good luck :(


Hi! I’m Angel :) I’m a college student. And I’m really new to this community and of course to bullet journaling (just look at these super blank pages…!!)  I was really fascinated with bullet journals, and the creativity, and the neat, organized study desks.. So I deleted the contents of my tumblr account and turned it to a studyblr! I hope that studyblr and bullet journaling will help me with my studying (a.k.a. being productive and fighting procrastination).

To all veteran studyblrs, I am just hoping to learn tips and techniques for my studyblr and bullet journal from you. Can you give me some advice? :) And also a list of other good studyblrs to follow :))

Thank you very much!!! :D

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It’s definitely looking like Spring around here! 🌷🐇

Yesterday I set up another small crystal grid on my beautiful Nyxturna altar tile, this time in honor of the Spring Equinox / Ostara. The crystals I chose are rose quartz, selenite, and my favorite smoky quartz point. I also have pink chrysanthemums which are supposed to symbolize a long life and good luck in the home. 🌸✨