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slbp lords reactions if MC was apologizing about not being good enough for them?

First of all, your worth isn’t decided by anyone but you. Cliche, I know, but it’s the truth. You need not be sorry for any talent, skill that you lack, because there are things that only you can do, so I hope you lovelies would appreciate yourselves more because all you are special. *3*

Also, I’m very sorry this took quite a while, dear. I was thinking of how not to be too generic >.< ( though I remember my professor once telling me that the corny stuff are the best ones most of the time).

Nobunaga: “Look at me. You are Lady Oda, bride of the great Oda Nobunaga who will unify Japan. I chose you because you are the best.” What is Nobu if not a little bit cocky in public? But in private he would be a lot softer, showering you with affection, reminding you how important you are to him.

Mitsuhide: He’s very vocal about how he feels about you, and will reassure you whenever you need to hear it. A big bonus is, he’s good with writing too! So expect a poem glorifying your charm every once in a while, and if you’re really really down, he’ll reluctantly show his entire poem collection about you, just so you’d feel better, even if he has to endure the embarrassment of having you know it that way XD.

Yukimura: He would ask you why you would feel that way because he’ll do something about it, and that sometimes you can’t clearly explain that to him, he’ll just give you a great big hug paired with words of affection, ones that remind you that he found a reason to live because of you, that you have given the light of seeing a new day when all he had lived for was his belief to die in the battlefield.

Saizo: Saizo speaks in flowers, so while he might not always tell you how he feels, he’s sure to leave a stalk or bouquet to make you feel better. Honestly, I can also see him secretly pranking your offender as payback.

Masamune: He says he can’t express his feelings, but gosh, Masamune often hits the nail in saying things whenever you’d need encouragement. He’ll allow you to help him more, because he would also get more time to spend with you.


Hideyoshi: He will remind you how strong you are from since you’ve started, because both of you are the same. He knows the strength of your heart and grounds you to that. “Look at how far we’ve come. It wasn’t easy, but we did it, so isn’t that what’s more important?” He’ll also try his best to make you laugh despite how glum you’re feeling, and he always can bring out the chuckle from you.

Inuchiyo: It is also quite a similarity for Inuchiyo because he has gone through a lot just to prove himself worthy as well, so he knows how you’d feel more or less, and because he’s your childhood friend, he’d know how to cheer you up in various ways, like maybe telling you about the things you’re good at since childhood.

Ieyasu: He would feel a little guilty at first– because he has treated you the same way before. But, he will take you in his arms and instead of saying something awfully sweet, he’ll just insult your offender. Imagine Yasu hugging you, and muttering, “What does that ugly bastard know? Even a rat has more use than him. He’s only alive because I make it so. Insolent, ungrateful little fool.”

Mitsunari: “Why would you even care about what an insignificant lowlife thinks of you? Opinions from such people aren’t even worth worrying about.”  He is trying his best to comfort you, and it comes out a little strong against your offender, but his warm hugs are the gentlest you could ever feel.

We'll Find Our Way (HSS Part 2)

Title: (Official) We’ll Find Our Way (Recognizable) High School Sweetheart Part 2 (Part 1)

Author: afreckledangel

Word Count: 2,404

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, mention of family member death, near asphyxiation

Summary: Several years after dating Dean Winchester in high school, the reader herself is a hunter and accidentally meets up with both Sam and Dean. 

A/N: Sorry this took so darn long! There were all kinds of problems in completing it, but I did it. I hope it meets expectations!


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