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Seeing these two amazing leaders together makes me so sad. Kahi started crying because she saw Nu’est and Jonghyun said he almost cried because of Kahi. The moment I saw Kahi crying I started bawling as well. Kahi was the one who first introduced Nu’est back when they debuted and I think she feels like a mother to them. I just checked instagram and saw that former After School member/leader Jungha also posted about Nu’est saying that she supports them. Lizzy commented on Jungha’s post about how sad it was to see them. I’m just glad that Pledis Artists are supporting them even if Pledis itself isn’t doing a good job.

Also hearing Baekho saying that he wishes Nu’est was as popular as Seventeen or IOI just breaks my heart. These boys are so talented and I just hope that after this they can finally get the recognition they deserve. As always I want to wish all the contestants luck throughout this really tiring and emotional process. © ©

✨ H.A.T.E  ✨

Peter Pan Imagine

Author: Joi A. Wade

Tagged: @tmrhollandkay

Requested: Yes,  Hi, can I get one where Pan & the reader are in HS and they don’t really get along but Pan always trys ti seduce her. Pan and the lost boys have a costume party and the reader dresses up as a sexy maid and Pan takes her to go to his room and smut.

Warnings: Swearing | smut | long | greaser!Pan | soc!reader

Summary: H.A.T.E = Having All These Emotions.

The word hate is a very well known word in the English language. Some say it’s rather strong, some say it’s something unnecessary to express. It’s avoidable; it’s easy to spread like a disease, it’s also just another four letter word that is shared among people. For this situation, it’s mainly between two.

Y/n L/n was one of the richest girls in town. 17 year old honors student, with a 4.0 average, and killer good looks next to her fabulous brain. Almost every girl wanted to be her friend, and for those who didn’t just bathed in their pool of, you guessed it, hatred.

Peter Pan was one of the baddest greasers in town. 18 going on 19, still a junior in high school, holding on to his 3.0 average for deal life (not really) and also killer good looks that could get any girl below his grade to swoon over him. 

The senior girls that he was supposed to be in the same grade with, didn’t want anything to do with him or his gang.

Including Y/n. 

But, that didn’t stop this greaser from flirting with her any chance he got. Every guy wanted nothing to do with him, thanks to his reputation, and for those who did? Good luck to them.

Y/n and Peter never got along since the day they met. The first day of high school, an awkward year for the both of them all started off with their orientation in the school’s gym. 

It was going fine, until a certain someone who was still on his childish side, decided to pull another certain someone’s skirt down right in front of everyone after the ceremony. Showing off her white, virgin panties. In front of every freshman. 

Just think about it.

Picture it in your head.

Prepubescent boys. E V E R Y W H E R E.  All witnessing the vulnerability of young Y/n in the start of the year.

“Why can’t you just grow up, you dumb hood!” 

“Maybe, I don’t want to grow up! Why can’t you just take a joke!”

“I hate you, Peter Pan! Till the day I die, you’re nothing but gum underneath my shoe!” 

“Right back atcha, princess.” 

And thus, the hatred grew from that day on to three years today. 

Now coming back to the present, on a Friday evening in October, we find our main characters to be sitting on opposite sides of their study hall classroom, waiting for the day to finally end and be free for the weekend. The class room was already divided into their own cliques, from Socs, to Greasers, to Middle class, you name it. Everyone was where they belonged. But, of course, this wasn’t just any day. It happened to be October 31, Halloween night. And guess who just so happens to be planing a stellar party, for all to those willing to come? I’ll give you one guess.

“So, as you all may know, tonight is the night where the dead roam the streets.” Peter starts, rubbing his hands together, as he scanned the classroom. “And I’m also sure you know I am cautious of your safety, so everyone is welcome to crash and have shelter at my place this Halloween night.”

Snickers are heard from the greaser side, partly of what Peter said, and the other being because of their passed out study hall teacher, drooling all over his desk and papers. With a roll of her eyes, Y/n responds.

“Why would anyone wanna go to your dump of a house? If I wanted to spend my Friday night with trash, I’d spend my hours standing in Wendy’s closet.”

Said girl starts to laugh at the insult, only to then realize she was just insulted. “Hey!”

Peter chuckles at the witty tongue he hates so much. Every time she opens her mouth, it’s an endless cycle of sarcasm and bitchiness. Leaning on a desk, he places his hands in his leather jacket, resting them just below his armpits.

“No one said you had to come, princess. I’m sure mommy and daddy don’t want you out past eight anyways. Wouldn’t want you damaging that pretty grade of yours, right next to that pretty face.”  Now the whole greaser side howled with laughter and ‘oohs’. Y/n scowls in anger, rolling her eyes yet again, ignoring his comment. “Aw, what’s the matter? Run out of things to say?”

“No. Just thought I’d give your brain a break, I mean, this is probably the most words I’ve ever heard you speak without stuttering like an idiot, or shrinking your vocabulary to one of a kindergartner’s. Tell me, grease, can you spell ‘damaging’?” Getting no response this time, Y/n only smirks, this time her side of the room laughing at his. “Just to humor you, because I guarantee no Socs are going if I’m not, I’ll come to your little party tonight.”

With a raise of his eyebrow, Peter licks his lips slowly, relaxing his hands and walking over to their side of the room. Two Socs that sat next to Y/n were quick to stand, blocking him from getting any closer. Having a silent stare down, Y/n places hands on their shoulders, smiling sweetly as she told them she could handle herself. Oh, the curve of her lips only made his blood boil. Not to mention how easily she could coax any man with just one curl of them, as they sat back down without protest.

“You sure a pretty little thing like you, can handle a party like mine? There are no rules, no limitations.”

“Ooh, big word, Pan,” He rolls his eyes at her comment, already bored with the conversation. “But, you’d be surprised what a ‘pretty little thing’, like me, can handle.”

“Care to give me an example, princess?” He asks, taking only a small step closer to her, his eyelids falling slightly as well as his voice. This sent chills through her body, but she’d rather die than let him see that it did. Never breaking eye contact, everyone around them waited for someone to make the next move. 

Until the bell rang. 

Everyone got up from their seats, the teacher practically falling out of his chair at the sudden wake up call, as the school day was finally over.

Inhaling sharply, Y/n drops eye contact first, taking her bag that Wendy held out for her, looking up at the tall boy one last time. “In your dreams, grease.”

“Rich girl.”



“Oh, real mature.” She glares, turning with her chin high in the air as if she won that fight. With a slight shake of his head, he signals his gang that it was time to leave, heading out to maybe steal some beers and cigs on the way back to his house. While walking, the youngest of the group spoke up to his leader.

“Why’re you and her always fighting,” Henry asks. “She’s a real nice girl, why you gotta pick at her all the time, man?”

“Simple. We hate each other.” Peter shrugs, adjusting the collar of his jacket.

“Now y’all don’t, it’s obvious you wanna fuck each other. Just both of your prides are too big for one of you to go for it. It’s cliche, Pan. The rich girl wanting to be with the bad boy because her parents are against it. She wants you, she’s just making you work for it.” Tiger Lily nudges him with her elbow, while twirling her switch blade in the other hand.

“And what makes you so sure?”

“Tiger’s middle class, Pan, and yet she hangs with us all the time instead of them. Because…” Felix drew out, inquiring for Pan to finish his sentence for him.

“I ain’t stupid, I know what you mean. But, you’re different, Tiger Lily. You’re like one of the guys, it’s easy for you to adapt and be like us. But, Y/n? A whole different story.”

“Hm. Well, plus I’m a girl. I can see the signs of want from a mile away, and she is dripping for you.”

“Okay, now you’re just being weird.” Peter shoves her playfully, Henry shaking his head, not satisfied with his answer. “Look, tonight if she drops her attitude with me, then so will I. But, until then, I hate her fucking guts.” 

Meanwhile, on the richer side of town, Y/n wandered around the costume store, in a dilemma with ‘which outfit would be perfect’ for this said occasion. Not just any Halloween costume will do, she needed something that will really catch…a certain someone’s attention.

“No. No. No. God, this is a definite no. This is so stupid, how hard could it be to find a decent costume?” Y/n groans loudly, Wendy only giggling at her frustration.

“Well, you are looking on the day of Halloween. You’re a little late on getting decent, let alone anything at all. I’m just going as a cat; drawing whiskers on my face and buying this tail and cat ears. See? Simple and I don’t have to spend a lot.”

“Uh, you’re so cheap.”

Wendy glares at her head, grumbling to herself while her arms were crossed like a child would do. “At least I’m not trying to impress a greaser.”

“Excuse me? Who says I’m trying to impress that delinquent?”

“It’s so obvious! The sexual tension between you two is so suffocating, I can barely stand it any longer! One day I’m gonna get you drunk off your ass and lock you in a room with him-”

“[Gasp] This is perfect!” She exclaims, finally finding an outfit she likes in the very back of a rack. “Sexy maid! It’s ironic because his place will most likely be filthy. Now what were you saying about a room and ass or something?”

Sighing heavily, Wendy just grabs Y/n’s arm, dragging her to the register. 

“You’re so oblivious, it hurts.”

The sun was finally setting, and the street lights had finally cut on. Halloween night was something the troublemakers all over the town looked forward to, that and Pan’s parties. Halloween and end of the year parties were his specialties, filled with one night stands, hangovers, and wild memories to tell your grand-babies someday. Once the clock hit 10, everyone was piling into Peter’s place, for those who don’t get to be inside due to space, had most of the party outside, the backyard or on his neighbors lawn instead. Luckily where he lived, everyone was cool with everyone on the block, so there were no worries on horny teenagers grinding on each other on their front lawn. As long as it stopped by 2 AM.

Y/n and her large group of Socs make there way inside, all dressed up in their costumes, ready to have a good time. Readjusting the tight costume that felt like it was covering not a damn thing, Y/n took a look around. The music was blasting, the room already reeking of alcohol, and bodies upon bodies were pressed up against one another. Wendy tugs on her arm, pointing to the dance floor.

“Let’s go dance, this is my song!”

“I am not dancing up on greaser trash!” She shouts over the music, “You go ahead, find a guy, hook up, I don’t care! I’m going to get a drink!”

Giving her a thumbs up in response, Wendy disappears into the crowd. Y/n finally makes her way over to the drink table, filling her red cup with what she suspected to be just beer. Taking a huge gulp of the liquid, the burning in her throat confirmed her suspicion. It went down horribly the first time, but after her third cup, she was starting to loosen up and bob to the beat of the song.

Swaying her hips from side to side, she barely noticed a mixed group of middle class and greaser boys staring in her direction. One being bold enough to approach her came up from behind her, pressing his front to her back, helping her sway to the motion a little better. Turning her head to see who it was, she sneered.

“Get your hands off me.” 

“Aw come on, baby, let’s just have a little fun~”

“I’ll give you to the count of three. Last warning.” 

The stranger leans in to whisper in her ear, only getting half of his sentence out until he was dragged away by a couple of Peter’s friends. Not too long, Peter replaced his spot, his hands gripping her waist tightly, keeping her pressed against him, holding her still.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Y/n growls slightly, the sound sending a pleasant feeling straight down to his manhood, but the anger of seeing another guy touch her was clouding over that feeling. Turning herself around, she was quick to push him off. 

“Fuck off, Pan. I’m here to have a good time, not waste it fighting with you.”

“Well then stop the search, because the ‘good time’ is right in front of you. What’s more fun then spending the night with the host of this sick party?”

“Avoiding him.” 

Y/n was about to walk away, only for her arm to be tugged right back. Groaning inwardly, she was about to give him another snarky comeback, only for the look on his face to wipe that idea completely. He looked troubled, almost uncertain of something. 

“Follow me.” 

“What part of ‘avoiding him’ did you not understand-”

“Please, love.” 

Now this caught her off guard. Him, Peter Pan, the ruthless greaser that didn’t ask nicely, and took what he wanted, was begging her? Oh, she was definitely about to use this against him later. But, for now. 


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Which one of the boys wpuld be the best boyfriend/husband? Because they are quite abusive so i thought maybe you could do a headcanon of what they woulf be like :) thank you

*:・゚✧  Best to Worst as a S/O  *:・゚✧













*:・゚✧  Headcanons  *:・゚✧


Shuu: He is affectionate about 75% of the time, and loves to cuddle whenever really. But there are times when he has mood swings where he would rather be alone and listen to music, which results in him apologizing and more cuddles.

Reiji: This one is complicated. If Reiji ever started dating, it would start as somewhat of a reward system for him. Of course his partner wouldn’t intend for this, it would just happen. Everything he would do for his s/o would be for praise and genuine love. For example if you left your room messy before work, he’d clean it for you and expect/hope for you to be proud of him and praise him when you got home. He needs approval. As the relationship furthers, he wouldn’t be as needy for praise because he would have the confidence that you are in love with him and genuinely care for him.

Ayato: Similar to Reiji, he would want you to be proud of him and everything. He wouldn’t exactly go out of his way to do things for you to make him proud, but rather things that he did himself. He’d be loving in a sense, but not a lot for the first few months of dating.

Kanato: Heck all of these boys just crave praise and approval. ( thanks cordelia :)) ) But he wouldn’t do anything to make you proud of him because he expects you to already approve of him. But you just gotta say stuff like “hey you’re doing a good job” or “that looks perfect!” you know? He’d be very possessive and wouldn’t let you go outside very much. Good luck <3

Laito: This one is also pretty complicated. He thinks of sexual gestures such as forcing himself upon you or slapping your butt, he’s thinks of that as showing affection. Saying “I love you” to him is the same as saying “Good Morning” in his eyes. You’d have to teach him that words mean more than touching and tell him that there is a line between sex and sexual harassment. Being with him would be tough until you taught him what love is. He’d be very grateful about this and he would cherish and love you in the right way. He’d actually be a very very good husband.

Subaru: Okay y’all already know he’s the best candidate for a husband on this list (if you’re looking for one who won’t torture you). He’d be very loving, he wouldn’t hurt you for his own pleasure like is other brothers. ?


Ruki: Oh boy look finally a nice one. Yes, I do have a very big headcanon that Ruki would make a lovely s/o. Taking care of them when their sick, buying them random gifts frequently, or even keeping them home from school every so often (not all the time that’s bad) to give them a break. He’d just be a good one! Good luck ! <3

Yuuma: Hmmm , ? I mean, yes I could see him as being the “strong cuddly” s/o type. But he would have his moments of being way too abrasive in how he shows it. He’d be nice and all, a little short tempered but everyone on this list sort of is anyways.

Azusa: Oh my gosh it is no wonder why this boy is number 2 on our list. There is really on one reason why he is’t number one, it’s the whole “Pain” thing. It’s somewhat like Laito (though Azusa knows that “I love you” means more than “Good Morning”), they both show their love in wrong ways because of their childhood. You need to show him that stabbing someone in the neck is not equivalent to the meaning “I love you”. Other than that, he’d be a very sweet, and kind s/o.

Kou: Eh ? He’d be an alright s/o. It really depends on what kind of person you are and who you can get along with. For instance, if you easily get annoyed by clingy people, Kou is’t the one for you. But, if you like that kinda thing go ahead. Not only is he clingy, he has severe mood swings. He can go from “I love you!” to “Oh my gosh I hate you” in under a minute. That’s the major reason he’s so low on this list.


Carla: Sure ! He’s a good s/o, if you tilt your head a little. A relationship with him would be complicated for many many reasons. He is a pretty serious character who rarely lets his guard down. It’d be hard to get any emotion out of him without doing anything that would threaten his or your life.

Shin: Here’s the thing with Shin, he’s like Ayato but a little bit more mannered. No he doesn’t need the constant praise and whatnot, but he has the same demeanor. Honestly just behave and do as he says and he’ll be nice and kind! I don’t think I need to explain what will happen if you do otherwise.


During exam season/week, know when to and when not to bind. If you’re going to be in a quiet room for 4 hours, and you think you’ll want to or will fall asleep after your test, don’t bind. If you find it hard to focus when you’re binding, don’t bind during a test. Use your very best judgement, especially since everything is going to be stressful. Even though your binder might help alleviate some stress, don’t wear it for more than 8 hours, if your chest feels tight or hurts, take it off immediately, breathe deeply and stretch often.

Be safe and good luck on all your tests 🙂❤

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In the past 2 years we have had 4 different pregnancies, 3 different stabbing- including an actual hostage with a knife to his neck- and only one of them got expelled (the rest got "excused absences", a sexual assault (which the school did nothing "that's how boys are" is what the PRINCIPAL said) one teacher was a drug dealer and one is going to court for molestation. Our school only has 300 kids in it btw

Good luck with all that

Good Luck Charm // Park Jinwoo


the prompt: do you think you could write something along the lines of a jinjin baseball player au scenario with a friends to lovers sort of plot when you get a chance?

words: 2193

category: fluff

author note:Thank you for requesting! I tried my best and had a lot of fun writing this! Hope you like it.

– destinee

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just friends (stiles stilinski au ft derek hale)

National Suicide Hotline (USA): 1-800-784-8433

Hotline Masterpost

I love you all. I’m sorry times are tough, and I hope you see clear skies and rainbows from here on out. I hope you see a beautiful snow storm and a nice cozy thunderstorm with a cup of hot tea in hand.

Plot: Feelings don’t come in to play until you realize that what could’ve been is being threatened by what is.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader, Derek Hale x Reader

Warnings: attempted suicide (graphic and emotional), language, protective!Stiles

A/N: sorry about the drought, the lack of writing! this is an old piece that is redone to fit Teen Wolf Characters. Stiles is a jock in this, Derek is a tatted punk turned jock, and Scott McCall is the angel that he’s always been. I really hope this isn’t too bad. I love y’all and I”m sorry I have writer’s block. Let me know what you think! XOXOX (no gifs are mine!!!)

Damn it! I knew this would happen. It’s your best friend’s first college football game and you’re already running late. You promised him you’d be there early, but noooo! You had to take a nap and snooze your damn alarm. Screw it. You brush on some mascara and toss on some skinny jeans with your school sweater before running down, phone in hand. Thankfully, your dorm was a five minute walk from the football stadium.

Originally posted by wolfiestoday

You made it to the field just as the choir finished performing the national anthem. Stiles was looking around before his eyes finally landed on you and he heaved a sigh of relief. You smile widely and wave at him as the teams make their way onto the field. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Stiles’ girlfriend Leslie holding hands with another player. You shake your head and brush the negative thoughts out of your head, thinking that maybe that’s her brother or really good friend. Stiles and Lydia have been together for a few years; she wouldn’t cheat on him. You shrug and focus your attention on the game.

As part of your ritual, you send Stiles a good luck text and tell him you love him. This has happened in someway shape or form for about the last ten years before every game of his. You’ve been friends with the dork since you were five and he was six. He was a few months older than you and teased you about it every chance he got. You lived right next door to each other all throughout middle- and high school. Stiles was always the popular bad-boy jock that all the girls drooled over, and you were his nerdy, semi-popular semi-depressed, counterpart. You two managed to remain friends through the years & prove to everyone that brunettes actually have more fun. And now, here he was, paving his way to greatness in his first college football game of his career. You couldn’t be prouder of him.

A couple years ago, Stiles was going through a rough patch. It was your sophomore year and his parents were going through a divorce. You helped him through it and he managed to pull himself out. Although he claimed that Leslie was his light at the end of the tunnel, I think he was doing perfectly fine himself.

A loud whistle brings you back to the present just as your team scores a touchdown! Stiles is the quarterback and he tossed the ball straight to the wide receiver who ran to the end of the field and scored your team six points. The crowd’s gone wild, you’re jumping up and screaming for Stiles as the group of guys next to you pull up their shirts and reveal “NOTRE DAME” spelled out on their stomachs. Derek Hale, the dreamy receiver who scored a touchdown, does a little dance and makes the crowd cheer even louder.

The game went on and at the end of the fourth quarter, you were neck-to-neck. Notre Dame was up by three points and your enemy aka the University of Indiana had the possession. There were 12 seconds left and Indy was 10 meters away from a touchdown. Everyone was at the edge of their seats as the seconds ticked by and Indy’s quarterback let the ball fly. You held your breath as one of their players seemed set to grab it, but you were all joyously taken by surprise when your cornerback intercepted the ball as the clock ran out. Everyone got on their feet and screamed in both shock and happiness. You laugh and make your way down the bleachers to see Stiles, only to be stopped as you reach the field. You look up and are met with a familiar face smirking down at you.

You smile back up at Derek. He looked oddly familiar. Sure, you saw him around campus a few times as he was a star football player, but you had never been so close to him. Holy hell, were you missing out.

“Hey there!” He smirks at your obvious staring as he yells over the crowd’s cheering. “Did you enjoy the game?”

“Hey, Derek,” you blush and look down slightly, almost peering over his shoulder to look for Stiles before looking back up at him. “I very much did enjoy the game. That was a great catch, by the way! Indy didn’t see you coming!”

“Thank you.” Now it was his turn to blush. “I didn’t know a beautiful girl such as yourself followed our games this closely.”

“Oh, I’m Y/N,” you smile and hold your hand out for him to shake, which he quickly accepts. “I won’t miss any regular season games. My best friend is on the team, Stiles?”

“So you’re the best friend he asked us to stay away from! Is he keeping you for himself, or?” He looks at you, questioningly as his eyes widen in realization.

“No, he’s dating Leslie,” you chuckle and smile, removing your hand from Derek’s. “He’s just super over protective of me. Speaking of the rascal, where is he? I ran here for him!”

“He probably went to the locker room with Leslie to get some post-game action.” Derek laughs and shakes his head as you gag.

“I don’t need that image. I see it enough already!” You laugh and nudge him as the player who caught the interception walks over and eyes you up and down.

“What do we have here?” He winks at you and you shake your head.

“Just because you helped us win our first game doesn’t mean that you get a pass with that comment.” You give him a teasing glare as he raises an eyebrow. “No passes, but that was a super cool catch, a life-saving one actually.”

He blushes and smiles widely, dimples popping out in both cheeks. “I’m Scott. Scott McCall.”

And before you’re able to respond, Stiles comes out from behind them and engulfs you in a hug.

“STILES OH MY GOD!!!” You squeal as he laughs and spins you around, obviously moving you away from his two teammates.

“Did you see my throw?!” Stiles puts you down and becomes really passionate as he speaks about the one thing he loves the most: football. “I didn’t think I would make the pass, but then I remembered your text and I just threw the ball and BAM, Hale with the touchdown!”

“I did see your throw! It was a beautifully executed throw with a solid catch by Derek,” by this time, Derek & Scott have made their way over to you and they’re both blushing wildly.

“Bro, why didn’t you tell us your best friend was so beautiful? And into sports?!” Scott punched Stiles lightly in the shoulder as he slightly tenses, trying to keep his cool composure as his teammates drool over his best friend..

“Because you buffoons would react exactly like this.” Stiles forces out a chuckle and smiles at his friends.

As he and Scott continued their talk, Derek walks over and looks at you, just staring before something clicked both in his head and in yours. You knew he looked familiar! Derek opens his mouth to say something, but you grab Stiles before he has a chance to.

“Alright, goodbye boys. Stiles will see you in practice and I will be at your next game.” You smile at both of them and leave with your best friend, trying your best not to look back.

Crap that was too close.

You pull Stiles away from Derek and Scott, leaving him slightly confused but still very happy. Once you reach the university campus, you slow down and look up at your best friends cute smile.

“I’m proud of you, Stiles,” you smile and wrap your arms around him as you walk through campus.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He smiles and kisses your forehead. “I’m sorry for leaving you to deal with the knuckleheads after the game.”

“It’s okay. I heard you and Leslie got in some quick action after the game,” you chuckle and wiggle your eyebrows at him as you near his dorm.

“We got in some quick but very good action in after the game,” Stiles smirks, swiping his ID and letting you into the building. You two walk past the RA and into the elevator; Stiles lived on the third floor but you were feeling lazy. “You’re staying over tonight, right?”

“Yes, sir. Unless you want to kick me out to get some more action?”

“No, I think I could get some action in with you.” Stiles playfully slams your back against the elevator wall and stands over you as you look up at him, rolling your eyes and trying your hardest not to blush.

“Please, babe. That’s not possible,” you pull away just as the elevator dings and the doors open, dragging him out by his hand. "Let’s go to your room so we can sleep. I have an early class tomorrow.”

You walk into Stiles’ dorm, using your spare key to open the door and trying to push down any unwarranted feelings for the doofus. You close his door and head to his bedroom to look for any clothes you may have left over previous times. You frown when you don’t see anything of yours around.

“Stiles!” I stand in the middle of his bedroom with my arms crossed, more from confusion than anything.

“Yes?!” He runs in and cups your face, checking for any injuries. “What happened? Did you hurt yourself? Is something wrong?”

“No! No, I’m okay!”

"I’m sorry. I just got scared,” he smiles and wraps his arms around you, oddly worried.

“I’m fine, I promise. Now, come on. Find me a shirt because I can’t find any of mine.” He laughs and kisses your head, pulling away .

“That’s because I’m doing laundry. Actually, my roommate is. Hale’s doing laundry.” Stiles reaches into a drawer and pulls out an oversized t-shirt. “Here you go.”

“Wait… Derek is doing your laundry?! I had underwear here!” You blush and groan, covering your face as Stiles chuckles.

“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything. I’ve warned them all!”

“I think you want me to die alone.” You pout and head to the bathroom to change, Stiles’ laughter ringing through his room.

You change and step back into the bedroom, only to find him sound asleep and in his boxers. You turn off the lights and lay next to Stiles. He cuddles close and moments later, you begin to drift off.

Flashback in a Dream

You graduated last week, top of the world and happy as can be. Of course, your happiness doesn’t seem to last. It was like you had everything but wanted nothing. You were so tired of yourself, of all the burdens you carried around. You couldn’t even wear your favorite dress to graduation because your stupid arms and legs were covered in scars. You hated yourself. You wanted this shit life to end. And what better place to end it than at the lighthouse?

It was around seven in the evening, a nice chilly summer night. You told your parents You’d go for a quick walk and be back. They both smiled and asked you to get home quickly, little did they know you wouldn’t make it back at all. You had a bottle of wine in your bag and a razor in your pocket. You chuckled sadly and ran the razor across your arms and legs and stomach, each cut an angry thought. You looked at your phone to see Stiles calling you for the fifteenth time. You shook your head and let the phone ring. You loved him, and that’s why you couldn’t–wouldn’t hurt him. He couldn’t know about this.

“Hello?” You heard a voice behind you and turned around. He was tall, and he was so so handsome. He had tattoos up and down his arms and across his bare chest, his green eyes were narrowed as he took in your crumpled appearance.

You quickly (drunkenly) hid your hands as he walked closer, feeling yourself dim out slowly. “What’s up?”

“Why are you here by yourself? And why are you hiding your hands?” He reached back to grab your arms and you let out a soft yelp.

“Ow!” You whimper and pull your hands out, slurring your words as your emotions get the best of you. “I’m fucking depressed. I’m suicidal. I hate myself. Is that what you wanted to hear?!”

He quickly shakes his head no as you black out.

You keep drifting in and out of a daze for what seems like days before you finally wake up. Your eyes begin to adjust to the dim lighting and you see someone asleep with their head on the side of the bed. You softly nudge the person and he looks up, alarmed. It was the guy from the other night. Which meant… you weren’t dead.

“D-did you save me?” You whisper, your voice hoarse from the lack of water in your system. He notices and hands you water before answering.

“I- I just brought you back here. I didn’t know if you’d make it, but–oh my god. OH MY GOD.” He exclaimed, looking at you as though he’d just realized that you’re awake. “You’re alive!” He laughed and leaned down to pay a celebratory kiss against my forehead.

“Why did you save me?” You whisper the dreaded question, managing to stop his celebrations as he looked at you, both confused and angry.

“Did you expect me to let you die?! No. Hell no,” He shook his head, barely able to look you in the eye. “You deserve a second chance. This is it. Life is fucking hard, and believe me I know it. I’m upset when I have no right to be. I’m given everything and I want nothing, but I will not die. I will not let my depression beat me. And I sure as hell won’t let it beat you, Y/N.” He looked at you, almost reiterating your own speech to you as you stared at him in awe. “I checked your ID, that’s how I know your name.”

You nod slowly and begin to sit up. “T-thank you..?”

“Derek. My name is Derek.” He smiled at you as he realized that his words registered.

“As you know, my name is Y/N,” you held out your hand and he shook it. “Thank you for saving my life.”

“Not a problem. I don’t want you to be like this anymore. Please promise me. No more.”

“No more.” You smiled at him, tears brimming in your eyes as he held out a pinky and you hook yours with his. You lean forward and press a shy kiss against his lips. “No more.”

Dream Ends

You jolt awake and pant heavily, double and triple checking your arms for any cuts, relieved when you find none there. It’s been three months and there are no more cuts. Three months since you’d last seen Derek. Three months since you opened up to Stiles. You promised Stiles, but you also promised Derek. Derek who spent one night with you and then flew back home. Derek who you didn’t recognize until today. Stiles stirs in his sleep and looked up at you, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Everything alright?” he mutters sleepily and looks up at you.

“Yes, babe. We are all good. Back to bed.” You smile as he holds his arms out to you and you gladly snuggle against your best friend, falling asleep in no time.

hmu-joseph  asked:

yo i lost my game today:((( could you offer a cute fluffy fic that either involves one of the holland boys or harrison?? itll cheer me up since this game was a bit important😬

good luck charm - s.h

summary: your boyfriend, sam holland, pays you a surprise visit at one of the most important games of your school career.

notes: omg i’m so sorry babe :(( i hope you enjoy this!!

word count: 600

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hi!! i want to get into nct bc i've been seeing your (beautiful) gifs around tumblr and i was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on videos to watch to get into them?? i know they have nct life but i was wondering if there were any shorter vids to start off with ;;; i'm just a lil busy atm so idk if i can afford to watch longer vids asdfghkl if this is too specific, then pls feel free to ignore >< thank you so much!! hope you guys are doing well ^^

hello and of course we’re happy to help!!! for the most part, all of these videos should be around 5-10 minutes or are even shorter~ hopefully these help:

good luck with everything and hopefully you won’t stay too busy for long ;; have fun watching these videos when you find the time!! 

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Are you interested in any oyher Spiderman characters? (Homecoming and/or not?)

oh hello!! honestly, i really loved all the characters in spiderman: homecoming. and i’m gonna be so extra right now and like…give mini headcanons for all my babes. so i’m sorry in advance. but like…

we have our decathlon team babies

  • so like…liz is totally the mama bear. she’s the only senior on the team because she was one of the founding members her junior year and her friends were all too busy focusing on their other extracurriculars and college apps so it was just a bunch of little freshman she’d managed to convince to join the team
  • and liz did so much research and trained the team and asked her cousin who won a decathlon competition when he was in high school what was helpful for their team
  • so she takes over and gets mr. harrington to work with the team and she shapes the team into one that could win
  • and they’re all her babies like let’s be honest
  • charles and abraham are the twins that are attached at the hip but never stop fighting. they’re the dynamic duo and what abraham doesn’t know, charles does. they’re best friends and they hang out all the time and they obsess over star trek and have a secret rivalry going on with ned and peter because they are the star wars kids. and they’re sworn to hate each other until the end of time. (but also charles and abraham will freak out when the trailer for the last jedi gets released and immediately text the group chat nerds in space to ask peter and ned what they thought.) and abraham has to smack charles on the head when the boy catches his friend staring at sally for too long and charles just mumbles something about how she had something on her shirt and it’s fine.
  • and then you have sally and cindy. who are just like…so done with the team half the time. like, you’ve got peter, ned, charles, and abraham who just spend all their time obsessing over space themed movies. and flash just constantly berates everyone. michelle is lowkey kinda scary. (they are also lowkey in love with her but shhh.) and liz is like…well, liz is their mom so they love liz. but even mr. harrington is a mess. but sally and cindy make the best of it because they love each other and they love decathlon and they watch a week’s worth of jeopardy together every sunday and they quiz each other in cindy’s mom’s car on the way to school. and they talk about sally’s small, minuscule crush on charles (”really, sally? charles??? he’s a nerd!!” “you think i don’t know that and am also disappointed in myself!!” “oh my goodness but you guys would be so cute who am i kidding”) and they talk about cindy’s very large crush on betty brant (”cindy, she totally checked you out just now!!” “wHAT? omg, how is my hair??”). and they talk about which classes they’re taking so they can be in most of the same classes and they talk about college and their hearts lowkey break when they think about how cindy wants to stay in new york and sally wants to go to the west coast but they’ll be bffs forever so they have hope. (”we have skype, it’ll be okay, yeah?”)
  • and then you have flash. and flash has got so much shit going on like wtf dude. his parents are super wealthy and try to support him and try to be there but they’re always traveling for work and he’s basically been raised by his nanny. so it’s his nanny who pesters him about this massive crush he has on someone on the decathlon team because each day she picks him up from decathlon practice he’s always raging and sighing and looking sad. and flash just vehemently denies this. because that’s ridiculous, please don’t suggest something like that. but she knows him so well. she’s raised him. she just doesn’t realize that it’s fucking peter parker. peter parker who he terrorizes because he doesn’t want to deal with how he’s feeling. peter parker who has a great ass that he couldn’t help but slap that one time before nationals on the way to the pool. peter parker, who’s a dork and definitely not worthy of flash’s attention but has it anyway. so, maybe he’s not dealing healthily. but he’s got a silent war raging in his head and he doesn’t want to have to tell his parents that he’s bi because once his dad had made an offhand comment and it decided things for him. so flash just…rages and hides behind his wealth and intelligence and snaky comments. because he doesn’t wanna deal with anything
  • and omg i’ve talked about peter and mj and even ned a bit so i won’t write about them here but i love my babies so much okay???

we also have our peter parker protection squad

  • may parker, the loml. who’s characterization i can never get bc we have civil war may and then also homecoming may. but may parker who is a hero in her own right because we all know about that scene where she saves a little girl and doesn’t mention it that got cut from the movie. (rip me, honestly.) and like…can we talk about may?? because she seems like such a groovy, fun loving person. and she was married to her husband ben. they were totally wild in college or something. just…always doing crazy shit and laughing and having sex and just enjoying being with each other. and then they get married and get jobs and live together, being happy little hippies. (maybe they partake in some substances, idk, you never know.) and then her husband’s brother and wife die and they’re taking in peter parker. and may falls in love with this little boy because he’s so…good. and she and ben raise him as their own and try to give him an exciting and happy childhood and encourage his interests in science and his friendship with ned. and then he tells them he’s joining the decathlon team and there’s a field trip and he’s so excited about life. and then he acts all dodgy and then ben dies. and like…may is heartbroken. because ben was her person. and peter’s stopped talking to her. but then he gets the stark internship (which he didn’t tell her about, so rude) and then he’s happy and if he’s happy then she’s happy because she takes every good thing she can these days because they are so far and few between. so she takes every little piece of happiness she can find in life. like talking to mr. delmar and chatting with his daughter she’s she in the shop. like the woman who sells flowers on the corner on her way to work. like the cute couple that works at the supermarket by the apartment who give her recipes like ones for walnut date bread. and even like tony stark, who for whatever reason has become peter’s mentor of sorts and who makes him happy. and if someone makes her nephew happy, they make her happy
  • and dad!tony. who gives his spider son anything he wants and invites him upstate every so often so he can train with the avengers and learn to control his powers. because even if he isn’t going to be an avenger, he’s still going to be your friendly neighborhood spiderman. and he throws peter parker a birthday party in the summer at a fancy restaurant he’s bought out for the night. and all of peter’s little high school friends come and tony’s happy to give this to peter because the kid just needs to be a kid and needs to be happy. and don’t think tony doesn’t notice the way peter’s eyes follow that girl michelle all night. the girl who’s also asking him all these questions about the sokovia accords and his decision to move upstate and how he almost let a bunch of avenger and alien tech get stolen and about wakanda and if he’s ever been. and tony just wishes peter good luck at the end of the night and smiles because the boy is so confused. (if peter doesn’t realize it yet, oh goodness, good luck to this boy, honestly.) and tony pulls some strings to make sure that peter gets into mit and then finds out that he didn’t even need to because peter’s already a great candidate. and when he helps peter move into his dorm and sees michelle there, who just so happens to go to harvard down the block, well, peter just smiles and wishes peter good luck again
  • happy hogan disappointed me and doesn’t get to have a whole paragraph. but he can REDEEM HIMSELF later on because peter is a smol bean and needs protection and happy starts answering his calls and listening to his voicemails. and maybe happy laughs occasionally at the lame jokes peter makes, but that’s bESIDE THE POINT

and then just like…our small mentions

  • aaron davis exists in mcu and mentioned his nephew MILES MORALES. like, dude, idek what they’re gonna do with miles morales but i am soooo hype. idek. i am just so excited. bc donald glover was inspired as aaron davis. (“i like bread!) he was such a cool character and i wanna know if he becomes the prowler. and i wanna see him with his family and talking to his little nephew about how he met spiderman twice and he was like…a chill dude and he’s doing his part to keep their home safe. and miles morales is probably like…the biggest fan of spiderman and dresses up as him for halloween and then one day he gets bitten by this crazy huge spider while visiting his favorite uncle aaron and he starts developing superpowers? like omg this is his greatest dream come true? and then he starts going out in hopes of finding spiderman so he can team up with the dude that once saved his uncle. and then one day he’s trying to stop a mugging and spiderman comes and is just like…”what??” so they stop the muggers and then they go to a rooftop and spiderman is super confused like, “what? you have my powers?? how did this happen?” and miles is just like, “omg! you’re the spiderman! you’re my hero! omg! hi, i just want to help!!” and then maybe we get an older and younger brother dynamic between the two? idk i’m just excited to see what happens because they have to put miles morales in mcu. it’s decided

also i don’t think she’s gonna be in mcu but i love my baby gwen stacy. my smart beautiful dorky bean gwen. and i love when she’s put into fics. and she was put into this fic as liz allan’s love interest and it was inspired and i fell in love. so. yes. #putgweninfic2k17

not sure if this is what you were asking for but here it is anyway!

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I'm looking to get a creepy clown but I know they come with a lot of risks. Do you have any tips?

Hoo boy!!! Good luck!!

1- Be prepared at all times. Scary clowns get part of their “Gigglenutrients” (which I prefer to call emotionutrients because they aren’t just from laughter) from scaring other creatures. Be sure that your ready to be scared at all times, both mentally and physically.

2- Try not to live near anywhere considered “Scary”, as they may run away to feast on the gigglenutrients. This includes haunted houses, cemeteries, deep and dark forests, abandon houses, or schools.

3- Be prepared to not allow guests over for some time, if ever again. The first few weeks are the worst, in which they will try their hardest to scare you and anyone living in your home, as a stranger. After they’re used to you, you can calm down as they will have gotten used to you, but this cycle restarts if someone else is in the house.

4- Horror games can be the object between you and the clown and pure, terrifying chaos on trips. Just like any clown species, you should only travel if you absolutely have to, but scary clowns can be sated of their scary activities for some time by playing scary games. I recommend more visually appealing ones such as Resident Evil. Also, unless you can hook up your xbox + tv to your car or airplane or whatever, get a 3ds. Some stores do in fact carry systems big enough for the generic puffy clown hands, but if yours have fingers less than 2 centimeteres across then a regular system will suffice.

That’s all the advice I can give for scary clowns! Again, good luck!!

No Brainer - Kim Yugyeom x Reader

Originally posted by wangmins

Title: No Brainer
Author: Haru.
Rating: Fluffy!!!

Senior year. The year where everything is supposed to count; the most stressful part of High School - y'know, aside from the examination period at the end of each semester. Lots of people congratulated her, though, exclaiming that they’ll miss her at the end of all this, how she should make this year the best and good luck. But, she didn’t quite like Senior year, for one reason and one reason only - the multiple of ways her future could alter because of this; anxiety was getting to her.

Stepping into her first period class, which happened to be Chemistry for grade 11, the girl timidly walked to the front of her classroom, taking her seat far from the noisy, annoying 11th graders. Glancing at all of them while they spoke, she tilted her head.

Was I ever like this in 11th grade? Nails done, hair done nicely, make-up perfectly done… What did I do back then?

She then heard the teacher clear his throat and she immediately sat down, opening her red, army printed notebook to its first page. The teacher was explaining to them about the Quantum. “When electrons jump from one orbital of lower energy,” The teacher took out a white board pen and drew the nucleus of an atom, rings around the nucleus to make the orbitals and colored in dots to represent the electrons. “To a higher energy one,” He then drew a curved line for an inner shelled electron to go on over to an outer shelled orbit. “The electron absorbs a quantum light. This process is called–”

“Excitation.” The girl quietly said, raising her hand.

Score on impressing the teacher! That’s how you get University scholarships - study ahead and make sure you’re on the ball~!

The teacher smiled and nodded his head, writing the word ‘excitation’ on the board before continuing along with his lesson. “Electrons that are located at higher energy level than their original level are called excited electrons. In contrast, whenever an electron jumps from a higher energy orbital,” The teacher then picked a random electron on one of the outer shelled orbit and drew a curved line to signal the electron jumped to a inner shelled orbit. “To a lower one, an electron emits a quantum of light.”


Went the bell as the students starting to pack up their stuff. As the 11th graders were grabbing their phones from a clear container located at the front of the classroom, on top of the green, alphabetically labeled with white stickers cabinets, the teacher made sure to announce the homework to his students, which happened to be a hellhole amount of homework - two hours worth?! Are you trying to kill me, Sir? The girl waited as the students piled out of homeroom and made her way over to the library - or how the school called it, learning commons - to spend her time to 'study’ during her spare period.

“So, how was your first class?” The teacher who was supervising the learning commons for the students who had spares, spoke, smiling as she marked (Y/N)’s name present on her 'class’ list. “Fun? You told me you had an interest in Chemistry.”

“Eh, it was okay,” The girl replied, placing her binder she had taken with her - which was Mathematics; she needed the extra study time for their upcoming quiz next period - and placed it on the side before picking up a random pen from a white mug which read: 'Don’t touch me, I’m reading!’ and signed in on the clipboard. “I was dead tired from studying last night, so I couldn’t stay awake much for the first half, but then when he talked about something I was self-studying for, I managed to pay attention at least a little.” She picked up her binder once again and smiled at the teacher before making her way over to the tables situated in the middle of the library. Deciding on a nice, round, wood-looking table near the window, she placed her binder beside her and slunk down onto the red, plastic chair.

“I really think my teachers are out to murder me.” She muttered as she opened up her math binder, already cringing at the problems in front of her.
Who really had the time to turn improper radicals into mixed radicals? Besides using it now, when is this ever going to be handy?

Before she started cracking onto the books, the kind librarian / teacher walked over and plopped something onto her table, making her look up. “I thought you might wanna try this, (Y/N),” She said in a mesmerising voice, making the girl nod. “It’s like those toy magic 8balls, and, I’m guessing that was something popular in your era.”

“Yeah, I remember playing with it as a kid.” The student replied, before watching the librarian off.

So, Magic 8-ball pen, what kind of questions shall I ask you.

The obvious ones were probably the first things that came to her mind, making her giggle with every answer that came with the clicking of the pen. “Is prom this year going to be a complete disaster?”


“Wow, 'Dude, no way!’. I guess I should trust you, huh?” She laughed to herself as childhood memories started to flood into her head as she remembered shaking the 8-ball to reveal the 'magical’ answer to all of her 5-year-old life questions.

I wonder.

Just for jokes, she bit her lip and asked the pen, her thumb hovering over the clicker. “Am I ever going to date Kim Yugyeom from Got7?” Her heart beat quickened as she spoke. Who wouldn’t? The sliver of hope of dating your idol / bias?

Then again, why take advice from a silly toy? Eh, it was worth a shot.


“'No brainer’.” She whispered and tilted her head. No brainer is basically an answer to a question that requires no brain to answer to since the answer is so simple… Does that mean the answer’s no?


She tried again with a different question. “Is Kim Yugyeom from Got7 my soulmate?”


“'No brainer’.”

So does that mean a yes? Or a no?

Goddamn, stupid, freaking pen! Give me a straight answer!!! She then put the pen down and shook her head. No, who depends on a pen to give her the answers to her fate - but then, 'no brainer’ could also mean no…

“Oh, fuck, just give me a straight answer,” She huffed as she pushed her seat backwards slightly, lightly banging her forehead on her binder, missing the rings. “I at least need some closure on this bloody thing.”

A/N: Literally, this happened to me, today. The stupid pen was pissing me off because I didn’t get a straight answer, but you know what, I’ll just pretend the answer was yes…. Just to satisfy me. Btw, someone give me a Magic 8-ball, I miss those.


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Could you do a family head canon thing for Ayato? Thanks in advanced!

You’re welcome sweets!

♥Ayato is rather indifferent to having kids, sure they’re nice and he has an uncanny way with them but on the other hand… it’s a thing that is breathing… and you can easily kill it.

♥He gets over that fear and thus his trademark sets in; “Your’s Truly is the best dad!”

♥Can’t argue with that logic can we?

♥You guys turn out to have a nice, big family… not as big as Yuma’s but still big.

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College Advice Masterpost:

So, I had an anon ask me to make a post (especially for black girls) for incoming college freshmen! I’m just finishing my 1st year; needless to say it was a shit show, but here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to starting college!
1) Take advantage of the resources your college provides for you when it comes to furthering your education!!! Whether it’s the library, tutoring, open study groups…USE THEM. Don’t let that GPA free fall, boo. You don’t wanna lose scholarships or waste money. Plus slaying a class feels so damn good!
2) Take advantage of your professor’s office hours. They are there to help you! If you don’t understand a concept, GO. In the long run, it’s worth it and some will even give extra credit if they see you making an effort!
3) Go to school events. Whether it’s a step show, basketball game, probate; whatever. Don’t stay in your room all the time, branch out. Relieve homework stress. Even if you’re extremely introverted, try to go and see if you have fun. You might surprise yourself.
4) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DRINK, DO DRUGS, & PARTY ALL THE TIME TO HAVE FUN AND DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE. If it’s not your thing, don’t do it. You are in no way obligated to.
5) LADIES, If you see a clearly intoxicated girl and she’s not able to handle herself or is about to leave with a guy who may harm her….GO CHECK ON HER. Even if you don’t know her. We gotta stay safe out her. Drunk party guys can really be dangerous, I know this firsthand.
6) LADIES, ONE MORE TIME….look out for each other! You see a guy all on a girl at a party and she looks like she wants to get away? Go up to her, hit her with a “Heyyy! We were looking all over for you, come with me!” It works, man.
7) BLACK GIRLS, with all the work you’re most likely going to drown in….protective styles are your friend. Wigs, weaves, braids, twists…do whatever you can to keep that mane tamed and healthy. Deep condition, moisturized that scalp, clip those ends and slick those edges, m'am. Serve.
8) Invest in coconut oil. Castor oil. Drink water. Drink Cranberry juice. Avoid soda. Your skin and hair will thank you.
9) ABOUT THESE BOYS! This is from personal experience. DO NOT LET A COLLEGE BOY RUIN YOU. I got my heart destroyed my first semester and I’m still not over it. Do not put too much into someone who’s not putting the same into you. You will lose yourself. It’s not worth it. College boys; especially freshman, can be so evil. A lot of them are just trying to fuck as well, and hide it behind a sweet facade. Be careful with your heart.
10) Another thing, I have seen this so much. Seniors love to prey on freshmen. Don’t fall for it. They will fuck, duck, let other guys know, and you’ll have a rep before you know it. Even if you only mess with one. why? Because they’re messy bitches that LIVE FOR DRAMA.
11) Ques will ruin your sheets, hair, and life. They’re the devil. RUN GIRL. RUN.
12) Many campuses have an STD running through, mine has the clap. I know too many people who’ve gotten burned. What I’m saying is BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HAVE SEX WITH. Don’t let anyone hit raw for shit, birth control or not. Just….DON’T. Word to Bryson Tiller.
13) Call home as much as you can. Even if your relationship with your family is rocky. 9/10 they’re thinking of you, wishing you would call, hoping you’re okay. They’d love to hear from you.
15) Depression does tend to hit really hard in college, and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had times here when I didn’t know if I would make it. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, AND YOU CAN DO THIS. Talk to someone, a counselor, a friend, a therapist. If you fall behind in work, let your professor know how you’ve been feeling. A lot of them are understanding.
16) If you are Christian, college is not the place to lose faith. God has got you and will get you through everything always! Pray often. Go to church. It feels so freeing.
17) Your mental and physical health comes first always. If it’s not good for you, not making you happy, or isn’t beneficial to you…LET IT GO.
18) If you’re black and attending a PWI, like moi, be prepared to have your white peers say and do ignorant & slightly, if not blatantly, racist, shit. You are not obligated to tolerate it!! Educate them if you can, or you know….whoop their ass if they go too far.
19) Take time to yourself for a mental health break day. Talk a walk, get in tune with yourself, listen to music, hit the gym, get your nails done. If it makes you feel good, do it.
20) You will learn to not give a single damn about the opinions of others. You got purple & green hair? Cool. You caught 47 bodies? Uh, you may wanna just chill, but if not? Cool. You still wear Fubu? Aight. You wear make up daily just because? Serve. Do you! You like it? Then that’s all that matters. Make yourself happy and make it a goal to remain that way.

Good luck y'all.

Acceptance - Stiles imagine

Based on this prompt. Note, I’m not a non-binary person myself, so I apologise if there’s something that isn’t quite right, please feel free to correct any inaccuracy you find. b/n = Birth name o/p original pronoun, i.e. before they started to identify as non-binary and using they and them pronouns. I enjoyed writing this, hopefully you enjoy it. 

You didn’t expect for there to be a parade or something when you came out, maybe some cake and balloons and a paintball fight. That would’ve been epic. Or even just an okay, and everyone moving on with their day, nothing different. Except it was, or rather you had changed, the way you understood yourself and finally made sense of the feelings you’d had for a while. About a lot of things. You decided to tell your best friend first, and that totally backfired on you. By the end of the week everyone knew and you were the new butt of their jokes. The jokes you could handle, losing your friends were harder. You realized they hadn’t been much of friends anyhow so it didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would when you knew you were on your own. The constant bullying however, the graffiti on your locker and in the bathrooms, nasty anonymous comments online because the cowards they are. Not a single person stood up for you, not even the teachers, who continued to call you by your birth name and using your old pronouns. They didn’t give a single fuck.

You almost cried with relief when you were transferred to Beacon Hills High. This was a chance for a fresh start, no one knew you here, there was no history you could be who you wanted. You kept telling yourself that it would be fine. And it started out okay, you met a really nice guy with doe eyes and moles all over who showed you around and babbled on about everything and anything, sometimes going off on a bit of a tangent before catching himself and asking questions here and there. What the hell is a Stiles? Was the first thing you said when he introduced himself again at the end of the tour, giving you a number if you had any more questions, coaxing a genuine laugh from the boy. “You’re going to fit in just fine. This is your stop. Good luck.” It was awkward as always the first day of school, you were the lone outsider and you could feel everyone’s eyes on you as you hurried  your way through one introduction after another. The only one who didn’t make you introduce yourself was Coach Finstock, just gesturing for you to sit down, which you gladly did.

It lasted  until last period, Mr Harris that asshole, read your birth name out loud to the class, you promptly froze in your seat next to a friendly looking guy you had another class name, Danny maybe?

“It’s Y/n. It should be on the list.”You managed, gripping on to the desk so tightly your knuckles were turning white. It was over, your secret was out. You just about made it through class, rushing out the door to get to your locker hurrying to get out of there. You weren’t quick enough. A body came up beside you, the locker suddenly slamming shut in front of your face and you startled to see one of the jocks looking at you expectingly.

“Hey, b/n. You don’t seem to bad, maybe a little bit of a make over,  you could be attractive. Maybe even date a lacrosse player.”

“You-” You were so mad, you couldn’t form sentences right now. You’d had it with these ignorant jerks who think they know better, like that would be a compliment right there.

“Hey Jackass, shut up.” A voice spoke up, stepping in between the two of you, the plaid shirt seemed familiar. Right, it was the guy from before. Stiles.

“I’m just talking to o/p. It’s a free country Stilinski. Mind your own business.”

“They have a name. It’s Y/n. Even an ignorant asshole like yourself could wrap your hand around remembering something so simple as a name, right? It’s a combination of sounds you make to refer to someone or get their attention.”

“Oh, that does it.” The next thing you knew, Stiles was on the floor getting himself a beatdown, people cheering in the background. You felt sick to your stomach, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move, or even look away. This was all your fault.

“Hey, what the hell is going on here?” Coach Finstock broke through the crowd of spectators who had gathered to watch the interaction, pausing briefly to take in the scene of Stiles’ bloody nose and the jerk currently pinning him to the ground dealing out punches. The two of them hadn’t noticed his arrival, not breaking apart until two guys wearing lacrosse shirts showed up and lifted him off, if you didn’t know better you’d sworn they practically threw him off, judging by their interaction they were friends of Stiles, the shorter one sending a concerned look your way. The light was probably just playing a trick on you, it had been a long first day. Week. Month. Year. You were tired, drained really. A show like this was the last thing you wanted, drawing more attention towards yourself.

“Alright principal’s office now, both of you.” Stiles threw you an assuring smile over his shoulder as he was being led of. Jackson didn’t even look back at you and you were thankful for that. The bell rang and the crowd was disbanded, the hallway empty once again and you finally breathed out, not realizing you’d been holding your breath the entire time. You were confused, not sure why this person, a stranger practically, would stick up for you like that like not even the people you thought were your closest friends would. You had barely had a conversation with the guy and he showed you more respect and decency than most people you knew. But why, that was a question you couldn’t shake. You held on as long as you could, finally blurting it out the next day in the middle of the cafeteria, stopping all conversation when you walked up and continued without waiting for any kind of invitation.

“Why did you do that? I don’t need you to defend me, I can handle myself.”

“I never doubted that. It was more for myself than anything. And because he was a jackass who needed to be brought down a notch. It was a long time coming, you just happened to be the last straw.” He shrugged, taking another bite of his pasta like it was no big deal. You weren’t sure how to respond to that. You were used to condescending people, always asking for something in return. No one was ever just nice. Except for him, apparently. Maybe things would be different here after all.

“Stiles, aren’t you going to invite them to join us?” A girl with light hair spoke up, directing a sweet smile your way. “I’m sorry about him, we’re still working on his manners. Join us. I want to know everything about you.” You had a feeling you just walked into the lion’s den, the theory confirmed when your gaze locked with Stiles’ amber pools.

It was strange, and a bit overwhelming, but for the first time you didn’t hate lunch period. It was an interesting mixture of people, so different you couldn’t quite see how they got to be friends in the first place because they were so different. You realized you were enjoying yourself, getting to know them all and observing the way they interacted with each other. It was more than just friends, they acted like a family. It was equally beautiful and heartbreaking to see. A reminder of what you didn’t have.

“Hey, you okay?” Stiles’ shoulder bumped against yours, you didn’t realise he’d been paying attention to you. You willed yourself to meet his gaze, feeling a little uncomfortable at the intensity of it.

“Yeah, it’s nothing.” You mumbled, the lie falling off your tongue easily. He and Scott exchanged a meaningful gaze, it was as if he knew what you were thinking. But that was crazy. You were a damned good liar, you’d had plenty of practice perfecting the craft. Thankfully, he dropped it.

“Anyway, I have a truly important question for you, you must answer it correctly or we can no longer be friends.” He paused for dramatic effect, taking a sip from his juice box. “Marvel or DC?”

“Marvel, of course.” Duh.

“Good answer, finally someone else who understands what I’m taking about. Scott doesn’t think there’s a difference.”

“Was he raised by wolves or something?” You blurted before you could stop yourself. Beside you Stiles bursted out in laughter, racking throughout his entire body.

“Oh my god.” He breathed, finally collecting himself, ignoring a glare from Lydia.

“Okay.” You continued, oblivious to what was going on. It’s possible your new friends were all crazy.

He took a second to absorb this new information, before turning to the curly haired boy, a serious expression on his face.

“Scotty, I’m sorry dude but Y/n is replacing you as my best friend effective immediately.” He ignored the low whine coming from the boy in question, it was almost animalistic, fixing you with a grin you couldn’t help but to return.

Things were starting to look up for you. Finally.

Dear Journal,

Today we had exams. Great. I was so nervous. I barely slept last night. Sirius slept like a baby though. When we woke up, I felt like being sick. Sirius told me to eat breakfast but I was way too nervous to do so.

“Are you nervous?” I asked him.

“A bit. But i’m confindent, i think I’ll do good.” He smiled.

“I’m sweating..” James said, laughing it off.

“I’m so nervous merlin!” I giggled.

“Don’t be nervous babe.. You always have the best grades out of all of us.” He said, playing with one of my curls.

“Friday is our last day of school. We’re on our own after that..” James said, staring at the ground.

“We’ll have to try to cook better because there’s no kitchens anymore!” Sirius laughed.


“I guess it’s time?..” I asked.

“I guess it is.” Sirius said.

“We can do it mates.” James smiled.

“Yeah! We’re the marauders!” Sirius yelled.

I laughed and James screamed.

“Good luck mates.” I smiled.

“Good luck everyone” Peter said.

“Our lasts days of school boys!” Sirius yelled.

“I’m proud of us.” James said, patting our backs.

We all sat in the great hall where hundreds of desks were neatly lined up. From where I was, I could see Sirius’ back. He turned around and our eyes met. He mouthed me something.

“I love you.”

I blushed and mouthed it back. I took my quil and started my exam.

I’ll write tonight
March 21st 1976

anonymous asked:

Purely out of curiosity but, what factor determines whether you'll make a video update or a regular one? I imagine the video update lets you play with drama and is freer to plan since there isn't a panel limit, but considering what updates were videos in the past, I couldn't quite see a pattern. I hope this semester hasn't been too stressful, but good luck with your schooling!

In my Diamond nuzlocke it was a bit more predictable. I wanted sad videos so I made sad death videos. In Myths of Unova, I planned video updates for certain emotional moments that I felt would look better in video format than as a comic. So it’s not all about deaths there.

But HOOO boi you might think the no panel limit makes videos easier but it really doesn’t. It’s a different kind of suffering

PS: Thank you, it’s been busy but not stressful. I am just a bit art blocked

josiecrow21  asked:

Okay so I just randomly stumbled upon this and I'm glad Anyways what would the four boys think of a friend getting them into anime? Good luck with this blog by the way I hope it goes far!


  • Acts like a know it all on the topic, but is glad to have someone to recommend new shows to him.
  • Only claims to watch the “classics”. Keeps up with new shows all the time, but refuses to say so.
  • Would recommend: Sailor Moon.


  • Would gladly watch whatever as long as it keeps him interested, and preferably makes him laugh.
  • Enjoys romcom shows the most.
  • Would recommend: Ouran High School Host Club.


  • Very wary of anime due to the Chinpokomon ordeal, but will watch with whoever is showing him.
  • Enjoys shows with more depth and more guiding plotlines.
  • Would recommend: Madoka Magica. Insists it’s purely for plot and not characters each time he mentions the show.


  • Already watches anime and is hype to have someone to talk to about it.
  • Into grotesquely gorey and action packed shows.
  • Would recommend: Tokyo Ghoul.

Requested by Anon #124

Luna: Hello Y/N.
Y/N: Hello Luna!
Draco: Y/N looking good today.
Y/N: Thanks Malfoy.
Fred: How come everyone thinks you’re better looking than us and yet we’re triplets?
Y/N: Maybe it’s because I have charm.
George: We were born with charm Y/N. It just doesn’t make sense I mean you could have anybody in this school and I mean anybody all the boys and girls love you.
Y/N: Well I only have eyes for one person.
Fred: Oh yeah Oliver Wood.
Oliver: You called?
Fred: Um…Y/N wants to talk to you! *runs away with George*
George: Good luck Y/N!
Oliver: What was that all about?
Y/N: Nothing just my brothers being idiots as usual.
Oliver: Oh right I should’ve known they were just messing about.
Y/N: Oliver if someone liked you more than a friend, hypothetically,would you rather that person tell you or keep it to herself OR himself?
Oliver: It would be better to tell me. Why who likes me?
Y/N:  *sighs* I do.
Oliver: You do? Why? You could have anyone in this school?
Y/N: But I don’t want ‘anyone’ I just want you.
Oliver: *kisses you* I just want you too Y/N. God I love you.