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Coffee Superstitions

  • In Finland, coffee can be used as a means of fortune telling by the way in which the froth formed on the coffee’s surface - if a bubble formed after it has been poured in an moves towards the drinker, it would mean more money. However, if it moved away, it would mean that they would lose money.
  • In Romania, if you spill coffee it means that you will receive money from somewhere. 
  • If a girl spills coffee, it means that her lover is thinking of her.
  • Dropping a cup in which the coffee is in will bring bad luck.
  • If the coffee pot boils more than usual, it means that rain is coming.
  • If drinking Turkish coffee, there will be residue at the bottom after the cup is finished; the shape which forms will be symbolic
  • In Brazil, there is a superstition in which you should always put sugar in before coffee, and one day you will become rich.
  • In Greece, it is bad luck to cheer with coffee.
  • In Egypt, it is believed that spilling coffee is good luck.

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Do you have any helpful links for AP Euro?

Oh man, I never took AP Euro (my school doesn’t offer it), but I find that searching through the tag brings up some helpful links. It also helps you connect with other students taking the test, so if there are any specific things you need help with you could always find someone there!

Here are some that I’ve found;

  1. Documents
  2. Crash Course
  3. WikiNotes
  4. AP Aztecs
  5. Tumblr User easyeuro
  6. Tumblr User fuckyeaheuropeanhistory
  7. Tumblr User eurocram
  8. The Western Tradition
  9. History Channel
  10. Khan Academy
  11. Maps!
  12. The History Guide
  13. AP Euro Guide

Like I said, I’ve never taken AP Euro, but I hope this helps anyways! Good luck!


Hi all!
Danie (@heckthepolice), Adi (@studyplants​), and I made this huge AP European History Cram Packet!

It is 14 different spreadsheets with almost everything you need to know for the AP European History Exam, tomorrow! 

Good luck to everyone! Please pass this along to anyone you know who is taking the exam. It has saved my entire life!

Wish me luck,
Jolie <3

I'm Going To Be Your Mom for Five Seconds





  • EARPLUGS (trust me it’s amazing how much they help)
  • YOUR AP BOOKLET (unless your school collected it, in which case they’ll have it for you)
  • A SCHOOL ID OR STATE ID, ANYTHING WITH YOUR NAME AND A PICTURE (a year ago, a kid brought a report card and they let him in. They just need proof that you’re you.)

You’re all going to ACE THIS THING. Now good luck, and for the last time,



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(IT Anon) As an European I just wish you good luck with that law and that as soon as possible it will be withdrawn. At least they wheren't able to take away the healtcare at least for now...

They’ll find a way to. Well, for anyone who isn’t white, male and has a bottomless checkbook.


The Most Unexpected And Random Restock Of The Year Is Happening Tomorrow!

Afew-Store is apparently holding down a random restock of the 2011 Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic tomorrow December 19th! These are expected to make an appearance next year with the “OG” treatment dressed in Nike Air logos, so there might be a slight correlation for this restock because of it. Either way keep your eyes on the Afew-Store on Instagram HERE, they will only be sold in-store, but remaining pairs will be offered online for global shipping. Good luck to those European sneakerheads and to those here in the states hoping that some pairs make it online! 

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Lesson 9: How to handle an attacker without your powers.

”When am I not ready?”

”What is the point of this again?” you asked, yawning in the early Saturday morning air. The team was out in what looked like an abandoned city (it was imaginatively called “The City”), but was actually a training area far enough from the new facility so that no one (or building) could be hurt. It was another one of Cap’s “Let’s all get outside right when the sun gets up, and hurt each other! Go team!”. You had stayed up late last night with Sam, sharing drinks and stories, and you were a little hungover this morning. By the expression on the Falcon’s face, you could tell he was feeling the same.

”To learn how to handle multiple attackers who are empowered, and how to work with different people.” Steve was the only one out of the team who was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Wanda was nodding off on Pietro’s shoulder, while the speedster’s eyes started to glaze over. Rhodey looked like he was trying to listen, but kept on jerking his head up when it hit the top of his suit. Luckily for Clint and Natasha, the two had already flown out to visit Clint’s sister Laura and her kids.

”And if some of you had gone to bed earlier-” his eyes rested on you and Sam. The Falcon straightened next to you, while you kept your relaxed, slouched position. “-this early training could have been easier.”

You rolled your eyes, but you took a more alert posture, with your shoulders up and head up high. Even though Steve’s strict training regimen, and “take-no-shit” attitude annoyed you and you did make sarcastic comments and question his authority, there was strong bond between you. Ever since that day in the training room, you two had understood each other better. You were no longer the sarcastic, know it all, mutant Steve thought you were, but a kind, caring individual who was scared to show her true feelings and to trust people. And you now viewed Steve as not the stick-in-the-but leader he portrayed himself to be. He was courageous and loyal, and a lot like you, too scared to show his true emotions.

All these thoughts flashed before your eyes as you followed Steve’s examples. His blue eyes met (Y/E/C) ones, and they softened. “So, Cap, what are the teams?” Rhodey’s voice broke the two of you out of your silence, and turned to the Colonel.

”I’ll take the twins, and you can take the hungover duo,” you and Sam high-fived, while Rhodey groaned and the twins shared a smile. “The object of the game is to get a flag in the middle of the City that Clint planted before he left. My team will be over here-” the Captain motioned to the farthest end of the City. “-and Rhodey’s will start here. Each team gets ten minutes to come up with a strategy before everyone is fair game. You have to either render your opponent unmovable. Or hit them in the chest, stomach, or heard with one of the paintballs that the tech team has replaced for our regular bullets. Any questions?” everyone was silent, as they tried to come up with a good plan. “Good. My team let’s move.” And with that, Steve was already running towards the other side.”

”Good luck, lyubulu,” Pietro teased, the European brushing past you to follow the Captain. “You’ll need it.”

You snorted, and his blue eyes flashed. “Sure, Speedy, it’ll be me who needs the luck.” you rebuked, and Wanda laughed, as Pietro picked her up in his arms. The brunette winked at you, her eyes red, before they were both gone in a flash.

Turning back to your two team mates, Rhodey’s eyebrows were knitted together as he tried to think of a strategy. “We are severely outnumbered, aren’t we? Two regular joes and a mutant against a super soldier, a witch, and a guy who moves so fast you can’t seem him.” there was a bit of panic in his voice, and you could see Sam start to get nervous too.

”But we’ve got two guys who can fly with years of experience on their hands, and a mutant who can control the elements,” as soon as the words got out of your mouth, an idea started to form in your head.

Sam recognized the expression on your face, and a smile spread across his face. “What’s your idea princess? Somethin’ to even the odds?”

You copied his grin, but there was something feral and wild on your face. “It’ll definitely even the odds. But first, we got to shield our minds.”

Across the City, Wanda suddenly gasped as she was suddenly thrown out of your minds. Where she was just getting streams of emotion, there was just a blank space. Sam’s and Rhodey’s mind were blocked by a shimmering shield made of fire, that Wanda knew was you. For your own block, you were thinking of a memory that had nothing to do with what was happening.”

”Wanda?” Steve pried, as Wanda blinked, the far away look disappearing from her eyes. “What did you find out?”

”They have a plan, but she blocked me,” Wanda replied, an annoyed tone to her voice. And from across the City, your lips spread into a slow smile.

Opening your eyes, you gave the two fliers a thumb up. “It worked, she has no idea what we are thinking.” there was a hint of confidence and pride in your voice, and Rhodey gave you an approving pat on the shoulder.

”Good job, kiddo. What’s the next step?” the Colonel asked, and the Falcon checked his clock. Five minutes left.

”How about leveling the playing field?” there was a mischievous tone to your voice as you suddenly crouched to the ground. The weak sunlight flashed off the scale like material of your suit as you pressed your gloved hands against the ground. Taking a deep breath, you shut off the rest of the world. Rhodey and Sam’s voice faded into the background, the world turned black as you felt and smelt the cold ground beneath your hands.

Fog, you thought, as tendrils of your power sunk beneath the ground. It sparked up the ground underneath you as the water in the soil started to rise up, and gather right under the surface. Fog, you though again, as thick, white fog rose the the cold ground. You were shot back into reality, as Rhodey and Sam’s voices came back, along with the sight of gray and white as you opened your eyes.

”Genesis? (Y/N)?” there was a hand shaking your shoulder, as you blinked the world back into focus. Sam’s concerned face stared back at you, as he gently helped you up to your feet. “You alright?”

”Yeah,” you said breathlessly, blinking away black spots at the edge your vision. “It just took a lot of power making that fog.”

”Well, it definitely worked,” Sam laughed, as Rhodey let out a low whistle. The area around you was covered in a cloak of white. You could see the fog slowly get thicker and thicker, and bigger and bigger, until you could barely see the two men standing next to you. It was weird, it was like the fog was an extension of you. You could feel it brush against the buildings, and crawl across the ground. It was an amazing, yet terrifying feeling.

Shaking yourself out of your reverie as you realized how little time you had left, you finished the rest of your strategy. “Rhodey, you go after Pietro. He’ll be fast, but you’ll be able to see better from above the clouds.” he nodded, as his face mask dropped down. But before it did, you thought you detected a look of pride on his face. “Sam, you got Wanda. You’ve got a big advantage over her- she can’t get into your mind at all.” Sam nodded, and his wings erupted from his bag. “And that leaves me with Cap. Everyone ready?” The two men nodded, and without another word, they were off. The last thing Sam thought was that the air smelt of your perfume.

Across the City, the alarm dinged on Steve’s watch, just as the fog reach his team. His brows furrowed as he breathed in the smell of your perfume. Looking out the others next to him, he noticed the almost identical quizzical looks on their faces. But, he knew he couldn’t let himself get distracted by irrational thoughts. Nodding to the twins, Pietri was of in a blue flash, while Wanda melted into the white mass with a wink of red. And for Steve? He had a mutant to catch.

As the two men flew off, you unwound your whip from your arm. Unlike rest of your team, you disliked using guns if you didn’t have to. Your Master (even thinking about it made your bones burn) would punish you if you used to much of your powers, and forced you to use guns. But now that you were free of his control, you could use whatever you pleased. And your weapons of choice was your powers, silver adamantinum whip, and your two long silver knifes that were attached to your head. A wild smile grew across your face as you stepped into the fog.

It was probably not as difficult as the others members of your team as you navigated the fog. It diverted in front of you into two different paths, and you could see quite well. But every now and then, there would be the sound of gun fire, or a flash of blue, and the fog would enclose around you in a protective shield. You weren’t even doing that- just like that one night with Pietro, your powers were acting on their own accord to protect you.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a twig cracking behind you. Whirling around, your whip cracked, and there was the sound of a body hitting the ground. The fog parted as you stalked up to see who it was. Wanda laid sprawled on her back, and with a gesture of your hands, the grass sprung up around her, encasing her in a blanket of green. She let out a curse in Sokovian, and you laughed. “You got Sam, didn’t you?” you asked, a smile on your face.

The brunette sighed, as she realized struggling was useless. “He dropped his own gun, and I shot him, it was too-” she suddenly stopped talking as her brown eyes widened, as she starred behind you.

Before you could turn around, a body came out of nowhere, and plowed you to the ground. You snarled, and threw them off, and got up nimbly to you feet. In front of you, also standing, was Captain America himself. The blonde grinned at you, and just as you were going to do to him the same thing you did to Wanda, he held up a hand. “No powers.”

”What?” you asked in disbelief, as the two of you circled around each other. “You have your strength and size. That counts as powers,” you said accusuingly, as fire crackled in your hair.

He shrugged, and threw his gun and shield to the side. “Then we’ll make it even.” there was a challenge in his voice, and you pride wouldn’t let you turn him down. His blue eyes starred into yours, and you cursed under your breath.

”Fine,” you snarled. “No powers.” Internally, you pushed away your powers. You could feel the difference in the fog almost immediate. It was no longer alive and a part of you, but just normal fog. And that annoyed you.

”You ready?” there was a patronizing tone to his voice that made you want to gouge out his pretty little eyes.

”When am I not ready?” you hissed. You cracked your whip at your side, and in a flash, you threw one of your knives at his head. He rolled away from it, and was up again, punching you in the ribs. Staggering back, he took that oppurtnity to kick your leg out from under you. Now on the ground, you caught his leg in your whip, but he just dropped onto you, and grabbed your arms, and held them above you.

Suddenly you were in that dream again, with the lioness pinning you down, and her hot breath on her cheek. There must have been some visible change in your face, as his eyes widened. Suddenly, you were the one pinning him down. Your breaths were coming out in rapid gasps, and fire started to flash in your hair.

”Genesis,” he said, his voice very gentle and come. “(Y/N), it’s okay, you’re not in danger.” your heart rate started to steady, and you rolled away from him in a gasp.

You had just been so caught up in that memory that you had acted on instinct. Steve offered you his hand, his eyes kind, and without hesistation, you took it. He pulled you in for a brief hug, before letting you go. “How about we get Wanda out? And I see Pietro in a net. I think he’s crying.”

Friends from England and surrounding areas experiencing the heatwave: the best advice I can give, especially if low on resources, is to use any sort of spray bottle with a mist (so long as it hasn’t previously contained any toxic chemical products) and keep it filled with water. Spray it directly onto your face, then with a hand fan (or any flat material that doesn’t flop - you can even cut the cardboard from the side of a cereal box if need be) wave it closely in front of you so that the wind hits the wet surface of your face. It’ll help intensify the coolness of the wind, help you breathe a lot easier, and using a mist means you can take your bottle anywhere with you and the water level will still last an entire day. It’s a simple solution but an absolute lifesaver, trust me.

Study Break

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request: “can you do a blurb were y/n is v stressed because final exams are here and you’re studying endlessly and luke is worried for your health but you ignore him till you melt down but he makes you feel better?? thank you babe!!!!💗” 

if you’re taking finals, good luck bugs :-)

You were pretty sure you’d memorized the entire course of European history. You’d memorized which kings came after which, the order of the Crusades, the order of settlements in America. You’d studied so much that your eyes were beginning to cross and you were starting to get frustrated. 

You’d probably slept 4 hours over the past 2 days and your boyfriend Luke was always watching you with genuine etched across his features. He’d never seen you like this, and although he was aware that you needed to study, he didn’t think you’d throw yourself into studying this much. You’d barely spoken to him lately except to ask which Shakespeare play had the most influence on the English people. He’d become flustered and answered Romeo and Juliet, but that wasn’t the answer you were looking for and you scoffed and walked away. 

He missed you, and was beginning to worry about you. You were staying up all night, and he couldn’t sleep without you next to him. He was going to do his best to calm you down and get you out of this, no matter what.

“Baby?” He called and knocked on the wall, startling you slightly. You looked up from your book and you were a sight to be seen, but Luke thought you looked adorable anyways. Your hair was strewn everywhere and your small glasses were barely perched on your face. Coffee cups were everywhere, along with empty chip bags. You smiled slightly when your eyes met Luke, and you realized how concerned he looked.

“How about you take a break from learning about the Renaissance and come cuddle with me?” This idea was the best one you’d heard all week. You looked up at Luke and made grabby hands, and he came over to your desk and picked you up, bringing you back to bed with him. What you’d studied would probably be enough for a while.

Author’s note: Hope this is what you were looking for! Requests are open if you’d like to make one :-)

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