good lords do i ship it

girls don’t want boys girls want 10000x more star wars femslash content than there currently is

The types and what I think of them based on what I've seen from my friends(and probably a little insulting)

~as an INTJ

- quiet
- can make a bitch face that makes you cry
- probably thinks u stupid
- says that MBTI is shit
- fashionista
- has an ENFP friend(“ENFP no!”)
- savage
- that friend who has ultra weird ideas when drunk
- probably most adorable smile on earth
- smart
- most of the time just rising eyebrows and blinking

- bossy af
- prima ballerina
- she is beauty she is grace
- she will punch you in da face
- always in warm socks
- also an actress
- knows how to build things
- basically good at everything
- will shout at you if you do something wrong
- probably slept with almost all male friends

- a n n o y i n g AF
- never shuts up
- meme queen
- so loud
- not funny jokes
- make up queen
- at least smart
- thinks she’s better than you(and maybe she is)
- if you take a sip from her mug u die
- has an ENFP slave
- kinda selfish
- another fashionista
- if she laughs the whole room laughs with her
- soooo much self confidence wow

- garbage lord
- writer buddy
- has ton of OC’s AND GAY SHIPS
- cannot into decisions
- junky food
- understands(really)
- don’t like loud people
- constant lala land
- savage without even noticing
- 4w5
- has 8 minute long video of herself eating french fries on her phone
- impressive self control
- cute laugh
- cute
- the best person to rant with

- can’t stay in one place for a minute
- suddenly disappears in a middle of a party
- daydreaming a lot
- cheerful
- likes to drink A LOT
- too many friends
- nice for everyone ugh
- that laugh which sounds like a puppy riding a pink bicycle in a tuxedo
- can bring ENTP back to earth

- mom friend
- has too many friends HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE
- gonna steal your friends without even noticing
- likes fancy drinks and kitschy things
- obsessed with doggos
- sudden outbursts of anger
- hypochondriac
- really anxious when driving
- doesn’t understand a concept of a personal space

- another bitch face
- can rise one eyebrow HOW U DO DIS?????
- doesn’t understand memes
- smart
- lack of self confidence
- secretly hates u
- wears comfy clothes but looks so good
- has a lot of savings but hardly ever uses them
- they knows better ok? don’t even try to tell them that they are wrong
- don’t particularly like pets
- perfect teeth
- so so so smart once again
- sometimes are rather calm but sometimes… don’t ask

- that kid who asks too many questions during your presentation
- constant bitch face
- hot
- stingy
- falls asleep during parties
- a rant person
- bossy
- hard working
- teachers like her

- has a lot of friends
- drinks a lot
- hard-working
- daddy’s little princess/mama’s boy
- assertive
- smoking a lot
- tells everyone what to do

- white Kanye West
- would kill u if u did something with his shoes
- likes weird electronic genres of music I can’t even name
- on 9gag all the time
- knows all memes
- League of Legends pro player
- can make funny faces
- looks like he was angry
- black humor(especially likes jokes about Jews)
- awkward silence gains a whole new meaning

- the whitest person I know
- “what do u meat it was sexist?? it was funny!!!!”
- only wears yellow pants
- likes PE teacher probably a little too much
- can’t find a girlfriend
- will massage your feet if u don’t watch them properly
- has stupid ideas
- likes basically every person
- drinks wine at parties even though he says that true man should drink only vodka
- don’t know when someone is mean to him

- loud
- hey lets go to the another city and get drunk!!! because why not
- class clown
- talks about her life too much like seriously
- and also about various secretions of her body
- probably gonna end up in jail
- smart and stupid at the same time
- lazy
- has problems with concentration
- talkative
- has problems with self-esteem which she covers acting out like a douche

Don’t take this personally lol
  • oswald: Make sure you get him in the shot.
  • photographer: I don't think it's a good idea to use a frozen human body to promote your club. People might think it's horrifying.
  • oswald: Yes, you're right...
  • photographer: Thank god—
  • oswald: I want them to <i>know</i> it's horrifying. Let's have me gesturing to it, dramatically, in the photo.
Thoughts while reading Acowar.

Mind the swearing and spoilers kids.

-2 years before the wall? Wait is this like a baby bat Rhys POV?
-oh God this field isn’t a nice place. Kinda like it tho.
- omfg 6 High Fae… 6, to defeat one Illyrian… damn.
- Rhys is so protective if his brothers it’s killing me.
-Yes Feyre, burn this shit.
-Already thinking about that wingspan Feyre? Can’t blame ya.
- Ugh Tamlin no can you not enter this moment just yet. Ugh Lucian I’m fucking watching you.
-Oh for Fuck sake I gotta read about Ianthe soon to?
-ugh I just want some smut and it’s only page nine.
-Feyre you can roll your eyes. God knows I am.
- Oh hey Ianthe, go Fuck yourself Ianthe.
-You definitely revived something from Rhys hands Feyre, but it was far more pleasurable than torture.
-Lucian I won’t ship you and Elaine. But please, for the love of God, kill Ianthe.
-Oh hell fucking ni, Jurian, go fucking Fuck yourself and stay the Fuck away.
-Oh snap, Nesta and Elaine already so powerful they can drain the cauldron.
-Oh snap, Feyre laying down these facts. Also that’s how I spell Miryaim’s name.
-Feyre you savage.
-Jurian, talk about Elaine like that again and I will kill you.
-Oh Fuck off Ianthe, I’ve read enough of you.
-Okay Lucian, my heart is softening towards you.
-God I missed you Alis.
-Damn summer solstice is giving me goosebumps.
-Rhys you are giving me life.
-Uh Oh, Tamlin’s getting jealous of friendship.
-Ahhh Feyre you also cringing about Elaine being fucked by a fire blooded male?? Let me introduce to Azriel. He’s far better in my opinion.
-All these painting titles… we’re they like, working title for Acowar.
-Rhysand you get that tongue to work.
-Also Tam you prick.
-God Alis, my bae.
-Feyre slit her throat.
-Yes Feyre Fuck this bitch up.
-Oh these twins. Can you fucking not.
- Go Lucian Go.
-Bring on Part Two.
-“He can get in line,” Feyre getting a list of people who wanna kill her to rivals Aelins.
-Oh for Fuck sake, everything was going so well, until Lucian’s brothers showed up.
-“There’s no such thing as a High Lady,” bitch excuse me.
-Cassian you melt my stone cold heart.
-Mor my darling.
-Amren, boo. Hru?
-Lucian being called a girl, I’m dying
-“Go find somewhere else to be,” I know what that means.
-The smut was worth it.
-Oh I missed the banter of my baby bats.
-And Rhys’ swearing begins.
-Cassian sunning his wings. I wonder if a certain Nesta sees.
-Cassian trying to be chill around Nesta is my new aesthetic.
-Nesta reads romance. Hell Yes.
-“You come between a male and his mate, Nesta Archeron, and you’re going to learn about the consequences the hard way.” Trying to foreshadow something there Cassian? I Ship.
-No is mentioning the sorrow and longing in Cassian eyes, Feyre, for the same reason no one mentioned it when Rhys looked at you all those months ago.
-Reading about Elaine is painful.
-I’m relating to Elaine and all those open curtains too much… shit.
-Cassian you’re to precious.
-I missed the Amren/Cassian banter so much.
-Shit Mor is getting pissed.
-Feyre keeps calling Rhys mate and I’m feeling bad for the Australian readers.
-“Because I can’t stay away” well Fuck me if they ain’t mates.
-Nesta looking as Cassian like he’s the only one in the room.
-Damn right there was a reason Lucian wore a fox mask.
-Idk what to write but the nessian at pg.203. gahhhhhhh.
-“Surely Nesta wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle,” omfg Feyre, it’s hilarious of you to think that.
-Feyre were you not there for Acomaf. He was very clearly, cocky then.
-Library sex? I’m in.
-oh, so no library sex.
-To the Bone Carver we go. RIP.
-Oh so, the Carver, and the Wearer are- I’d be shocked only I read that spoiler.
-Oh so the Carver is a mirror type of perosn? What even is a mirror person? Is it his kink?
-Oh Nesta having death powers.
-Feyre constantly calling Rhys mate tho.
-Tbh all I wanna know is who or what the carver appeared to Cassian.
-Everyone in this book be complementing Rhys good taste.
-Ah Az and Elaine be starting. Az be carrying his ship.
-Poor Cassian. Nesta will come around, I promise, I read the spoiler.
-You know, I wrote a fanfiction about Az and Elaine in a garden and her calling his scars pretty. They kissed in it.
-“Azriel isn’t the ravishing type,” Rhys you should read the fanfic I wrote about him. He loves to ravish.
-omg Cassian calming Nesta- ugh how many more pages until this kiss?
-Az, sunning your wings for Elaine? How scandalous.
-“Why not make them mates?” Feyre babe I’m asking the same question.
-FEYRE YOU SHIP ELRIEL TOO? Oh sweetie I love you more than Cassian rn.
-Rhysand, let Feyre play matchmaker.
-I was about to bash Kier for insulting Az, but Az got this shit.
-Oh not this fucking Eris bitch again.
-Rhys the Fuck you playing at?
-Okay, ngl I know Mor is gay but those Eris know? Ffs.
-Okay everyone is fighting and I’m more intrigued than I should be.
-D'as Nessian.
-Double d'aw Elriel.
-Pg.303 and back to sassy Az.
-Sassy Az KS giving me life.
-It was at page 306 that I realised I was in love with Az.
-Nephelle’s be giving me goosebumps.
-Yes bathtub scent with Rhys.
-Oh it’s actually a massage scene? I’m in.
-Feyre are you trying to start a war? Cassian flying with Nesta. Dammit who am I kidding I wanna see that.
-Yes Az, help Elaine in the garden. I am sailing this ship.
-Nesta watching Cassian lick his fingers and I’m like, now imagine that kissing elsewhere.
-Nes? I ship.
-Some shit happening in the library.
-ohhhh so we finally reached the part where people wonder if Elaine is a seer.
-Yes Feyre, put Elaine’s riddles together.
-Okay that scene was intense but Nessian at the end was calming.
-“Amren on the hunt,” a novel by sjm.
-Damn Az, took you awhile but bravo, she’s a seer. God it couldn’t be any easier to love you.
-Lucian I swear to God if you die, looking for this sixth queen, I will kill you.
-Also where is my Suriel.
-Shit Alis don’t die.
-oh FFS, look, “king” of Hybren, old buddy. If you’d kindly fuck off. Only it’s late, I don’t need these plot twists.
-Look, “King,” I’d pay good money to see you try and take Feyre.
-Rhys if you could destroy my upcoming exams the way you did those ships, I’d be grateful.
-pg.379, more smut, hell yes.
-pg.381, Nesta all concerned.
-The amount of sex feysand are having. That wingspan must be truly impress you Feyre darling.
-So Cassian is terrible at complements.
-Ah yes boys, bringing up that wingspan again.
-This Nessian tho.
-“she threatened to freeze my balls off,” Kallias, Viviane, welcome to my heart.
-I’m in love with Viviane.
-God sake, Tamlin Fuck off.
-Tamlin, let me tell you, Rhys and Feyre have fucked so much I’m sure he could recount every noise she is capable of making.
-Fucking shut up Tamlin.
-Eris if you’d kindly shut the Fuck up too, it’d be a pleasure.
-Pg.438, Nesta, damn, *blows kisses.*
-nvm of 439, Go Feyre. Slay.
-Helion…. wait… look I can’t go around loving all these people. It makes me look like I have a heart.
-You know I’d be surprised at Lucian being a whole, some air of dawn court, but I already read that spoiler.
-Okay mor is gay why is- you know what, never mind, I give up.
-Oh. Oh Fuck.
-lol, I’m so tired, whenever I hear the wall mentioned all I can think of is humpty dumpty.
-“Don’t even start,” Nesta, sweetie, we’ve been shipping this since the last book.
-Part three here I come.
-btw this is still the same day for me. I’ve read up to part three in a few hours. It’s two in the morning. Never underestimate a fangirl deprived of her smut.
-Jurian just has to show up, doesn’t he.
-idk who I am to believe anymore.
-I wanna say Fuck this shit I’m out. But I am so in.
-So am I meant to trust Jurian or not.
-Damn Tarquin.
-Nessian will kill me quicker than these plot twists.
-Ayyy more shut, god I love you Sarah.
-Yes, the Suriel is coming into play bitches. I’d been surprised by what happens only I’ve seen this spoiler too.
-Okay first thing first, Ianthe please Fuck off Secondly rip Suriel 2K17.
-Cassian what happened. Nesta please. I know the ending and shit but tf happened.
-Feyre be joining up these dots about which way Mor floats.
-This, Varian, Amren thing, yeah I’d like another five books of it.
-Awww, Az, you’re to sweet and selfless.
-I’m so tired IDK how to feel anymore.
-Oh greatttt, Feyre got hit with an arrow. Any more plot twists.
-Wait Tamlin? Fuck, ugh.
-d'aw, Elaine kissed his cheek.
-it’s four in the morning. I have less than one hundred pages left.
-Fucking hell Elaine stab them bastard.
-Also Nessian hell yes.
-Also…wait what’s happening.
-Rhysand you fucking bastard it’s five in the morning don’t do this to me. I know you live god dammit don’t fucking do this.
-oh thank fuck that’s all settled.
-This book. These plot twists. These ships. It’s all so heart wrenching and shit.
-Wait is she flying over Velaris in her lingerie.
-Fuck it’s half five in the morning. I read this book in under 24 hours. I need to sleep.
*hours later*
-omfg I need to read this shit again. It was so good. The High Lords, the banter, the near death experiences. The romance. The sass. Sarah you queen.
-if the at least the novellas don’t have nessian or Elriel tho I may be tempted to cry.

And that, my friends, is a snippet of the roller coaster if thoughts and emotions I went through. I was too tired to cry during it but my heart was successfully ripped out a few times.

Using The Word "Sinning" Isn't Wrong

I feel like I need to clear something up. I see all these posts like “stop using sinning and saying u need Jesus when talking about gay ships. It’s homophobic” blah blah blah
I know not every shipper sees it the way I do, but I feel many others might, so let me try to explain right quick. We don’t use the word “sinning” to describe these otps because they’re GAY, we use it because the situation that we have put that particular otp in is incredibly sexual and sometimes disgusting. It has 0 to do with the sexuality or gender of the ship. Good lord, I once read a fic of my gay otp where one of them put a banana in the others ass while having sex (years ago, I was reading a lot of weird shit). Calling something sinning or saying “I need Jesus” when referring to a ship has fuck all about them being gay. It’s the incredibly graphic sexual situation we put them in that is the “sinning” part. If I read the stories I do now with straight ships, I’d still comedically call it sinning because of how vivid and graphic the sex is in these fics. If I were to watch a straight couple where one of them paddled the other one on the ass then proceeded to tie them to a bed post and fuck the day lights out of them while they were gagged, I would still end that with “Holy shit, I need Jesus.” Why the fuck do you think pictures or fics about two dudes cuddling is not tagged sinning??
We ship these ships because we love and believe in them. What, do you think we ship them, but then secretly we’re like “yeah these two are a beautiful couple, BUT THEY’RE SUCH SIN OMG THIS IS GROSS AND DISGUSTING I CANT BELIVE THIS.” I can guarantee, that is not the case. The “sinning” term is just our way of trying to convey that what we are reading is intensely graphic, so please stop making it seem like this term has anything to do with sexuality when IT DOESN’T. AT ALL.

americantea  asked:

Hey if youre asexual why are you sexualizing kids you fucking psycho

I’ve laughed at this more than I should have lmao

Obviously, this is about Mike and Will from Stranger Things. Apparently, you’re not aware of some things so let me just run it through you real quick. I won’t take much of your time. ;)

Shipping =/= Sexualizing

So I do like the idea of Mike and Will because they’re cute together. I mean, HAVE YOU WATCHED SEASON 2? Good Lord, Byeler was off the charts. I’m aware they are a bunch of 13-year-old boys. But just because I like them together doesn’t mean I want them to have sex?? Like?? What is this logic? 

You may know of this thing called “crush,” right? Kids have crushes early (not all obviously). It happens. It’s normal. They blush when they see someone they like. Perhaps they want to hold their hands or kiss their cheeks. I know because I’ve been there. When you’re a kid you don’t think of things like that, not everyone’s into that. So please jot that down. Heck, these kids have so much going on in their lives—Dungeons & Dragons, school, the friggin’ Upside Down. 

Now, I love Mike and Eleven as much as the next guy. And no one’s complaining about that. Most people cheer when they kiss and they find it adorable and cute. But when it’s Will and Mike, suddenly it’s sexualizing? What kind of homophobic shit is that? Let them be kids and have crushes regardless of gender.

But yeah, sure, call me a fucking psycho. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to eat my hash brown while I browse the #byeler tag. ;D 

anonymous asked:

HC that Keith has rlly bad nightmares, and even though they're rivals, he always goes to Lance's room. He'll wake Lance up and Lance doesn't say anything, he just holds up the covers, letting Keith climb in. Lance will pull Keith close and rest his chin on Keith's head, one hand in his hair and the other rubbing circles in his back,, kissing Keith's forehead and telling him that everything is OK,until he falls asleep. And in Lance's arms it usually takes about 5 minutes for him to fall asleep

oh my goooooddd this is so 👌 good omg

  • okay so the first time this happened lance was pretty grumpy because he doesn’t like to be woken up from his beauty sleep
  • and he didn’t notice keith had been crying because it’s so dark and he was about to kick him out until he heard the crack in keith’s voice when he said his name, and lance had never heard keith sound so…vulnerable?
  • he immediately sat up and in the softest voice “hey, hey, whats wrong keith?”
  • “I-I just..can’t sleep alone tonight. I keep having the same nightmare over and over again” and he starts rambling and he really doesn’t want to cry again, not in front of lance and why did he even come in here but the more he talks about it the more panicked he gets and the tears just burst out of him
  • lance is completely baffled because he had no idea this side of keith existed or why keith would come to him of all people and the implications of keith not wanting to sleep alone?? all he knew was he was pulling keith towards him and “you can sleep with me tonight, okay?”
  • keith just nods into the crook of lance’s neck and as soon as they lay down keith shrinks into lance’s embrace so how could lance not pull him in closer and whisper to him it’s gonna be okay
  • keith doesn’t have nightmares like this, this is good
  • being with lance is good
  • lance comes to expect keith in his room every night so he just keeps keith’s pillow there now
  • one time lance accidentally fell asleep without waiting up for keith, so keith just cozied up next to him and pulled lance’s arm around him. lance woke up shocked and briefly flustered, but something about waking up next to keith made him happy
  • keith now has the pleasure of knowing that lance mumbles in his sleep
  • after a while lance is so used to the routine and is entirely comfortable with keith laying next to him that one night, after letting keith crawl into his arms, he instinctively kisses keith’s forehead and then immediately freezes because oh nonononono i just made this awkward
  • he feels keith stiffen in his arms and is about to let go but then keith bless this boy he can’t look lance in the eyes but he mumbles a thank you into lance’s chest. lance is afraid to move at first but then he slowly runs his fingers through keith’s hair, and when keith doesn’t complain, lance adds “touching keith’s hair” to the list of hobbies he’d like to take up
  • so they just fall into this routine where they cuddle together and are at peace together and keith doesn’t have nightmares anymore and he doesn’t want to find out if they’ll come back once he’s on his own. but he honestly looks forward to this every day because…lance hugging him, and kissing his forehead, and the way they fit together when lance has his chin on his head and his arms around him, and oh man this wasn’t his intention when he wandered into lance’s room that first night
  • keith might be able to kick lance’s ass in combat but the thought of lance doing anything remotely affectionate towards him makes him weak

Theo: Do you have any advice for me ?

Liam: Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya.

Theo: Oh my god. That’s brilliant.

commanderx2s  asked:

could you draw death glare? o:


  • Space punk boyfriends 
  • Tol n’ smol™
  • 👏 opposites 👏 attract 👏 👏 👏


  • It feels more like an unrequited love than anything else 
  • Peepers already has a strong individual he respects and who respects him in return whom I think is a perfect fit for him.

In short I love drawing the ship yeah, honestly I like a LOT of woy ships, I do have my otps, but almost every woy ship looks really good. 

anonymous asked:

riles I'm gonna be honest with you I've never seen ok ko and I'm very confused who the FUCK is that Phineas Presley guy who loves the boo berry mascot

this ask confused me so much i googled who the people you said and agshdskfjgkfh ANYWAYS

this is RAYMOND. he’s one of the villain’s hench-robots/sons who likes to be dramatic and cause trouble for the main characters. he’s also really into sports. he’s only appeared in two episodes but in both of them he’s blushed at “the boo berry mascot’s” body and/or actions, and his actions have seemed a little flirtatious. also i think he’s part chicken/his design was inspired by a chicken but idk. 

NOW THIS IS MY BOY RAD RIGHT HERE. he’s a blue alien from planet X and he’s training to be a hero under the great hero gar (aka he works as a stockboy in gar’s store). he tries so hard to be a macho man, but he’s a big softie underneath. he’s one of the main characters and is best friends with k.o. and enid. he and raymond seem to be more irked by each other than the rest of them, and he likes going head-to-head with raymond. they even had a very feelsy dance off in the most recent episode. 

do i ship them? well….

…actually i do feel as though all of lord boxman’s (the main villain) robots/kids will rebel against him and turn to the good side at some point, especially considering how he treats them and how all of them could be foils for the main trio, so i very honestly can see the two of them becoming the good ol’ trope of enemies to awkward friends to boyfriends

little-magicpuff  asked:

Hi I know you are a little short on cash, this might seem a bit strange but would you be willing to exchange money for a protection charm on something? Like one of your hagstones or a little charm that could be put on a necklace to carry around. I would be interested if possible and willing to pay for the shipping and any work involved and the cost of the object imbued. Thank you.

I’m good on money now, but if you still want me to make you a protection charm from a hagstone I was thinking of making a few and putting them up for sale anyway. Lord knows I’ve got enough. If you prefer a wood charm I can do that too. 

We’d say $10 for the charm itself ($15 if you want one of the hagstones with patches of druzy quartz crystal) and $6 shipping.

I’ll post this publicly because, like I said, I was considering doing this anyway, just because.

Hello Jonsa Shippers, DON’T PANIC

SPOILER ALERT: For GOT season Episode 2

I have to many asks in my inbox and I am going to take a while to reply to all of them individually so I thought I’d just do a quick post on my thoughts on S7 episode 2. 

First of all, ep 2 was a classic case of too much expectation and too little content for the Jonsa fandom. I’ll come to the good parts later. I’ll adress the worries, first. 

Listen up, people. A ship, or romance is necessary to the plot of game of thrones but it is NOT the main plot. It is not a FANFIC! We’re not going to get tons and tons of Jonsa scenes. Then there’s this whole thing about Jon calling Sansa his sister. There’s nothing wrong in that. I said this even yesterday while answering a couple of asks that D&D are going to do this. I am going to address the two times he referred to her a sister in this episode and why it was necessary for him to say that. 

Jon: You are my sister and the only stark in Winterfell

People, he is facing a bloody revolt!! The people want the King in the north to stay in the north. They are suspicious of outsiders. He has to assert IN FRONT OF the other northern lords and ladies, that SHE IS HIS SUCCESSOR. So he tells in front of everyone, that she is the KING’s SISTER. The King you chose. And the only Stark in winterfell. Notice how he uses the word ‘only’. He doesn’t include himself when he says that. He’s telling the people, SHE IS THE STARK, follow her when I am not here. He just told every bloody northerner, that she’s the Queen in the north!! OF COURSE he was going to use the word SISTER!! Plus, that’s what he thinks is the truth. 

I can’t even begin about how Jon slammed LF against the wall. OF COURSE he was going to say SISTER, folks!! Consider this, even if Jon is having undercurrents of feelings for Sansa, he has not really embraced it. Of course not. She’s his father’s daugther, his half-sister. But he says Sister to LF because he wants LF to know how personal it’s going to get if he even thinks about touching Sansa. Note how he says, I’ll kill you myself. Note how he says ‘touch’ and not ‘harm’. This is important. I’m going to do a post on Jon’s reaction in this scene a little later, but what a scene it was!!

Next is the goodbye scene. Jon is going to meet Sansa again. They’re going to have a big Stark re-union. For example, If Sansa was going to die in season 7, Jon and Sansa would’ve had a heartfelt goodbye scene, just like Ned and Cat had in season 1. So maybe the goodbye was not so important, because the Big stark re-union is more important. And maybe, we can all sigh in relief about Sansa not dying. In spite of it all, the small wave from the BOTH of them was cute, at least to me. 

I AM NOT ABANDONING THE SHIP, for those of you who are worried. Lol!! I’m here for the big game. SO now moving on to the good parts. 

Jon ASKS SANSA for her opinion on Tyrion and he agrees with whatever she is saying. He’s listening more to her, Thank you Kit. He says, you know him better than anyone of us. SO Starkbowl is officially off! 

SANSA loves Jon. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind about that anymore. In The meeting with the northern Lords and Ladies (which i’ll be doing in detail a little later) Jon looks at Sansa’s face when he says “I’m going to accept.” She’s shocked and scared. She knows he’s making sense, but her first concern is that he will die (Look what happened to Grandfather.) She backs it up by saying, send an emissary, don’t go yourself. Stark bowl is so off!! And then when he says it has to be him, she loses it, cries out like a little girl, You are abandoning your people, your abandoning your home, (YOU ARE ABANDONING ME!!). She doesn’t want power, she doesn’t want the title, She just wants JON SNOW TO BE HERE AND BE SAFE!! And then Jon gives her his trust vote and names her his successor. STARKBOWL is so far away I can’t see it anymore!! He basically asks her to hold fort until his return. There was so much affection, trust, respect in that scene that it broke my heart. IT WAS GREAT

THE ONLY THING I’m dissapointed about is… WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS GHOST? People are worried about Jon’s goodbye to Sansa, I’m upset about his no goodbye to GHOST!!!!!

This was just a quick review of some of the scenes. I’ll do more in detail. I’ll reply to all your asks soon. Lots of Love!!

I'm leading a crew of swabs to get onto Mr Plug's ship from behind
  • DM: Anna! Your turn.
  • Me: I reload my blunderbuss, because I do not want to get into close combat.
  • Don: And your crew?
  • Me: Oh, yes! My boarding crew!
  • DM: Alright. *rolls* Fuckup #1 still can't get back into the ship. Fuckup #2 also can't get back into the ship.
  • Me: I yell at them and call them all fuckups.
  • DM: *rolls* Fuckup #3 falls off the rope.
  • Me: Cat Lord, why?
  • DM: #4 tries to climb, and just jumps into the water.
  • Me: How are you so bad at this?? It's just walking! You know how to walk, don't you?? I've seen you walk!
  • DM, laughing: He tried to get onto the rope and just walked right into the water!
  • Me: Oh, you idiots! I have the worst crew!
  • DM: The one still in battle is locked in a stalemate, sword against sword.
  • Me: So my swabs are the biggest idiots ever, because three of them fell off and one of them walked off.
  • DM, starting to cry-laugh: No, the one who walked off was a gunner, he just rolled a one.
  • Me: Oh my fucking G0d. I've got the Fuckup Squad.
My Heart Will Go On

Title: My Heart Will Go On

Author: @spn-imagines-nation ; Gwen

Pairing: BalthazarXReader

Word Count: 1,326

Warnings: None exept intense fluff!!! 6x17 spoil

A/N: Requested by @axelwolf8109 !

Summary: Balthazar unsank the Titanic. As the boys realized it his excuse is that he hated Celine Dion’s song from the movie. But the real reason is slightly different.

Feedback is always appreciated ! ❤ English isn’t our first language, sorry for that !

Sam and Dean decided to summon the angel Balthazar after finding him in a picture of the Titanic’s crew. They were working on a case where the boat’s passenger’s offspring were being killed, they carried a table to the middle of the room they were in. Then Dean put a bowl and candles on it and drew some sigills in chalk, as Sam closed the curtains to avoid any curious eyes to watch their private ceremony. Afterwards Dean lighted a match and droped it into the bowl, the lights flickered as the summoned creature answered the call. The Winchesters started to look around as they doubt their rital worked. Until they could finally hear the angel’s familiar teasing voice. He told them, after serving himself a drink, how the boat was supposed to sink by hurting an iceberg and how he hated the movie and the song made for it by the not so famous anymore, in this new reality, Celine Dion. All of this just made the bothers more and more confused as they were now supposed to save undreds of people because of him.

“But now somebody is killing the descndants of the survivors. 
– And ?
– And that’s maybe like 50,000 people. 
– And ?
– And we need to save as many as we can, but we need to know who’s after ‘em. 
– Oh, uh, sorry, uh. You have me confused with the other angel, you know, the one in the dirty trenchcoat who’s in love with you. I… don’t care. Goodbye, boys.” 

He left right after saying these words leaving the brothers speachless by his arrogance and selfishness. But in reality the angel was not only leaving, but returning directly in the past, where he had something important for him to do. He didn’t un-sank the Titanic for the reason he evoked but for something even his pride couldn’t admit for a long time.

Back in the old, old days each angels looked after humans, all equally shared among them. After God’s vanishing they denied their mission. But denial didn’t prevent them from hearing the calls of their protégés. Balthazar ignored them as he always did until a voice ringed in a really peculiar way in his hears.

It was in 1890 when Y/N was born, at this time he knew she would be a very unique person. And he was right in her 20′s Y/N was a beautiful and strong woman. She was unique, independant, fierce, and most of all she was pure, so pure that she shined in the eyes of heaven. At first the angel tried to ignore the voice, this inner voice telling him to protect her at all cost, the urge to always watch after her. He thought that it was his mission punshing him right in the face after all this time but it was way more than that. The others started to worry about the attention growing from their brother.

They were in their right since love between angels and humans was prohibited because of the result of their union, nephilims. Nephilims whom God erased from the suface of the earth when he decided they were not meant to be in either world of his creation. Since that day it was clear that their love for humans was their biggest weakness. So they decided to look away from earth and to somehow forget all about those stories.

“That’s nothing just some kind of nostalgic feeling for the good old times.”

He assured to his borthers, they trusted him for this time. But he realized that humans were everything, in fact he realized that she was everything. Another kind of love was born inside of him just by watching this pure soul helplessly calling for him. And that was it, the decision was made by his clostest brothers to end this masquarade a way or another.

A day of 1912 the young and beautiful lady Y/N took a trip to the US throught the incredible boat everyone was talking about, the Titanic. At first he was enjoying the trip just like she was. The feeling of the unknown and of infinite possibilities, a whole new horizon for the adventurous Y/N who was as exited as ever. But the exitment was short for Balthazar as he learned the ship was planed to sink a few days later, taking this pure and blessed soul he cherished so much with it. In the end he could only watch this beautiful woman he loved so much going to the bottom of the ocean as he desperatly cried, and he cried for a long time. The worst part was that she didn’t find her way to Heaven or Hell, she was just gone, forever.

Until the gorvernor of heaven fell into the pit letting chaos invade the kingdom of the lord. He never forgot her and what was 100 years in the life of an angel? It was finally time for him to have a chance to say good bye to Y/N. But things changed when he saw her stading in the line to get into the ship. He couldn’t just let her go again.

“I’ve missed you.
– Wh-who are you? Do I know you ? 
– Oh. Right. Let me introduce myself. I’m Balthazar.”

In some way she could only smile at him as she was shaking his hand.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.
– I know.”

He smiled back as she looked quite puzzled at first. But a familiar feeling invaded her, like she always knew him, and she did. He stayed the whole trip with her during his free time as he was a member of the crew, pretending his was learning about her like she was about him. But he already knew everything, and he already loved her a love that even the sky wouldn’t be able to supress. The boat avoided the iceberg and she avoided a tormented and agonising death. That was the moment he sined. And quickly the hardness of reality came back at him when the Winchesters called for him. He made a choice, the one to kill Atropos, one of the fates, and all the ones that would get in the way. And as he found the good timing to kill the first one, he got stoped by Castiel. At that real instant he understood, the past belongs to the past. The reality was heartbroken, it happened a century ago and it was still so hurtfull to him that he denided her death and lived with the only hope of her coming back in any way possible. But he knew the rules, rules that even the rebells won’t even dare to break. Anyone but him, and he saw his mistake, his sin: it was to think he could ever change that.

“Uh, sweetie, before we go, um, I could remove that stick from your.
– Don’t try me.
– Oh. We’ll leave it inserted, then. All right, then. Let’s sink the Titanic.”

He returned back and his heart was teared appart as he saw the smile Y/N formed for him with her perfect red lips as they gazed into each other’s eyes. If he could he would have her by his side forever. But that’s not the law of nature and angels were not meant to love humans the way he loved her. He had to finally let her go after all this time. Castiel and Atropos were there too, only watching from the distance as the angel walk to the love of his eternity of a life. He embraced her with all the strenght and the gentleness of his love.

My heart will go on.
– What?
– I will miss you, I am the worst guardian of the history of Heaven. Oh, I will miss you so much.”

Tears flowed from the corner of his eyes as he captured her lips for the very first and last time.

I’m not saying I ship Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous but

it is my OTP, oh yes sign me up like and subscribe good god gimme that cute fluffy crap I wanna see them holding hands and doing villain stuff together ye s lord lemme see these two happy together pl e a se because 1. they are wonderful together and 2. if there’s going to be a ship between two guys everyone is obsessing about I want it to be a ship comprised of a short, round, robot making nerd of a villain and a villain who is a lanky grape with a love of fun weapons

Someone Hates On Your OTP. What Do You Do?
  • Potterheads: Filthy muggles!
  • Sherlockians: Well obviously you wouldn't know a good pairing if it was staring you in the face! The turn ups on your jeans tell me enough about your lack of intelligence, thank you very much!
  • Fannibals: Eat them.
  • Bellatrix: Roddy?
  • Rodolphus: What?
  • Bellatrix: Where’s my mask?
  • Rodolphus: What?
  • Bellatrix: Where - is - my - Death - Eater - mask?
  • Rodolphus: I, uh, put it away.
  • Bellatrix: Where?
  • Rodolphus: Why do you need to know?
  • Bellatrix: I need it!
  • Rodolphus: Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no daring-do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Bellatrix: The Dark Lord's plan is in danger!
  • Rodolphus: My evening’s in danger!
  • Bellatrix: You tell me where my mask is, Rod! We’re talking about the greater good!
  • Rodolphus: “Greater good”? I am your husband! I’m the greatest good you are ever gonna get!

anonymous asked:

Dude azen why are you so obsessed with asriel out of all the characters in Undertale? like most of the fandom loves sans alot rather than asriel

Man, idk. Sans is cool and all but he doesnt appeal to me as much as Asriel does.

Idk the exact reason why i love the child gote so much? But maybe its the sympathy and empathy towards him that I have is sort of why.

maybe its the fact that out of all the happy people on the surface, Asriel did not get the happy ending, He went back into a souless flowey

maybe its because the while went through so much for being such a innocent cimamonwole like good lord man.

But what left a really deep impression to me is when i did the LP for Undertale, theres that scene where asriel walks away from frisk and stops to say :

Like, god this scene was so memorable for me for some reason. that scene is probs the sole reason i ship Asgoriel??? it just left such a strong impression on what Asriel was really like in the past. LIKE HOW DO YOU NOT FORGIVE SUCH A CINNAMON

m a n. Asriel is rad. Radsriel. ill stop.

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