good luck cuddle

anonymous asked:

can you do ponyboy being rlly cuddly/lovey plz😇

-Ponyboy actually wasn’t a big cuddler normally.

-But when he got an urge to cuddle good luck getting him off of you.

-He almost always wanted to cuddle you after a nap.

-He loved the way things were all warm and peaceful after a nap.

-He loved to press his face into your neck.

-He loved to use nicknames when he was feeling lovey.

-He’d call you honey, love, babe, and not as often as the others but your favorites was ‘doll’.

-And he loved to play with your hair.

-Soft neck kisses were his favorite.

-To give and to get.

-He preferred to face you when you were cuddling.

-But he didn’t mind being the big spoon too sometimes.