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Prompt: The first time Barry sees Caitlin in a swimsuit. (They went swimming in the Season Zero comic but it doesn't have to be then.)

title | objectively gorgeous (omg, ideas appreciated, came up a blank here)

notes | Made it also a group friendship fic with everyone poking fun at Barry’s reaction–concentrated more on that piece of it but also his actual reaction and how he tries to play it off. Hope you like it!

“You should probably close your mouth Barry.”

Said mouth snaps shut with a nearly audible click as two wide green eyes flash over to Cisco with a speed that would make his alter ego jealous. Sprawled out on a towel in the sand, Cisco is grinning like the cat that caught the canary, barely holding back the bark of laughter that had colored his advice. As Barry’s lips curl into a wide, joking grin, he shakes his head to fend off the accusation but Eddie, likewise sitting near enough by to watch the whole exchange, cuts off his attempt.

“Seriously Bar, you’re not fooling anyone.” And he sounds way too smug under those sunglasses and cocky grin, especially given the fact that Barry knows his reaction to Iris a few minutes earlier hadn’t been much better. Of course, he’s actually dating Iris, so the gawking is probably a lot more appropriate.

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It’s Kind of a Funny Story (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

 I held onto the flower crown on my head as I raced after my friend, running across the Coachella festival grounds towards the main stage. We were trying to beat the crowds and get a good spot for the AC/DC performance that night. “Shit!” I cursed, placing a hand on the shoulder I had just collided with, “I am so sorry.” “Oh, don’t worry about it, love,” a deep Australian accent reassured me, his hand on my elbow to stabilize me. I had crashed right into his tall frame while dashing across the desert grass. He had a red bandana tied around his neck, standing out from his black cut off tank. He had to be absolutely roasting in the black, ripped skinny jeans he was wearing, which were rolled up to his ankles and he was barefoot. Good lord, he was a gorgeous boy, lip ring and all. I called out another apology as I chased after my friend. She grabbed onto my hand, dragging me behind her. We slowed as we reached a thicker crowd, weaving through clusters of people. Breathing heavily we stopped near the front of the stage. “I cannot feel my legs,” I panted, leaning over. “It’s so worth it though,” she grinned up at the stage. 

 Half way through AC/DC’s set I bumped into the body behind me. “Sorry,” I shouted over the music, turning to face a familiar pair of blue eyes. “You’re still fine, love,” the Aussie laughed, leaning close to my ear. “I guess I just can’t stay away from you,” I winked, turning back towards the stage. Him and his friends stayed behind me the rest of the show, singing passionately to every song. Even with their slurred words, the harmonies weren’t too bad. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’ve had a few drinks,” I teased him as the set ended. “Only a few,” he shrugged, smirking down at me, “I’m Luke.” “Y/N,” I flashed him a smile, “Are you camping out?” I asked, hoping the answer was yes. “Yeah, with my mates,” Luke nodded his head towards the three boys trailing behind him. One of them was chatting up my friend and he had her in a fit of laughter. He had a patch of blonde hair, with a flower crown (that used to belong to my friend) placed on top of his head. His flannel was hanging loosely around his waist, complimenting his white t-shirt. All of his friends had thick Australian accents. “You come all the way from Australia for Coachella?” I raised an eyebrow. “Nah, we’re in a band. We’re here writing and recording for our album. We kind of suck,” he joked. His blonde friend appeared,  draping his arm around Luke’s shoulder, “We suck a lot, especially our lead singer. What a cock,” He poked Luke’s dimple, causing Luke to roll his eyes. “I’m guessing you’re the lead singer,” I giggled. “Yeah, and this is Michael. He’s our shitty guitarist,” Luke laughed. “It’s a pleasure,” Michael stuck his hand out. “I’m Y/N,” I smiled at him, shaking his hand. “Are you guys camping out as well?” Luke asked. “Yeah, just the two of us though,” I sighed. “No worries darling, you can hang out with us,” Luke draped his arm over my shoulders as we walked across the grounds towards their campout. 

“Play me something,” I said to Luke, pointing at the open guitar case in the back of their van. “What do you want to hear?” he asked, pulling the guitar into his lap. “What about…I Miss You by Blink,” I chewed my bottom lip as he situated himself in his chair. I took a drink out of the bottle of beer Ashton had handed me a while ago, leaning back. Luke coughed nervously before beginning, “Hello there the angel from my nightmare-” “Oi shut up Luke, you suck,” Calum called over to him. “Awe I liked it,” I giggled. “I’ll just have to show you another time, when we’re alone. Without these dick heads,” Luke called over to the boys. “Ha ha, very funny,” Ashton flipped him off. Calum turned back to my friend, running his fingers along her bare leg. I let out an involuntary shiver, causing goosebumps to rise over my skin. “Cold?” Luke asked, as he set his guitar back in the van with their suitcases. “A bit, but I’m alright,” I ran my hands across my arms. “Here,” he tossed me a flannel shirt to slip on. Luke lifted my legs, sliding onto the chair and settling me in his lap. “I’m not cold anymore,” I smirked at him. “Good,” he winked, pressing a kiss on my collarbone. “Ya know, for a stranger you sure are confident,” I remarked. “We aren’t strangers,” Luke claimed. “Yes we are, I only know your name,” I protested. “Yeah, but you’re wearing my shirt so we are officially friends,” Luke stated. “Alright, friends,” I smiled to myself. Luke rested his head on my shoulder as he traced shapes onto my leg. “So,” I prompted, “Tell me about your band. Other than the fact that you suck.” “We’re going on tour in a month,” Michael said, stretching his arms over his head. “That’s awesome, where are you playing?” my friend piped up. “Oh shit, man, all over the place. Australia, America, Europe, it’s gonna be wicked,” Ashton gushed. “And,” Luke paused, “We are always welcome to groupies.” “Oh yeah?” I teased, “Just let me know when you’re in town.” “Oh, you wanna be a groupie do ya?” Luke patted my leg. “No, but I’ve got this friend..” I joked. “Oh Luke you’re so funny,” Micael groaned, rubbing his eyes, “I’m going to bed.” “Same,” Ashton and Michael headed for one of the tents. “You staying here tonight?” Calum asked my friend. She nodded, looking over at me, and then following him into the other tent. “We can sleep in the back of the van,” Luke said, pulling me up with him, “it’s more comfortable than the tents anyways.” “What makes you so sure I’m staying with you?” I crossed my arms defiantly. “Oh you’re gonna play that game?” Luke asked, opening the back of the van, displaying a few blankets and pillows piled in there on the floor. “Yup, what are you gonna do about it?” I poked his chest, the alcohol clearly having it’s slight effects on me. “Why don’t I just show you?” Luke’s breath fanned over my neck as he stepped closer, his hand finding my waist. “Go for it,” I whispered, “I dare you.” “Alright,” Luke smirked, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the van, slamming the doors behind us.

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Chapter Two