay. She loves you.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Are you crazy? Calum, she loves you. She’s scared of losing you, don’t you see it? She tried to break it off with you because she thinks that’d be easier than you breaking her heart.” Rolling his eyes, Calum rested his head back just as his phone began to ring in his pocket, your name coming up on the screen. Without a second thought, he got up off the couch and headed down the hallway as he answered.

“Hey darling.” He breathed, still out of breath from his performance.

“Hey Calum,” you replied, relieved to finally be hearing his voice. “I know I’m calling you and you’ve just come off stage but I really needed to hear your voice. To make sure that you were still on the other side of the phone.” Your words made Calum sad, of course he would still be there to pick up your call, he loved you, no matter how worried he was that you were leaving him, he loved you. He’d always love.

“Of course, of course I’m still here.” He whispered, forehead resting against the cold, brick wall of the venue, his heart racing in his chest, his mind racing with thoughts of you sitting up all alone, cold, without him there sat by your side. “Sorry, I was about to call you. I was just going to wait until we were on the bus.”

“It’s fine Cal, honestly. I should probably go, I’m quite tired.” 

“Okay, sleep well.” 

“Thanks, you too.” And with that, the line went dead. A tear fell down Calum’s cheek as he rested his palms flat on the wall in front of him, his heart ached, his head was pounding and he felt broken inside, that was the effect the situation was having on him but he powered through, no bad shows, no days off, just got through it all. 

Calum ignored the protests from his bandmates to go and play a game of fifa with them, he headed straight to bus, storming to the back and into his bunk, closing the curtain. He grabbed his guitar and started to play around with some chords, he needed to write a song, a song that could sum up everything that he was feeling about you, about what was happening.

“Six weeks since I’ve been away,
And now you’re saying everything has changed,
And I’m afraid that I might be losing you,
And every night that we spend alone,
It kills me to think of you on your own,
And I wish I could be back home next to you,”

He nodded his head, happy with his creation before he rested his guitar back into his case and crawled under the covers of his bunk. 

Laying there, he thought of you. He thought of you spending the night by yourself in your shared apartment, your shared bedroom. He thought about the fact he wanted to ask you to marry him when he got home, he’d wanted to for a while he just wanted to wait until after the tour was finished. But, most of all, he thought about how much he wanted to be laid down by your side, cuddling you. Calum wanted to go home. Desperately. 

“Oh, everyday. You feel a little bit further away and I don’t know what to say.”

“New city. New adventure.” Ashton said, stepping off the bus and into the cold morning. Calum stood out next, yawning as he pulled his beanie a little further down to cover the scruff that was his hair currently. Ashton’s arm wrapped around his shoulders as they walked off towards a small coffee shop as Michael had send them to get his morning cup. 

“I guess so.” Calum replied, he was tired and frustrated that Michael had woken up from his peaceful sleep just because he wanted his stupid coffee which Calum didn’t even want. What he wanted was to go to sleep and carry on the good dream he was having before the loud sound of Michael’s voice brought him out of it. 

“Come on Cal, lighten up mate.” Ashton pleaded, he hated seeing Calum like this. 

“Sorry Ash, I know I’m bringing you all down.” But Ashton shook his head, telling him that it wasn’t the case but Calum knew he was lying to spare his feelings, he’d noticed some of the energy had drained from the group and he knew that it was his fault for being so hung up over you. “It’s just every single day, I get further away from her. From home and I’m running out of things to say to her.” 

“But every single day you also get closer to seeing her again. Keep your head up. You know she loves you and she knows that you love her. It’s not going to end, I won’t let it end but please, please just look after yourself. I know you Calum and I know you’ve stopped looking after yourself properly, you’ve stopped being you and I hate it.”

“I know.” Calum sighed, leaning against the bus, taking a cigarette from the box in his pocket, letting it dance between his fingers as he lit it. “I just miss her.”

Ashton just sighed, he wanted to phone you, tell you to finish the tour with them but he knew that it wouldn’t be possible so he just shook his head as they headed back to the bus with the coffee, feeling sorry for Calum but also getting a little fed up of it all, he needed his best friend back the way he used to be.

“Are we wasting time, talking on a broken line? Telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages, I feel like we’re as close as strangers.”

I wish you could come out here, finish the tour with us. I miss you Y/N. I know that you must be sleeping right now as it’s quite late but we’re halfway there now, only another three months to go. I haven’t seen you in so long and it’s so weird but I love you so much. Sleep well princess.” You listened to the message as you arrived home from work, you fell down onto your bed, guilt washing through your body, he sounded so tired, exhausted. Things were getting harder for both of you. You contemplated calling him but you stopped yourself, knowing that he was probably hanging out with the boys or asleep by now so you just got changed and climbed under the covers, sliding over to Calum’s side and putting your head on his pillow, inhaling the small trace of his cologne. 

It was around three in the morning when you found yourself awake again, staring up at the ceiling. Grabbing your phone, you let yourself dial Calum’s number and waited until it finally reached his voice mail after about seven rings. Tears clouded your vision as you began to speak to him, all of your feelings coming out.

Hey Cal, I know it’s early but I really can’t sleep. I’m laying on your side of the bed again because it smells like you. I hope you’re enjoying tour I know that we haven’t spoke as much lately but I hope you know that I love you too. I have to go now and probably sleep some more…Bye Cal…” You hung up the phone, placing it back on your bedside table before letting your eyes droop close again, the world of sleep overtaking you once more, the thoughts of your boyfriend clouding your mind.

When you woke up, strands of hair were stuck to your face from the tears you’d cried during the night. You reached for your phone and a feeling of disappointment settled in your stomach as you had no new messages from Calum. Throwing your legs over the side of the bed, you headed into your bathroom to clean off your cheeks before you showered and changed, ready to go to work.

“You okay Y/N?” Y/F/N asked as you walked into the office, you nodded, sitting down at your desk and turning on your computer. “Is it Calum again?”

“Yeah,” you admitted quietly, “he’s trying to hard to make this work you know? He loves me and I love him, sometimes I just feel like we’re waiting our time with this, it’s like the line is broken between us. And if we’re together then why do I feel like we’re as close as strangers?”

“Just give it a little more time.”

“I won’t give up even though it hurts so much, every night I’m losing you in a thousand faces, it feels like we’re as close as strangers.”

“Calum, are you ready?” Luke shouted, guitar around his neck, in ear monitors in, he was buzzing for the show, they could hear the crowd screaming from where they were standing. Calum appeared, smile across his face, bass hanging from his neck.

“More than.” Calum agreed, he was absolutely ready for this show. He couldn’t wait to put everything he had into it, he wanted to make you, the fans and the rest of the band proud. “Let’s do this.” The rest of the band nodded in approval before they did their before-show rituals and bounded out towards the screaming fans. 

“Hello! We are 5 Seconds Of Summer, how are you all doing this evening?!” Luke shouted into his microphone before he started to play the first chords of Beside You. 

Calum looked out into the crowd, he wished that you could be there, to hear it. A song that reminded him so much of you, how you both wished you could be with each other but instead, there was just thousands of faces staring back at him, singing along. Michael peered over at him from the other side of the stage and just sighed sympathetically, he wished he could change the situation, make things better for Calum but he was helpless. 

“Great show tonight!” Ashton shouted as they bundled into the dressing room. Calum agreed, grabbing his phone for the first time that day, immediately calling his answer phone when he saw that he had a message from you.

Hey Cal, I know it’s early but I really can’t sleep. I’m laying on your side of the bed again because it smells like you. I hope you’re enjoying tour I know that we haven’t spoke as much lately but I hope you know that I love you too. I have to go now and probably sleep some more…Bye Cal…” He listened to the message twice before deleting it and calling you back, sighing in frustration when all he got was your voice mail again, he wanted to speak to you not have a constant relationship with your voice mail.

“Hey Y/N, again it seems that I have reached your voice mail. Please, call me when you get a chance, I’ll make sure that I’m awake for it, I promise. I love you so much. See you soon, we’re going to be fine remember? Only a few more weeks to go until you’ll be in my arms once more. Talk to you soon…” He left the message, tears clouding his vision as Ashton wrapped an arm around his shoulders, doing this best to comfort the younger boy.

“You guys will be fine.” He assured him, even though he had a bad feeling about the situation himself.

“I’m not giving up Ash, it hurts. This hurts so much but I can’t give up on her, even if it feels like we’re as close as strangers with all these voice mail messages.” 

“Late night call and another text, is this as good as we’re gonna get? Another time zone taking me away from you.”

Calum jumped as his phone started to ring beside him, smiling when he saw your name pop up on the screen, he immediately answered, smiling when he finally heard the sound of your voice properly.

“Hey Y/N!”

“Calum, how are you?” You asked, smiling when you heard him, you’d missed him and you were beyond glad that you’d caught him at a time where he wasn’t busy or sleeping.

“I’m good, tired. Touring definitely takes it out of you. How about you? How’s work going?” 

“I’m okay I guess, coping. It’s busy which is why I haven’t managed to call you lately, I’ve been swamped by it all. I’ve missed you though.” 

“I’ve missed you too, a lot actually. We were playing Beside You earlier and it made me miss you more, I can’t wait to come home to you beautiful, it’ll go fast, I’ll be there before you know it, promise.”

“I know Calum, I know.” You sighed, biting back tears. Just under three months was a long time to wait for him to come home yet, you didn’t know if you could wait that long for him. “I should probably go, I’m really tired.”

“Okay love, I’ll text you because we’re heading to Europe so the time zones are going to be different but I’ll text you when we land.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Bye.” And with that, you were gone. Calum’s heart dropped into his stomach as you hung up, he wishes that he could speak to you for hours but it was getting late and he knew that he was approaching the airport, he just wanted to hug you and tell you things would be okay, but he couldn’t and it broke his heart more.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Cal, goodnight.”

You laid in your bed, awake. You’d completely forgotten that Calum was going to Europe, there was a big time difference and it scared you because you knew that it meant you’d be able to talk to each other less that you did now and you didn’t know how long it would be until you gave up all together.

“Living dreams and florescent lights while me and you are running out of time but you know I’ll always wait for you.”

Calum was really excited for this show, yes, he was extremely jet lagged from the flight they’d just been on but Europe was a place that he loved to play in as the fans always came out in strengths. He was living his dreams, this is all he wanted since he was a child, to play to thousands of people every night but it wasn’t the same without the girl he’d loved for years by his side.

“Are we all ready?” Luke asked, the band agreed, running out onto the stage as thousands of fans screamed for them. 

Calum loved performing, the thrill he got as he ran around the stage, playing his bass and singing to thousands each night was one he couldn’t quite describe, this really was what dreams were made of to him. Not Disney. Performing on the stage, the thing he loves and is passionate about, you were in the back of his mind though, he wanted you to be there with him in that moment.

“Hello! How are we all tonight?” He shouted into his microphone. Sweat dripped down his face as all of the florescent lights shone on his face so he could see everybody. Amnesia started up creating a calmer atmosphere in the place as he sang his heart out to the song, images of you flashing into his head, the phone call you’d had when you told him you didn’t feel it was working out between you. 

The song came to an end and Calum felt different. You were hot on his mind and he didn’t know how long he could keep fighting for the two of you, if you didn’t know that it could work, he wasn’t ready for all of the weight on his own shoulders.

“Thank you everybody!!” The boys ran off the stage and into the dressing room. Calum grabbed a bottle of water, gulping it down as the thoughts he’d been having flooded his mind once again. He grabbed his phone, ready to call you but then he remembered his own words, the words that he had said to you that night, the words that stopped you from ending this between the two of you. 

Give me until the end of tour. He put his phone back into his pocket and sighed, he was going to wait for you. For the two of you to put the pieces of your broken relationship back together, he had too. He had to wait for you.

Even though he knew, you and him were running out of time.

“Oh the phone I can tell that you wanna move on, through the tears I know that I shouldn’t have gone.”

Tears streamed down your face as you pressed the call button, pressing it against your ear as you waited for Calum to pick up to you, it had all become too much, you needed to move on and so did he. He had too.


“Cal? Please, I need you to listen to me.” You sniffled, you felt broken and your heart continued to ache as he stayed silent on the other side of the line. 

Truth was, he was terrified. You were sobbing into the phone and you wanted him to listen, he knew that it was coming, his worst nightmare was beginning to come true, he didn’t want to lose you, he couldn’t. He stepped off of the bus so the others wouldn’t hear, leaning against the cold metal as you began to talk to him.

“I know that we agreed until the end of tour. That I’d give you some time and that we could make it but I just don’t see it happening anymore Cal, this is too hard for me and I know that it is for you too. It doesn’t feel like a relationship anymore. We’re as close as strangers not boyfriend and girlfriend. You have to understand that I just can’t do this anymore. You have too. I can’t handle you being away and I can’t be the reason that your dreams don’t come true so please, I need to move on. Let me move on and you can too. I love you, don’t even forget that I will always love you. I have since we were both fourteen. I just can’t do this anymore.” 

“Y/N, please-” He started but you cut him off.

“Goodbye Calum Hood, don’t you forget about me.” You hung up, breaking down into huge sobs as you threw your phone down onto your shared bed, it was your shared flat but you were going to move out when he came back, find a place of your own. You buried your face into his pillow as you cried, not caring about the makeup stains it was going to leave, you’d just lost the love of your life.

Calum stood there, numb as his phone dropped onto the grass beneath him. You’d broken up with him and he felt his insides crumbling around him. Tears began to cloud his vision as he heard the bus door slam shut beside him, Ashton immediately wrapping his arms around the younger boy as he’d figured out what had happened.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered, not really knowing what to do for him. 

“I love her Ashton, I fought so hard and now she’s gone because I didn’t try hard enough!” He yelled but Ashton just sighed, he didn’t take the yelling personally, he felt truly sorry for the boy and hated that he was now in so much emotional pain over you.

“Everyday gets harder to stay away from you”

“How you doing Cal?” Luke asked as he walked into the front lounge. He just shrugged, a guitar laid in his lap, a notebook at his side as he was planning to finish off the song he’d started writing, doing anything to make him feel even a little bit better.

“I’ve been working on a new song, want to hear it?” He asked, his voice was rough and hoarse, like he hadn’t drank anything or spoke to anybody in days. It’d been three days since you’d broken up with him and in that time there hadn’t been any shows and Calum hadn’t spoken to any of the boys.

Luke sat down next to him, giving him a short nod as his eyes did a quick scan of the lyrics scribbled down.

“Six weeks since I’ve been away,
Now you’re saying everything has changed,
And I’m afraid that I might be losing you,
And every night that we spend alone,
It kills me thinking of you on your own,
I wish I could be back home next to you,

Oh, everyday, you feel a little bit further away,
And I don’t know what to say,

Are we wasting time, talking on a broken line?
Telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages,
I feel like we’re as close as strangers,
Won’t give up,
Even though it hurts so much,
Every night I’m losing you in a thousand faces,
It feels like we’re as close as strangers. 

A late night call and another text,
Is that as good as we’re gonna get?
Another time zone taking me away from you,
Living dreams and florescent lights,
Whilst you and I are running out of time,
But you know I’ll always wait for you,

Oh, everyday, you feel a little bit further away,
And I don’t know what to say,

Are we wasting time, talking on a broken line?
Telling you I haven’t seen your faces in ages,
I feel like we’re as close as strangers,
Won’t give up, even though it hurts so much,
Every night I’m losing you in a thousand faces,
Feels like we’re as close as strangers.

Oh the phone I can tell that you wanna move on,
Through the tears I can tell that I shouldn't have gone,
Everyday it gets harder to stay away from you,
So tell me…

Are we wasting time, talking on a broken line?
Telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages,
I feel like we’re as close as strangers,

Wasting time, talking on a broken line,
Telling you I haven’t seen your face in ages,
I feel like we’re as close as strangers,
Won’t give up, even though it hurts so much,
Every night losing you in a thousand faces,
It feels like we’re as close as strangers.

Six months since I’ve went away,
And I know everything has changed,
But tomorrow I’ll be coming home to you.”

“Calum, it’s great. I know it hurts now and it doesn’t take a genius to work out what it was about but it will get better. I know you’ve been in love with her for a very long time and I know that she still loves you but it’s hard for both of you. it’ll get easier and you might even get back together.” Calum just nodded and Luke pulled him into a side hug before getting up and leaving, leaving Calum alone with his thoughts.

He picked up his phone, wanting to call you, but he didn’t. “Everyday it gets harder to stay away from you.” He whispered to himself before resting his head in his hands, he wanted to go home, to convince you that the two of you were actually going to make it, he knew that you could.

“Six months since I’ve went away, and I know everything has changed but tomorrow I’ll be coming home for you.”

“Six months on the road completed and I cannot wait to be home.” Michael said as they boarded their flight back home. They were all exhausted and couldn’t wait to have their own bed, apart from Calum. He was nervous to go back home, he didn’t know if you’d be there and he couldn’t watch you leave. 

Calum shoved his earphones and pressed shuffle on his playlist before leaning his head against the cold glass in the window, sleep coming to him quickly as he was exhausted from all the shows they’d done. 

“See you later Calum, call if you need anything.” Luke said as they arrived at your apartment. He nodded, throwing his bag over his shoulder and slipped out of the car. Every step closer to your apartment made his stomach, he grabbed his key and shoved it into the lock to see it was already open. 

“Calum?” You appeared from your bedroom, hair stuck to your face, black rings underneath your eyes, a sleepy smile on your face. Calum looked at you, walking slowly towards you before we scoped you up in his arms, hugging you tightly to his chest. He didn’t care that it had been three months since the two of you had broken up, he still loved you and hadn’t seen you for six months.

“Y/N, I’ve missed you so much.” He mumbled before he put you back onto the ground, he brushed some hair away from your face as his love for you caught up with him. You looked back at him, a smile playing on your lips as you reached up to kiss him, taking him by surprise.

“I’m sorry Calum. I’m so sorry.” You whispered against his lips, as soon as you saw him you knew that it was a mistake, it was a mistake to break up with somebody that you were so in love with. Calum just kissed you again, his hands wrapping around your waist. “I love you.”

“I love you too Y/N, I fucking love you so much.” He mumbled, hugging you as tightly as he could, just to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming. “I’ve arranged with my parents to go down there tonight because I thought I’d be looking for somewhere to live but I can cancel.” 

“No, let’s go. Together. It means we can be together, it’s been six months.” Calum nodded, placing a kiss on the tip of your nose. “Now let’s pack, I’ll drive because look how tired you are.” Calum nodded, a smile playing at your lips. He’d gotten you back and there was no convincing needed. You needed him and he needed you. 


Tomorrow. I’ll see you tomorrow pretty lady.

Excitement ran through you as you sat on the edge of the bed. Calum had been away on tour for three months and he was finally coming home, you’d missed him and had a fear that it’d be like last time but it wasn’t. The two of you were constantly on the phone and Skype, you’d kept yourself busy and had spent some time with your parents and you were fine with it, you’d leant to deal with it.

Calum came home to see the lights were all off, he’d come home early to surprise you but it was pretty late. Smiling, he flicked on the light in your bedroom to see you peacefully asleep, his pillow against your chest. He walked over to you and kissed your forehead softly. You stirred, looking up confused until you saw him, a tired smile making its way onto your lips.

“Hey pretty lady.”

“Hey Calum.”

“I’m home.”

Missing you

It was 11:30 at night when you heard the bedroom door open, your little dog growling from under the covers. “Mom?” It was your 14 year old son. “Yeah babe.” He sat on top of the covers, where your husband would normally be but he was away on tour. You could see your son playing with his hands, a nervous habit he picked up on from his father and weirdly enough, his uncle Niall. “Whats wrong love?” He always got quiet when there was something on his mind, “Can’t sleep…” Instantly you tapped the space next to you and he lifted the covers up to lay next to you.

Reaching over, you turned the lamp on beside the bed and saw that his eyes were red rimmed. “What’s wrong love why have you been crying?” Your son shrugged his shoulders and looked down at the bed. He had been acting different ever since Harry had left for tour, but that wasn’t something new in your family. Thinking back you remembered they had gotten into a fight just before Harry had left for tour…


“Dad come on just let me go with you!” Harrison yelled from the living room as his father was sitting on the couch checking his emails to make sure his plane
out to Europe was all good for Monday. “Not gonna happen, we’ve had this conversation before Harrison.” Harry said looking up from his phone. “But that’s not fair dad! Ella got to go on tour with you! Mum went with you but I haven’t! They’ve seen the world and I haven’t!” He threw his hands up trying to make his point clear. “Your mum hasn’t gone with me in a long time, and yes you have gone with us.”

“Yeah but that was to America dad! I haven’t gone to Europe, I wouldn’t be a bother.” Harry sighed and put his phone down on the coffee table. “Listen to me, you have school and your mum has work, Ella is getting ready for major tests. It’s not happening. Enough.” Harry hated playing the bad guy role, he would give anything to take his family with him but he just couldn’t. It made Harry so happy that his son wanted to go on tour with him. “Sometimes I wish you weren’t my dad and I had a normal life…” Harrison said.

Harry’s heart break at that comment, he never wanted to hear those words because it meant he had disapointed his son. The whole house went quiet as Harry stared at his son. He didn’t say anything, just walked upstairs. Later that night when you and Harry were laying in bed he told you what had happened.

“He wants to go so bad love…I just don’t want him to get hurt, I’ve been through bad times on the road.” Harry said, taking your hand in his. “i know H, and he knows you mean well but he’s a teenage boy and he hears the stories Ella tells from tour he gets upset.” You ran your fingers through Harry’s curls, eyes meeting with his beautiful green ones. “The way he said it though…”Harry closed his eyes at his sons words running through his head. “shh he didn’t mean them, you know that. He loves you so much H. Now get some sleep my love.”


When Harry had left for the airport earlier that day, Harrison was quiet the whole way. He gave his dad a hug and kiss goodbye but didn’t say much. When he looked up at you with the same green eyes his father had you could seen the guilt in them. “Hey love it’s ok” You wrapped your arms around him as a few tears fell down his cheeks. “I didn’t mean it mum…I didn’t mean any of it i swear.” He cried into your shoulder, hiccuping soon after. “Shhh little H, he’ knows that love. He was just protecting you, you’ll get to go with him one day I promise.” Bringing his face up to yours, you kissed his cheek softly whipping away a few tears. He nodded and hugged you tightly.

“Can we call him?” He asked. You nodded and grabbed your phone from the bedside table, face timing Harry. He answered around the fourth ring, his face popping up on the screen. “Hi love everything ok?” He asked pushing his hair back. “Hi H, everything’s good, i’ve got someone here who misses you.” Taking the phone in his hand, Harrison smiled at his dad. “Hi dad”

“Hey love,what’s up?” Harry said, a smile filling up his face. “I wanted to say sorry.. for what i said…I didn’t mean it.” He glanced down for a moment until Harry chuckled slightly. “I know you didn’t mean it, it just gets so hectic out here and I didn’t want you getting hurt. But some day you will come with me I promise.” Harrison smiled at his dad and nodded. “Alright well it’s late over there so you best be getting back to bed, i’ll call in the morning.” Harry said.

“alright dad, miss you!” Harrison handed the phone to you so Harry could see both of your faces. “Miss you to and hey you better take care of my girls. Love you little H” harry said. “Ok dad, love you to.” Harrison said giving you a kiss on the cheek and going back into his room. “ Miss you already H.” You said smiling at your husband. “I miss you to love. I’ve got to run but give Ell a kiss for me.”

“I will good luck tonight baby you’ll do great, tell the others hi and give them my love!” You said. “Of course, love you.” “Love you to H.” Leaning in to the screen, you kissed the camera, making Harry laugh doing the same thing before ending the call. It was so nice to know how much your family loved each other even when there were fights. You and Harry had raised good kids, and that made you very proud.

Alright my loves! Here is a little one shot that I wrote! I hope you likes it and if you want more please do send me a message! Much love-Xxxx