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no YOU have a type


“you’ll marry me, won’t you?”

she asks it while they’re curled up next to one another, her face nuzzled against his side and when he glances down at her, he sees her grey eyes peeking up at him.  they aren’t nervous, they’re warm, they’re loving, and gendry takes a deep, shaky breath.

“that can’t…be a good idea,” he says slowly, and every word catches hold of his throat as though determined not to leave his lips.

“why not?” she asks, not sitting up.  “and don’t you pull that you’re too lowborn nonsense with me.  you’re knighted and lorded now.  not that i cared about that before.”  she rests her lips against the skin of his side–not quite a kiss. 

he feels a rush of warmth.  she had always cared, after all.  that’s why…why everything, why he’d run after her through the dark, why he’d waited for her, why he was here now.  she’d never faltered in that.

the words continue to claw.  “it can’t be a proper match.  you’re the king’s sister, and you’re his strong right arm.  surely you should wed someone…someone with something to bring.  some alliance or…” he doesn’t want to think of that.  he imagines arya marrying some poncy southron lordling–who looks remarkably like edric dayne, though dayne’s already betrothed–and it’s only the fact that he can’t look away from her grey eyes that keeps his own open.  “i don’t bring anything to you or your house that you don’t already have.”

“except your heart,” arya whispers.

“you already have that,” gendry chokes out.

“and your swords.”

gendry blinks.


“well…” arya says and everything about her face is serious except those grey eyes.  those are dancing.  “well, i’m a swordswoman you’ll recall.  and i need swords.  and you can make them.  you can provide me with swords whenever i need them.”

gendry finds himself laughing.  “you’re a stark.  you could buy as many swords as you would like.”

“or i could just get one from you as i need.  i know you make them still, even if you’re a knight and a lord.  i want access to your stash.”

“my stash.”

“of swords.”  her hand begins to toy with the hair of his lower belly, and a wicked grin plays across her lips.  “whenever i like.  you’re very good at swordcraft after all.”

gendry smirks despite himself, and arya asks again, “you’ll marry me, won’t you?” and this time, the words don’t claw their way out of his throat when he says, “yes.”

The Knights of Kwantiko

-Part 3-

This was absurd. He should be out there with them, fighting alongside the knights to rescue his beloved. Not sitting here, stuck inside this infernal castle, waiting for news to come his way. It wasn’t that he didn’t have faith in the Three Brave Knights—he knew that Ser Derek would do everything in his power to bring the princess back home—but they were to be married within the next month. He should be the one going to get her. He should be the one bringing her home to the kingdom.

But then there was the fact that his skills with a sword were…how shall we put this…less than ideal. He’d never had the best coordination as a child and, despite the fact that his parents had the Master at Arms work tirelessly with him on his swordplay (he was the son of a lord after all), he never had been able to pick up the skills quite as well as the other boys. Now, his insane level of strategy made up for the fact that he wasn’t that good of a fighter, and it certainly accounted for the fact that their army was an unrelenting force to be reckoned with. But he couldn’t help but think about how badly he wanted to be the one to ensure his beloved Penelope was returned home safely.

A knock sounded at his chamber door. Kevin pulled himself away from the window, rubbing his tired eyes, as he crossed the room and pulled the door open to reveal Anderson, the castle’s lookout, standing on the other end.

“My lord,” he said, bowing quickly out of respect. “I have been sent on behalf of the king and queen. They request your presence in the throne room.”

“Any word on the princess?” Kevin asked. Though it had only been several days since the Three Brave Knights had set out, every day that passed without news weighed heavily on the lord’s shoulders. He’d heard stories about the dark sorcerer from the North. And the fact that his precious princess was in that monster’s clutches made his insides clench in fear. Penelope was too good to be in a place so evil.

Anderson sadly shook his head. “I’m afraid not, my lord,” he said. “But we may have a bigger problem on our hands.”

Kevin narrowed his eyes. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s not my place to say,” Anderson began. “But there have been rumors circulating of destruction rising in the east. Destruction that may or may not be connected with the sorcerer.”

Kevin felt his heart sink slightly. “With all due respect to his and her majesty, my sole concern is the safe return of the princess. Until then, I can’t burden myself with other threats.”

“The king and queen understand your concerns,” Anderson replied. “Rest assured, the safety of the princess is the most important thing right now, but if these rumors are discovered to be true, the princess and the Three Brave Knights may not have a kingdom to return to.”

Just as Kevin was about to dismiss the lookout, he paused, his eyes widening slightly as he analyzed the meaning behind these words. “Anderson, what are you saying?” he asked.

Anderson took a deep breath, unable to stop his voice from fully trembling. “I’m saying…we think it might be back…”


As the sun began to sink lower in the sky, three horses emerged from the depths of the twisted wood, their riders slumped on their backs, nearly dead with exhaustion. Despite his best efforts to navigate his small party out of the dark, enchanted forest, Ser Spencer and his companions had found themselves surrounded by trees for what felt like an eternity. Their supplies had all but run out, and even Allyson hadn’t been able to catch anything as they crossed through the heart of the forest. As a result, it was with great relief when they finally came to the outskirts of a small village.

“Hey, kid. Do me a favor,” Derek said, fighting a losing battle against his growing exhaustion. “Next time your maps tell us to go through an Enchanted Forest, find us an alternate route.”

“For the last time, I didn’t know that the wood was so unpredictable,” Spencer replied, running a hand through his curly hair, making it look even more unkempt than before. “It’s been years since anyone from the kingdom has traveled this far. The records haven’t been updated.”

“If the two of you do not stop your bickering, I will nail your hides to these trees and leave you both here,” Allyson said, rubbing the sides of her aching head. “The point is, we’re out of that godforsaken wood and we are all tired and hungry. So why don’t we stop here for the night, get some food in our bellies and a warm bed to sleep in, and tomorrow morning, we’ll have a fresh start for our quest.”

“Until Ser Pretty Boy’s map here sends us on another useless week-long trek,” Derek said with a smirk as Spencer shook his head in disappointment.

“Allyson is right, though,” Spencer said with a nod towards his sister. “We do need to replenish our supplies if we hope to get to the sorcerer’s lair and back. Not to mention the fact that our horses are about to drop dead from exhaustion.”

As they entered the town, the three knights dismounted their horses, hoping that the decrease in weight might provide the tired animals with some relief. They made their way through the streets, eventually coming to a small inn in the center of the village. The beautiful blonde woman behind the bar gave them three pints of mead as well as three heaping plates of bread and chicken which the hungry knights happily devoured.

“I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything as good as this in my life,” Allyson said, closing her eyes as she savored the way the warm bread seemed to melt in her mouth.

“While I won’t deny that the food here is satisfactory, the idea you have of it being the best thing you’ve ever eaten is most likely due to your increased hunger and low-level of satisfaction at this current time,” Spencer began, but he was silenced by a hearty belch from Derek as he slammed his empty tankard of mead down on the table.

“I will say this,” he began, ignoring Spencer’s wide-eyed look of disgust or Allyson’s subtly shaking head as she cleaned off one of her chicken bones. “I don’t think I’ve had mead quite that good before. And that has nothing to do with my ‘low-level of satisfaction’ or whatever you called it. That has to do with that bartender knowing exactly what she’s doing.” As if sensing his compliment, the woman suddenly locked eyes with Derek from across the room as she filled another tankard.

“Derek, don’t tell me you’re going to—” But Allyson was cut off as Derek scraped his chair across the floor and headed towards the bar, standing in a way to ensure that she could see the magnificent sword sitting on his hip.

“And…we won’t be seeing him anymore tonight,” Allyson said, rolling his eyes.

“We will once she realizes that his fondness for his sword is just an over-compensation,” Spencer added, causing Allyson to inhale half her mead up her nose.

While Derek continued his efforts to woo the bar wench and Spencer buried his face in one of the books he had brought with him, Allyson’s attention was diverted by several travelers sitting in the corner, the hoods of their traveling cloaks up over their heads, smoke puffing from the pipes that sat between their teeth. She had been half-listening to their conversation for several minutes, but instantly became more interested as a certain phrase was uttered.

“…band of robbers was found beaten within an inch of their lives outside the county courthouse several mornings ago.”

“But is there any proof that he actually did it?”

“Ah, you know it’s impossible to ever catch sight of him. Dark as the night and quiet as a shadow, that one. But who else could it be? Who else could have effortlessly taken down that troublesome band like that?”

“Are you all talking about the Black Knight?”

The hooded travelers stopped their talking at once, turning to face Allyson. She noticed one of them eye her bow and quiver, looking as though he wanted to make a comment about her ability to accurately use the weapon (Oh please do it, she challenged in her mind), while the other two continued to puff on their pipes.

“You know about the Black Knight then?” asked the first traveler, the lower half of his face hidden by a thick and bushy beard.

“Only the rumors I’ve heard,” Allyson replied. “Is it true that no one knows his real identity?”

“The only ones who do have never lived to tell the tale,” the second traveler said, his dark eyes peering through the smoke billowing from his pipe. “But they say he can’t be killed by any man.”

“They say he was trained by a wise and powerful wizard upon a mountaintop with a sword fashioned by the god of thunder himself,” the third traveler said, though the smirk on his face made it difficult to tell if he was being serious or not.

“Oh please, we all know Excalibur is just a myth,” Allyson said, rolling her eyes.

“While that may be true, m’lady, the tale of the Black Knight is very true,” the first traveler said. “That I can assure you.”

“What, you saying you’ve seen him?” the second traveler scoffed.

“Even if I had, do you really think I would tell the likes of you?” the first traveler said, shaking his head before turning back to Allyson. “What is it you are seeking, m’lady?”

“Just the safe return of someone very near and dear to my heart,” Allyson replied, not wanting to disclose too much information until she knew for sure who these travelers were.

“Well, if you need someone to help you use that there weapon slung across your back,” the third traveler began, but Allyson hastily cut him off.

“Rest assured, my good sir, if my skills with this bow were at all like your skills at speaking to a lady, then I wouldn’t see myself fit to wield it,” she finished with a smile as the first traveler choked slightly on his pipe smoke and the smirk flew off of the third traveler’s face.


She turned to see her brother beckoning her back over to their table. She bid the three travelers farewell (the first two wishing her luck on her quest while the third one seemed unable to meet her eyes) before heading back to him.

“Well, Derek has disappeared,” Spencer said. Allyson looked towards the bar where, sure enough, Derek and the blonde girl were nowhere to be found. “And I think it’s about time we turned in.”

Allyson instantly recognized the tone in her brother’s voice. He had a bad feeling about this place. And now that she heard it, she noticed an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach as well. The sooner they could get some sleep, the sooner they could be back on the road towards their quest. She didn’t like the thought of poor Princess Penelope spending more time in a cold and dark dungeon than she had to.

However, though the twins were shown to a rather nice and comfortable room upstairs in the inn, and though the beds were some of the softest and most comfortable beds they had ever lain in, it was clear that their guts were trying to tell them something. Several hours after they had put their heads to their pillows, they were awakened by the sound of the door opening. Before either of them could reach for a weapon, half a dozen swords were instantly drawn and pointed straight at their chests.

“Well, this is less than ideal,” Allyson said under her breath as she and Spencer both raised their hands in surrender.


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Let me out!!!


Part1( intro to the story) /…

A/N: Here is the long awaited Jimin demon Au ,this part is very short because it is more of an intro than a part. I am so sorry it took me so long to start write this one. I hope you like it everyone and sorry for any mistakes made.

Word count:  1,872

Warnings: It is a bit creepy I guess 

 People watch horror movies because of the excitement, others try not talking about scary things.But all of us loved fantasy stories about the hero that fights and kills the demon, saving the kingdom and or princess.But…is he really fighting the true evil…?

  You were young when the truth revealed itself in front of you. One night as you were finishing up another one of those beautiful prince and princess stories, where the evil lord was vanquished, you started thinking.Is the bad guy really the one the knight should be fighting?Wasn’t he once a normal human?

“What makes the hero different from the villain mommy?”you asked

“They are very different sweetie, one does bad things and the other does good. The strong hero always wins in a fight.” she kissed your forehead and turned off the lights “Goodnight baby.”


 In the darkness of this so familiar room, you continued pondering upon your mother’s words.

“The hero always wins in the fight with the bad guy.” something wasn’t right in the sentence and you knew it, yet the answer wasn’t so simple “He must be really strong.”

  Fakes break easily…

 You jumped up and curled into a ball, hugging all of your toys for protection.

“W-who said t-that?”you looked around starting to tremble, as your little hands were holding onto the animals “M-mommy?” you were hopping it was her, even if the voice was terribly deep 

   Oh…I am NOT your mommy…

“W-who are y-you?” your eyes couldn’t see in the darkness and you were too afraid to think, but the words were able to somehow leave your lips

 Suddenly a small light started coming closer to you. Since little you were tough that bad is dark and good is light. With that idea in your small brain ,you threw the toys to the ground and crawled closer to it, almost reaching the end of the bed.

I am…….

 The voice started speaking.Yet the light was a mirror, without wanting you looked in it…seeing….


 The black eyes and wide smile of your own face.Hands onto your ears ,you screamed as loud as you could. The mirror fell onto the carpet braking and the window crashed closed, creating wind.It was so strong that random pieces of paper flew around the room, creating a circle around the bed.

 The door to your room was kicked open and your mother ran inside, turning on the lights. She saw you crying and picked you up in her arms. As you were still sobbing, she looked around. The broken mirror, the toys on the ground, the cracked windows and paper. She took you to her room and placed you on the bed, where a bit later you fell asleep. While you were peaceful, your mother decided to have a talk with your dad in the comfort of the living room. He was sitting on the couch and she was walking around in front of him.

 “Something happened there.”she said, running her hand though her hair uneasily 

“Honey, you are overreacting. It could have been just the wind.” your father tried to calm your mother down

“There is no wind!”

“It happens.The window could have closed suddenly.”

“I closed it before readying her the bedtime story.”

“You are tired and things may seem different right now, but trust me tomorrow morning everything would be fine.” 

“That hand mirror.”your mom stopped moving and looked in front of herself “It was…”she ran up to her room to check something, trying her best not to wake you up and came back down again, looking at your father “The broken mirror that was in Y/N’s room……it was supposed to be in my nightstand.”

“Are you sure you didn’t take it with you when you read her the story?”your father asked

“I might be overthinking things.”she took a deep breath and relaxed 

“You are honey, now lets go to bed.”they went back upstairs where you were sleeping soundly 

 What did you learn from that day you ask?Well the villains in stories aren’t the real bad guys. The hero himself is an evil person, but he doesn’t know it. He must fight and win against the one inside him, before he can call himself a true savior. For the true demon isn’t around us, but inside.

 Years passed and what was left of that night turned into a bad nightmare, forgotten for the better good.It was like it never even happened in the first place. You continued living like a normal person. You had friends, a great family and a boy you liked a lot.You were once childhood friends, but after he changed schools 2 times because of his parents’s work, he forgot how you looked like.You had never talked to him since, so you decided that today it would be different. You stood up from your desk and took a deep breath.

“Go get him tiger.”your friend Mark pushed you lightly 

“Stop it!”you blushed, but took a step closer anyways “H-hi.”he turned around and looked up at you, flashing the warmest smile….until his eyes widened and he walked out of the room. 

“Did I say something?”you looked back at Mark when he shrugged  

“Hey!” in front of you was a girl with curly hair and a very strange taste in clothes “Why were you talking to my boyfriend?”she asked and you panicked.Mark quickly noticed that and helped you out like the best friend he was.

“Fuck off Genny. You two are dating only in your dreams.Come back when you are awake.” the class started laughing and she gasped shocked, before taking her seat. As you were looking at her, your head started getting dizzy, it wasn’t from the light anger you were feeling…was it?Your hand rose up and you asked the teacher if you could go to the bathroom.

“Yes, but don’t take long.” as you were walking in the hallway, you bumped into some.You picked up your phone and looked up .noticing Jimin.

“Are you ok?.”he looked worried, but then “Why don’t you look where you are fucking going?”his tongue was sharp 

“I am sorry.”you said a bit scared from his sudden insult. 

“I didn’t mean to say that…” Jimin grabbed his lips and ran away as fast as he could

“Wait!”you yelled, but he was already gone

 You didn’t know what just happened, but continued with your first mission. After splashing a bit of water on your face you felt like the dizziness was getting worse, before everything became dark.

“Where am I?”you looked around the blackness you found yourself into

Long time…no see Y/N…

“Y/N!”you jumped up and saw your parents in front of you “Oh thank goodness you are ok. Your school called us.They found you on the floor in the women’s bathroom.”

“Are you ok now?”asked your dad

“I think so,but I feel strange…”

“It’s ok. You won’t be going to school this week, so stay in bed and rest.”

  You did as they said.As a kiss on the forehead ,your parents left fast, going back to work and left you alone. You decided to call your friends and tell them you are ok, but the moment you picked your phone up you noticed.

“Wait, this isn’t mine at all?!” you swiped your finger vigorously over the screen and unlocked it by mistake “Oh shit!” you panicked, but then out of interest clicked the gallery.If the owner had selfies than you would know who to give it back to.There was nothing inside except for one folder filled with videos.With a trembling finger you opened it and played the first one, that had a black thumbnail like the rest.

“ Day1.”this voice you thought

“PARK JIMIN!?”you dropped the phone on the bed as the video was still playing 

“I don’t know what is happening, but I am starting to hear this voice. It keeps telling me that it is me. I don’t know what is going on or who to talk to anymore.I just hope this is my imagination playing tricks on me.”

 Your hand picked up again and continued watching. There were 5 videos in total on the phone, under different numbered days and you watched all of them.His voice and words slowly created a nostalgic feeling in your chest.

“Day10. The voice is getting louder and frequent. Am I going crazy? This is staring to make my sleep impossible, I haven’t closed my eyes peacefully for 11 days now. It’s affecting my life…slowly.” his body was twitching

“Day23. I started pushing people away, I need to find out what is happening to me fast, or I might not be able to come back.I don’t feel alone anymore, I just…..” the video ended without the finished sentence 

“Day25. This girl named Genny appeared out of nowhere. I have had girls like me running around me, but she is different she is making this problem of mine get much more serious.I need to get rid of her before something happens.” his hand hit the table and the sound of a crack echoed 

“Day30. It’s getting worse, I can’t even go to school normally anymore.I just have one question, one question that is haunting me….Who is in control?” his head slowly moved towards the mirror behind him, before static covered the phone screen

 You locked yourself in the darkness of your bedroom as the end of the last and 5th video came, you placed the phone onto the bed next to you. Your eyes were looking at the cell, but your thoughts were going deep inside of your mind, when you suddenly jumped up sweating. The childhood memories started filling your mind, was it a good thing or not? Chills ran down your spine, why?Because you awoke something that should have been left alone.

  Your body got weak and you fell back… asleep. As you were resting, the small window opened up, letting cool air inside with a small bird that landed onto the sill.The sound of your body getting up scared it and it flew away…for a good reason. You walked passed the kitchen, your feet dragging on the floor.

“You should be sleeping sweetie.”said your mom when she saw you, but you didn’t answer.The door of the bathroom closed and you turned on the light inside.You traced the mirror, until you found a sharp part and ran your finger over it. The silence was dominating and the drop of blood that hit the ground was heard. Your hand moved all around the mirror, when you were finished your eyes looked up. The light from the lamp flickered, its shine was reflecting into the pitch dark color of your eyes.

 On the next morning, you got up and felt the small pain. 

“How did this happen?”you looked at your pointer finger 

  Your parents left for work, so you were alone in the house.Yawning you made your way towards the bathroom to wash up. Upon turning on the light you let out a scarp scream and pulled back immediately. There, on the mirror were letters dripping down with blood. You were afraid to read it….so someone else did. Your eyes were closed when it happened.

Who is in control?

 Your reflection was smiling back at you, yet you couldn’t see it.

        To be continued…

First Meeting (Jonerys)

As it says in the title, a quick oneshot on how Jon and Dany’s first meeting may go down. Please note that this is set in the universe of my other oneshots so there are some subtle differences between book/show canon-Sansa is Queen in the North, Margaery is still alive. 

Sorry it’s so late-this has been written for a couple of days but I didn’t get around to editing it because my schedule has been insanely busy. But I’m back in town in a few days now so hopefully things should slow down a bit. 

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Sterek Fairy Tale AUs

Fairy Tale AUs Sterek style because fairy tales are awesome! And also because you guys inbox me the greatest asks. EVER. I did not include Stiles’s Story Time …but if you are a fairy tale fanatic like me then you MUST check it out!

The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (dsudis) | 116,686

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)

tie your napkin ‘round your neck, cherie by magneticwave | 7,764

Stiles has been a teapot for 3,308 days. // Scott skids into the door breathlessly and shouts, “THERE’S A GIRL IN THE CASTLE,” and promptly brains himself on one of the casserole dishes.

The One With The Scottish Wolf Lord by Stoney | 11,758

The Hales are alive and a royal family in Scotland; Stiles is the waif sent to work in the kitchens, elevated to personal attendant/servant to the young Lord Hale. Who happens to be a wolf who can’t shift back. (Not without finding… *spoiler*)

The Rest Is Unwritten by mikkimouse | 6,267

Once upon a time, the werewolf king and queen invited five fairies to the christening of their only son. The fairies bestowed the boy with gifts—beauty, grace, wit, and the most adorable teeth in all the land.

But before the fifth fairy could give her gift, a wicked fairy from the other Court arrived and cast a terrible curse on the baby prince. He would have a life full of tragedies, she declared, and die young, of a broken heart.

The king and queen were beside themselves with grief. It was very old, powerful magic, so there was little they could do to break it. However, the fifth fairy had yet to give her gift. The curse could not be broken, she told them, but it could be altered.

She bestowed upon the prince the gift of perseverance, so that he would never lose his will to live, even in the face of countless tragedies. And when he found the one who would stand by his side and face those tragedies with him without fail, that is when the curse would be broken. Because the fairy knew there was nothing in all the world more powerful than true love. Not even a wicked fairy’s curse.

A Heart is a Heavy Burden by lielabell | 41,242

In Which Stiles: is accosted by unhappy witches, becomes friends with fire demons, is rescued by darkly handsome wizards, discovers hidden inner depths, is introduced to princes, and finds true love. Though not necessarily in that order.

Prince Charming by morganoconner | 6,192

Stiles may not be anyone’s idea of a knight in shining armor, but he’s got this saving the princess thing down.

…As long as no one tells Derek that he’s the princess in this metaphor.

Burning Glances (Turning Heads) by Yiichi | 28,471

Stiles is a lower-class tailor, who has always dreamed of attending the fabled, annual Hale ball. His good friend, Lord McCall, somehow managed to procure an extra invite.

Stiles doesn’t expect anything of the evening. He certainly doesn’t expect to capture the gaze of a dark, mysterious stranger wearing a wolf mask.

The Dog Prince by JenNova | 2,129

The puppy shows up outside Stiles’ back door on the first day of his last summer in Beacon Hills. It’s probably the cutest dog he’s ever seen, wolfish enough that it must be a Husky mix of some kind, and when it tilts its head at him his heart melts. He’d be embarrassed by that but, seriously, cutest puppy ever.

Once Upon A Dream by stilinskisparkles | 11,495

Derek watches as Melissa and Queen Claudia move towards the courtyard, Scott and his fairy friends following quickly. The baby makes a small cry as they disappear, and Derek moves towards them on instinct, drawn to it without explanation. Talia catches his shoulder and holds him still, though.

“Not yet, Derek, sweetheart,” she murmurs. “You can’t follow, yet.”

A Cinderfella Story by yerawizardjane | 19,389

A Cinderella Story AU: Stiles thinks he has found his soulmate online in a Yale chatroom, under the name 'B@man’. Little does he know that it’s the most popular guy in school…Derek Hale.

empress-of-xerxes  asked:



  • Name: Balthasar Kyne /Montmartre 
  • Gender: Male
  • General Appearance: Dark Skin, Red Eyes, White Hair, very Xerxian Traits
  • Personality: Serious, Distant, yet Sincere in his words. Has the legacy of a Knight Lord and an Empress to Uphold, and the desire to be a good leader for his people. A Brave warrior and Talented Strategist.
  • Special Talents: Besides being a capable warrior also bears similar gifts to his Mother.
  • Who they like better: He loves them both equally, as an ideal son should.
  • Who they take after more: He has the groundedness and humility of his father, the wider vision of his mother, but combined the heart and passion of both.
  • Personal Head canon: Not only is he torn about succeeding both legacies, he has a hard time choosing which of the two to succeed. Even when the parents decided to dedicate him to Xerxes, he refused, and the two relented. He spends time both in Xerxes and Saurel, torn knowing he has to choose one day between the two, or else risk catastrophe. 

It’s damn hard to be one fearsome and intimidating Sith Lord, when you’re, like, five-feet-three. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but Revan, especially female doesn’t look much taller… Revan’s flashback on Dantooine, where s/he’s with Malak - and a good head shorter - is hilarious XD
S/he probably turned to the Dark Side, because of no one taking him/her seriously.

And Mandalore the Ultimate probably died of laughter.

Untitled Robbaery

(Haven’t posted much writing here lately so here’s a glimpse of a side project that grabbed my attention last summer)

Basic premise follows the SuperTullys. Cat and Edmure do right or fuck up in the best ways possible.


He shouldn’t be here.

Standing within a ruined castle, sweltering beneath the midday sun, all of this only deepened his unease.

The yard was overgrown and much of it filled with the crumbled stone of a collapsed keep. Although little save its broken foundations remained intact, the castle’s massive curtain walls still stood, marred only by the unchecked spread of moss and vines, which crept up the stone like tendrils.

There’d be no need for ladders or ropes to scale these walls. Several castles here in the Westerlands had fallen to him after such assaults. Yet Robb could not claim credit for the devastation wrought upon Tarbeck Hall.

The lions did this. House Tarbeck joined with the Reynes of Castamere in rising against Casterly Rock.

And Tywin Lannister destroyed them for it.

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Elsword PSA: Who are the good guys?

This PSA was requested by the-lost-one-out! If there’s a particular topic you would like me to talk about for the next PSA, ask me!

So as many of you probably know, I made a post explaining that there isn’t one particular job path that is always the darkest path. I then talked about which classes were the darkest in my opinion. Now, I’ll be discussing the good guys! Which class is the “good” side? And is it always the “Imperial” class?

In case you don’t know, fans have come up with terms to describe each of the three job paths, generally called “Imperial”, “Rebellion”, and “Transform”. They’re roughly defined as:

  • Imperial: the class that improves their original powers and abilities, and is generally more elegant and calm.
  • Rebellion: the class that uses a fighting style opposite of their original training, and is generally more reckless and dangerous
  • Transform: the class that uses a completely new power to fight, usually involving a transformation, whether its a literal transformation or an inner transformation

This post is going to be a lot harder to go through than the “dark side” post, because choosing the good class between the two remaining ones is difficult for certain characters. But, I’ll try my best. So here we go!

Elsword: Lord Knight vs. Rune Slayer

See how tough this is going to be? One could say the “good guy” is Lord Knight, since he becomes more noble and chivalrous. However, Rune Slayer isn’t “bad”; he just has a different fighting style. Also, his motives for using fire and runes isn’t a bad one either. It’s just to improve his magical attacks and cover up his weaknesses.

Overall, I’d say LK is more on the “good” side. Based on what I understand about him, he’s more noble and fights to protect others. But again, it doesn’t make RS a bad guy. If you picked RS as the better of the two, or you decided they’re both equally “good”, that’s certainly reasonable.

Aisha: Elemental Master vs. Dimension Witch

For Aisha, we have two different types of “good”. EM is “good” because she follows her mentor’s example and is able to master the four elements. DW is “good” because she’s a f*cking magical girl! Sparkles and bright colors, oh my! She supposedly takes on this personality against her will, but even if this is true, it doesn’t make her a bad character. However, if Madoka Magica has taught me anything, it’s that the life of a magical girl isn’t necessarily fun and full of happiness. Then again, that’s just Madoka Magica.

I’m going to say neither of them is “better” than the other. One is an elegant magician, while the other is a sparkly heroine. If you think one of them has more goodness than the other, that’s totally cool, but for me, I’ll say they’re equally good.

(but VP is still the best Aisha class imo)

Rena: Grand Archer vs. Wind Sneaker 

Grand Archer is the “good” one here, because Wind Sneaker is scary! I mean, she breaks people’s bones. “That arm of yours? Lemme break that for you. Oh, you don’t want me to do that? I’ll break your legs instead! While I’m at it, I’ll kick you some more, and maybe even finish you off with a Violent Attack. After that, I’ll just sit here in this circle that heals me and my friends (no, you’re not my friend. I’m not sharing). Oh, you managed to kill me? Nope. I’m back from the dead, dummy! Lemme break your bones even more!”

And what’s GA have to compare? Arrows. Sure, arrows hurt and all, but I’d rather be sniped from a distance than have someone come up to me and destroy all the bones in my body. Ouch! You know, I’m starting to reconsider choosing NW as the “dark path” in my other post…

Raven: Blade Master vs. Veteran Commander

This is actually a somewhat tough decision. You’d think BM is the obvious “good guy”, since he doesn’t give in to the insanity that is represented by arm. He decides to become a better swordsman instead, which carries an air of calmness and elegance. However, Veteran Commander is also able to avoid the insanity. He just does it differently.

VC seems to accept the arm as a part of himself, rather than attempting to ignoring it like BM. At the same time, he doesn’t go too far like RF, who begins to lose himself due to the arm’s influence. Instead, he modifies it, essentially “taming” his darker side. There’s the overheat system that you have to worry about, but as VC continues in his journeys, he’s able to adjust the arm so it doesn’t harm him as much.

Similar to what I said with Aisha’s paths, the path of elegance isn’t the only good path. Accepting who you are, or in Raven’s case, what he’s become, then working with that to use it to your advantage is also something that can be considered a good solution.

Once again, I will say neither. BM is the more obvious choice, but if you dig deeper, you might find that VC isn’t such a bad person either.

Eve: Empress vs. Battle Seraph

Code: Empress is the “good” path, imo. Unlike her sisters, she creates assistants, rather than focusing on destruction and annihilation. Eve wasn’t designed to be a battle-type Nasod, so instead of changing herself to be one, she calls upon her Nasod summons to fight for her. In this path, she continues to act as a queen, carefully ordering her subordinates and carrying that air of calm and elegance.

Chung: Iron Paladin vs. Tactical Trooper (vs. Deadly Chaser)

It's reeeeallly hard to choose Chung’s “good” side. IP is your typical Guardian, fighting to protect others and improving his durability and defense. TT, however, isn’t a bad guy. He just uses “Disfrozen”, which is more destructive, but not evil. Furthermore, his intentions aren’t evil either. You can even bring DC into the discussion. Although I named him the darker path in my “dark side” post, the only reason for that was because people identified him as an assassin, rather than a guardian. Aside from that, he’s still a “good” person and hasn’t completely fallen to the dark side. 

I’ll say all of Chung’s paths are “good”. None of his paths are definitively “more good” than the others, and none of them are evil. I suppose Chung shall forever remain as the good, little girl boy we’ve always known and loved. 

Ara: Sakra Devanam vs. Yama Raja vs. Asura

I’m bringing in everyone for this one, because between YR and Asura, it’s really hard to tell who’s the darker of the two. I also messed up in my “dark side” post and stated that YR uses demonic powers. According to 2nafish and other peeps, this isn’t the case. Sorry about that. Anyways, I think we can see which class is the “good” path. Sakra Devanam fights for justice and continues to use the techniques and fighting skills that she grew up with. Not much else to discuss here. Let’s move on to Elesis.

Elesis: Grand Master vs. Blazing Heart

Again, it’s like choosing between Elsword’s paths, LK and RS. Although BH is more aggressive and incorporates fire into her attacks, she isn’t evil. GM is the typical knight, fighting for the sake of others, but again, it’s not the only good path. Just like Elsword, I will say that GM is the “good” path, but choosing BH or neither instead is also valid.

Add: Lunatic Psyker vs. Mastermind

Mastermind. Sure, he’s still insane, but amongst his three paths, he’s the “good” path. LP is extremely aggressive, punching and kicking people with his perfected Nasod Armor and blowing up everything in front of him. And DE is… DE. Mastermind continues down his “scientist” path and creates drones installations to assist him in battle. He’s the most elegant of the three (look at dat outfit. And the hair!) and isn’t quite as aggressive. Of course, you shouldn’t estimate this guy (phantom seeker, his cube HA, etc.)

If you look back, you’ll see that although I named a couple of the Imperial classes as the good guys, there are also several examples where the Rebellion or Transform classes can be considered good as well. Just like the “dark” side, the “good” side isn’t tied with one particular job path. This post was more ambiguous than the other one, so there are a lot more classes to consider when deciding who’s the good guy. But as you can see, it isn’t easy to conclude that the Imperials are the most “good”.

So remember: Imperial, Rebellion, and Transform aren’t terms for good and evil. They’re just general terms to group the various fighting styles out there

The more you know…

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ghoststorie  asked:

who're ur faves from each game of dot kareshi? :OO

I have 2 from each game I reaaaally like so from the first game it’s nearly a tie between Wizard and Priest, with Wizard winning out just by a bit. He’s such a pathetically spiteful man I loved it.

Second game IT’S ALSO A TIE;;; between Monk and Dancer. Monk is a sweetie and Dancer is so, energetic and just I love them. Good boys. Albeit they’re all a pack of perverts.

Third game is EVIL LORD AS TOP TIER I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, and then Dark Knight the poor man. Villager is so close to being in there when he got all spooky I was like HELLO.

dilfwolf  asked:

please tell me that you have modern royalty/medieval royalty/any kind of royalty au recs.

Historical Royalty

  • Waiting Games by Jerakeen (E, 6k) Being an only child and heir to the throne, Stiles had always known he may not have the luxury of marrying for love. When he’d realized he was an omega to boot, things had taken an even more uncomfortable turn for him. Omegas are rare. An omega as the heir apparent is almost unheard of. Which is why there is no wiggle room when it comes to the tournament.
  • Phoenix by Unloyal_Ohio (E, 9k) Stiles is a prince with a secret lost in war.
  • Never Did Run Smooth by blacktofade, siredtosourwolf (E, 34k) Medieval Chasing Liberty AU: As the only son of King Stilinski, Stiles doesn’t have a lot of freedom, but he doesn’t let that stop him from traveling for days to the biggest festival of the season with a begrudging stranger, Derek.
  • Safe Harbor by helenish [part one][part two][part three][part four] [part five] [part six] [part seven][part eight] He thought—well. Stiles was kind. Polite. Insisted on a generous settlement for Derek in the prenuptial negotiations, stipulated that Derek and his descendants would retain control over the plot of land where the—the house had been. Derek had believed there was an understanding between them. After what it felt like to have his hand clasped in Stiles’ long-fingered grasp, the gentle brush of lips against his jaw, Derek had almost allowed forgotten himself, had hoped for Stiles to become forward enough to steal a real kiss in their few unchaperoned moments. He didn’t.
  • A Desperate Arrangement by mikkimouse (E, 116k) ”I’m sorry, I believe there’s something wrong with my hearing,” Stiles said. “Because I could have sworn you just told me you set up a betrothal agreement with the Hales. A betrothal agreement involving me. Me.” Scott smiled his easygoing smile and nodded, which told Stiles no, he hadn’t misheard a damn thing. After seven years of lengthy negotiations, the treaty between the Hales and the Argents has fallen apart and the two countries fell into war. Months later, there’s an uneasy truce, thanks to the intervention of King Scott McCall, but it won’t last. In a desperate attempt to maintain the peace, the Hales sign a treaty with the McCalls to marry Prince Derek to Prince Stiles Stilinski, King Scott’s brother. In the history of the world, there have been many better ideas.
  • Burning Glances (Turning Heads) by Yiichi (Not Rated, 28k) Stiles is a lower-class tailor, who has always dreamed of attending the fabled, annual Hale ball. His good friend, Lord McCall, somehow managed to procure an extra invite. Stiles doesn’t expect anything of the evening. He certainly doesn’t expect to capture the gaze of a dark, mysterious stranger wearing a wolf mask.
  • I Am Your Liege by relenafanel (M, 2k)  “I will not kneel to a false king,” Stiles bellowed. “I kneel to no man or woman so long as there is breath in my lungs and ground beneath my feet. My father brought prosperity to this land, and I shall reclaim my birthright and drive out the usurper with you, my loyal knights by my side. For freedom and country!” He reined in his horse, leading it with a sharp nudge until he slid in beside his most loyal knights: McCall, Argent, and Hale. “For you,” Sir Derek said in a low voice. “For the kingdom,” Stiles agreed.
  • Like Heaven Catching Lightning by weathervaanes (E, 43k)  Prince Stiles of Cor has always known, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he was never truly going to marry for love. Fighting it has only made it worse. Now, presented with a choice between two children of the Hale family of Ignis, Derek and Cora, he must make the decision to determine who will rule by his side. If only it were that simple. “Tell me,” he says, taking a drink. “If your sister does accept me as her husband, would you be pleased for her fortune or yours?” Derek sets down the pitcher and moves further into the room, removing his vest and setting it over a chair. “I don’t believe that’s a fair question. If she finds happiness in your kingdom, by your side, of course I’ll be pleased for her.” “And relieved, I imagine.” Derek turns, arms crossed over his chest. “Would you be?”
  • The Well of Living Waters by kalpurna (E, 30k) King Derek takes a consort.
  • and the wild things roared their terrible roar by hoars (E, 5k) Derek as Khal Drogo (but set in snow beyond the wall) and Stiles as Daenerys Stormborn (although he’s a greenseer of the Children rather than a dragon).
  • With Warmest Regards (Affectionately Yours) by asocialfauxpas House Hale and House Stilinski form an alliance through the betrothal of Prince Derek and Prince Stiles. Having only met once before, they write letters to get to know one another. 
  • Hoards of Gold and Treasure by RiniRhyme (T, 8k) Slaying dragons, saving princesses—these are things that all princes are wont to do and Prince Derek is no exception. Excepting for the fact that Stiles isn’t a princess and the dragon isn’t as vicious as it seems.
  • Untitled by stilinskisparkles (Not Rated, 11k) “Glad to be of assistance,” Derek says snarkily, and the man laughs. It’s more mesmerizing to see in person than it was to hear from afar. Derek swallows, tilts his head to one side, “Do I—I feel as though I know you.” The man startles and blinks rapidly at Derek, long eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, “It’s so funny, I was thinking the same…” he trails off, and then moves into Derek’s space with his hand outstretched, “We’ve never met, but I’m Stiles.” (Sleeping Beauty AU). 
  • untitled by matildajones (Not Rated, 3k) Derek shakes his head. “Sorry to disturb you, your highness.” Stiles catches his arm before he can step away. “I wish you wouldn’t call me that.”  “Goodnight, your highness,” Derek repeats. His room is at the opposite end of the castle and it takes everything not to follow him.
  • let down your hair by Hiyami (T, 7k) Stiles takes it carefully, half afraid he’s going to drop it. “What is it?” he asks.“It’s a mirror,” she tells him, refastening the strange button-like closures on her bag. “It will show you anything that you want to see in the present. You won’t be able to see the past or future, but you’ll be able to see and hear anything going on in the world as long as it’s happening right then.” [suicide attempt cw]
  • To the Edge of Night by secondstar (E, 40k) With the threat of war looming over his country, Stiles vows to help his king. As the King’s Thief, he will do anything, steal anything that his king asks of him no matter the cost. Stiles never backs down from a challenge, even if that challenge is stealing peace.
  • The One With The Scottish Wolf Lord by Stoney (E, 12k)  The Hales are alive and a royal family in Scotland; Stiles is the waif sent to work in the kitchens, elevated to personal attendant/servant to the young Lord Hale. Who happens to be a wolf who can’t shift back. 
  • untitled by grimm (Not Rated, 1k)  They are to be married upon the crown prince’s arrival in the kingdom, though the journey takes him the better part of two weeks. Derek is waiting outside the day he arrives, along with most of the castle staff and several noble families. His palms itch with sweat as the carriage pulls up in front of him, his stomach tense with nerves and anticipation. He knows next to nothing about the crown prince, except that he’s said to have a sparkling wit; Derek doesn’t even know what he looks like. His mouth goes dry when a manservant opens the carriage door and the prince unfolds himself from inside, stepping down onto the smooth stones. He’s tall and lean, with long, coltish legs, elegant hands, a proud set to his shoulders. His eyes meet Derek’s and Derek’s dismayed to see nothing but anger and disdain in them, his mouth set in a grim, fixed line.
  • A Devotion by troubleiwant (M, 77k) There’s a boy exiting the doors as they approach. Where Derek is tan from hours outside, the boy is pale except for a few beauty marks on one cheek. He’s dressed in fine riding clothes, and flanked by a guard wearing the sign of the royal house. A noble, then. He’s younger than Derek, but, considering his higher station, a bow would be appropriate. Despite that, Derek can’t help looking curiously at the boy, who’s looking back at Derek with just as much interest. For a moment, their eyes meet - the boy’s are a deep amber in the sunlit courtyard, ringed by long, tawny lashes.A gloved hand smacks the back of Derek’s head and he instinctively flinches away, hunching his shoulders. He loses track of the other boy as they pass one another, and as he turns to get another look, the knight grabs his shoulder and marches him forward into the stable.“Keep your eyes to yourself,” the knight instructs. “And next time, show the proper respect to Crown Prince Stiles.”
  • The King And The Spare by eeyore9990, qafmaniac (M, 12k) The young, newly-crowned King of Bohemia is in search of a spouse. Both Derek Hale and his sister Cora had the appallingly bad taste to be born so far down the hierarchy of royalty in their home land of Moravia as to be unnecessary to their own royal lineage but still too high born to be anything other than the consort to the royal house of another country.
  • untitled by anonymous (Not Rated, 2k) Stiles had been dragged into the castle to bear witness to probably the best kept secret in the country. “Shit,” he breathes, “That’s Prince Derek.”
  • untitled by banshee-cheekbones (Not Rated, 2k) Stiles spent most of his early years being afraid of Derek.  At first, it’d simply been due to his status as a prince, but after it became clear that Derek wanted people to treat him as an equal, he’d been scared simply because of how naturally intimidating the guy was. He had a habit of silently popping up in dark corners or sneaking into one of the training rooms and only making his presence known when Stiles or one of the other trainees messed up a spell.  He quickly lost count of the number of times  that Derek’s unexpected presence had almost given him a heart attack.But even though Derek was more than a little scary and frustratingly hard to get a read on, as he grew older, Stiles found it difficult to stay away from him.
  • If I die before my time, bury me upside down by ElisAttack (T, 2k) The boy is all of sixteen years old, a too large crown of gold resting on his head. The boy is sixteen years old, and Derek knows he would die for him. Or the one where Stiles is a young King, barely holding onto power, and Derek is his most trusted knight.

Modern Royalty

  • Once Upon A December by M_Leigh (G, 17k) Scott would not have thought, years ago in the orphanage, that being befriended by Stiles would ultimately mean sneaking into the Archduke of Russia’s residence in Paris in order for Stiles to chase after the homeless man of his dreams, but he’s gotten very good, over the years, at rolling with the punches.
  • This Kind of Luxe by horchatita394, weathervaanes, wishingonalightningbolt (E, 15k)  As they have for almost every US President since the 1910s, the Prime Minister and the royal head of their country pay a visit to the United States after inauguration. Which is why, when President Jonathan Stilinski is elected into office, Queen Talia Hale of Norland plans their trip.
  • Untitled by thepsychicclam (Not Rated, 3k) “Getting fingerprints on my car?” a familiar voice asks. Stiles smiles and lifts his eyes to find Derek walking towards him from the work room in the back. He’s shirtless, covered in dirt and grease, and wiping his hands on a soiled rag as he approaches Stiles. “I think you mean my car,” Stiles counters. “I practically put it together.” Derek scoffs. “I think you’re mistaken, your highness. I put the car together while you asked a thousand questions, handed me tools from your perch on my workbench, and ogled my ass.”
  • the prince and me by matildajones (T, 3k) Stiles moves to America for college. He comes from a country no one has heard of that still has the outdated concept of kings and queens and princes and princesses. He sort of hates it, hates the rules he can never break, hates the pressure of being in the public eye. He needs a taste of freedom – of a simple life where things like royalty doesn’t matter so much. Hopefully college will be the answer.
  • The Christmas Raffle by mikkimouse (E, 10k)  Every year, the royal Hale family raffles off a Christmas dinner with Prince Derek to raise money for charity. But this year, the winner is the second chance Derek didn’t know he was looking for.
  • I already miss you by trilliastra (T, 1k) Stiles is going to be the king of his own kingdom and will probably have to marry some nice lady while Derek will just die alone in a farm house full of cats. It’s what Cora says, anyway.
  • untitled by matildajones (Not Rated, 10k)  Derek remembers those big, brown eyes. Those are the eyes of the man who saved him, and as much as Derek tries to forget everything that happened to him he knows he can’t. Especially not tonight.
  • Jumping Ship by helahound (G, 2k) “You want me to steal a prince?” Stiles exclaimed. He might have also flailed a little too enthusiastically and knocked over the potted plant on Lydia’s desk.Lydia let out a long-suffering sigh, fixing him with an unamused glare as she righted the plant and brushed dirt off her books.
Prince Imrahil's Appearance

Tolkien doesn’t really describe his characters intimately enough to get much of a sense for age (especially the men.) As for describing Imrahil’s appearance in general… well, here’s what we’ve got:

But beyond, in the great fief of Belfalas, dwelt Prince Imrahil in his castle of Dol Amroth by the sea, and he was of high blood, and his folk also, tall men and proud with sea-grey eyes.


And last and proudest, Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth, kinsman of the Lord, with gilded banners bearing his token of the Ship and the Silver Swan, and a company of knights in full harness riding grey horses; and behind them seven hundreds of men at arms, tall as lords, grey-eyed, dark-haired, singing as they came.

and finally

At length they came to the Prince Imrahil, and Legolas looked at him and bowed low; for he saw that here indeed was one who had elven-blood in his veins.

So, looking at these descriptions combined, we can safely assume that Imrahil had dark hair, grey eyes, was pretty tall, and was probably pretty good-looking (a combination of Legolas immediatley recognizing him as having elvish blood, and also the fact that he was once referred to as “Imrahil the Fair.”


anakin skywalker
  • too old to become a padawan
  • council believes he is dangerous
  • council lets him be trained anyways
  • becomes good jedi
  • council unsure if he really is the chosen one
  • council still senses a disturbance in him
  • council let him forgo the trials and become a jedi knight anyways
  • completely pitches a fit when he can’t be on the jedi council
  • becomes a dark lord of the sith
  • council- “hmm… didn’t see that one coming.”

True detective, S01E01

Marty Hart: You know, they used to call him The Taxman for a while?


‘I candidly admit that in my practice I have not found any reliable example of the knight of faith, though I would not therefore deny that every second man may be such an example. I have been trying, however, for several years to get on the track of this, and all in vain. People commonly travel around the world to see rivers and mountains, new stars, birds of rare plumage, queerly deformed fishes, ridiculous breeds of men – they abandon themselves to the bestial stupor which gapes at existence, and they think they have seen something. This does not interest me. But if I knew where there was such a knight of faith, I would make a pilgrimage to him on foot, for this prodigy interests me absolutely. I would not let go of him for an instant, every moment I would watch to see how he managed to make the movements, I would regard myself as secured for life, and would divide my time between looking at him and practicing the exercises myself, and thus would spend all my time admiring him. As was said, I have not found any such person, but I can well think him. Here he is. Acquaintance made, I am introduced to him. The moment I set eyes on him I instantly push him from me, I myself leap backwards, I clasp my hands and say half aloud, “Good Lord, is this the man? Is it really he? Why, he looks like a tax-collector!

Søren Kierkegaard, Fear and Trembling

You know, I bet superheroes, ordinary citizens, hell, even super villains all sit around and admire Batman. The man who manages to do it all. He somehow is able to balance a large, active family and a very busy and involved superhero lifestyle in addition to his normal day job. Women everywhere sigh in jealousy that Batman has achieved every woman’s goal: The perfect balance of work and family.

No one knows how he does it. Women’s magazines speculate on how Gotham’s Dark Knight reared his four Robins, three Batgirl and lord knows who else while keeping up with his work. They even give tips on how to be more like him.  He ends up becoming a feminist icon proving that you can be a good parent and scare the pants off of Gotham at the same time, though literally in his case.

The JLA thinks it’s hilarious, even though they too want the secret to Batman’s organized lifestyle. The kids alternating between laughing at him and scoffing at the implication that he did okay. (“Jason and Damian both died. Dick’s never been all there and have you see Tim lately???”). Bruce, meanwhile ignores the teasing and the requests to be interviewed by Gotham Woman Today. The true secret is he has no idea what he’s doing. He just staggers around and has Alfred do the rest.

A class for all and all classes for one

Last time I submitted something it was trying to analyze all the pokemon from the Greninja trailer… Now have something much, much longer.

Y’know I wonder if Sakurai even played fire Emblem: Awakening? I mean, not to bash on him or what he has done with the two FE:A newcomers, but I feel like there could’ve been more?

Anyways, here come some light FE:A spoilers.

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