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do you have anyt ips for avoiding samefacing? ;o; all ur characters look super different and unique... how

 tbh i think it just comes down to three things altho this just might be me being bad at giving advice!!!!

1) don’t be afraid to draw ugly people, if youre drawing all your characters based on faces you think are attractive then you aint gonna get far

2) try to think more in terms of caricature than representation!! push those features as far as theyll go 

3) facial features never matter as much as facial structure imo. i always see pages of people drawing different noses/eyes/mouths/whatever for ppl to use for characters, and cool i guess, but if you really want unique characters, what really matters is that your characters have unique facial structures (altho a solid character design should have a combo of unique features and structure ofc)!!! for example, you would probably not mistake these characters for each other

but you could pretty easily mistake these characters for each other

unique hairstyles also help a toonnn in differentiating characters. tldr; givin them each their own individual silhouette should be your first priority if you’re shootin for unique characters!!! also doing studies of peoples faces is Good

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i have an idea about these rival assassins (m vs f). both orphans, or so they thought. turns out the boy is the rightful heir to the throne and assumed dead after the current dictator and his court killed the guy's family. the leader of the assassins guild works with the dictator; knows the female assassin is better than the rightful king so pits them against each other despite his sexist ways. the rightful king goes into hiding. eventually they usurp bad guy by killing. how do i fill in blanks?

Woah, this sounds amazing! Just so we’re on the same page, do you mean that the girl is hired by the assassin guild to kill off the remaining member of the family, so he has no threat of a next heir? I’m going with that! I don’t even think you have all that many blanks, but plot twists might be something you could consider?We love a good old plot twist! So I had a few ideas if you’re interested, otherwise just scrap them, I don’t mind!:

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Mod Yoyo

Hi guys! So, I’m Mod Yoyo, one of the two new mods. Here’s a few things to get to know me better:

1. I’m a huge musical fan, and a giant theatre nerd

2. I’m a sucker for any and all ‘bitch’ characters, so Celestia, Hiyoko and Ruruka are some of my faves

3. I literally live for poly ships. Send me your poly ships and let’s bask in their glory together

4. I’m, like, super gay dude

So, yeah, thanks for welcoming me to this blog! ~ Mod Yoyo

Give Mod Yoyo your best of welcomes !!!! Yay! ~ Mod Eri

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How can I finish my research project in a more efficient way?

first off organize what you want to talk about. Make sure you make an outline on what you want to talk about in each paragraph. Make sure you have a strong thesis it is one of the most important parts. when doing your research keep good notes even if you look up something and you don’t think your used it write down the website/book you may end up wanted to go back to it and nothing worst then trying to find something after you been on 10 different websites already. make sure you have a draft don’t just go right to the final copy, most people make a lot of mistakes and need to sit down and re read everything to find them.

If you can always get someone to look over it when your writing something your eyes will go over little mistakes cause your brain knows what it is suppose to say.

good luck on your paper