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This is my favourite moment between the Colonel and his Lieutenant.  More than Roy saving Riza from Lust after cauterizing his own wounds with his alchemy, more than him hugging her to his chest after she almost bled to death right in front of him, more than her admitting she would choose death over living without him.  This moment - blind Roy performing the now familiar motions of his flame alchemy as Riza steers him - this moment steals my breath and heart.

This one shot encompasses so much of the spirit of FMA, the spirit of fighting when you have nothing left, giving everything you’ve got even - or especially - when you’re at your most broken.  He’s blind.  She just almost bled to death.  And still, they won’t let it stop them.  He can still transmute.  She can still stand.  And together, they can still fight.  

And of course, the Royai implications.  This side of Mustang must be part of why Riza is so devoted to him (God knows it’s why we’ve fallen for him) - he’s selfless when it matters, resolute in the face of the possibility of death, and, in this moment, every bit as determined as Edward Elric.  

Their expressions are a whole story in themselves.  

Riza is staring resolutely ahead.  You can read, in her gaze, the pain and fatigue from her recent injury, her utter refusal to let that stop her, her steely focus, and her immutable faith that, blind or not, her Colonel can still perform miracles.  

And Mustang’s face - good Lord, the emotions in that expression.  Frustration at his own weakness, rage over his helplessness, guilt, fury, hatred, fear, desperation… and, somehow, despite all that, trust.  He must hate having to lean on someone else, literally, but he’s willing to do it if it means he can still contribute to saving his country.  And he trusts her.  Remember when he unleashed his fire on the ‘inferi’ fighting Ed & co underground, and he made the flames swerve around his allies?  His alchemy is based on control.  That’s how he transmutes, because he knows his alchemy kills.  And he’s done his share of the killing, enough for a lifetime.  But now he can’t see to aim, can’t see to control, can’t see to direct the flames around his friends, his allies, his soldiers.  Can you imagine the terror he must feel, blindly unleashing his fire and knowing that he has to hit one man out of the hundreds on that field?  And if he hits anyone else, their deaths would be on him.  But he’ll still do it, because he trusts her to guide his aim.  

She’s the only one left he trusts enough to be his eyes.

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Can you have the companions react to the sole survivor going to a library? What would the companions read/do, etc.

Around the Commonwealth, there’s a handful of Pre-War libraries that haven’t been destroyed by water or violence. Sole goes into one, leaving the companions to marvel at their surroundings.

Cait: “Whoa… what’s this?” She pulls out a book, thumbing through the pages. “It’s a buncha squiggly lines is what it is,” she mumbles, and place it back on the shelf. At Sole’s prodding, she reveals that she has trouble reading. It’s why she prefers comic books; the reading is light and there’s lots of pictures. She gets flustered and stubborn if the Sole offers to help her, but may eventually give in and try to learn if her pride is soothed.

Codsworth: “Oh, look! A library!” His voice chirps from its speaker, and he strolls through the building with steady swells from his jets. “Ah, you can never tire of a good story, Mx Sole. And, isn’t it funny? Even so many years later, after everything that’s happened, a good book will always be there for you. It will always be the same.” He lets out a happy sigh. He’s content to follow along behind Sole, commenting brightly on their surroundings as Sole looks for whatever they’re after.

Curie: She lets out a squeal of excitement, darting into the room and running her fingers along the rows of books. “Regardez tous ces livres! I have never seen such things!” As she pulls volume after volume from the shelves, she explains that her knowledge of literature was limited to the Vault 81 archives and what she could access through them. She ends up sitting on the floor, buried in books, reading until Sole says they have to go. She gives Sole a pleading pout, begging to stay just a little longer.

Danse: “I would not be surprised if the Brotherhood had already taken everything of use from here,” he says, eyeing the high, full shelves. If Sole questions his reading ability, his chest puffs up and he responds sharply. “The Brotherhood of Steel has a mandatory education curriculum. I know how to read, I have just never done so for recreation.” He refuses to speak on the matter for the rest of their time there. But when Sole’s back is turned, he hastily grabs a book of fairy tales from the shelves, hiding it from Sole and reading it by the light of the fire when they’re asleep. His favorite story is the Beauty and the Beast.

Deacon: “Oh, sweet.” A smile spreads across his face. Pulling over a wheeled stepladder, he climbs up to go through the higher shelves, removing various volumes and examining them. “Let’s see… We got all the classics right here. You need to do a book report? I got you covered.” He names each book as he pulls it out, rattling off their authors and summaries like it’s nothing. He takes one book, holding it up in his hands. “Hm. Through the Looking Glass. Here - you be Alice, and I’ll be the Cheshire Cat.” He grins. “Because if the Commonwealth’s not Wonderland, I don’t know what is.”

Dogmeat: The dog is confused as to why Sole is in here. There’s nothing to smell or eat or poop on! Silly human. He waits patiently until Sole is finished.

Hancock: “Mm. Look at all these books… I’ve always been partial to the Kama Sutra myself.” He grins. “You think they got a restricted section in here?” Regardless of Sole’s reaction, he ducks off when their back is turned, somehow getting into the ‘adult’ section of library and perusing the selection of literature. “Nah, see? This ain’t even realistic.” He’s holding an open book, gesturing to its pages with a scoff. “Here, let me show you.”

Nick Valentine: “You know, you’d think I’d like all those film noir novels, but I guess after you’ve lived a couple they lose their allure.” The synth admits his fondness for bittersweet classics, like Catcher in the Rye and Lord of the Flies. Stories that make you think, stories to make you cry. Stories to make you question your humanity. He takes a smaller volume of Ender’s Game, just the right size to fit in his coat, and tucks it out of sight. He says something about making himself sad reminds him that he’s not just a bucket of bolts.

MacCready: “Ohh, man,” he chuckles, thumbing through a couple of books. “Back in Little Lamplight, we didn’t have much, but we had some old books like these. Half the pages torn out so for toilet paper, and the other half near-illegible. We ended up using their stories as play scripts. You ever seen a bunch of twelve-year-olds re-enact A Midsummer Night’s Dream with fist fights instead of kisses? Good times.” He ends up pocketing a couple of comic books he finds under a desk, along with a joke book to expand his arsenal of puns. 

Piper: She absolutely adores romance novels. When caught with one in her hands, she protests quickly. “No I don’t! Don’t like them, nope. Real cheesy. Yeah. Not realistic at all. Whew! Sure glad you kept me from reading that, Blue. A waste of my time. Really.” She lets out a nervous laugh. When Sole leaves, she snatches the book back up off the floor, returning to her last page and continuing where she left off. The cheesier, the better, and if Sole happened to look under her bed or pillow, they’d find several more where that came from.

Preston: He steps aside to head to the fantasy section. He’s a sucker for epic fantasy and science fiction. Anything with a lot of action, where the bad guys always end up beat and the good guy gets the girl. “I guess I just like reading about happy endings,” he admits. “Something about it just gives you hope for the real world, you know?” He’s quite disappointed when all the volumes of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion won’t fit in his pack. He can be persuaded to take a few less books, but he’ll look back fondly at the library as they leave.

Strong: “WHY HUMAN LOOK AT BUTT PAPER?” he questions, scowling. He prefers to have stories read to him rather than read them himself. If convinced to sit still and listen, he’ll often doze off to nursery rhymes and children’s stories. 

X6-88: He prefers non-fiction. Heading to that section of the library, he busies himself with auto-biographies and science textbooks and engineering books. He makes a point of removing any annotations written in them, writing down any notes he might have on a separate sheet of paper. “This Helen Keller woman was born without sight or hearing,” he muses, turning a page of his current book. “And she still learned how to communicate and take care of herself. Fascinating.” For some reason, reading about other peoples’ lives intrigues him.

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