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It's 5:08 A.M. And I haven't been asleep allll night...will you tell me a bedtime story about the warriors sam and dean and cas. I'll get milk and cookies and a blanket!!!

Ohhhhhhhh I was definitely sleeping when you sent me this… I hope you got some rest. And I’ll still tell you a quick story about Sam and Dean and Cas.


One time, Cas was being really, really pouty all day. Sam and Dean kept pestering him about it, and asking him what was wrong, but he refused to tell them for the longest time, always saying that it was nothing and that he was fine.

Eventually, Dean couldn’t stand him moping anymore and finally dragged it out of him. 

Cas had tried to pet a cat that morning and it ran away.

He was moping because he got rejected by a cat. A CAT,

Of course Dean thought this was ridiculous and only made fun of him, but Sam was nice enough to explain to Cas that sometimes cats are aloof and it doesn’t mean that the cat didn’t like him. 

His mood significantly improved after that.

The 20 Tongues of Castiel

“Have you ever seen a bee, Y/N?”

“You look lovely tonight.”

“I am very familiar with the essence of your soul. I have spent years watching you mature.”

“Would you like a hug?”

“I’d never allow you to sell your soul. Not for Sam, or Dean, or anyone.”

"I just… Wanted to touch you, I suppose.”

"Of course I will protect you, Y/N!”

"You called?”

"You might even taste sweeter than honey.”

"She might just be the most beautiful human I have ever seen in all my time among the Earth.”

"I have grown too close to you in our time together, Y/N.”

"You are safe now, I promise.”

"Is that dress… New…?”

"I swear to you, I will do everything in my might to protect her.”
“Yeah, Cas, you’d better.”

"You know, Castiel, you look at her like she’s the angel.”

"The way you struggle, the way you fight to survive, how infinitely human you are-”
“Okay, and, Cas? Are you trying to say somethi-”
"I adore it.”
“…. Oh.”

"You got hurt pretty bad, Y/N. Lucky for you, Cas was around; he healed you. Thoroughly, at that.”

"That girl of yours - Y/N, isn’t it? - she’s as pretty as a star. Don’t you think so?”
"No star could ever compare to her beauty, Crowley.”

"You know, Cas…”
"Yes, Sam?”
"I think Y/N is as sweet on you as you are on her.”

"Cas… You kinda pretty.”


“I believe I was created with the intention to love you. I am not sure, centuries of wandering the Earth have rusted my memory.”


“Now are you gonna talk, pal, or are we gonna have a problem here? Spill the beans or you’re gonna be sleepin’ with the fishes,” Cas said, leaning down and looking into your eyes from across the table. He had affected his voice and he sounded like someone straight out of an old mobster movie. There was excitement in his blue eyes and it was making them throw bits of light back at you.

“…Why are you talking like that?” you asked, doing your best to suppress a laugh.

“Isn’t that how police officers talk?” Cas said, his usual deep and calm tone returning.

“Yeah, maybe in 1920′s Chicago,” you said with a small laugh. You crossed your arms over your chest. “Where did you get that idea?”

“From hundreds of police movies from when Metatron imbued me with knowledge of popular culture.”

You smiled at him. “That’s the problem. You’re using popular culture from a bygone era as a reference, Cas. Cops don’t interrogate like that anymore. Just–just be yourself. Maybe watch Sam and Dean a couple times before you take a whack at it.”

Cas looked a little abashed. 

“Hey,” you said, gently touching his arm. “Don’t worry about it. You’ll be great.” 

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Movie night with dean, cas, shipper!Charlie (cause be real she's a shipper she called cas dreamy and she's lesbian) and shipper!sam (pre-destiel)

Oh man, Sam and Charlie take the two arm chairs so that Dean and Cas HAVE to share the sofa and they’re like?? Dean is so nervous because Cas sat down real close to him and Dean has to keep drying his sweaty palms on the knees of his jeans because good LoRd.

Sam keeps asking Cas what he thinks of the romances in the storyline, (hey Cas, what would your ideal date be????) and Charlie keeps suggesting gay movies like Carol or 4th Man Out and Dean Cannot Handle It™.

Stoic part 2

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Pairing: CasxReader
Word count: 967
Author: Brittiny

After your ‘issue’ with Cas, you’d been avoiding him. If he popped into a room, you walked out. If you had notice that he would be there, you’d leave for a few hours. Anything to avoid getting your heart stepped on. Again.

It was the day of your open mic night and you were currently getting ready. You chose a flattering pair of jeans, boots, and a cute purple v-neck shirt. You left your hair down, but put some waves in it, and your make up was simple.

The boys had been gone since lunch, so you didn’t see them on your way out. You didn’t bother with a note, since they knew where you would be.  

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I read Satin and Sawdust and Living in Agony and I love love them so much!! Oh my god like they were sooo sooo good. Satin and Sawdust I read a while ago and forgot some details but I remember how I loved how Cas was obsessed with Dean's panties and Living In Agony all the smut and the shower sex and the angst. It was all so amazing. Ima read the rest, but I don't know which to read first.

LIVING IN AGONY IS SO FUCKIN HOT OH GOOD LORD. And Cas finding out he’s queer bc Dean wears satin underwear is. My favourite thing. I say go with with I can make you scared if you want a sexy one.

The others are sexy, but mostly plot, and i can make you scared is bdsm and gr8 and lovely, so.

Other BDSM stories include I want to get outside (of me) and Carry On, which I think was deleted but someone should have a copy somewhere.