I just put food network on and there is this southern lady with a thick Kentucky accent putting on a party and the theme is “White” and she’s talking about how much she loves white, and how all her guests will wear white and all her food is going to be white and be made with mostly white ingredients and just “my goodness I love when everything around me is white!!!”. This is like…. pure satire. I can’t believe i’m watching this. 

So today I see Divergent for the very first time! Maybe you saw it or maybe not. If you haven’t done so yet I wanna convince you to see it, and I have a very good reason! ;)

Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, signore e signori.. Here we have Mr Theo James aka Four aka Tobias Eaton! 

Can we please take a moment to admire his abs?

Or his shoulders….


Oh.. Have I already said he’s british?