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Coffee Superstitions

  • In Finland, coffee can be used as a means of fortune telling by the way in which the froth formed on the coffee’s surface - if a bubble formed after it has been poured in an moves towards the drinker, it would mean more money. However, if it moved away, it would mean that they would lose money.
  • In Romania, if you spill coffee it means that you will receive money from somewhere. 
  • If a girl spills coffee, it means that her lover is thinking of her.
  • Dropping a cup in which the coffee is in will bring bad luck.
  • If the coffee pot boils more than usual, it means that rain is coming.
  • If drinking Turkish coffee, there will be residue at the bottom after the cup is finished; the shape which forms will be symbolic
  • In Brazil, there is a superstition in which you should always put sugar in before coffee, and one day you will become rich.
  • In Greece, it is bad luck to cheer with coffee.
  • In Egypt, it is believed that spilling coffee is good luck.

Hi all!
Danie (@heckthepolice), Adi (@studyplants​), and I made this huge AP European History Cram Packet!

It is 14 different spreadsheets with almost everything you need to know for the AP European History Exam, tomorrow! 

Good luck to everyone! Please pass this along to anyone you know who is taking the exam. It has saved my entire life!

Wish me luck,
Jolie <3

Jënna - here’s your expresso.
Shawn - thanks hey what’s your name, again?
Jënna - jënna
Shawn - yaenah?
Jënna - jënna. sounds like jenna, but with a y.
Shawn - OH jënna, are you yugoslavian?
Jënna - no canadian.
Shawn - its because of your cheekbones when you smiled i am getting a sense you are kind of european
Jënna - thank you. believe it or not other people said i might be european. not 100% sure either
Shawn - good luck finding out its obvious to me anyway thanks for the drink


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Images Via: AFEW

  • Mom: What are you working on?
  • Me: Oh its an essay about the french revolution for my European history class at college.
  • Mom: Oh good luck!
  • Me: *Continues writing gay fan fiction*