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hey, i really want to start reading the comics but i don't know where to begin. what do you think i should start with?

^This is also a pretty great list of Marvel comics to check out. I’ve read quite a few on the list and really enjoyed them. There are also little descriptions of the stories so you can see what might interest you. I hope some of this is helpful, and I’m always happy to recommend some more comics featuring certain characters! Good luck, and have fun reading! :)

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Good luck on your trip and have fun! <3

I am having fun! Class is nice, the weather is rainy, which I love, and I have a lovely host family.

I got really lucky!

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You belong to the Poke' Universe. Which region are you from? Which starter did you choose? Despite what the local Pokemon Professor wants/what society expects from you as a Pokemon trainer, what is your dream/goal (from the array of opportunities available to you in this world)? Ideal Pokemon team? (any combination of 6 from all regions. Include legendaries too if ya like! No need to include your starter). Who is your rival? (can be an established character or an original). Any Pokemon pets? GO!

Oh. Oh my GOD. Let’s seeeee.

110% I’d choose Alola and my starter would be rowlet because I’m predictable like that.

I would definitely aim to be a professor tbh. Like here, children, pls take this here monster-friend and go out into the world, you ten-year-old. Professor Amanda says good luck and have fun! … either that or accidentally start a clumsy villain team. Team Parroteers!

My ideal team would literally be based on my favs and not have anything to do with strategy. Cuz it’s gonna be all birbs. Meaning, Pidgeot, Talonflame, Decidueye, Toucannon, Noctowl, and Hawlucha.

Which are some of my fav birb Pokémon, but between you and me, my all time favorite isn’t even a bird. It’s Caterpie ;-;

My rival? Probably anyone with electric types ready to sweep my poorly balanced team.

A pet Pokémon would definitely be Chatot!

These are fun questions.


Background Tutorial

requested by ion4ever. sorry it took me so long to do this for you but hopefully I was of some help? 


  • I use CS6, and this was mostly done with default hard round brush at around 50% opacity or higher, 100% flow, and size pressure on. I made some random brushes for the greenery by modifying the default ones.
  • always use a large canvas. I go about 3000px x 3000px.
  • with enough practice, painting backgrounds like this will be a fairly quick affair. this one, for example, took about 30 minutes? it’s just a matter of time/experience. :)

So yeah, good luck doing backgrounds, and have fun!! :D

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hi, help-me, do you make money online? :)

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Don’t touch my man men, boy


Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 are here!

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Do you know any ways to make money online because i've seen you sharing some tips about this before?

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How do you make so much money online? any tips?

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HEY! CONGRATS ON GRADUATING COLLEGE! <3 Here's a question: looking back, do you have any advice to give your freshman self knowing things you know now?

ahhhhh thank you so so much! and DO I. i have so many things i wish i knew. 

so you’re about to enter the next chapter in your life. it’s a scary thing, and very intimidating, but here are some tips that can help you. these are some things i would tell myself if i could go back in time: 

  • be comfortable being uncomfortable!
    • you’re going to feel awkward, but that is okay
    • embrace every encounter you have with people 
  • don’t dive into a relationship so fast
    • focus on your studies first
    • don’t let boys/girls distract you from learning 
    • you’re going to want a connection and just the smallest sparks can convince you that you need a person - that’s not true
    • find yourself first
  • dedicate some time each day to studying 
    • study then party
    • breaking up your studying is SO much better than cramming the days before an exam
    • relieves so much exam stress
  • start strong!! 
    • don’t procrastinate from the very start 
    • start off productive and it’d be easier to keep going 
  • don’t turn down every offer to go out with friends/roommate/etc.
    • sometimes, bonding is just what you need 
    • connect with people, don’t hole yourself up in your room forever 
  • just because you were smart in high school doesn’t mean you don’t need to study in college
    • THIS IS A LIE.
    • study your ass off.
    • i’m not joking.
  • join organizations and get involved
    • even if it’s just one 
    • take time to expand your horizons
    • you also can meet new people
  • your friend circle is going to dwindle, but you end up with the people you talk to for the rest of your life 
    • it’s okay if you feel like your friends from high school are growing distant 
    • make new, valuable friends in college
  • choose your friends wisely and minimize negativity in your life
    • surround yourself with people who want to be successful 
    • if you feel any negative energy, leave it/them be and move on 
  • call your parents or someone close at least once a week 
    • it’s a nice thing to talk to someone familiar
    • comforting for those stressful times 
  • get to know your professors!
    • introduce yourself the first couple weeks of classes
    • ask them questions if you don’t get the material 
  • GO. TO. CLASS. 
    • i don’t care if you have to get up at 7am just to go to a class with a professor you hate 
    • go to class and be present
    • just being there lets the professor recognize you and recognize your effort 
  • sit in the front of the class
    • honestly, this is so calming 
    • you have no one in front of you
    • you can slouch, spread out your legs, etc. 
    • the teacher notices you first
    • you don’t have to answer a lot of questions (basically, the prof will call on people in the back rows) 
    • minimized distractions
    • forces you to not check your phone during class 
  • start homework and projects early
    • deadlines sneak up on you 
    • there will be dead weeks and then BAM. EVERYTHING’S DUE INCLUDING YOUR SOUL. 
  • keep a planner 
    • write down every test date/project deadline/paper deadline/etc. 
    • fill it out the first week of school 
    • know everything ahead of time so you’re not blindsided
  • manage your time wisely 
    • don’t spend too much time on things that aren’t productive 
    • try to keep track of your day and how you’ve spent it
  • you’re going to make mistakes, and that is okay
    • you’re going to have some bad grades 
    • just work out what you missed and move on
    • keep working hard
  • keep track of your spending
    • don’t go overboard with meals
    • but remember to eat, too
    • eating healthy in college is super difficult, but there are a lot of ways to do so
  • make good decisions
    • go with your gut feeling 
    • if something feels weird or off, avoid it 
    • don’t drink more than you can handle
    • have a designated driver if you go out, or uber home 
  • conflict resolution saves roommate situations 
    • learn how to compromise
    • don’t make relationships with your roommate(s) sour 
    • talk about problems you guys are having, don’t sweep them under the carpet 
  • don’t ever walk alone at night 
    • find friends that will walk with you 
    • find study buddies that will stay with you during the late nights in the library 
    • have your phone in your hand or your keys if you are walking alone
    • let someone know when you leave a place and when you get home
  • make the most of it
    • take road trips with friends 
    • go to football or other sports games and scream for your school
    • settle into the library and just read for fun sometimes 
    • discover cool places on campus 
    • put up fairy lights in your room 
    • fill in a leadership role

whew!! i guess i should’ve made this a reference post, huh? i can always convert it to one in the future after making a banner for it. anyways, here you go! hope this helps<3 

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how do you make lots of money online??

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Being a polyglot, I decided to make a post about how to study any language, Without further ado, here it is:


This is the most crucial step to studying/learning a new language. In order for your brain to pick up the new words and ideas, it needs to be more immersed in the language you’re learning. Now for most of us who are learning languages in school, that’s kind of hard, especially since most language classes do most of the work in English until you build a level of fluency. This is the primary reason why immersion programs or immersion schools are so much more successful in teaching a language: you’re forced to talk, write, speak, and think in the language you’re learning. Your brain makes connections faster and thus learns faster to understand and process the language. I would suggest that when you’re learning the language, whether it’s in class time or homework, try to work only in that language. Don’t automatically translate things into English because that’s only going to inhibit your process. Even if your knowledge of the language is limited, practicing thinking in the language, reading the language without translating, and speaking will greatly improve your progress. You’ll find yourself become more fluent and the language will flow rather than be halting because your brain is trying to translate things instead of thinking fluently.


Vocab is one of, if not the, most important aspect of learning a language. I would even go as far as saying it’s about 70-80% of effectively knowing a language. Think about it this way, if you’re at a restaurant and you’re asked to read the menu or if you’re out and you’re reading signs and advertisements, will knowing hundreds of verbs and their conjugations help you get by? Most likely not. Vocab on the other hand will make the difference between understanding and being totally clueless. If that example didn’t do it for you here’s another one: when you’re speaking to someone how can you express yourself if you don’t know the words? Chances are even if you know no grammar but know key words in the language someone will understand you. Most people don’t pay that much attention to grammar anyway when you’re speaking. As long as you have a basic understanding of it, you’ll be understood. I’m not saying that grammar isn’t important, far from it, but so many people underestimate vocab and focus on grammar and that hinders your learning. Try to learn as much vocab as you can because it will bring you one more step to being fluent. The key to knowing a language is to understand it to a high degree. You can’t understand if you don’t know the words. Find a list with the most common words in the language you’re learning and try to learn them all. Have a goal to learn 10-20 new words per day and you’ll go a long way. If you’re trying to learn vocab I would recommend to have a sheet with all the words you’re trying to learn and their definitions. Hide the words and try to write the vocab by seeing only the definitions. Writing down helps you remember and this method is foolproof. I’ve used it for 6+ years in French and it’s never failed me.


When I say basic grammar, I mean the typical verb tenses and some basic structures. This doesn’t mean learning every single verb conjugated in every single tense, but rather learning the patterns of grammar and how to apply them. Work smarter not harder. Learning the patterns makes it easier to recognize them when you’re reading and remember them when you’re writing. In my opinion, one fault with the way languages are taught in school is the way they teach grammar and how much time they spend on it. Most native speakers don’t worry as much about grammar as non-native speakers do. Again, I’m not saying grammar isn’t important because it is and  you have to know it, but the way it’s taught ruins it. Try to make a chart with all the verb tenses and the patterns that go with the different types of verbs and then a list with the irregular verbs/exceptions. This should be enough to help you gain a basic mastery of grammar. If you know the basic rules, it will become second nature as you speak, write, and read more.


The language you learn at school is very very different from the language actually spoken in its native country. Most of the language you learn is very formal while in real life, formality is disregarded to a degree and slang is prevalent. In order to build a fluency, you need to read and listen to the language in its natural form to pick up the slang and words that are actually used and not the archaic words that nobody ever says. Listen to music from that language, watch the news in that language, read a book or magazine in that language etc. This will again help your brain learn and process the language better. It will also help with vocabulary and general understanding. Children’s books are the best when you’re starting out. The language is simple and the grammar isn’t to complicated. Start with children’s books and then work your way up to novels and other forms of literature. Listening to the language is also crucial. Try to find mediums where the language is spoken and just listen. Don’t translate or stress yourself out trying to understand it all because you won’t the first couple of times. Just let it sink in. Gradually, you’ll find yourself understanding more and more and you’ll improve. With the speaking aspect, speak as much as you can. Don’t be embarrassed if you stumble, can’t express yourself as much as you would like, or have an accent. I also find that watching/reading/listening to translated works is helpful. Find your favorite book and read it in the language you’re learning, it will help you understand and learn more because you already know what’s going on and can focus on the vocab and grammar. Find your favorite movie and watch it in the language you’re learning. Again, it will help you learn more vocab. The more you practice the better it will get. If you distance yourself from speaking you’ll never improve. Balancing reading, listening, and speaking is the key to being successful.


Nobody becomes fluent over night. Cliche but true. Don’t expect to instantly know everything. It’s normal to struggle and have trouble. Failing is part of the learning process and if you stop practicing because you’re afraid, you’re never going to learn anything. Let go of your fears and insecurities and go for it. If you fall down, pick yourself up and start again. Don’t be embarrassed if you mess up but rather learn from your mistakes and grow. The things we remember most are usually the things where we’ve messed up or had a negative experience with. So use the hiccups as a learning experience and your language skills will improve. 

If you follow these steps, I’m confided that you’ll be better in no time :) The key is to enjoy what you do and have fun! Good luck!

Introducing TD and Chastity Play, What i did wrong......

To me FLR has SO many different angles and when introducing your partner its important to be careful. See where as i took my time, slowly introduced more and more bits into it before eventually plucking up the courage to put the cage on and show her, i still made some real big mistakes.

See my wife is not a Domme, i dont really want to know about her previous life before me but im kinda guessing im the first person that really wants to explore all these roads and possibility with her. I originally made this Blog to share things i found sexy in some way shape or form with her and looking back now i should have kept it more Vanilla and slowly introduced my interest in things like pegging. See you follow all these people then one day they reblog some Sissy stuff, some Anal Torture, Some Ball Busting. From my wife’s perspective she probably sees that and thinks FUCKING HELL.

The reason i am writing this is because somethings have been lost in translation, see she was under the impression that i wanted to become her bitch, a groveling sissy whore who wanted to wear her clothes and make up and suck strapons all day long. Now if that’s your thing im all for it but that wasn’t what i wanted.  

I came across chastity play and tease and denial play a while back, i have always been aware of bondage and always had a thing for tying or being tied up sexually. I saw it as a fun way for a male and female to have a laugh, be intimate and grow together as a couple. As much as i love her Locking me up, tying me up, teasing me and laughing as i quiver on the bed in a desperate need to cum only to deny me for another day i also would love to do the same for her. Its about exploring each others bodies, each others fantasies.

Its only fun for me if its fun for her, if she wants to lock me for a day, a week, a month or a year ill play the game as long as she finds it exiting and gets a kick out of it. If she doesn’t want it its just not going to work. But don’t give up that easily pick it up and put it down, its keeps it exiting. After a chat with my wife in the week she said she likes the cage but doesn’t want a bitch of a husband, so i explained the above and below to her and now i think it makes sense.

I am writing this because i get lots of messages from people asking how did i break the news? how did i get her on board? Truth is we are still working on it, still exploring it. I haven’t been in the cage for months, as real life is more important. This morning after our chats and fun this week i put it on.

I guess im very lucky to have such an amazing wife, i put it on gave her the keys and she smiled. That’s all i wanted. She is one of a kind, trusting and fucking gorgeous.

For anyone out there toying with this i hope this has helped, below are few images i have stolen from others. I hope they don’t mind. Good Luck and go have some fun.

I love making her moan, and its true i work harder when my dick is locked up and im working to earn a release, its common knowledge you put more effort into thngs if your getting something in return. (Or at least you think you are) 

Then there is this, after a night of teasing and a great time she didnt let you cum, your going to wake up in the morning and WANT to do this for her because your still super horny. You know your not going get to cum but pleasing her is at least some sexual activity.

Then on the other hand there is nothing sexier than doing the same to her, make her feel how you feel, i remember once back in the early days i edged my wife and then just turned the wand off and said nah, night night. She was mortified, grabbing my cock, trying her hardest to get me to fuck her. In the morning she woke up horny and we fucked. But it can work both ways.

This is also one that i agree with, the lust i have towards her, the want to constantly touch her, to kiss her its just amazing. Then once you cum its takes a good few days to get that back. Its the strongest drug i have ever felt and its awesome. 

I love it when she feels sexy the sexier she feels the more she glows the better the experience. 

Turn it into a game, a guessing game and have fun with it.

Tease him, if he is anything like me he will enjoy it.

But most importantly talk about it, discuss it find out what you both want from it and just have fun.

I guarantee it will bring you closer together. 

stupid things that nobody tells you about studyblr aesthetic
  • like 99.9999% of people have that little excess ink when you use a highlighter its so normal i cant even
  • dont beat yourself up over slightly wonky lines??? you can fix it later just dont dont dont
  • handwriting doesnt even matter if its legible write legibly aesthetic doesnt even matter tbh
  • your notes!!!! are fine!!!!! 99% chance that if you put effort into them someone will compliment you
  • not unrelated there was this girl w these amazing!!! physics notes and she was like ohh but they’re not as aesthetic as yours and its like??? bro??? im reading your notes right now what does this say about mine lmao
  • sometimes bullet journals are overrated
  • sometimes expensive planners are overrated
  • dont drop a ton of money on a notebook if you have tested out the paper with your main stationery because you’ll  r e g r e t
  • testing paper!!!! is so important like knowing what you’re writing on makes a difference 
  • but also who gives its just paper?? if it doesnt matter that much to you dont sweat it just use what makes you feel comfortable
  • everybody has their own preferences like i prefer light grey dots or maybe a grid if i have to but nO! BLACK! LINES!!!! but i have friends who love those notebooks with heavy lines bc it makes them feel grounded its all about doing what you love
  • legit buying mildliners doesnt even matter that much dont bother they’re overpriced like 999999% of the time
  • muji !!!! is lowkey overrated dont buy overpriced products bc its Not Worth It its like a nicer jp target no not really but also completely
  • forget ab the name brands bc that doesn’t even matter!!!! if you like what you’re using then use it !!! if your method is efficient then use it!!!! and if you’re really trying to develop an aesthetic it’ll come to you through what you already have
  • like ofc its ok to look at other people for inspo and stuff just your aesthetic is your own!!! its like a tree !! every single tree is different!!! but they’re all still wonderful right??? so let your aesthetic grow!!!!
  • good luck bro !!!! have fun planting those aesthetic (memes) <3 

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What do you use besides ads to make money online? I saw you made a post awhile ago but i can't find it :(

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“The Prince was a spectacle. No one knew how he acted so differently from his parents, but they did not question it. After all, he was their last dream, their last wish, and their last hope.”

@nextale @moonphyr @firereddragon

Happy Birthday, Fire! Hope I made it on time!

Meta: DRRR, Shizaya, and Monstrous Romance

Alright. Shizaya. I should begin this by saying a couple of things: first of all, in the interests of time, much of this will be freeform more than pulling up specific examples from canon or screenshots or quotes or the like. Shizaya is one of my very top OTPs and I’ve spent a lot (possibly too much) time thinking about their dynamic, so a lot of this is built upon conclusions built on conclusions built on conclusions. It’s meta all the way down, folks. Also please note that much of this will be heavily colored by my own perspective here; I’m not trying to be unbiased or objective as much as to ramble for some extended period about my own take on one of my favorite ships. So take several grains of salt with you before we embark on this. It’s also going to be a mess. I’ll try to break it out into more-or-less cohesive sections, but I have a lot to say and I’m not sure even where to start so I’m just going to give it to you all at once. Hopefully it’s more fun than overwhelming.

With that I’ll jump right in!

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how to enchant phrases!

while you coullllddd just say a phrase with intent, i like to be extra and ~witchy~ so i came up with an easy way to enchant phrases that helps me visualize everything at each step!

- paper
- writing utensil
- crystal/wand/anything you can use to outline something

1. think about what word/phrase you want to enchant
2. make a sigil for that exact phrase!
3. to charge your sigil, follow its lines with your crystal (or whatever u choose) and imagine white light flowing through your tool and into the sigil with each stroke you make
4. visualize each line of the sigil glowing as you charge it and see the sigil in your mind
5. visualize yourself grabbing the sigil into your hands. its charge is so strong that the white light shines through your fingers
6. channel your intent into the sigil. either say it out loud or in your head, but announce what you want your phrase to do every time you say it. for me, i used the phrase, “thank you” and every time i say it to someone, they will feel happier. their happy energy will then rub off on me, so we both feel boosted! on top of that, i made it someone says “you’re welcome,” it recharges. BAM MAGIC
7. now that your sigil is charged and programmed, do whatever you want to cast it for the first time. for me, i visualized myself blowing the sigil out of my hands and into the universe! 

good luck and have fun with your enchanted words :o)