good lord i need a vacation

bts at the grocery store

jin: k fam we’re here
jungkook: what the fuck did you bring all of us here for
jin: jungkook u can go ahead and stroll the fuck out of here i thought u were over ur period
jungkook: FUNY JOKE–
suga: welp while u guys argue like the trash u are im gonna go look for more swag *walks away*
jimin: rapmon hyung! i found some jams!! which would u prefer strawberry orange or grape–
jimin: *suga intro voice* god damnit!
jin: namjoon we lost them
rapmon: wat
jin: v and jhope…….we lost them
rapmon: *suga intro voice* god damnit!
jimin: did u just cOpy me
rapmon: well to be correct you copied suga so ??????
jin: what the spontaneous hell
jimin: wh–
v: *suga intro voice* god damnit!
jin: im thinking of retiring……*slides into random aisle*
v: *walks away while pouting* i needed that dream house tho..,,,,,,,,,,,,,
jimin: *walks away still jamless* fukin noob,,,,,,,
jhope: namjoon pls just let me buy this its on sale
rapmon: Jung fucking Hoseok we are not here to buy DAMN MY LITTLE PONIES
jhope: *throws mlp on the ground*
jhope: ………………..
jhope: *suga intro voice* god damnit!
jungkook: jiNN IM HELPING!!! *brings stuff to cart*
jungkook: ……….. :( *puts some juice boxes back*
jungkook: *suga intro voice* god damnit!
jin: im going to go insane mother of christ
*an hour or four later*
rapmon: jin i fuking give up none of them are no where to be found lets just leave
jin: namjoon im not sure u realize how quickly we will be thrown right the fuck out of bighit
jimin: smh……….not like u even wanna be an idol anyway with ur acting college
rapmon: shots fired………….*begins to write this convo down for future cypher part 4 lyrics*
suga: its too late….my aura of swag has contaminated u all into loving my swaggy intro lyrics
jungkook: LMAO 1-800-bITCH-U-THOUGHT
suga: lmao child of satan if u dont shut ur nasty trap right now i will not hesitate to shove this kiddie juice box right down ur throat
jungkook: FIGHT ME
jin: guys–
jhope: u CUNT–
jin: hey do u guys mind if–
jin: Your mother has had enough.
jin: What the absolute honest spectacular hell is wrong with all of you? We can’t do anything, not even normal things like this because you guys are always acting like little kids……so thats why im retiring fuck u all bye *disappears in smoke as his cover of eomma plays in the bg*
jimin: well i can quite honestly say i have no clue what the fuck just happened
rapmon: u all pushed ur mother to ur limits………look what u’ve done
suga: see….my swag was too much for u all to handle……. only swag master suga can handle tht kind of level of sweg
v: yoongi we all know ur amount of swag is gone like the rapping skills u never had…..
suga: fight me u whore
security guard: excuse me boys we’re gonna have to ask u guys to leave…ur causing too much disruption here ya kno
jungkook: ur not my dad fuck of–
bangtan: *walks out in shame*
*alarms go off*
v and jhope:
jimin and jungkook:
rapmon: and now they stole shit im done im disowning all of u goodnight boston

1D Hiatus: Why it’s not bad news.

So it’s a hard thing to read, but the fact of the matter is, these boys–these men–are exhausted. They’ve spit out a new album and tour for four years straight. That’s craziness. 

And they have earned a break. Heck, they’ve earned ten.

But that is the key word: A BREAK. NOT A BREAK UP. 

That means they can do what they want for “at least a year”–whether it’s travel back to their home planet, explore solo projects, RAISE A BABY, or just flat out play golf and eat a lot of junk food–and, at the end of the day, REUNITE AND MAKE MORE AMAZING, FRESHLY INSPIRED MUSIC.

And Lord knows–LORD KNOWS–this fandom needed to be released from the all-engrossing death grip that is One Direction. It’s kind of our thing.

So it’s GOOD NEWS! It’s not forever. And we have another ENTIRE ALBUM TO HEAR. 

Yes, it’s sad in a way, but please, please remember:

“HIATUS” DOES NOT MEAN “THEY HATE US.” Don’t be negative about this! That sends the worst message possible!

It’s a two-way vacation. I can’t wait to see how all of us have grown and changed when it’s over!

Can we talk about dem Lucky Charms...?

As I eagerly await the epic fifth episode to be uploaded somewhere, somehow, I wanna make a comment about Ladybug’s Lucky Charms that she is able to summon per episode. Now in my understanding, the Lucky Charms, similar to Chat Noir’s Ancient Disaster, are special tools that only Lady can summon to her aid. The charms are random yet specially designed to help Lady with a particular obstacle, right? That’s what the Lucky Charms are supposed to be, based on my comprehension.

That being said, I gotta say this. I don’t know about anyone else but up until this point, it makes me literally laugh out loud every time Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm of the week because I swear, I feel most of the time lady luck is doing some serious ass trolling of this poor child.

To me, with each episode, the lucky charms are getting more and more, I dunno… ridiculous (for lack of a better word) that I’m not even surprised anymore. I’m just amused. As a matter of fact, the Lucky Charms are one of the things I look forward to the most in Miraculous because it’s always something unexpected—it’s always an object that one would least expect would be of actual help to Lady and Chat Noir on the battlefield against the super-powered villains.

It makes me smile (and smack my head) how every time after she summons her Charm of the Week, Ladybug is all like “What the f***k am I supposed to do with this?!

I mean she’s doesn’t literally use those words but you could tell by her overall reaction to the cards that she is dealt, it always implies it. If this wasn’t a, quote on quote, kid’s show and Ladybug could curse at dem Lucky charms, she would use some very colourful language at what fate sent to help her out of a sticky situation. I, myself as a viewer watching this, end up thinking the same thing.

What the F is up with dem Lucky Charms, man? For real XD

From a rag to a coin! A bloody coin! I ain’t gonna lie. I thought the spoon from Episode 3 was bad enough but a COIN. Naah, that coin takes the cake, right there. I’m waiting for the moment where Lady is just like so done with dem Lucky Charms and is all like:

“Y’know what. Fuck it. Fuck this. Fuck that. Fuck everything. I have had with these motherfucking mighty morphing superpowered villains and these motherfucking trolling ass lucky charms. I need a vacation. When am I gonna get that vacation. I want my vacation where I can finally see the sexy kitty in a bathing suit? I think I deserve it after all this shit.”

….but y’know with her FACE. Not her literal words. Remember it’s a kid show, in spite of some of questionable things shown in the show thus far (coughsCopyCatxChatNoir)

Lord. Good gravy lady luck XD

It is because of this why I honestly admire Ladybug’s intuitiveness and quick thinking. The way how she is able to make good of any situation and use the tools that she has in her arsenal to her advantage, that’s sheer creativity. It’s not even luck that helps her most of the time, it’s her creativity that gets her out of the pinch. And the fact that she is able to make sense of using those particular Lucky Charms, in spite of being completely baffled by them to begin with, that’s worthy of an applause.

Ladybug. You’re not just smart, you’re CREATIVELY smart. Props to being creative! I tip my feathered hat to you.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2015)

Christmas Shamy Fan Fiction!

So I’ve finally written some Christmas Shamy fan fiction. Over 5k words in fact! Also, I must warn you, it contains smut. I simply could not help myself! I’ve been working on this piece for a few weeks. This is my first attempt at actual fan fiction so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays everyone! LLTS

The Christmas Night Paradigm

“I turn my mind off and do what I need to do to recharge.”

- Sheldon Cooper S6 E9

Part 1

It had taken weeks of convincing Sheldon to travel to an unknown location. Perhaps it was the memory of his cross-country adventure via train that eventually intensified his longing for novelty again. Emily’s father owned a luxurious lakeside cabin on North Lake Tahoe, an eight hour-long drive from Pasadena. Everyone was thrilled Emily had invited them to stay for the Christmas holiday. Though, Sheldon was overcome with skepticism until Emily proved to him that the true nature of the trip did not include hiking nor camping nor hippie nonsense. It was going to be one of the most lavish and memorable vacations of his and Amy’s life.

The eight of them arrived on Christmas Eve and planned to stay for five days. Regardless of the changes that had happened to Sheldon over the years, he still insisted being the one in control of all technicalities, especially due to the length of the trip. Leonard and Howard were becoming irritated by Sheldon’s antics and excessive planning. But mostly the return of the dreaded walkie-talkies was the reason for their exasperation. Amy defended Sheldon’s actions to Leonard and Howard, pointing out that he needed to handle these situations in ways they could not even comprehend. Over the years, everyone had little by little begun to understand Sheldon, but sometimes they needed a reminder. And that reminder was Amy. She was patient enough to support him through his antics but also knew when he needed to be put in his place.

With a little over eight hours of driving under their belts, the two cars pulled onto the snow packed, stone driveway. They caught a glimpse of Emily’s fathers’ property and in a matter of seconds were stunned by its beauty. Alone, it was tucked away from the road and in perfect sight of the lake and surrounding hills. Emily guided them to the gigantic, mahogany doors and led them inside the foyer.

“I must say Emily, this exceeded my expectations! This place is beautiful!” said Amy.

“This is wonderful Emily. Really, thank you for having us!” said Leonard.

Emily was ready to reply, only to be interrupted by a cold and flustered Sheldon scurrying through the front entry way, nearly pushing her over.

“Good Lord is it cold! I would have been warmer in Bozeman!” he yelled sarcastically. “Somebody get me a hot beverage.”

“Relax Sheldon, can’t you for just one second enjoy being on vacation?” Leonard replied in an irritated tone. Amy sighed, “I’ll get some tea for you Sheldon, but we need to be considerate to our host. You can wait a few minutes.” Amy leaned over and gave Sheldon a peck on his cheek, letting him know she was there for him. Sheldon initially acted flustered in front of his friends, but inside felt content and loved. “Fine” he said. “But don’t expect me to go outside at any point during this vacation.”  

Amy appeared slightly annoyed, but the truth was she was in rapture. This place was stunning! And she was hoping with all her heart that such a setting would illicit romantic gestures from Sheldon. She knew him quite well. So much so that Sheldon himself was left speechless at the display of her love for him from time to time. But even being hopeful, Amy knew not to be so naïve. Men do not easily become so romantic in this way, especially Sheldon. But this time it would appear Amy was wrong. Sheldon continued walking into the living room, quite impressed at the magnificent vaulted ceilings, stone fireplace, and overall feeling of comfort and warmth. He dropped his bags on the floor, tested every seat cushion, finally finding his spot on the couch’s far side near the Christmas tree. He continued walking through the windowed corridor overlooking the lake, then on to the kitchen and sitting room. He would have no trouble getting comfortable here.  

Once everyone’s bags were inside, Emily gave an extensive tour of the house and covered back patio. Upstairs were the five bedrooms, each equipped with a plush, king-sized bed. Emily and Raj had reserved the master bedroom while everyone else chose their rooms. Sheldon and Amy naturally chose two different, adjoining bedrooms. Amy knew when to be patient with Sheldon. He had confessed his love for her and given in to the first of her physical desires. He needed his space to feel functional.

Every room was exquisitely decorated, but not excessively so. Emily had visited the house earlier that week to assure the accommodations for her new friends were exceptional. She had recently began enjoying entertaining more and more, taking after Raj’s talent for party planning. The two of them complimented each other so well. Emily brought out a fire within Raj, bestowing confidence and humility in him like no other woman had done.

The night before Christmas was an enjoyable evening. The couples played board games and watched The Lord of the Rings, a holiday favorite picked by the guys. Bernadette and Penny stood near the roaring fireplace and sipped their wine. Amy joined them moments later with her own glass. Emily felt slightly out of place. It wasn’t as easy to become friends with everyone as much as she would’ve liked. Amy could sense her hesitancy and invited her over. Amy had a keen ability to make friends easier than ever, most likely because of Penny’s and Bernadette’s social influence. After a small but filling meal, Raj brought out the celebratory bottle of alcohol and poured everyone a shot. It was pure peer pressure after all. All 8 of them gathered around the kitchen island and toasted to friendship and happiness and success. The tension of inhibition was loosening. Relationships, friendships and acquaintances were growing stronger.  

Sheldon sat in his spot on the couch, dozing off a bit due to the ethyl alcohol that had entered his synapses. It was a pleasant, light headedness. He was fascinated by the effects that a low level of alcohol had on him. Every time seemed to be a bit different, no doubt due to the varying environmental stimuli. His body and heart felt comforted and rejuvenated sitting near the fireplace and listening to distant conversations between his friends. His eyes wandered around the room, catching Amy’s sparkling skirt and bare legs. He felt comfortable looking at her from this distance. What harm could be done? he thought to himself. Amy was oblivious. Her skirt hugged the edges of her thighs so tightly that his mind began imagining what was underneath. He continued to stare, gazing up to her chest and face, with the all-too-common glow that she carried. His heart began to beat more rapidly. He was mentally becoming insatiable. Sheldon had had very little experience with controlling his physical arousal and apparently it must have been noticeable.

“What do you keep looking at Sheldon?” asked Leonard. He had been standing to the side of Sheldon out of sight and talking with Penny. Leonard was usually familiar with Sheldon’s strange characteristics but inquired nonetheless. Startled, Sheldon stole his eyes away from Amy, looking down at his drink.

“It’s nothing Leonard….why are you being such a nosey rosy?”

“I’m not being nosey. You just haven’t moved your gaze in 5 minutes and I wanted to make sure the alcohol wasn’t causing you to suffer from a bout of epilepsy,” replied Leonard in a joking tone. He knew what Sheldon was looking at.

“I’m listening to the music, Leonard, what do you think I’m doing?”

“I think you couldn’t care less about Vivaldi and you are instead much more interested in your girlfriend over there.”

Amy happened to gaze over at Sheldon in that moment. Sheldon became flustered and awkwardly looked away. He knew what was happening to him. He was so enraptured by the perfection of the house, and feeling of the warmth of friends, and the attractiveness of his girlfriend all at the same time. While under the influence of alcohol, Sheldon’s mind opened up to realize that he was in fact in control of his urges. And the urge right now was very powerful. More powerful than his desire to make out with Amy, which they had successfully completed a total of 5 times since they confessed love to one another. But Leonard’s comment struck something in Sheldon. This was the urge to make love to Amy, one in which he was almost certain he could and would act upon. He was frustrated that he continually felt the need to justify, or cover up the truth of Amy’s effects on him. This was something he internal struggled with and greatly disliked about himself. He rose from his seat and walked toward the kitchen. It was empty and dimly lit. Amy followed.  

Alone he stood staring into the fridge, as if only buying time and not really paying attention. “Emily was gracious to let us stay here, don’t you think?” Amy asked, attempting to take the focus off of Sheldon. She was so sensitive toward him because she knew he was struggling with some sort of internal dilemma. Sheldon turned to look at Amy. In an uncomfortable moment of silence, Sheldon found himself unable to express his thoughts. Amy was standing before him looking more beautiful than she ever had. The intensity of the situation weighed heavy on him. After so many days and nights spent with Amy, after all they had experienced, he knew he loved her and that he was ready to make her his. He had confessed his love over a year ago, but this felt new. Recently, he had desired a growth in the expression of their love, but especially in moments like this. He had begun to understand that love was not merely the exchanging of gifts or sentiments, handholding or kissing. It was a deep feeling of complete fullness, as if the person you loved was the most necessary part of your existence.

“There is a plethora of thoughts running through my mind right now, Amy. And many of them I do not know how to analyze.” Sheldon backed away as if to gather a greater sense of calmness.

“I understand, Sheldon. When I have felt overwhelmed by thoughts or feelings, I have found it best to simply turn my mind off to recharge. By that I mean the analytical, intellectual part.” She ended her comment with a flirtatious giggle, one that Sheldon could not resist. He lunged into her lips with his. The first thought in Amy’s mind was Really? The kitchen? This isn’t the most romantic place… When suddenly, sooner than usual, Sheldon parted his warm lips, rubbing the tip of his tongue along hers. They had become much more experienced with kissing, always trying something new. Sheldon of course had every sensation and movement recorded in his eidetic memory. And Amy, too, was learning very quickly the things that resulted in the greatest pleasure for both of them. They moved their mouths in unison. Sheldon boldly grabbed Amy’s hips and pulled himself closer to her. Amy felt less inhibited herself, slowly lifting Sheldon’s t-shirt from his lower back, caressing his skin gently with her warm fingers. Sheldon jolted, suddenly remembering that they were in the kitchen and at any point someone could walk in. At that he broke the kiss. 

“I think we should go upstairs,” whispered Amy. Sheldon nodded, completely incapable of answering with words. They walked upstairs together and entered Sheldon’s room as he closed the door behind him. Amy could tell he was nervous. So she tried to relieve his stress.

“We can go at any speed you’d like Sheldon.”

They had discussed the occurrence of coitus many times. Doing so left them both more comfortable with the prospect, yet also feeling more anxious for when the moment would finally happen.  

Sheldon decided it would be best to return to where they had just left off. He grabbed Amy by the hips, gently caressing them this time. His eyes were deep blue with desire as Amy raised herself up onto her toes to give Sheldon a gentle, moist kiss on the lips. Shocks traced throughout his nervous system. They continued to kiss deeper. Amy found Sheldon’s bare back again, creeping up and up and successfully removing both shirts in a rush of passion. Her heart was pounding. Sheldon likewise desired to feel more of Amy’s skin. He reached underneath her shirts for the first time and was filled with the warmth of her indulgent skin on his tingling fingertips.  

Sheldon hesitated, and then stopped altogether. It was so difficult to do so, because he was not merely dealing with his mind, but the power of his body as well. “I can’t do this. This is too much.” Amy knew this would probably happen. Every step to making love is too intense to be enjoyed for the first time in only one night. This needed to be done in stages. Sheldon continued, “Amy, everything that is happening right now I will never be able to forget, nor do I desire to. I have never felt such a strong desire as I do now. And I know my mind cannot hold off much longer on this. But tonight just doesn’t feel right. I need more time to get acclimated to this place. And not to mention, but we’ve both been drinking.”

“Can I just ask one question?” sighed Amy.

“Of course.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Of course not! Amy, you are the least of my problems. I want to satisfy you, but cannot do so in my current mind state. Please understand that it is not because of you that I cannot continue. This is all happening so fast that I would like to cherish every new sensation and aspect of it fully, with you.”

After that comment, Amy felt humbled, albeit a little embarrassed for blaming herself. Sheldon was a complex individual and needed time to analyze and deliver responses based on his environment. To make love is not simply to make love. The other person becomes an extension of you for a moment in time. You give them all your joys, all your sadness. They take away the bad and only give the good. Making love is the ultimate expression of commitment, humility, and respect for another human. Who could blame Sheldon for being hesitant to take on such responsibility? The time would come, but it was not this time.

Amy said goodnight to Sheldon, gathered herself, and walked down the hall toward her bedroom. The bed was cold and lonely, but provided comfort in a much needed way. 

Part 2

Amy awoke on Christmas morning and it felt different, almost strange, as if the premonition of something fantastic had hit her but she hadn’t realized it. She placed her two warm feet on the cold carpeted floor, grabbed her glasses, and gazed out the window. Sheets of snow blanketed every hill. The trees were enlaced with a thin film of ice, and all the while she was amazed she was in such a place, with the people she cherished. And oh how hungry she was! A few too many glasses of wine the night before had left her hungry this morning, not to mention dehydrated. A slight lightheadedness clouded her focus. Amy jumped in the shower, so exhilarated by the warmth of steam and water encircling her that she didn’t want to leave. But more than anything she wanted to see Sheldon. Eight hours ago seemed like a lifetime. The feel of his fingertips on her back lingered. She could not seem to unleash the memory from her mind. Sheldon was like an addiction to her. The love they felt for one another was beyond anything she had read or seen or dreamt about. And she knew Sheldon felt the same way about her.

Sheldon woke up with a shock. The dream he was dreaming was in fact a dream and not reality and he became very distraught within a matter of seconds of waking. Amy was providing warmth within his arms and he had suddenly been cast away from her comfort into the stark reality of a cold and lonely bed. Rarely had a dream awoken him so suddenly, especially a dream about Amy. More than anything he desired her. It was not simply her presence, but her entire body, with nothing attached to it. He had given up ignoring these thoughts, especially after last night. The beautiful, vivid dreams were infuriating him because he could not act upon his desires so easily in reality. But when he was dreaming of Amy, he would relish in their memory, because the unconscious is a beautiful, uninhibited thing.

And Amy felt likewise. Sometimes Amy would think about Sheldon while in the shower, especially this morning. Knowing he was literally no less than ten feet away from her naked body, apart from one wall, drove her insane. And the thought of them together in the shower would lead her mind to places she dare not rethink. With that she turned the faucet off. She grabbed the nearest towel, soaking up the water from her face and breathing in every emotion and thought within her soul into the dry, cool towel, for it seemed like a comfort in that moment. She got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

It was 8am and Bernadette, Raj and Emily were already in the kitchen. The smell of syrup, bacon, and coffee flowed throughout the house. The Christmas tree was lit and snow continued to fall. Sunlight peaked through the clouds ever so often as patches upon a distant hill. Within the hour, everyone had come downstairs to eat.

Christmas Day had happened rather according to plan. Raj was probably the most excited. For years he had fantasized about throwing a luxurious holiday cocktail party. He was immensely grateful to Emily for allowing him to plan such a soirée. He had spent months planning and organizing, just for the benefit for his six closest friends and girlfriend. To Raj, it was just nice to see everyone so relaxed. After exchanging gifts, Raj invited everyone into the parlor for a magnificent cocktail party and later and extravagant dinner in the dining room at 4. Every aspect of the decorations, food, and drinks were so carefully planned. Occasionally he would ask the girls for help but it was nothing more than looking for extra silverware or input on a recipe. Raj took pride in his work and wanted it to be his alone.

The food was exquisite. Sheldon’s favorite dish was the fancier rendition of his favorite Thai food. Raj tried to give everyone something special based on their favorite food because he wanted this night to be exceptionally special. Raj rose from his chair at the head of the table and picked up his glass of wine.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for being here tonight. It would not have been the same without any one of you. I feel so blessed to be part of a community of such wonderful friends. Cheers, to this night being the greatest night of our lives!” And with that he and everyone else rose their glasses and cheered. Moments like this can seldom be replicated.           

After everyone had finished eating and refilled their glasses, Amy stepped aside for a moment alone in the dark, windowed corridor. The snow continued to fall outside. The moon was bright and lit up the sky as if it were midday. It felt so magical. She turned to peer at Sheldon at the table through the corridor opening. He was as handsome as always. He wore a light blue collared shirt and patterned tie, and his hair was slightly disheveled. A deep seated desire of love and passion grew so strong within her heart in that moment.

The rest of the evening consisted of games, music, and laughter.

At 10, Penny and Leonard headed upstairs for bed. Sheldon made himself and Amy some chamomile tea, a nighttime favorite shared by both of them. Raj and Emily and Howard and Bernadette soon followed at 10:30 exhausted from the day. Sheldon and Amy were left in the living room, ensconced by the aroma of candles and the sound of crackling logs on the fireplace. Amy was determined to finish her chapter in Chaucer’s Anelida and Arcite and opened her book to the 73rd page.

Maybe Sheldon had suppressed his phobias. Maybe Amy’s intellectual prowess had significantly impacted him. Or maybe he was adjusting maturely toward the events that had led up to this moment. Amy was beautiful. In every possible way. She was sitting before him in the shallow light, sipping the chamomile tea he had made for her, and looking more captivating than ever. Sheldon had felt this degree of strength of admiration toward another human being before. Steven Hawking. Carl Sagan. Leonard Nemoy. But this was different. Sheldon had never been more sure of anything in his life. The memory of the previous night had been constant in his mind all day. Now, it was necessary that the very essence of Amy be a part of him completely, body and soul.  

Sheldon put down his phone and Amy gazed up to meet his stare. The lights of the tree shone into her eyes, reflecting like crystal.

Such a surge of emotion festered within his heart while looking at Amy’s face, that more than life itself he needed to seize her lips. And that is precisely what he did. Sheldon rose from his seat on the couch. She was curled up on the arm chair, reaching for her cup of tea, when he abruptly grabbed her right hand with his left, bent down and planted a full and perfect kiss on her lips. Amy was taken aback. As they kissed, she clinched his biceps, content with finally being able to relish her desires in somatosensation. His arms felt so strong and hard, but she was not satisfied. He knew what she wanted. She knew what he wanted. She was prepared to remove his shirts again right then and there, but Sheldon stopped. He pulled away gasping, “Amy, I love you. I need to be one with you. There are few feelings that I have felt as sure of as I do right now.”

Amy was nearly speechless. She knew Sheldon was sincere in his confession. “I love you too, Sheldon. Anything that you are ready to do, I will be right there with you” Amy replied. They exchanged giant smiles with one another, locking eyes as Sheldon stood and picked her up, carrying her to his bed upstairs.

Sheldon’s room was warm and tidy. He had prepared his bed for sleep many hours before. Sheldon placed Amy on his bed as she gazed at him in immense pleasure and admiration. Sheldon took a deep breath, removed his tie, and crawled onto the bed with her. He looked up and down Amy’s body, finally locking with her eyes and the depth that they carried. Every ounce of his analytical mind was against the display of physical affection in this way. But then he met Amy. If ever there was a person who, both intellectually and physically attractive, was scientifically proven to be his perfect match, it could only ever be Amy. He hovered above her, kissing her more passionately than he ever had. Amy reciprocated. She pulled at his shirt and untucked it from his pants. Her hands lazily guided themselves up his back, caressing gently. The feel of her finger tips on his torso sent an electric shock through every cell of his body, eventually culminating in an area just below his belt. Both knew they were in complete control this time. There was no alcohol involved. Every inhibition arose out of love and desire. Amy felt something throb against her thigh, becoming somewhat startled but entirely aroused.

Sheldon and Amy enjoyed and cherished every second of what was happening.

In the midst of passionate kissing, Amy had undone a few of Sheldon’s shirt buttons. Sheldon felt bolder than ever. He decided to begin at her stockings by reaching far under her skirt and pulling them slowly down her legs. Amy aided him while also catching a glance at what was happening beneath his pants. She placed her head back down on his pillow as he forcefully devoured the warm, soft skin of her neck. Maybe I’ll never have to explain what a hickey is to him after all, Amy thought. Amy felt courageous herself, attempting to elude the pleasure of Sheldon’s mouth on her body and grab hold of the button of his pants. This craving was like a force so strong that she could not control it. She was successful and began unzipping them ever so slowly. Sheldon moaned in consent and seductively smiled at Amy. She knew that whatever she was doing was welcome and invited. She brushed off his pants and he kicked them onto the floor. Never had Sheldon felt so content with anything in his life. It was new. It was exciting. It was stimulating beyond anything either of them had imagined. Sheldon effectively unwrapped Amy from her sweater and undershirt, exposing the newest piece of skin to devour. Sheldon hovered over her, taking it all in, and preparing to kiss her wherever he chose.

Suddenly the enormity of the situation hit both of them. It was the most intense and exhilarating experience either of them could imagine. Amy propped herself up on her elbow and kissed Sheldon, slowly at first, then deeper, massaging his tongue with hers, until they both were rolling in a fit of ecstasy. Sheldon grabbed hold of her in a tight embrace, placing his strong forearms and hands around her back.

“I need to be one with you” gasped Sheldon. Amy moaned. He reached around and unhooked Amy’s bra after several feeble tries, finally revealing something that he had for many years been desiring to see. He fell into her chest, overcome by the need that suddenly overcame him. The feeling of their bare chests pressed against each other produced the most incredible wave of euphoria. Amy was driven further to grab hold of the strap of his briefs and push them past the object that was forced against them.  For the first time she gazed upon him and saw the magnificent form that was above her, pointing at her belly button. Sheldon looked at her in curiosity, only to be more pleased with her response. Amy could not help herself. She grabbed hold of him shamelessly, which sent a shiver up and down Sheldon’s entire body. He closed his eyes in delight, trying to hold on.

“I need you now, Sheldon.” He did not hesitate. All remaining clothing was removed and they slid under the warm, soft sheets on his bed. Sheldon took Amy’s glasses off and placed them neatly on his bedside table. He lay next to her and began caressing her thigh, as if it were the most comfortable and well know place he had ever been. Amy took her hands to his hip and back, caressing the spot only last night she had become acquainted with. Sheldon’s ambition was so strong that he gently and serenely pushed her thigh to the side to place himself between her legs. She propped them up to let Sheldon have the easiest access possible. Then they stopped.

Sheldon was on top of Amy on his bed, breathing heavily, caressing her face and looking straight into the blacks of her eyes. The stimulation was almost unbearable. She felt no inhibition. She took both hands to the back of Sheldon’s thighs, forcing his tip to rest on the front of her entrance. At this feeling they both gasped and took a deep breath.

“Are you ready, Amy?” Sheldon asked.

“I am ready, Sheldon.” she whispered.

At that they both smiled at one another. Sheldon placed one last, full kiss on Amy’s lips and slowly pressed his tip deep into her body. Amy arched her back in response to this rush of stimulation. Sheldon likewise clenched his eyes, unable to fully register the magnitude of physical stimuli. They both were familiar with the nervous system, Amy more than Sheldon, but neither were prepared for the onrush of such a magnificent physical feeling coupled with the emotional aspect of sharing something so beautiful with the one and only person they loved. 

It was pure exhilaration. Amy had never felt more loved, more complete. It was difficult to move further than the first thrust. In order to return to some sort of reality, Amy attempted to remind herself her peripheral nervous system anatomy. As she did, she began to feel the influx of every pleasure chemical within every nerve ending in her body. She tried to remember things outside of this moment but there was nothing. The strength and energy of this moment was enough for her to believe she was in heaven. Suddenly, it started. The familiar feeling of ecstasy was building and nothing could hold it back.

The embers continued to burn. The snow began to fall heavier in sheets of fluffy white flakes surging down from an endless night sky. Amy was right, Sheldon thought. I feel more coherent than ever. Every irritating, cloudy thought had disappeared. It was impossible for him to expect his genius to perform at every waking hour. That is why in previous years he had succumbed to video games, paintball, or basic calculus to relieve some tension. But this! This was what he had needed all along, from Amy: complete fulfillment. 

Amy and Sheldon began to move their hips together, their bodies together, and minds and their lips together. Their very essence and souls moved in a rhythm that reflected their eternal love for one another. Sheldon thrust himself harder into Amy, who was consciously aware and receptive of every movement that Sheldon exhibited. This new display of what love was supposed to be was undeniably the most exhilarating experience of their lives. They shifted themselves, sometimes awkwardly. But Sheldon never stopped moving inside his beautiful and perfect girlfriend. The friction between them left both Amy and Sheldon breathless. It was at a certain point that Sheldon hit a spot within Amy that led to the building of the most intense feeling either of them have felt. Amy felt it first, slowly rising, then falling, then rising again until the only thing her mind could focus on was breathing. Sheldon could read what was happening within Amy, and knew it was time. Amy gasped and moaned in the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. While reaching the pinnacle, he released himself into her body a few seconds after. Sheldon’s existence spread within Amy as if she became an extension of himself. Their climaxes faded into a culmination of pleasure within Sheldon’s bed. Sheldon continued to rest inside of Amy, kissing whatever flesh he could devour. They rolled over, staring at one another in complete awe, wondering how they had ever survived without this. They were overcome with this feeling, this onslaught of chemicals pouring into their brains.

“I love you, Amy.” said Sheldon. “I love you too Sheldon.” said Amy. Amy turned over and snuggled her back into Sheldon’s naked body. When Sheldon woke up the next morning, the warmth he was feeling was not a dream. It was his Amy lying next to him, the place she would be for the rest of his life.

The End

I don’t get why people are so touchy. When I told Dinah Drozdov that I wanted to keep things casual and still date other people, she was fine with that. When I told her sister Aly the same thing, she was fine with that too. But for some reason, when Dinah found out Aly was one of the “other people,” she flipped out. And when Aly found out about Dinah, she REALLY flipped out. I guess there’s some special rule about dating two sisters at the same time. Like that you aren’t supposed to do it. But then things got really bad when their dad found out. He started going off about how I was going to suffer in new and terrible ways I’d never dreamed possible. When Aunt Tatiana found out, things got really, REALLY bad. I guess Lord Drozdov is critical to some motion she’s trying to get passed, and he threatened to pull his support because of me. Aunt Tatiana was pissed, to put it mildly. I still don’t really understand these aura things I keep seeing, but hers was deep red, and that just didn’t seem like a good sign. Neither was her screaming at me. Usually, she lets me get away with anything, but this crossed a line. She told me I couldn’t stick around Court for Christmas, not with Lord Drozdov there too. She needs to smooth things over, and me sitting next to him at Christmas dinner might throw that off. So now I have to go spend the holidays at some crap ski lodge in Idaho. I hate skiing, but what I hate even worse is finding out my dad is coming along. Two weeks on “vacation” with Nathan Ivashkov? Looks like I really am going to suffer in new and terrible ways.

Richelle Mead, Adrian’s Diary

November, the year VA takes place