good lord i love this scene

The Shadowhunter Chronicles rated by Queerness
  • City of Bones: It is noticed that Alec is gay for Jace several times. Also, Magnus flirts with Alec. 6/10
  • City of Ashes: Alec starts to secretly date Magnus, but we don't see a lot of it. Also he's still kind of gay for Jace 6/10
  • City of Glass: Alec wants Magnus to call him. Magnus tells Alec he loves him. Alec realises he loves Magnus. ALEC KISSES HIM IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CLAVE. But still not a lot is seen of them. Aline Penhallow realised that she's a lesbian. 7/10
  • Clockwork Angel: Magnus calls Will handsome. No other gay. Very disappointing. 2/10
  • City of Fallen Angels: Magnus and Alec are on a 'romantic vacation', But they do not come back until the end, and fight. Magnus makes it clear that he is bi. They make up and make out. 7/10
  • Clockwork Prince: Magnus kisses Will, but as a ploy to get away from Camille. He notices how handsome he is again. Disappointing, but better than CA. 4/10
  • City of Lost Souls: THERE ARE LESBIANS. THERE IS A LESBIAN COUPLE THAT EXCHANGE RINGS. ALINE THANKS ALEC FOR COMING OUT SO SPECTACULARLY. Magnus and Alec are featured once again, but fight a lot. Magnus refers to himself as a 'freewheeling bisexual'. Alec tells everyone what homophobia is like. Theybreakupintheendanditspainful. 7/10 (becauseofthebreakup.)
  • Clockwork Princess: Magnus makes it clear that Will is handsome. He seems be in a 'physical relationship' with Woolsey. That means he hooks up with Woolsey. 5/10
  • City of Heavenly Fire: THE QUEER IS STRONG IN THIS ONE. Alec and Magnus are broken up but are still in love. Magnus gets taken to hell dimension and Alec stops at nothing to get him back. A lot of kisses. Emotional scene with them and Magnuses dad. 'I don't want the world, I want you'. THE LESBIANS ARE BACK. BUT THEY GET EXILED. A FEW SCENES WITH ALINE AND HELEN. ALEC BRINGS OUT THE SASS AND COMPLAINS ABOUT STRAIGHT PEOPLE. HE WANTS A HOT SILENT BROTHERS CALENDAR AT THE END. IT IS REVEALED THAT MICHAEL WAYLAND WAS GAY AF. A LOT OF GAY SCENES 9/10
  • Lady Midnight: A LOT OF GOOD QUEER. KIT THINKS TY IS HOT. KIERAN AND MARK MAKE OUT AGGRESSIVELY TWO-THREE TIMES. Magnus is featured and talks about Alec and his baby. Mark and Kieran part at the end but Kit comes to live with Ty at the end. Kieran says he loves Mark. Mark loves Kieran. 8 and a half/10
  • Companion books:
  • Tales from the Shadowhunters Academy: a lot of gay. Magnus and Alec are featured in most stories. They ADOPT A KID AND KISS IN BtEN. Matthew and James seem pretty gay tbh. There is an entire chapter about Michael Wayland and his feelings for Robert. There is ENTIRE CHAPTER ABOUT HELEN AND SHE SAYS SHE LOVES ALINE A LOT OF TIMES. THEY GET MARRIED. 9/10
  • The Bane Chronicles: THERE ARE A LOT OF GAY/BI CHARACTERS. IMASU MORALES. MAGNUS CONSTANTLY SAYS HOW HES ATTRACTED TO BOTH GENDERS. MAGNUS AND ALEC HAVE A FIRST DATE AND AGGRESSIVELY MAKE OUT AND ALMOST BANG. MAGNUS SPENDS AN ENTIRE CHAPTER PINING FOR ALEC AND REALISING HES IN LOVE. We don't talk about The Voicemail of Magnus Bane but there's some I love you's in there. (Also 'you broke my brothers heart and I'm not going to stand for it') 9/10

bluesey ? ?? ? is literally one of the Purest Most Wholesome relationships ive ever read with my own two eyes  .  Y’all . that scene ? ?? ? where gansey tucks blue into his overcoat?  11/10  . every single one of their phone calls? ?  truly Inspiring . top notch  . the topest notch , , .  the scene where they’re being all secrety and whispery and gansey lets out this “tremendous” laugh suddenly and he just looks So Pretty smiling and blue’s thought process is literally “oh no!”? ? thats some . Quality stuff my friends . Quality  . and  that one scene, ,, , where all the boys go to nino’s because blue’s working and they wanna show her the magic box and gansey just .. joyfully cries “Jane!” like, it’s not even really a bluesey scene but fam ,,,. Fam. also,,, lets not forget the lampshade scene . “whatever sort of lamp it belonged to, Gansey looked like he wanted one” can you believe gansey looking at blue with constant heart eyes is a for real canon thing . brings a tear to my eye that does :’’’’) . and then theres the scene where blue literally thinks “she just wanted to keep being Gansey’s best friend forever, and maybe one day also have carnal knowledge of him.” have y’all ever read anything so Good? golly . and then of course . .. .. theres the yogurt scenes . … fam i love those scenes so much for multiple reasons but one of those reasons is that. blue literally has to Look Away when gansey puts the spoon in his mouth . binch . what do y’all think she was thinking then? ? the same thing gansey was ? something  l e w d  probably lord knows that girl has no chill,, ,,, jesus .then theres The Scene .. y’all know the one . . the “I like you an awful lot, Blue Sargent” scene ..  .. .The Scene That Cured All My Ailments. . aLsO tHaT oNe ScEnE wHeRe GaNsEy LiTeRaLlY ,,, “I suppose… She makes me quiet.” yEA H SHE DOES BOI YEAH SHE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mENTION1!! THEIR PRETEND KISSES AKA THE SCENES WHERE I MCFREAKING LOST IT  , ;;FITE ME BLUESEY IS SO G O OD 


A rare opportunity to see two of my favourite literary characters smile and I cherish it


Requested By: @purelyparker

hi there :-) i love your writing sm so i was wondering if you could write a tom holland imagine based off of the song “give me love” by ed sheeran where the reader breaks up with tom bc of his hectic acting schedule but they both aren’t taking the breakup very well (however THERES A HAPPY ENDING?? HOPEFULLY???) but that’s just an idea; it’s totally up to you to put your own spin on it or go in a different direction !! thank you SOSO much🤗💛

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: Tom had been traveling a lot lately, so much to the point you rarely saw him at all, sure you’d call and text occasionally, but that wasn’t enough, you supported his acting career 100%, but you couldn’t take it anymore.

Warnings: Kinda sad, slight mention of alcohol, but then happiness :)

Word Count: 2,661

A/N: This actually turned out a lot better than I thought it was going to tbh, so I hope you enjoy it :)) Also, this gif has nothing to do with the imagine, I just thought it was a cute gif of Tom, oops.

Originally posted by ridreyrholland

It had been two months since you last seen Tom, he was off filming for Spider-Man Homecoming, which you totally understood, it took dedication and time, but so did your relationship with him.

Normally when he went off and filmed movies you two were okay, you didn’t normally have issues and you’d still see him and talk almost everyday, but this time it was different.

Tom just disappeared, you’d get an occasional text here and there, sometimes a phone call, but that was it.

You were left in the dark, just like a fan was.

It’s not that you didn’t love his fans, you did with all your heart, they were half the reason you were still sane, since they seemed to have more knowledge about Tom than you did yourself, and you were the one dating him.

You spent those long two months trying to decide on what to do, on what you thought was right and necessary, or more so healthy.

You knew deep down this relationship with Tom was fading, it was becoming stressful and making you more and more upset as the days went by.

‘Cause lately I’ve been waking up alone,

Pain splattered teardrops on my shirt.

Every morning you’d wake up, in hope of a good morning text, literally anything to show that maybe, just maybe he remembered you, but there was never anything.

This crushed your heart, everyday.

Until one day you had enough, you didn’t want to do this, but it was for the best, it was the right decision, it was the smart decision, this relationship wasn’t healthy for you anymore.

You started packing your belongings from Tom’s apartment, tears streaming down your face as you packed up boxes of your belongings.

You dreaded leaving his clothes behind that you always wore, but you knew if you took them you’d never let him go, and you needed to, it was for the best you would tell yourself.

You took one last look around his apartment, the one you had been living in for the past year, all the memories you two had created there were slowly being erased.

You let out a choked sob as you picked up the few boxes you had, before closing and locking the apartment door, and off to your new tiny little apartment your parents had gotten you a while back.

It was a few hours away from Tom’s which was good in a small sense, but at the same time your mind was moving at warp speed, unable to process you were moving back into your old apartment.

You arrived at nightfall, pulling your belongings out of your car before entering your tiny living space, you always had the feeling of comfort and safety in your apartment.

Maybe tonight I’ll call ya,

Maybe I should let you go.

You set your boxes on the counter of your kitchen, pulling out your phone, shakily dialing in Tom’s number.

You pressed the phone to your ear hesitantly, hearing it ring a few times before someone picked up.

“Hello?” A voice rung through your apartment, making your knees go weak.

“Hey Tom..” You murmured into the phone, biting your lip nervously, a bad habit you had gotten.

“Oh, hey Y/N! What’s up?” He questioned casually, as if he had no clue in the world how distant he had been with you these past few months.

“I-I uhm..” You stuttered, your heart beating rapidly, as you nervously swallowed, which Tom could hear through the phone.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Tom questioned worriedly, making you blink back tears that were daring to fall down your cheeks.

“No.. Tom.. Things aren’t okay.. They haven’t been for a while..” You spoke, voice barely above a whisper, but Tom heard you clear as day, his heart starting to beat quicker.

“Y-Y/N, you’re starting to scare me, what’s going on?” He stammered, he was now sitting down at a table on set.

“Tom..” You started, wiping your hand across your cheeks, tears continuing to fall down them.

“Do you realize how long it’s been since we’ve talked?” You asked, sitting down on a stool in your kitchen, waiting for his answer.

Tom sat there for a minute, puzzled at your question, until he started to realize how he’d been acting, as if you didn’t even exist.

“Y/N, o-oh my god, I’m s-so sorry.” Tom apologized, his eyes wide as he started to put pieces together.

“Tom, just stop, please?” You whimpered out, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“Y/N, p-please don’t do this..” Tom whispered, his voice cracking, he couldn’t bare lose you.

“Tom, this isn’t healthy, I can’t keep living like this..” You whispered, sniffling, your heart hurting the more you spoke.

“I can change, I can fix things, I-I promise..” Tom pleaded, tears starting to brim his eyes.

“Listen, I love you, but.. I-I can’t do this anymore.. I think.. W-We should b-break u-up..” You stuttered, your heart breaking into a million pieces as you spoke the most awful words.

“N-No, Y/N, p-please! N-No! I-I can’t l-lose you.” Tom cried out, tears now falling down his cheeks, but he didn’t even care anymore if anyone saw him.

“I-I’m so sorry..” You whispered, choking back sobs, as you heard Tom letting out his own.

“Y/N, d-don’t do this, p-please..” He continued to plead, only making it worse for the both of you.

“It’s for the best, I love you, goodbye Tom.” You whispered, hanging up before you could hear anymore of his plea’s.

You slowly slid down the stool, leaning back against your counter, letting out strangled sobs, your heart broken into small tiny fragments.

Tom on the other hand was staring at his phone, unable to process what had just happened.

His hands were shaking, tears were streaming down his red cheeks, his hair was a mess from running and tugging on it too many times.

“Hey Tom, we’re ready to shoot the next scene and, -oh, good lord what happened? Are you okay?” The producer asked, seeing Tom’s state wasn’t exactly stable at the current moment.

Tom just stared ahead of him, unable to produce words, all he could think about was you, and how he had let you down, made you feel like you were forgotten, not important to him, when you actually meant the entire world to him.

You were the reason he woke up every morning, the reason he was happy all the time, the reason he was as successful as he was, you were his light, but now you were gone, and now everything was dark.

“Tom, hey man, what’s going on?“ Jacob rushed over, after the producer told him how worried they were about his mental state.

"Buddy, it’s me, talk to me.” Jacob pleaded, looking over Tom and internally cringing at how much of a disaster he looked.

“Y-Y/n, she b-broke up with m-me.” Tom stammered out, looking up at his friend, who had a look of shock on his face.

“Dude, I’m so sorry. What happened?” Jacob asked carefully, not wanting Tom to have a emotional breakdown even worse.

“I became distant, without even realizing it, and it broke her.” Tom wiped his face, looking at the table sadly.

“You can win her back buddy, I know it.” Jacob tried to convince him, anything to make him lighten up just the tiniest bit.

“I really blew it Jacob, you should of heard her, she sounded so broken, and a-alone and it’s all m-my fault! I made the only person I loved leave me all because I was too much of an idiot.” Tom spoke furiously, hitting the table, startling Jacob.

“Alright, you know what lets just take a break today, you can chill and do what you need to, and we can figure this all out.” Jacob suggested, as Tom nodded slightly, before Jacob went to the producer, who agreed it was a good idea.

Two days passed and you were a total mess, you refused to leave your apartment, your friends tried calling and texting you, but you just ignored them, wanting to be alone.

You just laid in your bed, the curtains closed, a candle lit on your kitchen counter, making your apartment smell like crisp fall air.

‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,

And it’s been a while, but I still feel the same,

After my blood turns into alcohol,

All I want is the taste that your lips allow.

Without Tom you didn’t know what to do with your life, he was such a huge part of you and now he was missing, a chunk of you was missing and you were lost.

You tried drinking, to numb the pain, but nothing worked, it just made you even more miserable than before.

You needed him.

And he needed you.

The producer had allowed Tom and Jacob to return back home for a few days to figure things out, once he got to his apartment he had expected you to still be there, but once he entered he noticed that none of your belongings were there anymore, and the shirts you once wore were folded on his bed.

In that moment he felt his heart drop, you really had left.

“Dude, where could she be?” Jacob questioned, as they set their belongings in his apartment.

“She returned back to her old one, she used to live there until she moved in with me.” Tom replied, grabbing his keys as they both headed out the door again.

They drove the few hours to your apartment, Tom was a nervous wreck, he wasn’t sure how you’d react to seeing him after all this time.

“Okay buddy, you got this, I’ll wait in the car.” Jacob gave a small smile, along with a thumbs up as Tom got out and walked up to your apartment door, hesitantly knocking.

When you didn’t answer he got nervous, but he saw your car parked in the driveway so he knew you were home.

This made him worry, he quickly fidgeted to find the spare key you had given him, he swiftly unlocked the door, noticing the darkness of the apartment, and the intense smell of alcohol and a fall scented candle.

“Y/N? Y/N where are you?” Tom shouted, before seeing you laying in your bed, staring blankly into space.

“Shit, Y/N.” Tom rushed over, pulling you into his arms tightly, kissing your head.

“T-Tom?” You mumbled out, blinking rapidly before realizing he wasn’t a figment of your imagination, that you weren’t actually hallucinating him.

“Yes, it’s me.” He whispered, now holding your face in his hands gently.

“It’s really you.” You whispered, tears slipping down your face, you couldn’t believe he came to see you.

“It’s really me babe, I’m so so sorry, for everything.” Tom whispered, caressing your cheek gently with his thumb.

“I missed you.” You whimpered, moving your face more into his hand, while placing your hands on his.

“I missed you too darling, I promise that’ll never happen again.” He kissed your forehead, causing you to close your eyes.

“Please, give me another chance.” He pleaded, making you lock eyes with him, before a small smile appeared on your lips as you gave a slight nod.

Tom’s eyes lit up, his heart racing before his lips met yours, the kiss passionate and full of pent up emotions.

“I love you so much, even when you’re an asshole sometimes.” You laughed slightly, your forehead pressed against his.

“I love you too darling, and I know I can be, but that’s why I have someone like you to keep me in place.” He chuckled, kissing your nose before wrapping his arms around you once again.

You both laid there for a bit, catching up, laughing, smiling, kissing, more talking, more kissing.

You knew you always loved this apartment of yours, because no matter what you always felt safe, and now you realized one of those reasons was because of Tom, he made you feel safe, he made you feel at home, because he was your home.

And always would be, no matter what.

You smiled at Tom who was watching you in amusement, before his phone started ringing.

“Hello?” Tom answered, before a smile formed on his face and laughter escaped his lips.

“Yes Jacob, you can come up now.” Tom laughed, making your eyes widen and laugh along with him.

“You didn’t tell me Jacob was here! Jacob I’m coming!” You shouted, sprinting off the bed and running down the hallway.

“But babe, what about me!” Tom shouted after you, a playful grin on his face as he watched you sprint down the hallway.

“Are you kidding? Jacob all the way!” You teased, a playful smile on your face as you tackled Jacob in a hug, making him loose his balance.

“Nooooo! My smoothie!”


Wow what a shit year! Not for anime, I mean, it was okay at worst. I think we’re definitely at the upward slope of the anime renaissance now, but still at the very start of it. It’s hard to think about that when most of what comes out (and is somehow popular) is just…the most generic shit. Well, I did the work for you. I weeded and trudged through some of the worst anime around and even some of my shit favorites to bring you the actual good, worth watching anime of the year.

Yeah, not everything you saw or want to see on this list is here, but you can check my foreword from last week that explains all that garbage. Links to each anime’s respective review will be on the titles (and added for those that just finished). Know that this list is pretty fluid. From 8 or 7 up, it’s all very much I loved them, but the higher up, the more I recommend anyone watch them.

10. Magical Girl Raising Project

Madoka was cool. I finally watched it this year and I was just as blown away by the psychological aspects as I expected to be. It just lacked that extra bite it needed to really scare my pants off. MGRP however, did indeed take a few years off of my life. I’m really in ruins right now since I can grab you by the shoulders and tell you now: you’ll like a lot of these characters and their thought out designs and personalities, but don’t get attached, cus ALMOST ALL OF THEM DIE.

I have to put MGRP on this list because aside from its fun and original designs, awesome interactions, cool-ass premise and execution (sometimes literally), it had some amazing rewatch value. I watched this anime three times, which is a lot to do in one year. I just had to watch people’s reactions and seeing stuff hidden in the background and revisiting some foreshadowing was so much fun. Definitely worth a watch and I’ll cover more about it in my upcoming review.

9. Orange

Regrets, like I have over not putting Kekkai Sensen into last year’s list, are the main theme of Orange. Buried under the shoujo themes of romance, high school, and angst, lies the actual regret: letting a friend kill himself. The main story unfolds itself very slowly as the group of friends discover that is what they must prevent, but it’s done in a realistic way. The signs of depression and suicide are so jokingly cast aside; it’s no wonder people miss it before it’s too late.

The climax of this story was heart-pounding and gut-wrenching. You find yourself rooting so hard for there to be success, to save someone who may not want to be saved, but must be saved. It might also make you pay closer attention to those around you. It’s an important anime to watch. If you do want one with a little less romantic emphasis though, I recommend you see Colorful instead (or also!).

8. Sweetness and Lightning

I need to marry someone who can cook. It doesn’t have to be a five-star chef, though I wouldn’t complain if it were the case, but Sweetness and Lightning reignited my need to be fed well. The show is about how food brings family and friends together. Aside from the great character interactions, well written children characters, and for god’s sake, the beautiful, perfect looking food, this anime was so pure in the amount of love put into it.

The food tops even some shown in Shokugaki no Soma, purely cus it’s doable for someone with a low skill level (like me), the meals are made for picky eaters (like me), and there’s not a ridiculously emphasis put on the orgasmic nature of food. That’s a thing that Shokugeki no Soma and even Koufuku Graffiti used stylistically in a comedic manner, but it doesn’t fit in Sweetness and Lightning for good reason. This show is accessible in that way, making it easier to show to someone who might want to try anime, but doesn’t want all the sexy fanservice.


Kick-ass and Metal come to mind when Drifters is mentioned. I love Kohta Hirano’s previous work, Hellsing, a lot. It was a massive gore and blood fest with a sprinkling of comedy in the mix. This is a war and gore fest with a, not a sprinkling of comedy, but more like Hirano accidentally knocked the bottle of comedy over when he was checking on the oven directly into said mix. It’s really funny, but also really awesome. I have a lot to say about it in my review, but I think a dog fight with dragons involved kind of state my case for me. Also Elves, Dwarves and other Tolkien demihumans and monsters abound. It’s fun.

The animation is also gorgeous, especially that stylized, graphic novel looking opening theme with the rock anthem “Gospel of the Throttle” making you “NA NA NA NA NA NA” along with the characters every opening. It’s an excellent show to watch with friends or get yourself pumped. Returning sometime next year!

6. Kuromukuro

How can something be so trope-y, yet so damn enjoyable? Kuromukuro isn’t an original concept, but is done in an original way. The samurai trapped in a machine for 500 years is the new exchange student. The reluctant heroine needs to board the mecha to fight the alien threat. The school festival has been compromised by an alien mecha entering the atmosphere. This anime is funny, but it’s also emotional and holds a much wider scope than I ever could have expected. P.A. Works has been putting out some good contenders in the last few years, and with their lovely art style and well-balanced budget, they were able to pull off this massive mech story in an engaging and entertaining way.

I applaud the cast for one of the best ensembles on this list, bringing forth some of the best and most memorable character chemistry of the season, and some hilarious situational humor. I also cried a little near the end, but honestly, a lot of anime on this list did that to me this year.

5. My Hero Academia

Shonen anime is such a delight now, always a favorite of mine as a kid, but not as firmly as now. I love the underdogs; I love the over the top villains; I love the powers, the fights, and the yelling to infinity. It’s just so exciting and blood pumping, and MHA made it so refreshing with such an interesting spin. These characters are children, inexperienced, with quirks that may or may not be useful. I love Deku because his anxieties and general feelings of being less than everyone else not only make it exciting to see him overcome them, but to use them to keep his head and ego from getting over inflated like some shonen protagonists. Bakugo is such a good foil to him, showing where this could be a major weakness to a shonen protagonist.

Also it’s coming back with THE TOURNAMENT ARC, and if you’re like me and haven’t started the manga yet, DO IT! You won’t regret it! I’m more than excited to see more of this awesome anime in action.

4. Flip Flappers

This anime, wow this anime. I’m so upset not more people are talking about it, but have you seen this delight for the senses? I’m looking forward to reviewing it now just because my jaw is still kinda on the floor. Beautiful animation, a crazy cool style, and some of the best nonsense in magical-girl but not really fight scenes I’ve seen in a while. This anime reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my thumb on it. I do know it’s like an amalgamation of my editor’s anime “TYPE” so you’ll see more about that in the review.

But good lord did I love the heart of this show. The pure romance, the exciting battles, the trippy psychological horror. Let me just say, that one episode (the Maria Watches Over Us “GOKIGENYO”), probably has scarred me for life, but I love it. It’s just so different and good. It deserves a watch, just for how delighted your eyes will be.

3. Erased (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi)

I love a story that can get you emotionally invested and cheering for or yelling at the character who you don’t have any control over. Erased was paced beautifully (though some might disagree due to the slight differences in adaptation), and its animation only made every silent, tender moment more enjoyable to look at before the lighting and mood would change and the feeling of bloodlust would stain the air. That’s how you write suspense.

I’m a little annoyed because apparently some other people were reading some character motivations “differently,” (looking at you crunchyroll), but I think it’s safe to say this doesn’t cross the line into romance, at all, and stays a thriller about growing up in a life-threatening situation.

2. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

I love the theatre, and I love comedy and storytelling. This anime manages to hit both of these points while showcasing some of the best animation I’ve ever seen. On top of the animation, there’s good directing, and supporting that is a great soundtrack. The story is vast and covers several characters’ lives over several decades surrounding World War 2.

The rakugo, though, is what makes the story. It’s not the first anime to touch on this topic, but it’s the first to do so in such an interesting way. It was very refreshing compared to a lot of titles on this list (though many of them are refreshing ideas!) with its originality. It’s heartfelt, it’s serious, it’s funny, but it also makes me want to cry. If it weren’t for the top spot being so hype as hell and generally a weekly freak-out among me and my friends, this would have been number one.

1. Mob Psycho 100
What can I say about Mob Psycho that hasn’t already been said? Its opening is gold, its animation is unique and interesting, its writing, directing, and characters are all praise-worthy. It is just hands down the best anime of the year. You may be thinking, “but Mitsu, One Punch Man was number one LAST YEAR. Isn’t Mob a little overhyped?”

No. Sit down and shut up. One is probably one of the best writers on the scene right now and is doing a lot better at writing genuinely empathetic characters and commentary on modern anime genres and tropes than most of the big budget barf fests. I think the “overhyped” talk is nonsense when it comes to mob. It genuinely does some interesting and groundbreaking work. That’s why it’s not only on this list, but number one. It never moved an inch since I decided it should be on the list.

Everything I’ve said has BEEN said by several really good reviewers and critics out there and you should definitely check out what they have to say about it too, because honestly, they’re a lot better than I am. I like Mob Psycho, I like One Punch Man, but I like Mob more. I’m so delighted that One Punch Man will be returning shortly and I only wish for Mob to also share the spotlight, as it deserves.

the percy jackson musical

so a couple of days ago i saw the lightning theif: a percy jackson musical and i thought i’d share some of my favorite moments

• all of the kids sitting around the campfire cursing their parents and percy being like “uh yeah anyway my mom is great i love her so much” it was too pure
• grover singing and ultimately crying about pan at said campfire
• the actors!! we’re all so good!!! every single one of them!!
• mr d’s song was amazing and 100% in character
• “this isn’t some tinfoil zigzag from some off broadway play!”
• chiron didn’t have horse legs he just had like a tail???and then galloped around on two feet?? and somehow it worked??
• “all hail percy jackson, supreme lord of the toilets!”
• the oracle of delphi!!!!! was just like i pictured it in the book!!!!! the lighting/costuming for that scene was phenomenal
• but seriously the toilet paper guns were amazing and hilarious and really everything you would expect from a percy jackson musical
• luke pulled off being super creepy but also really charismatic at the same time he was such a Complex character
• the montage of the trio going cross country was so cute and the song was so catchy
• SO many direct references to the book
• grover talking to the squirrel and percy subsequently offending said squirrel
• the whole underworld scene was. surreal. idk exactly how to explain it but the whole scene was like a disco-esque dream
• the trio has the cutest songs/moments together my heart felt like it was gonna explode
• annabeth leaving percy and grover to reenact thalia’s “death” and then coming back to present day…wow
• percy’s dream with luke and kronos was so good and ominous i had chills
• the actors playing 1073291827 different parts
• seriously medusa was played by the same actor that played chiron and it (surprisingly) worked so well omfg
• clarisse asking about ares “did he mention me?” hit me right in the feels
• also 3/7 of the main cast (including sally jackson) were poc which was really cool!!
• poseidon being kind of a dick and percy basically telling him to fuck off
• the finale was so good and energetic and ive been singing that song ever since i left the theater

tldr; you should see the percy jackson musical if you can it’s amazing

Sometimes I wonder if fans make animators loose sleep over little things. Like the fact we lost our shits over the fact Keith slept with shoes on. And the animators all saw this and went “shit we’ve done it now, we got to fix it”

so they go to the writers and have to ask for a specific scene to fix their error. Like “Oh my God, we need a scene with Keith in bed.”

“Um, why?”

“We need to take his shoes off. Please, for the love of God, for the fans. Give us this second chance to make things right.”

“Alright, I suppose we can make a random scene of him looking at his knife again-”

“YES LORD PLEASE, and we’ll take his shoes and fanny pack off. The fans will be so pleased. character development.”

Writers: o-0

Animators: :D 

And then when the episode finally airs they try to make a huge deal of it. Like, LOOK LOOK FANDOM WE TOOK HIS SHOES OFF. IS IT OKAY? HAVE WE DONE GOOD?

And then the fans either loose their shit over this development with them, or find something else about it to make a big deal about it.

Hozier sentence starters
  • "My lover's got humour."
  • "I should've worshipped her sooner."
  • "We were born sick."
  • "The only heaven I'll be sent to is when I'm alone with you."
  • "I was born sick, but I love it."
  • "I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife."
  • "Good God, let me give you my life."
  • "There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin."
  • "With her sweetened breath, and her tongue so mean, she's the angel of small death and the codeine scene."
  • "It's bloody and raw, but I swear it is sweet."
  • "No other version of me I would rather be tonight."
  • "She found me just in time."
  • "God, I never felt young."
  • "She's gonna save me."
  • "We'll name our children Jackie and Wilson, raise 'em on rhythm and blues."
  • "Lord, it'd be great to find a place we could escape sometime."
  • "We tried the world, good God, it wasn't for us."
  • "You knew who I was with every step that I ran to you."
  • "Would things be easier if there was a right way? Honey, there is no right way."
  • "I fall in love just a little bit every day with someone new."
  • "I guess any thrill will do."
  • "Would things be easier if there was a right way?"
  • "Honey, there is no right way."
  • "My heart's already sinned."
  • "Never feel too good in crowds."
  • "All I've ever done is hide."
  • "Honey, when you kill the lights, and kiss my eyes, I feel like a person for a moment of my life."
  • "You don't know what hell you put me through."
  • "It feels good to be alone with you."
  • "I know that you hate this place, not a trace of me would argue."
  • "Honey, we should run away, oh someday."
  • "Babe, there's something tragic about you."
  • "Something so magic about you."
  • "Babe, there's something lonesome about you."
  • "Something so wholesome about you."
  • "Get closer to me."
  • "Innocence died screaming, ask me I should know."
  • "There's something wretched about this."
  • "Something so precious about this."
  • "There's something broken about this, but I might be hoping about this."
  • "We'll lay here for years or for hours."
  • "I'd be home with you."
  • "Any way to distract and sedate."
  • "Free and young and we can feel none of it."
  • "Something isn't right, babe."
  • "We should quit but we love it too much."
  • "Come and save me from it."
  • "I'm so full of love I could barely eat."
  • "My baby's sweet as can be, she'd give me toothaches just from kissin' me."
  • "I'll crawl home to her."
  • "I swear I thought I dreamed her."
  • "She never asked me once about the wrong I did."
  • "No grave can hold my body down, I'll crawl home to her."
  • "I will not ask you where you came from."
  • "I will not ask and neither should you."
  • "Honey, just put your sweet lips on my lips, we should just kiss like real people do."
  • "In some sad way, I already know."
  • "I should not ask and neither should you."
  • "Honey, just put your sweet lips on my lips."
  • "We should just kiss like real people do."
  • "You know better, babe."
  • "I know who I am when I'm alone; I'm something else when I see you."
  • "Don't let me in with with no intention to keep me."
  • "I will come back."
  • "I'll find my way back to you."
  • "Always a well dressed fraud."
  • "She feels no safety in my arms."
  • "Her eyes and words are so icy, oh but she burns."
  • "She tells me I'm hers and she is mine."
  • "It's a crime that she's not around most of the time."
  • "Her fight and fury is fiery."
  • "It's worth it, it's divine I have this some of the time."
  • "I need you to run to me, run to me, lover."
  • "All you have is your fire and the place you need to reach."
  • "Don't you ever tame your demons, but always keep 'em on a leash."
  • "You've done me wrong for a long, long time."
  • "After all you've done, I never changed my mind."
  • "Please try to love me."
  • "My love will never die."
Why Vergil’s Aeneas is secretly the hero we’re always claiming to want

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed that’s common to tumblr and non-tumblr classicists, it’s hatred for Aeneas, from benign condescension to flat out antagonism. Admittedly, for many years scholarship advertised Aeneas as nothing more than ‘the founder of the Roman race’, which doesn’t really sell these days. Scholars swept under the carpet the qualities that make Aeneas such a gift of a character - his compassion for others, his pain, his humanity - because it’s not fashionable for a manly hero to have those qualities, right?! 

I cannot take it any longer. I must tell you how we have all been cheated, and why Aeneas is one of the literary figures I most admire.

Nowadays most people study Latin first, and then Greek, and the Aeneid is one of the first things everyone studies. But Vergil’s Roman readers will have already read the Iliad first. So Vergil’s Aeneas is Vergil’s take on a familiar character, and Vergil takes it for granted that we know all about him. What is Aeneas like in the Iliad?

  • Aeneas is honoured by the Trojans as much as Hector is (5.467).
  • Aeneas and Hector are rebuked for letting the allies fight in their place, and it is Aeneas who is addressed first (5.77).
  • Priam does not appear to share his people’s favour for Aeneas (13.461). While Aeneas is brooding over this, he is sought out by Deiphobus: ‘Aeneas, counsellor of the Teucrians, you need to help the army’ (13.463-4).
  • Glaucus appeals to Hector and Aeneas to save the body of Sarpedon, unaware that Zeus has already done this (16.536-47).
  • Hector listens to Aeneas’ advice. Are we going to argue with Hector? Everyone loves Hector, and Hector loves Aeneas. When Apollo rebukes Aeneas because he, Hector and others aren’t fighting (17.327-32), Aeneas recognises the god and tells Hector that it is shameful to retreat into Troy (17.335-41). Hector listens to him, although he doesn’t usually listen to the good advice of Polydamas, but threatens him instead (12.230-50, 18.296).
  • Aeneas is a renowned warrior (8.108). But that doesn’t make him arrogant – Aeneas is sensibly reluctant to try to fight Achilles when he knows that Achilles is stronger (20.89-99), but he is goaded into it by Apollo, who protests that Aeneas too is the son of a goddess (20.104-9).
  • The gods (20.115-31) and the poet (20.158-60) suggest that Aeneas is at least nearly equal to Achilles in valour.
  • Aeneas’ reply to Achilles’ taunts is measured (20.200-58).
  • Even though Achilles is the best warrior, it is by no means easy for him to defeat Aeneas (20.288-90).
  • Aeneas is rescued from his battle with Achilles by Poseidon, who is a pro-Greek god. Poseidon saves Aeneas on the grounds that: he’s unaware of his fate to survive (20.296), has done nothing wrong (20.297), always gives gifts to the gods (20.299), and most importantly is fated to survive (20.300-8). Poseidon’s only rebuke is that Aeneas shouldn’t have listened to Apollo and fought with Achilles; rather, he should stick to the other warriors, since none of the others will be able to kill him (20.331-9). Achilles muses in bewildered disgust: ‘Well then, Aeneas truly was beloved of the immortal gods’ (20.347-8).

In other words, Aeneas is one of the few characters in the Iliad who is rewarded by the gods for being a good person. He is also not allowed to show valour in the way he wants to, like the other heroes, because the gods have plans for him.

In the Aeneid, we learn that Aeneas does not want these plans, but he has to follow them anyway. He does not regain his agency, but the gods’ protection is removed from him by the anger of Juno. How can anyone hate a character who is introduced like this:

This is a song of war, and of the hero who was the first to come,

by fate a refugee, from the shores of Troy to Italy and Lavinian

shores, and who was furthermore tossed all over land and sea

by the violence of the gods, because of cruel Juno’s unforgiving anger;

he suffered much in war, too, so that he might found a city

and bring his gods to Latium, whence come the Latin race,

the Alban fathers, and the walls of lofty Rome.

Muse, tell me the reasons – what slight to her divinity,

what grief made the queen of the gods drive to endure

so many misfortunes, to encounter so many trials, a man famed

for his goodness? Can there be such anger in the minds of the gods?

Vergil has a lot of feelings about Aeneas. You should, too.

‘But Vergil goes out of his way to make Aeneas a drip!’ NO. Vergil writes a realistic character. Vergil’s Aeneas behaves EXACTLY LIKE anyone should expect a war-torn refugee to behave. He is miserable and scared. But he accepts the responsibility put upon him, and he puts this responsibility before his own fears and his own desires. 

Vergil could have written a poem about ‘the founder of the Roman race’ just marching into Italy and lording it over everyone because that was his destiny and that was his right. But Vergil stopped to think, and he thought, ‘Wait, this figure is a refugee. This is a good man who loved his home and his people and would value that quality in others. This is a man who suffered and would not want others to suffer like he did. This is a man who would forget how to want his own happiness.’

I can’t go through the whole Aeneid here, because I could write reams about every scene, but I’ll talk a little about two of the things for which Aeneas is most criticised, which I haven’t already talked about in my previous Aeneid rants (all in my tag here, but especially this one).

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JUST ASK ME (PART 1) - Roman x Reader (1st Person POV)

Desc: Alt Season three, Destiny is alive, Peter and Roman are still friends, share custody of Nadia, Olivia is leader of the Upir uprising beyond the border of Hemlock Grove. Reader was given to Roman as tax from a lower level Upir but with his own supply of nutrients and a refusal to feed on humans, he had other plans for the reader.

But, when the reader runs away, punishment has to be administered.

The AU Background is simply vehicle for -

SMUT: Dom-Roman, teasing, edging, fingering, oral (him on her)\

Notes: Doing NaNoWriMo, needed a break, wanted to try this idea I’ve been having, first time trying smut and I just loved this scene so wanted to use the gifs in my story.

Inspired by: @skrsgards @bbskars @imagineskrsgards and all you guys who write such amazing imagine’s and fics.


It had been a good hour since Roman tracked me down, so close to the boundary of town. All of his resources I should have known. Not just the White Tower but his position as the Overseer of his Upir Coven, a Lord, no less, afforded him many eyes and ears.

It could only have been that night, I would never leave Nadia alone like that and since Peter and Destiny had taken her for the night, it was my chance. Destiny had offered to hang around and keep me company but I wasn’t about to drag her into my plan.

It was my own fault he caught me, Roman, I hesitated just before crossing the town boundary and he drove his car right between me and the town line. He didn’t even speak to me, he just opened the passenger car door and I knew I had no other choice.

Roman brought me back to our home and has been staring me down in silence for a good five minutes now, his green eyes holding back barely contained fury as his towering yet lithe frame leans against the table.

“I’m sorry Roman.” He lets out a hollow laugh and steps close to me, so close to my face but instead he looks past me.

“Sorry for what?”


“That’s an interesting phrasing of ‘running away’.”

“I wasn’t-” he raised an eyebrow, practically daring me to complete that thought.

“I wasn’t thinking clearly.” I finished instead and he sighed, cupping my face in his much larger hands.

“No, you weren’t my sweet.” He leans down and kisses me ever so gently on the cheek.

“Tell me,” he starts, whispering into my ear, “what could I have done that was so awful to make you leave our home?” I shiver at the sensation of his words, his breath tickling the sensitive shell of my ear in a way that he had to know drove me crazy.

“I don’t know.” I almost whimpered as he circled around behind me and clasped my throat with one hand, pulling me against him so my head rested against his shoulder.

“Have I given you reason to be afraid of me?” I could only shake me head and he grips my throat tighter, just at the boundary of making breathing difficult.

“I need to hear the words my sweet.”

“No…my Lord.” I know when he wants to be called by his name and when he demands the respect of his title.

“Then, did I mistreat you in some way?” He asks before planting featherlight kisses down the side of my neck. The sensation of both his lips and his long fingers on my throat made my knees feel weak but luckily, the arm he had around my waist helped steady me.

“You have not my Lord.”

“Do you know why I’m upset with you?”

“Because I disobeyed you.”

“That and I have many enemies that would not hesitate to use you to hurt me. It would kill me to lose my Princess. Do you understand?” I nod and look back to face him.

“I accept and am ready for punishment.” I tell him.

“That’s my good girl.” He leans down and kisses me so sweetly, his hand cradling my face with one and and with the other he unzips the dress I’m wearing and lets it fall to the ground, leaving me in just my panties.

“Hmm, what to do with you.” He muses and glances back at the table.

“I know,” he grabs me by the arm, all tenderness gone, and pulls me over to the table and places a hand firmly between my shoulders and pushes me forward so my breasts are pressed agains the cold wood.

Reaching down, he takes both of my wrists in his hands and brings them to stretch out directly in front of me on the table. With his hands over mine he closes his fingers, demonstrating that he wants me to grip the other side.

“Whatever happens,” he is now leaning directly over me, covering me like a blanket, “you mustn’t let go, that is your challenge my sweet and I expect you to be a good girl and obey me in this this task.”

“Yes My Lord.”

Satisfied with my answer he stands up and takes a step back, no doubt to admire his handiwork.

“Do you remember the first night I took you?” He asks, approaching me once more to draw patterns on the skin of my back with his featherlight touch.

“I do.”

“Mm, such a stormy night, the white sacrificial dress they brought you in clung to your skin. You know, I assume they thought I would simply drain you, as my fallen predecessor would have, I had other plans.” He hummed in nostalgia and ran his fingers down my sides and ticklish as I am, I had to focus on holding on.

Eventually, his wandering fingers came to hook into my panties and he pulled them down my legs, stopping just before the knee. He hadn’t yet parted my legs and allowed me some modesty for the time being so the underwear stayed exactly where he wanted it.

“Keep those right there, do not let them fall, am I clear?” I felt a sharp stinging smack on my cheek, causing me to cry out and grip the table harder.

“I can’t hear you my darling.”

“Yes My Lord.” I yelped in twin pleasure and pain at the strike.

“That is more like it.” He cooed, my ass now directly aligned with his still imprisoned cock as he rubbed my back with his hand as the other settled on my hip.

“You were so cold you were shivering so you let me remove the rain-soaked dress and I covered your naked body in my firs. I sat you on the chair by the fire, the one with the arms.”

“I remember MyLord.” I gasp as he teases me from behind when all I want is for him to be in me. Instead he’s torturing me and I realise that whilst trying to keep my underwear at my knees, I have also been shifting my weight, trying to work up friction to the place I need it most.

“Oh my,” I let out a short squeal as his hand travels over the mound of my ass and down until he strokes a finger down my slit from behind, “so wet for me already and I haven’t even touched you yet.” He strokes up and down a few times, never attempting to enter.

With his finger well lubricated he reaches his hand down between the front of my body and the table, just his middle finger finding the snugly held nub in between my close pressed legs.

“I knelt before you and I parted your bare thighs and you let me, you kept your eyes locked on me as I nipped at the skin with my teeth as I got closer to where I knew you wanted me then and where I know you want me now!”

His touch on my clit was firm as he stroked in deliberate slow circles.

“This should be obvious but you have already disobeyed me once so I’ll make it clear. No cumming without my permission!”

“Please have mercy on me my Lord, I’ll be good, I promise but please let me cum tonight!” I wail, fearing the punishment much worse than I had anticipated.

“Shh, quiet my sweet or you will miss the rest of the story.” He continues his maddeningly slow strokes.

“Where was I? Oh yes, my head between your legs. I teased you for a while, I loved how wide your eyes got and when finally you came, you were actually shaking. Much like you are now.”

I close my eyes tightly, trying to focus on something, anything else.

“What did I ask you that night?” He actually expected me to form a coherent thought let alone remember a detail.

As I struggled I felt him lean over my body and nip ever so slightly on my shoulder, not helping my attempts at control but this wasn’t meant to be comfortable, this was punishment.

“Come on, think for me Princess, what did I ask you before I let you release?”

“You asked me who I belonged to.”

“That’s right and what did you say?”

“You, I belonged to you, I was yours, all yours, oh My God, please My Lord, I am begging you, I cannot hold on much longer.”

“Are you still mine?” He asked, ignoring my plea.

“Yes my Lord.”

“If you leave, I will not be able to show my love for you now will I?” I shake my head wildly.

“So?” He prods, his pace picking up slightly.

“I won’t leave, I won’t ever leave again, I promise.” I gasp in desperation and he pulls me up, turning me round and lifting me onto the table. My arms instinctively wrap around his shoulders as he stares into my eyes.

“You’ve been a very good girl for me,” he tells me as he slips two fingers inside me and presses his thumb to my clit. He cups the back of my neck with the other, our foreheads touching.

“My Lord-” I beg as tears spill down my cheeks.

“Come for me Princess!” He grants me permission and I come apart at his words, the tremors touch every part of my nervous system, reaching all the way down to the soles of my feet.

“I’ve got you my Love, I’ve got you.” He soothed as I come down, exhausted and spent. He gently removes his fingers from me and places them both in his mouth, licking my taste from each one.

“You always taste amazing when I push you to the edge.” He tells me with a wink and wipes the tears from my face and kisses each cheek before placing a soft, deep kiss on my lips, I love his mouth so much, actually, I loved every part of him.

“Darling?” He holds my face in his hands.

“Yes Roman?”

“I know you ran to get my attention and invite the punishment.” There wasn’t much, if anything I could hide from him.

“You have been so busy lately, I was feeling neglected.” I admitted, slightly embarrassed now at my behaviour.

“I apologise Princess and I will be more attentive but it really is much too dangerous out there right now. Believe me, if my mother were to get her hands on you…” he closed his eyes tightly as though blocking out a horrifying image, “I love you and I just want to keep you safe.”

“I understand and I love you too. I suppose I can find safer ways to provoke punishment.”

“There’s a good one I can suggest.”

“What’s that?”

“Just ask me.” He grinned and took hold of my hand. “Now, since you were a good girl I am going to draw you a bath.”

“Wait, do I not get to take care of my Lord first?” I ask, my hand travelling down his body but he catches my wrist before I reach my goal.

“Not right now,” he brings my hand up to his mouth, placing a gentle kiss on each finger and chuckles at my pout of disappointment, “oh, Princess, this night is far from over.”



Unrequited Love


-Lord Mitsuhide helps me up onto his horse.

And as I settle behind him, I thank him for convincing me to go back to Kiyosu. I can’t help but feel a little nervous. I’ve been against Lord Nobunaga’s blade for more times than I can remember… and this time, I might lose my head entirely. 

…yet Lord Mitsuhide tells me that Lord Nobunaga would never hurt me… ever. 

For one reason or another, he sounds so sure. The warm confidence in his voice makes me curious, so I rest my head on his shoulder in hopes of getting a good look at his face. 


Lord Mitsuhide? 

He is just… looking ahead with a pained expression on his face. And I can think of nothing to say, feeling that perhaps, that was something I wasn’t meant to see. 



Text: @nijigendiaries
Art: @arimii

This happened somewhere on Nobunaga’s Main Story, my heart broke into million pieces and since I forgot to screenshot the scene, I asked @nijigendiaries​ to help me with the text as to not lose the context entirely, and she did great!!!
Thank you Alia, I appreciate your help! <3


“Lord Tyrion has invited me to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys.. and I’m going to accept.

“You’re abandoning your people. You’re abandoning your home.” 

“And I’m leaving both in good hands.” 



What I especially love from this scene is how Jon makes a point to turn and face Sansa before he announces that he is leaving. He knows it will upset her, and of course he doesn’t want to see her upset, but he is still man enough to look her in the eyes and tell her himself instead of just letting her hear along with everyone else. He put his will to give her the respect she deserves above his own discomfort.

Yoonmin Fic Rec

As a Yoonmin trash…I freaking love to read Yoonmin fics that have a balance of unique plot, good characters, great pace/flow, smut, fluff, drama and amazing writing. No one asked for it but here’s sort of a “master list” of Yoonmin fics I’ve read/am reading that I personally really love. I’m a fussy fic reader (very particular about certain things) so trust me when I say, these are good ones. 

Craigslist Date by springrain21

This Fic is EVERYTHING! I freaking loved it. Yoongi found Jimin on Craigslist and uses him as a “fake boyfriend” to piss his parents off. The story doesn’t take long to unravel and the smut written was…amazing. like…..damn my cheeks were red. Completed.

Keep reading


‘If sack and sugar be a fault, God help the wicked. If to be old and merry be a sin, then many an old host that I know is damned. If to be fat be to be hated, then Pharaoh’s lean kine are to be loved. No, my good lord, banish Peto, banish Bardolph, banish Poins, but for sweet Jack Falstaff, kind Jack Falstaff, true Jack Falstaff, valiant Jack Falstaff, and therefore more valiant being, as he is old Jack Falstaff, banish not him thy Harry’s company, banish not him thy Harry’s company. Banish plump Jack, and banish all the world.’

Falstaff ~ Henry IV Part 1, Act II, Scene IV

demons-hunt  asked:

When the Voltron family go on holiday, what is each persons favourite part of the holiday (if that makes sense)?

Daddy Shiro

  • Being to finally have a good rest after a long flight is his first favourite thing. Having three kids who always ask for his undivided attention while on the plane can be exhausting—especially when other people glare at them to say “Make your children behave.”
  • Pidge always makes her way to his seat so she can sit on his lap to take her nap. Shiro adores her so much. And if he steals kisses when she’s asleep, well, only Keith knows. 
  • First night in their hotel room all snuggled up with his husband. They don’t talk. Too tired to even put effort. He just wraps his arms around Keith and they sleep because tomorrow’s “officially” the start of their family trip.
  • Basically wants to rest but Keith tells him to get up his lazyass because they have to E X P L O R E “I did not pay thousands of dollars for you to sleep in a different country, Shirogane.”

Daddy Keith

  • Going to museums is his most favourite thing. They have to go to a dinosaur museum in every damn country they visit. It’s a must. Or what is even the point? Shiro finds it adorable. Keith says it’s for cultural exposure, but really, the whole family knows it’s about swords and reptiles. They don’t really have the heart to say no to him. He does pay 50% of the trip after all.
  • Second day is always Keith’s turn to pay for food. Basically, that means he gets to choose what food and they all have no choice but to eat them. He loves trying different things and the look on his children’s faces is always worth it that he has his camera ready to take ridiculous photos.
  • “We don’t even know if you really love us, Daddy Keith.”
    “Of course I do. I feed you all these junk, don’t I?” lmao
    “Daddy Shiiiiirooooooooooooo.”
    “Sorry, kiddos. Daddy Keith is our banker today. Can’t do anything.”


  • Amusement parks are Lance’s thing. Disneyland? You got it. Universal Studios? YES PLEASE. Every time, he requests it and every time his daddies would always say yes. They allot two full days for amusement parks. Roller coasters are this boy’s life. Hunk’s tummy cannot handle it but Lance holds his hand when they go to make sure he’s there for him.
  • Seriously the type to buy so many merchandise from these parks. “Can I have this shirt? Can I get this keychain? This tumbler? This thing I don’t even need but is adorable I don’t even know what it is but it’s Stitch so please can I?” Shiro cannot say no to those eyes. 


  • Loves to visit places inspired by a movie/show/anime. He gets so into it that he randomly blurts out facts about it. “Oh my god. Did you know because the director saw this place, he got inspired to making that one scene?” “Good lord. This looks exactly like in the anime! Even the lamp post!!” Keith is in love. He’s so happy to have a fanboy kid
  • Gets so excited when they enter local restaurants or even just street stands because that means he gets to try new food. He likes all the weird tasting ones too even though the rest hates them for some reason. Which is why he loves it when it’s Keith’s time to pay for the food. 


  • SPACE MUSEUMS. Everyone has their own requests so why can’t she? 
  • “They all look the same everywhere we go, Pidge!”
    “No, they don’t, Lance! This one has the Stanley Ho Space Theatre!”
  • She wears “Best Ace in Space” hoodie every time she visits one. Shiro and Keith can’t be any prouder of their little ace.
  • As much as possible before the night ends, she asks Shiro if they could go to an observatory deck. She loves Taipei 101 and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings. Shiro gets her a figure of every building since she loves collecting those.  

queerrobbiereyes  asked:

Do you think Lyanna ran away with Rhaegar because she felt trapped as a Stark? Ned seems to be more lenient towards his children in terms of having the things they want, like Arya and Needle, he talks about Lyanna's willful spirit, but it seems to have been hindered a lot by her gender, there's also the tale of the hedge knight in ADWD.

Her father sighed. “Ah, Arya. You have a wildness in you, child. ‘The wolf blood,’ my father used to call it. Lyanna had a touch of it, and my brother Brandon more than a touch. It brought them both to an early grave.” Arya heard sadness in his voice; he did not often speak of his father, or of the brother and sister who had died before she was born. “Lyanna might have carried a sword, if my lord father had allowed it. You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her.”
“Lyanna was beautiful,” Arya said, startled. Everybody said so. It was not a thing that was ever said of Arya.
“She was,” Eddard Stark agreed, “beautiful, and willful, and dead before her time.”

–AGOT, Arya II

Many people who theorize why Lyanna ran away with Rhaegar – not why he might have wanted her, but why she chose to go with him – focus on this scene, yes. Lyanna’s “wild, willful” nature could be a reason she ran away, or why she didn’t think through what could happen if she ran away. (As well as the fact that she was only 14-15 at the time.) Some think that perhaps Rhaegar told her things that made her believe she’d be free to do as she wished if she went with him – especially since he had found out about her being the Knight of the Laughing Tree. (I assume that’s what you mean by “the hedge knight in ADWD”.)

However, there’s another Lyanna scene that’s also often cited:

“Robert will never keep to one bed,” Lyanna had told him at Winterfell, on the night long ago when their father had promised her hand to the young Lord of Storm’s End. “I hear he has gotten a child on some girl in the Vale.” Ned had held the babe in his arms; he could scarcely deny her, nor would he lie to his sister, but he had assured her that what Robert did before their betrothal was of no matter, that he was a good man and true who would love her with all his heart. Lyanna had only smiled. “Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man’s nature.” –AGOT, Eddard IX

So it’s not just that Lyanna wanted to do things girls don’t normally do, like fight with a sword, and was trapped because of her gender, but she was also trapped in a betrothal to a man she believed would not be true to her. She wasn’t willing to live in the enforced role of a Westerosi submissive wife, to allow that “men have needs” and bastards are only to be expected (as long as they don’t live with you). Lyanna didn’t necessarily want to be free of the duties of a Stark, or free from the duties and rules of her gender, she wanted to be free of Robert.

Note, the above quote is also one of the strong hints to R+L=J, as Ned’s memory of Lyanna comes while he’s meeting one of Robert’s bastards, a child born to a young prostitute… and in that same chapter, right after Littlefinger lists all of Robert’s many bastards that he knows of, Ned thinks:

For the first time in years, he found himself remembering Rhaegar Targaryen. He wondered if Rhaegar had frequented brothels; somehow he thought not.

The contrast between Rhaegar and Robert, especially in reference to Lyanna, is very deliberate.

Mind you, the fact that Rhaegar cheated on his wife to be with Lyanna (and after he crowned her at Harrenhal everyone in Westeros believed he’d chosen her to be his mistress), and Lyanna died from complications of childbirth after having been trapped in a tower for more than a year, far away from her family… well, that’s just one of those little romantic ironies, isn’t it.

Ned Stark thought of pale blue roses, and for a moment he wanted to weep. –AGOT, Eddard XII