good luck at 4cc!


Jump Base Values of the top competitors at 4CC! (Shoma’s, Boyang’s and Nathan’s are updated on the right of their pics)

So the quadmadness gives them these Base Values if performed clean.

According to the base values following FP standings:
1. Boyang Jin BS 95.18
2. Nathan Chen BS 91.96
3. Shoma Uno BS 89.04
4. Yuzuru Hanyu BS 87.53
5. Patrick Chan BS 77.16

(But remember GOEs and PCS are also an important part of the scoring and last but not least, only Nathan Chen completed his layout clean once at his Nationals. Everyone else has not been able to hit those layouts before. Changes after the GPF were only made by the sQUAD.)

Hopefully all the madness does not end in endless failing quad attempts.



for creating the base value pictures. (the link here:


宇野君、100点越え、おめでとう(^o^) 羽生君、4S残念、その後、阿修羅が見え隠れしていたような? 田中君も4S残念だったよね~ 2人とも気持ち一新してフリーに臨んでね(^o^)/ 日本男子3人、頑張れ!!! Good luck!!!

Shoma Uno, Yuzuru Hanyu, Keiji Tanaka, Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, 17 Feb. 2017

(Source: @asahi_photo)