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"Aftermath" was nerve wracking to read, but oh Lord, I know EXACTLY how the reader felt, because I've been through it. It took a good two weeks before my roomie threw a bucket of water on me to force me out of bed. But 22 days?! What the hell, Bucky?! Also, I LOVED "Last Dance." I always wanted to be a Disney princess, and even if you didn't write that it was Disney, I could tell that was the inspiration. And Bucky sweeping you off your feet on a parade float? SWOON

I’m so happy you felt like you could relate to the latest part of “A Lesson in Love” babe! That means I did something right when writing it 😊  Also, Bucky out here playing games and absolutely no one is impressed by it or him. 

I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed “Last Dance” as much as I did, boo thang! I just want to clarify that I didn’t write that masterpiece, @ourpeachskies did! So you should definitely send all your kind words her way (although I’m sure she’ll see this and be hella appreciative of what you’ve said) 😁 

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Despite all the warnings and entreaties and so very much to live for, why did you become the Eyes?

Illapa sighs and runs a hand over the crown of his head, combing his fingers through the pale hair. “You know that I began with different intentions,” he says. “I meant to infiltrate the collective, which I saw early for what it was. My experience and capability makes me attractive as an advisor and agent to emergent powers – I played off that to ingratiate myself among the leadership. It did not take long before I was meeting with the mortal masterminds behind the plot, bargaining for my allegiance. Everything was proceeding as anticipated. I took the Mark, and…”

The lord props his bearded chin on the loosely-curled knuckles of one hand. “They say that good intentions pave the road to hell. There is truth in that,” he continues. “Although I expect you believe that my complicity was not entirely against my will, that I was not compelled or corrupted or driven to madness. I will not speak to that one way or the other for reasons of legality, but…” One long finger rubs the narrow ridge of his nose. “We shall say that ambition has ever been what compels me, and there is no greater ambition than to exist on a scope that lies entirely beyond our tiny little world. And the moment I stood on the brink of eternity and saw it through Their eyes, as Their Eyes, everything else simply… fell away. All that mattered so much to my mortal life was suddenly made inconsequential.”

He sighs into his curled fingers, lined eyes gazing into the distance. “Light help me, I would do it again,” he murmurs, almost too low to hear.

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Noise Complaint

Summary: Y/N has her own hotel room for the first time in month’s, what better way to celebrate than having loud sex with your angel boyfriend?

 Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader 

 Pairing: Castiel X Reader 

 Warnings: NSFW, a ton of smutty goodness 

 Word Count: 878

 Prompt:  Congrats! I’m new to asking for requests, so I don’t want to seem too forward, but could you do 26, 28, or 48? NSFW with Cas- @icantthinkofaname-oops

 A/N: Loud sex? Uh hell fucking yeah. Loud sex with a blue eyed angel of the lord? Sign me the fuck up!

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I find myself wondering a lot where it stops with the wizarding world borrowing muggle technology ??? when did they decide that this specific amount of muggle technology is good. but to hell with the rest!!! bathtubs, plumbing, sinks, clocks, sure. cars???? oh man what the HECK is a car??? dear lord??? also pens????? pencils???? never heard of them. who decides what is acceptable and what’s not?? is there a council?? who decided that trains were ok but cars were Taboo???

2p and 1p Allies in.. Road Raging.



2p!England: Use your turn signal please! Oh goodness! oH DEAR LORD HELPM-


2p!France: *sigh* you piece of shit. You waste of fucking life you motherfu-

1p!France: oh come on! Your car can move faster then tHAT!


1p!Canada: please hurry! C-come oh-!! *is trying to stay calm*


1p!China: Forget this *cuts off everyone* hOW DO YOU LIKE IT

2p!Russia: *poker face* *pulls gun out from glove compartment* *exits car*

1p!Russia: *actually got out of his car to talk to the driver* I suggest you move your vehicle or I will remove your eyes from your head *calm smile*

I find it interesting that Crowley speaking to/about his superiors merits the use of “lord” and “master,” but we rarely see Aziraphale use any honorifics when addressing his higher-ups.  I’ve always thought of Hell’s organization as a type of monarchy with nobility, but Heaven as an army with ranks, but even in the army they address each other as “Sir” or whatever.  What does this mean?  That Heaven is chill?  That Aziraphale doesn’t give a flying fuck about offending his bosses? That Crowley is a nervous, grovelling snake?  Who knows

1D Hiatus: Day 403

* Liam changes his profile and cover pictures on Facebook and Twitter

* Louis and Steve do radio promo for ‘Just Hold On’

* Louis finally reveals what his ass tattoo is during one of the interviews (it’s a penguin wearing headphones)

* Louis gets papped out in LA

* Louis appears on Steve’s Snapchat and Instagram stories

* An article by Dan Wootton about Louis and Danielle’s relationship being over is released by The Sun

* #LounielleIsOverParty trends on Twitter

* Liam does a small Facebook livestream

* Niall wins a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Breakout Star, thanks everybody who’s voted via Twitter

It’s Jan 19th, 2017.

Its funny how 5 years ago Avenger's Earth's Mightiest Heroes...

Introduced these, what I thought, Lame at the time heroes, and now they’ve blown up.

Avengers EMH was a show that used to play on Disney XD from 2010-2012

Sadly It got cancelled and replaced with some New BS but its still a good show that I highly recommend and its all on Netflix. It introduced tons of characters who have now become Mainstream thanks to the movies. 

When they first introduced Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier

All I thought was, who the Hell is this Robin/Redhood Rip off. Pan to 3 years later. He’s become a Badass and something fangirls drool over

When they first introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Space Avengers as they put it

All I kept thinking is why does their leader have Master Chief’s voice (fun fact Steve Downes played Peter quill) and who the hell does this Tree think he is trying to fight the Hulk. 3 years later. Its being called the New Star Wars and people can’t stop quoting “I am groot" 

and When they first showed Ultron 

All I thought was, How the hell is Machine going to fight Thor and the Hulk, then they explained it and showed his abilities and now I’m hyped for his appearance in Avengers 2 

Rewatching the series again right now to see if any minor character might have their own movie again. and hopefully Ant Man will have a scene like this haha

3.14 update reactions omg
  • bitty thank you for being an amazing Gay Icon with good coming out advice
  • GEORGE <3
    • can we pls discuss what a Look she has oh my god
  • “okay. for you and bits.” !!! JACK ZIMMERMANN IS A BEAUT
  • “what’s up, kid?” have i mentioned how much i love this bromance
  • like seriously
  • jack confiding in george is the best thing since sliced bread
  • hahahaha the confusion on george’s face/the complete horror on jack’s lmaooo
  • six months this friday !!! oh my lord is ngozi gonna do some cute anniversary shit
  • “he’s cute” hell yEAH he is
  • george being all proud of her team the falcs!! casually dropping in “i’ll fight homophobes” for jack!!
    • the hug
  • okay this was literally so cute im squealing
List 2 (with Jerome Valeska)

 Who is on top? You: Jerome will put you on top just so you can have some control. He likes to watch you move from both ends. 

Who is on bottom? Jerome: He likes to watch you move around on him. He likes to grab your breast and pull your hips down. 

Who has the strangest desires? Jerome: He always has something in mind…

Any kinks? Blood, Dominance, Bondage (sometimes), Knife, Choking, Nicknames, and  Praise
Who’s most dominant? JEROME VALESKA: Oh good lord! He is always in control even if hes supposed to be sub he still acts in his dominant nature. 

Is oral an equation? Hell yeah!

If so who gives it the most? Jerome: Normally when you get upset, when you have a headache, or when he just wants to he’ll eat you out. He does it really really well too.

Ever had public sex? YES!

Who moans the most? You: He’s good at what he does…

Who leaves the most marks? Jerome: Most time you look like you’d been bitten by vapmires and been best up.

Who screams the loudest? You..(;

Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’? Both! Depends on the day (;

Rough or soft? ROUGH! When does it seem like Jerome would be soft.

Is protection used? Nope: He doesn’t care about the consequences.

Does it ever get boring? NOOOOOOOO

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oh lord queenie goldstein is so pure so good so kind. she’s seen some shit but she greets the world with a smile and a cup of cocoa. she could be so jaded and bitter about the fact that most men think what jacob was thinking when they first see her. hell she’s probably had to hear what they imagine about her. 

but nope. she’s kinda and caring and clever as all hell to boot. she knows who to bat her eyes at to get away with things, she knows just how to play off knowing things so that no one really suspects anything of her. 

god i love her so much

  • Ciel: sebastian what the fuck
  • Sebastian: sorry young master i couldn't help myself
  • Ciel: that 'your parents are smoking hot' joke is way too overused idiot
  • Sebastian: with all due respect my lord, a pun that good could never get old
  • Ciel: yeah but you sure as hell got old u fucking grandpa how long have you even been alive
♡ Daddy!Michael Smut w/ Visuals ♡

a/n: yaaaay daddy!michael is finally here, thanks to the anon request, i hope this is okay :* this one gave me major feels and i am so not okay right now, also i’m going to hell haha bye

summary: after teasing mikey while watching a film with the guys, he gives you a good sorting out if u know what i mean

warnings: smut ofc, sex gifs, daddy!kink, dom!sub, choking, spanking, hair pulling etc etc etc 

word count: 1,934

requests/feedback: here

masterlist: here

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Certified Sub

Prompt: Hey, since your doing wwe imagine can I request a Enzo smut where he let the reader dominate him?

Pairing: Enzo x Reader

Warning: Sweat Kink(I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, sweat just turns me on), oral(male receiving), sex, Miss/submissive play, and a walk in.

Word Count: 1.6k

P.S: I usually don’t get worked up so my own smuts, but LORD HAVE MERCY, this right here is a dirty ass smut, soooo yeah, enjoy!

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Top 10 Mtg Cards

So I wanted to try a hard exercice of listing my top 10 favourite mtg cards. I also invite all of you to do the same thing and share what you favourite magic cards are! Let’s get started!

#11-15 & Honorable Mention

My honorable mention is Lord of the Pit; that card was my favourite when I was a kid & I played it in all the decks I ever made. Was it good? Hell no! Was it fun? Hell yeah! This card still has a special place in my hearth and even though the Beta version I had when I was young got stolen, I still love the Unlimited altered that I got to replace it. Some of the cards that didn’t quite made the top 10, but are easily some of my favourite cards ever printed. Pack Rat is just such an amazing card that let’s you turn any dead draw into bigger rats! Also, Cabal Therapy & Thoughtseize are 2 discard spells that I LOOOOVE since they’re really really efficient. For some reason I also have a big thing for Surgical Extraction, which in my eyes is one of the best magic card ever printed, but that’s just the opinion of a black-lover. Also a very big shoutout to my favourite land card ever printed, Mishra’s Factory (I have a huge soft spot for the Seasons printings in Antiquities).

#10 - Unmask

Looking at your opponent’s hand and making them discard a non land card? Yes please! I’ve always thought this card was insane and I sooooooooo regret not getting some while they were sitting at 5$…I thought I had all the time in the world to buy them but now the price skyrocketed and I can’t do anything about it. This is still a card that I love SO SO much!

#9 - Mind Twist

There is something about paying XB to make an opponent discard X cards at random that just feels so good. I remember playing this when I was a kid and just loving the expression of my brother’s face each time. 

#8 - The Rack

I love this card so much because it just goes so well with my favourite strategy: discard. I remember when I was younger and playing a bunch of discard spells and I saw this card at the LGS and I was like “how can a card be so good??!” I instantly put it in my deck and it stayed in it for almost 20 years.

#7 - Death Cloud

This card but be higher on the list but I didn’t get to play it as often as I’d want. Still Death Cloud is just amazing and perfect in my eyes. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than resolving a big Death Cloud.

#6 - Hypnotic Specter

This is another one of those cards that has been in my deck for a very long time. This was my big threat when I was younger (besides Lord of the Pit). It used to give my brother nightmares (not literally, but he hated this card so much), this evasive repeatable discard (at random nonetheless) is such a beast.

#5 - Hymn to Tourach

Speaking of random discard! Hymn to Tourach is just so busted! 2cmc to make an opponent discard 2 cards at random??? TWO CARDS AT RANDOM!! You can easily fuck up your opponent’s plan for just 2cmc! This card is just….wow!

#4 - Duress

A classic, but a goodie. This card has seen so many printings that people now take it for granted, but this card just gets the job done. You get so much information and you get to deal with cards that you don’t have removal for, like enchantments & artifacts, something that black has a hard to to deal with when they resolve. Or just draw out their counterspell before making a big play; they either have to counter Duress or you take counter out of their hand anyways, so unless they’re sitting on double Force of Will usually a Duress makes the coast clear for any plans you got. I’m just so happy when I see this card getting reprints, every single time.

#3 - Smallpox

When I first saw this card getting printed I was just so happy. I was literally ecstatic. I can’t stress on how much I LOOOOOOOOVE Smallpox! It does everything you would ever want! You make your opponent lose life, discard a card (this is the best part), sacrifice a creature AND sacrifice a land!! (okay you have to as well, but that’s not important). There are only 2 things in this world that feels better than casting Smallpox; resolving a big Death Cloud and:

#2 - Pox

OH YEAH! This is the only better thing than Smallpox! This is the real deal, the original, the classic, the magnificent & sublime Pox! Everything about this card is perfect. I just UGHHHHHH. Losing 1/3 of their life, 1/3 of their hand, 1/3 of their creatures & 1/3 of their lands (ROUNDED UPPPPPP). You want to ever see an opponent die a little inside? Turn 1 Dark Ritual into Pox. Just watch their face as they see the spell resolve. Just watch them reluctantly toss all those cards into the graveyard and the way they look at you with hatred in their eyes.

Now under the cut I’ll show my #1 favourite card; but before that, I invite again all of you to do this as well, please I want to know:

What is Your Top 10 Mtg Cards?

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: why the fuck did alex hold hands with trashwell lord. why. the fuck did that happen. that was the most out of character thing that alex has ever done. trashwell lord literally threatened her mother, threatened her sister, killed six women, blackmailed a man into killing himself, created bizarro by abusing a girl into hating kara and herself and? alex knows all this. she knows all of it and alex does not forgive things like this, not without good cause and trashwell lord had literally done absolutely nothing to earn her forgiveness much less allow him to HOLD HER HAND what the FUCK was THAT lucy lane was right there so was susan vasquez if alex had to hold anyone’s hands let it be her friends? the women she works with and respects and who respect her? who haven’t repeatedly tried to hurt her sister. what the actual hell astra did not die for this bullshit i’m - 

  • Lord Voldemort: “Biceps like an iron girder, Fit for doing of a murder, If I just so much as heard a Bloke even whisper… My name! Voldemort… Strong men tremble when they hear it! They’ve got cause enough to fear it!It’s much blacker than they smear it! Nobody mentions My name!
  • Lord Voldemort: [sings] Some Toff, slumming wiv his valet, Bumped into me in the alley Now his eyes’ll never tally He’d never heard of … My name! One bloke used to boast the claim He could take my name in vain… Poor bloke… Shame ‘e was so green Never was 'e seen again!
  • Lord Voldemort: Once bad – What’s the good of turning? In hell, I’ll be there-a-burning Meanwhile, think of what I’m earning All on account of… My name! What is it? What is it? What is it?” [Cackles]

But imagine Remus coming home to see Sirius wailing, huge-ass tears running down his red cheeks, tissues everywhere. So Remus is freaking out like what the hell happened, is everyone okay?

And guess what

This bastard has been watching dogs meet their owners after a long time videos the whole. day. That’s it. That’s the problem. Good lord.