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Inktober 15 - Butterfly.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 14)

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Performance and Poignancy (Beauty and the Beast (2017))

“Has he always been so…theatrical?”

Jolted out of his current read on the bench under his favourite tree, the Beast glances up at Belle, who comes to sit down beside him.

“Come again?”

“Lumiere. You know, the candle?”

“Candelabra,” the Beast corrects her automatically. He catches Belle raising an eyebrow at him. He simply looks back at her, a little bemused by the slight exasperation in her eyes. “That is the correct expression.”

“Yes, Lumiere, the candelabra. Has he always been so, how to put it–”

“Showy?” the Beast suggests, tilting his head that way and that with each suggested synonym.. “Dramatic? Melodramatic? Theatrical? What gives you that idea?”

“Oh I don’t know,” Belle says, recalling all of Lumiere’s antics the first night at the castle. “I have no idea what gave me that impression. Except for his…dramatic pose he struck on my bed when he first showed me my bedroom in the East Wing.”

The Beast makes a strange choking sound.

“Are you alright?” Belle asks, concerned.

But when she sees his shoulders shaking from amusement, she realises that the odd sound he had been making was suppressed laughter. Composing himself quickly, he turns his head toward her, showing his fangs in a grin, but this time, Belle does not find them as frightening as before.

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The path ahead is dark, so dark I cannot see.
But I will not fear. Cause my lover looks over me x

(Hades) (Hekate) (Artemis) (Zeus and Hera) (Athena)

Persephone is a lovely name but it is hollow and grand and she is neither.  He calls her Rose instead, for the flowers that adorn her, for the beauty that beckons and the danger she hides next to her skin.



“I kept praying for something to happen. But I didn’t do anything. Not a damn thing.”

Carol is always beating herself up. Over virtually everything. This poor baby will never give herself credit for anything - not even blowing up Terminus and saving her entire family - because she is so hard on herself.

She’s mad at herself for not leaving Ed. For, in her mind, not doing anything… so she has made it her goal to completely rise above that, by always being the one to step up. The one to take on every burden, endure every hardship, do anything, no matter the price, for her family. And when the outcome is painful, Carol forces herself to suffer through the pain and put on a brave face. She’s so used to her being in pain hurting only herself, and going unnoticed by everyone. Because, the horrible, sad thing is that Carol doesn’t really believe that any of the others watch her that closely, or care about her so much that seeing her in pain would actually affect them, let alone hurt them. (Carol needs some family love.)

But then, Daryl physically puts himself between her and more pain. He stops her from opening that door because he knows it will bring her torment and distress, and he conveys that he absolutely doesn’t want that for her.

And he’s willingly to go out of his way to eliminate what is causing her pain, by killing those walkers and burning their bodies, making sure they can’t hurt her anymore. Then Carol sees that’s how much he hates to see her hurting. And that makes her so overcome with emotions, because she realises that somebody loves her so much that it actually hurts them to see her in pain, so they want to do anything they can to spare her that pain.

This is possibly the first time Carol has experienced something like this, and it touches her. Warms her heart. Makes tears well up in her eyes. Causes her to make this expression, which is the epitome of feeling loved.

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