good lord this took forever to make

New outfits!!!

But honestly, it was so great seeing them all try so hard. You could see Virgil holding back his initial reaction ‘BAD!!! SCARY!!!’ and trying to put it in a nicer way, Thomas making sure to acknowledge Virgil’s comment, Logan participating in something out of his comfort zone to help, Patton went full on Aggressive Dad Mode™ and Roman being as nice as possible. It was a beautiful thing to see.

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Ok so reapers crush comes in his office and ask if he can teach her some Spanish(probably to impress sombra and become friends with her) and he decides to have fun with this and make her repeat after him and he has her say I love you in Spanish and he describes all the naughty things he wants to do to her and she just repeats it innocently. Nsfw as possible plz.

I am not fluent in Spanish and I apologize if I get anything grossly wrong!
If you do know Spanish and notice a mistake, please let me know

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Kuroshitsuji + Quotes (17/?): Worth Fighting For  (for @finnyisanactualrayofsunshine)

Even darkness must pass.
A new day will come.
And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer.
Those were the stories that stayed with you.


There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.

- The Two Towers (x)

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curse the things that made me sad for so long a positive/bittersweet mix for avpd because i noticed there weren’t many

01. blush - wolf alice | 02. better son or daughter - rilo kiley | 03. the con - tegan and sara | 04. bravado - lorde | 05. millions - gerard way | 06. numb - marina & the diamonds | 07. houdini - foster the people | 08. ghosting - mother mother | 09. avocado baby - los campesinos! | 10. save rock and roll - fall out boy | 11. happy - marina & the diamonds

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for the "how hot is that character" ask thingo!! w.d. gaster, hannibal lecter [NBC Hannibal vers.], victor nikiforov and prince sidon


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It depends on the depiction. His canon sprite is mostly just adorable. But there’ve been some Gasters out there that… hoo, swoon. When I think of BJD Gaster, he’s definitely sexy, but it’s in a very supermodel way, like I just want to dress him in the finest lingerie hahaa

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mads mikkelsen is a serious problem. idk what the fuck it is but hannibal could murder me and i’d say thanks

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I love Viktor, he’s so beautiful? A man so beautiful I start crying? But he’s also got a good heart and is shamelessly nerdy and devoted and those are also very cute/sexy qualities. 


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Hi there everyone!! I wanted to make a follow forever when I hit my follower goal but lmao that would take forever so here’s one to celebrate the holidays and me hitting 7.9K followers recently. Thank you for following my blog and interacting with me in every little way. Now that I’m in college and life is more hectic and I’m not as active here as I was previously. I’m really grateful for those that stick with me through thick and thin. Yeah, that’s right, I’m getting sappy right now but it honestly means a lot to me. This particular follow forever is dedicated to my precious mutuals. Even though we’ve never talked or it’s been awhile since we’ve last talked, you guys still mean a lot to me. Y’all are so fabulous and I can’t believe some of y’all are following me. I wanted to make a xmas follow forever but eh I just went with the festive colours. I hope you guys like this simple edit. Happy holidays and I hope 2016 is kind to all of us!!

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Baby Gudetama Inspired Costume that I made for @rosy61987’s birthday (it’s wayyyyy belated OTL)

Removable bonnet + hoodie ovob
This project took me forever from designing to implementing… I now have even MORE respect for those of you who make such cute costumes omg. Also through this process I realized I’m not a very good sewer… OTL

Poking myself a bajillion times/ screwing up the stitches QAQ. I really had no idea what I was doing ;A; Thank lord felt is such a flexible material that I could cut off my mistakes… No need to hem and what not x’D