good lord those eyes

bts reaction to: seeing their talented rookie ideal type for the first time

request: Could you make a reaction for BTS when they see their idealmatch in a new popular rookie group and she’s really talented like in rapping dancing singing etc

author’s response: thank you again for requesting and i hope you enjoy this!

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jin: would make sure to be his usual, confident self if he was on a show with you, showing off his irresistible charm. he feel like it would be a challenge between the two of you at first: like who could woo the other more. he’d manage to fluster you the whole time while also being careful about not making sure any dating rumors arose about the two of you. after the show, he would definitely approach you and try to get your number, wanting to get to know you better.

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suga: would lean more on making you smile and proving to be a comfortable friend than stealing your attention. he would talk to you a lot beforehand, somehow setting himself up as more of a friend than a boyfriend. you two would get attached really quickly: he’d cheer for you when you performed and you would do the same for him, laughing at his jokes or smiling when he talked, almost acting like siblings. it would end up with you falling for him and yoongi would feel so happy when you told him of your feelings later on.

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namjoon: while appearing on a show with you, he would exhibit how much of a great rapper he was and his intelligence. however, he’d be so nervous and shy, he’d fumble over his words and stutter a lot, looking more adorable than sexy. he would be surprised to notice that he’d actually somewhat gotten your attention with that, and would feel his heart nearly bursting out of his chest when you came to talk to him later on.

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jimin: “damn it, i’m falling for her/him.”  at first, he’d be a little frustrated, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get you out of his head for a while. (hell, you were literally his ideal type – who forgets that?) he would try to act almost indifferent towards you, even a little cold, just so his feelings can vanish. he knows he probably won’t see you for a while and romantic thoughts that’ll only make him dejected definitely won’t help. however, when he’s on his way back home, he realizes that he probably didn’t come off as too attractive (or even remotely fucking friendly) and feels like such a fucking idiot.
“well, there goes my chances…”

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jungkook: like namjoon, he would try to show how talented he was as well if he was on a show with you, showing off his dance skills or singing a song. he would often pitch in during conversations to show how funny he was or how smart (and to get your gaze focused on him because good lord he was addicted to those beautiful eyes). when filming concluded, he would try to befriend you backstage, making you comfortable with him and maybe even muster the courage to ask for your number?
you know, for a “friendly cup of coffee” or a “friendly night of fun roller-skating”.
ya’ know – the usual…

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taehyung: would quietly watch you from afar, making sure to veil his attraction as best as he could. however, the moment you exhibited how talented you were, all of that fled in an instant and he forgot he was being watched, his eyes only trained on you for the rest of the time. when you sang or danced, he would be showing how surprised and astonished he was and of course the cameras would capture that more than anything else. he would be shocked when he came home, a broad smile on his face, to see all the members shoving their phones under his nose, wondering about this dating scandal with “the star rookie (y/n)”.
“damn it,” he’d husk under his breath. “i thought i was being careful.”

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hoseok: after he guested on a variety show with you, he would talk endlessly about you to his members and they would eventually get annoyed of hearing about you all the time. “and then they did this dance they prepared and they killed it. and they managed to look even more flawless when they were done, with all that sweat on their face. i can’t lie,” he’d whisper, pointing at his crotch. “this little guy was getting a little excited.”

Jack goes into the NHL draft on schedule (in 2009) and Bitty keeps up figure skating… for a while. Hilarity ensues. A terrible fic-in-bullet-points that I couldn’t get out of my head. Enjoy. 

  • Saying that Eric got into hockey because of a boy was a little unfair.
  • He got into hockey because of a really cute boy.
  • Andrew, 5’11, green eyes, fellow figure skater, nice to Eric, did I mention green eyes?
  • So Eric likes Andrew and Andrew likes hockey, so Eric does some Late Night Googling™
    • He looks up stats and player names and talking points
    • Watch hockey? What? Why would that help?
  • Next day, Eric discovers that the only thing boys love more than talking about sports is Explaining sports
    • Furthers his hockey understanding
    • However, much of it can be summarized by “Fuck the Blackhawks”
  • Eric does some more googling over the next few weeks - because why not?- and, well, when a boy spends enough time on the Internet…..
  • He doesn’t mean for the fanfiction to show up, it’s just there
    • Not Without You” - 9,764 words, 3 chapters, M/M, angst then smut, For Mature Audiences
    • Jack is faced with a tough decision, and Parse just wants to help
  • Kent Parson and Jack Zimmerman are players for the Las Vegas Aces, and Eric knows their stats (fighting for the Calder, great chemistry, highest scoring pair)
    • And Jack Zimmermann is *totally not* exactly Eric’s type

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If there would be a ACOTAR/ACOMAF movie...which model/actor would you like to play Rhysand and Tamlin? I've been picturing Kacey Carrig (with black hair) or Mario Casas as Rhysand xD

I AM SO ON BOARD FOR MARIO CASAS OMFG! I watched “Palm Trees in the Snow” recently and every time I recommend it to people I’m like, “the dude in it has a great back”… like? Amazing!

So a cliché one but Seán O’Pry.. good lord those eyes…

And this Greek model I came across called Marios Lekkas… like yes please. I also headcanon Illyrians as being Greek so it works perfectly!

Also… just in case… Alycia Debnam-Carey as Feyre please…

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Patrochilles AU where Achilles works at Lush and one day, Patroclus comes in to get Briseis a birthday present. And at first he is kind of distracted by Achilles but then remembers that he is On A Mission and This Is Not The Time To Be Seduced By Hot Boys and starts looking around.

Unfortunately, the store is pretty empty, and Patroclus is clueless because he doesn’t really hoard bath products like Briseis and ‘these are all the same wtf does Briseis want,’ and is forced to turn to Achilles and mournfully ask if the sex bomb bath bomb is a good choice for his best friend’s birthday.

Achilles, who has been trying his hardest not to laugh at this poor boy who looks scared by the soap rack, was not prepared to realize that Patroclus is extremly attractive. He is thrown off of his game, and smiles and says, trying not to stutter, ‘We have a demo we can show you.’

Patroclus is very relieved, and walks up to the counter as Achilles opens the drawer of test bathbombs. When Achilles looks up, Patroclus is smiling at him, and his eyes are big and brown and Good Lord Are Those Dimples and Achilles accidentally knocks his open water bottle off of the counter and onto the pile of bathbombs.

The drawer, now possesed by the vengeful spirit of bathbombs misused, has begun fizzing and hissing and bubbling. Meanwhile, Achilles has vaulted the counter and him and Patroclus are screaming while frantically searching for paper towels. (Achilles also has his phone out in an attempt to put the bathbomb drawer on Snapchat, which only shows the rainbow vomiting drawer while Patroclus screams in the background)

Cue Achilles’ manager dying laughing upon finding Achilles and Patroclus trying to fight back the bathbomb fizz before assuring Achilles that ‘its happened before.’

Achilles sheepishly suggests several products to Patroclus and rings him up.

Two days later, Patroclus shows back up, and tells him that his friend liked the bathbomb and the image of them running around and screaming. He also informs Achilles that Brisies wants to get to know him, and admits that he would like to get to know him as well.

I wish I had a title for this

I haven’t written fanfiction in so long (I was in high school I think so that was like, a millennium ago) but this one got stuck in my craw. It’s based on something similar that happened to me. Please be gentle. 

The reception room is too damn hot, she decides as she takes off her jacket. It’s the middle of summer, for god’s sake, and it feels just a few degrees cooler in the room than it does outside. Rae looks around the room and sees no one else is sharing her opinion. In fact, she watches as the receptionist (tiny thing, she is) starts to put on her cardigan and picks up a phone call, a visible shiver running through her. Rae feels like stripping a layer of her fat off and draping it around her tiny body. She then realizes what a weird thought that is and spends the next minute or two imagining Tiny wrapped in (what her mind concocted) was a bacon-like layer of Rae.
She sighs. If Tiny takes any longer, she’ll be late in meeting Finn and it’s annoying her a bit. So Rae discernibly stares at her while she fumbles with paperwork and prattles on the phone about a scheduling conflict. Rae’s eyes land on the receptionist name plate and then flit back to her face. So Tiny turns out to be Lucy, a lovely name that matches her well. She’s petite, her face small, her skin flawless, with a small chest she finds quite endearing on her small frame and the package causes Rae shuffles her feet nervously. Women like Lucy make her nervous still. Little real-life dolls that probably had a hoard of man-slaves to do her bidding and could easily decimate them with a flick of her eyelashes. Women like her made Rae feel she was an involuntary contestant in a beauty pageant; as if by being around Lucy, others would jump to compare every little thing, from the rolls on their body right down to the pores on their faces (or in Lucy’s case, lack of both).
Finally Lucy gets off the phone, looking slightly irritated and Rae heads towards her, pulling back the sleeves of her shirt just a bit. It’s too damn hot in here.
“Hiya, I’m here to see Finn. He’s been expecting me,” for some time now, she wants to add but no, she stays polite. Lucy looks at Rae from head to toe with such a condescending gander that Rae starts fidgeting. Lucy should not be allowed this type of power, Rae thinks to herself, but continues to wait until at last she says, “i’m sorry but Mr. Nelson doesn’t meet fans here. This is his place of work, please do not come here to bother him.”
Though she was indignant at the accusation, she was also a bit surprised to hear Finn had “fans”. He was a music producer and she’d never heard of record label producers having fans before. An unsettling feeling burrows in her belly. She shouldn’t be surprised, really. At 25, Finn Nelson had reached the ultimate peak of bangable. She was sure being in his general vicinity would have women wetting their knickers. A look from his eyes to yours was sure to get you pregnant. Twice. Hell, just thinking about him made Rae a little weak in the knees. (But that might be because she knew very well what he would do to her if he was in her vicinity and she knew as hell what those eyes did to her, good lord almighty).
It was those freckles, she was sure of it.
“No I’m not a fan. He’s expecting me, i said. My name is Rachel Earl.”
The receptionist gives her a withering look but checks the registry nonetheless. She was an adult now and finally getting used to using her full name. (or so she tells herself but there are times when she panics and feels like she needs an adult to help her only to discover she is, in fact, an adult). It sucks really, how being a grown-up sucks the life out of things. Even though once upon a time she hated the nickname Raemundo, she sort of longed for it now. She made a mental note to ring up Chop soon.
Tiny, pretty, perfect Lucy finally shakes her head and tells her no such name is written down.
“I’m going to ask you to leave please.”
Finally Rae gets annoyed.
“Listen,” Rae starts, and her eyes flash, “I dunno what part of ‘he’s expecting me’ you don’t get so how’s about you ring him up or something? He’ll settle this.”
Lucy rolls her eyes but after a soft look at Rae (from head to toe once again, jeez, was she a lez or something?) she leans in to whisper something at her. From such a close proximity, her flawless skin suddenly doesn’t look so flawless. She has quite a layer of foundation on and though Rae doesn’t doubt she’d still be quite pretty without it, suddenly it seems like a suit of armor, quite similar to Rae’s own and suddenly adorable, perfect, Tiny Lucy isn’t so menacing anymore.
“I know that Mr. Nelson is one hella of a bloke. Believe me, we all work with him and we all have fantasies of him going down on us so often that we get distracted from our work–” Rae blanches, her face scrunching up in disgust, “–but listen, the guy is married and absolutely gorgeous and by the way he talks of his wife, she must be stunning too.”
Lucy gives a dramatic sigh, as if the world was an unfair and cruel place and it was bearing down her shoulders. Meanwhile, Rae feels like someone’s kicked her in the boob. She wants to shake Lucy (but gently cause it looks a single shake might prattle her pretty little bones and leave her an invalid) and bombard her with questions. Since when was Finnley married? Why was Finnley married? To who was Finnley married? Certainly not to her and then she wonders if he counts living together the same as being married and it’s both a terrifying and exhilarating feeling.
The receptionist leans back and gives Rae a sympathetic look.
“If you’re going to pretend to be on the registry, at least get a name on the list. And anyway he’s a nice man but even he wouldn’t go for someone like you.”
Rae remembers a time when this little sentence would have floored her and devastated her. In fact, she feels a pang of it now, but it’s dull and blunt on her toughened skin. No, she was nowhere near recovered but she was proud to know she was well on her way and though what Lucy says is low and shitty (what an arse, Rae thinks) she’ll have the last laugh. She raises an eyebrow at the pretty receptionist and opens her mouth to say something but the elevator door opens and Finn makes a beeline towards her.
“Hey numsey, what took ya so long? Listen, we need to get going cause they’re already upstairs and they’re itching to record,” his words tumble out of his mouth and into her cheek as he kisses her, then turns, “Lucy, I’m not available for anyone for the next two hours, all right?”
Lucy nods, looking skeptically between Rae and Finn. Finally her eyes settle on Finn and she looks somewhat betrayed by him, as if he was not the kind of man she would expect to have a “side” woman. Not a woman like Rae. Especially not like Rae. Lucy looks timidly at Finn and leans in to whisper,
“What should i tell Mrs. Nelson when she arrives then, sir?”
Finn looks sheepish as he glimpses at Rae and he’s about to mumble something (endearing explanation, no doubt. An explanation that will earn him one hell of a price later on) but Rae hasn’t had her revenge yet.
“Lucy, is it? I don’t think we’ve been introduced properly.”
She holds out her hand.
“I’m Rachel Earl. Or as you know me around here, Mrs. Nelson.”
The receptionist pales as Rae smiles and follows Finn into the elevator.
Mrs. Nelson did have quite a ring to it.

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What makes you love Bellarke?

Which are your top 5 Bellarke scenes and why?

I love Bellarke because, well, I think they are a really good team. I like the way they work together, support each other, question each other, respect each other. I like the way they are complementary…. one’s strengths balance out the other’s weaknesses. That’s the kind of partnership that helps people succeed in life. Also the way they call each other on their potentially bad decisions, but respect each other’s positions, intelligence and view point. They don’t put each other down because they have a different way of going about things. Both Finn and Lexa would dismiss Clarke’s ideas sometimes, scoff at her or patronize her. Even Abby did that in season 2, although she learned to respect Clarke. Bellamy has never done that. He’s disagreed, but he never belittled her. 

I think we’re still to see how Clarke supports Bellamy. I think that’s going to happen in 3B. They just didn’t have the opportunity to show it after season 1, although then she always turned to him, wanted him by her side, looked to him for wisdom and skill and support. She always believed in him, even when he was her enemy. 

So. Favorite scenes. Hmm. In order most favorite to slightly less favorite

  1. the confrontation at hakeldama. I LOVED this scene. I know it was painful and heart breaking, but it was so necessary as they actually opened up about feelings, and feelings for each other. I mean, it wasn’t said “I care for you,” but Bellamy finally claimed her, finally spoke as if he had a right to expect her to stay with him. And he called her on her bullshit. She really does need him, but she’s been pretending it was just political. And when he opened up, she couldn’t play her games anymore, and he responses to him were heart felt and genuine and more REAL than anything she showed since leaving him at Camp Jaha.
  2. the fireside. ALL those heart eyes. Good lord. He doesn’t say how he feels, but the way he looks at her is intense. And she can’t even handle it and pulls it back to the fight. This scene, I think, is the most real of the forgiveness scenes. They don’t say “i give you forgiveness,” they say, “it had to be done.” I UNDERSTAND you. That is more important. 
  3. the pardoning. I just love the way she is his whole hearted supporter. I love the way she believes in him, the value she places on him, her absolute unshakeable conviction in him. And I love how he can’t believe she would be there like that for him. Like no one ever, ever has. And I love how he can’t stop staring at her while she’s defending him, and I love the smiles of joy they both give when Jaha pardons him. I think she chooses HIM in this scene. It may not be romantic yet, but she chooses him to be her person.
  4. the reunion hug. I love the way she can’t hold herself back from him and hurtles into his arms. It is unthinking. She doesn’t rationalize it or try to understand it or hold herself back. She just NEEDS to be in his arms and hold him. And there’s such joy in it. And then of course his absolute shock at her reaction and the way he just gives in and embraces her whole heartedly, as if he’s just made his decision about her and there’s no more holding back. And then those brilliant smiles and heart eyes they give each other. That scene is too short. This is where Bellamy chooses Clarke to be his person.
  5. atom’s death. This is the moment when they both realized there was something deeper under the surface of the other. I love the way she sees that he can’t handle killing Atom, and she just takes that burden away from him. She takes responsibility for making the hard choices. She does the RIGHT thing. And I love the way he looks at her like she has suddenly become some angel.. not the soft gentle angel of the greeting cards, but the warrior angel of the bible, the one coming down with the sword to right the wrongs and reward the just. She just amazes him in that scene and from then on, he will get her whatever she needs. 

Bonus: because these two scenes prove early on that this is not a platonic relationship, and has always had an element of attraction and sexual tension that they have resolutely held back so that they could lead.

  1. The gun lesson: he walks up to her and holds her gun, she leans into him, he caresses her back and stares at her with lust and then is like “woah I can’t go there,” and backs away. And then she teases him and stares at him while he can’t get his gun to work. Awesome sexual tension.
  2. the flirting of unity day: the way she looks at him like she wants to climb him. and the way he sees her looking at him and it makes him smile, because  of the promise, the maybe, the someday.

Inspiration drawn from this post. also on ao3 [x]

“Shit, shit, shit,” Bucky was practically breathing those words as he dodged through the crowd of New Yorkers and sprinted across the road, narrowly avoiding being hit not once, not twice, but three times. His legs were beginning to ache from the running when he spotted his out: a motorcyclist. Glancing back, he could see the boys in blue at least a good hundred feet off. Perfect. With another burst of speed, he found himself skidding to a halt beside the motorcyclist: a blond man who looked a little bit scared, or worried. Without even hesitating, he slid into the seat behind him, “Fucking drive.”

When the blond caught sight of the police, realization dawned across his face. “Yeah, okay,” were his only words as he dangerously swerved onto the road before jetting down the busy street, somehow managing to avoid crashing.

The ride ended with Bucky clinging onto the back of the man, his heart pounding furiously in his chest because fucking hell. How was he not dead? “You can let go now,” the blond said, though it was more of a laugh and Bucky found himself blushing furiously before unwrapping his arms from the stranger’s waist.

“Thank you,” he stated as he slid off the motorcycle, frowning slightly before running a hand through his messy hair, “Anything I can do to repay for that getaway? Coffee, gas money…?” He looked up at the blond and his jaw nearly dropped because good lord were those eyes blue. “Or maybe we can exchange names and numbers?” A smirk had settled itself onto Bucky’s face, like it belonged there.

“M’name’s Steve,” the blond - Steve - said, stumbling slightly over his words.

“Mmm… Mine’s Bucky,” he offered up with a grin before pulling a small card out of his back pocket, “And that is my number.”

Steve began cracking up at this. “You keep a business card with your phone number on it? Does it also include your address and email?”

“Hey! Quit pokin’ fun!” A slight pout appeared on his face as he stared down at Steve and then suddenly his pout was replaced with a look of slight fear and nervousness. “You aren’t– you’re straight, aren’t you?” It wasn’t a second later and he was covering his face with his hands, “I’m real sorry about that. I just… I don’t know, I got a little–”

“Calm down, Bucky, I’m not straight.” There that blue-eyed fucker went with laughing out his response.

It was a few weeks, hundreds of texts, a few phone calls, and several skype calls later when they finally had their first date. They had both agreed on something simple and thus they chose to go to this nice, “hipster” cafe down in Brooklyn where they both happened to grow up.

“Let me guess, you literally just googled ‘hipster cafes in Brooklyn’ to find this place?” A small smile formed on his face as Steve laughed.

“No, I used to come down here all the time to draw. As a teenager, I drew a lot of inspiration from this place and the people that came in.”

Bucky nodded slightly before pointing at the book in Steve’s hand, “So… when are you gonna show me what’s in that?”

“Let’s find a seat first, Mr. Impatient,” came his response and Bucky simply rolled his eyes before taking hold of Steve’s and letting the blond lead them over to a corner of the cafe that was unoccupied.

“This is kind of embarrassing,” he started, after they had sat down and Bucky simply rolled his eyes because he still couldn’t believe the guy who saved him from the cops was 99% self-doubt.

“C’mon, Stevie, I’m sure it’s fantastic– whatever ‘it’ is,” he reassured, raising the other man’s right hand to press a light, reassuring kiss to his knuckles. “I promise I won’t laugh even if it is embarrassing.”

A minute of silence passed between them where Bucky found himself rubbing smooth circles across the back of Steve’s hand. “Promise,” he repeated in a whisper, a half smile on his face.

Letting his head hang for a brief second, he turned the sketchbook so it was facing side ways and he flipped the cover open to reveal an uncolored comic strip. “It’s not finished yet. I plan on finishing it within the next few weeks. Maybe ending with… uh… how I hope our relationship will end.”

End? Bucky jerked his head up towards Steve, a frown in place, “End?”

“Not end as in like… ‘end’… I just mean… where this will end and something new, a new stage in our relationship, will begin,” he quickly added, trying to smooth out Bucky’s rising worry.

Weeks turned into months and months turned into two years and they were still together. What started as a getaway man turned into a long-term boyfriend.

“Can’t believe we made it this far,” he muttered as he looked across the white-clothed table at Steve, a smile in place.

“Neither can I,” there was a slight pause before he added, “because you’re an annoying little shit.”

“Hey!” Without thinking he chucked the white napkin across the table at him and smiled in victory when it hit him in the chest.

“That didn’t hurt,” he pointed out with a smile.


They were halfway through with their meal when he watched as Steve pulled out a sketchbook and it looked familiar, he just couldn’t place why it looked familiar. “Here, I want you to flip to the last page.”

Frowning, he took the sketchbook from him and as he flipped through the book, he realized why this was familiar. It was the same sketchbook that Steve had shown him in that cafe two years ago. On the last page, there was a fully-colored drawing of them in a restaurant with– Bucky’s jaw dropped because how couldn’t he have seen this coming from a mile away? He snapped the sketchbook shut and that’s when he saw Steve kneeling on the floor, a grin spread across his face.

“Will you–”

“Yes.” There was a slight pause before he repeated again: “Yes. God, yes.”