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Regardless of whatever type of blog you run, if you love girly things, Fall Out Boy, and making new friends, you (yes, you!) are eligible to become part of the Pop Punk & Pink Network!

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How to get in:

As of now, applications are due on the 5th of March but depending on the number of applicants, it may be extended. There is no max yet, but minimum 8 members. Thanks and good luck to all! Much love~


Shin Dongho’s Birthday Bash!!!
↳ Multi-talented Dongho

From knitting, to playing the drums, to playing baseball, and now you’re doing your passion of being a DJ. You have an endless talent to show us and not even once have you failed to surprise us. Just be happy with everything you do. I will always be here looking out for you, cheering on you, and supporting you. Good luck with everything you do! Fighting~ #HappyDONGHOday


introducing The Rosy Swifties Network!


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forever and always, Abby and Rhiannon

It’s June 21st, the day that a legend has been born.

This legend called Brandon Flowers, and he is the most amazing person in the world. I want to try and tell you who is he for me.
He is the person that changed my life, that made my life better, that helped me being a different person. a better person, a happy person. I want to say thank you, thank you for sharing your talent to the world, thank you for writing the greatest lyrics my ears would ever hear. Thank you for being so sweet, so beautiful (inside and outside!), for being so professional at your work, for your smartness, for your kindness. Thank you for your fabulous, amazing and powerful music, thank you for my favorite songs, thank you for your sweet laugh, your shiny smile and your gorgeous fashion style that i’m so inspired by. Thank you for being such a good person, a loving family man to your beautiful family. Thank you for making me a victim, I will be thankful forever for all of these things :)

Thank you for an amazing tour. this is your year, you’re a performer!

I had a luck, and i’ve seen him live twice. For a couple of seconds i even made him look at my eyes and tell me that he loves me. I know that it might sound pathetic but it was cute, and he made me the happiest girl in the world. Thank you for giving me the best feeling and the best memory of my 20 years.

I love you, Brandon Flowers, i do, and i wish you happiness, health, and the best wishes someone can ask for, because you deserve the best!

Happy Birthday you charming beautiful prince, the king of our kingdom, the flowers of our life, a hero, an idol, a role model for everything. Forever yours ♥