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Some ass: "Ghost fucking sucks now and I'm not gonna support them anymore!!"


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I’m referring to your memories prior to your waking up in X777… Even earlier than that… We lived peacefully in small, quaint village

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“It’s your life, Dad. I’d like it if you were happy. I’m okay with anything as long as you’re happy.” 

Prompt 100: I'm sorry but that was adorable

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“Come out of there, Vegeta!”


Bulma sighed, leaning against the bathroom door. She pursed her cherry red lips and kicked the bottom of the door lightly with her foot. “Do I need to come in there?”

“Do it and you’ll be sorry, Bulma!”

She chuckled to herself at his ‘threat,’ resting her chin under her finger. “If you don’t come out, Bra will never forgive you.”

There was silence behind the wooden door, and she smiled with satisfaction. Playing the Bra card was the easiest way to get her husband to comply. He wouldn’t say it out loud, but the half Saiyan Princess had him wrapped around her finger, giving Bulma nostalgia. Bra was her mother’s daughter in far more ways than her looks.

Speaking of the devil, the five year old Bulma doppelganger strolled in their bedroom, her cheeks puffy and her lip pouted, clenching her tiny fists at the side of her pink party dress.

“Mama!,” she exclaimed, her blue eyes alive with fire, “what’s taking so long? All of my friends are calling me a liar, and Bra is not a liar!”

Bulma had to keep her bought of laughter concealed as she drank in her daughter’s wounded pride. She was definitely her father’s daughter, too.

“Your father is coming, sweetie. He is just having some… ” she glanced at the door,“…technical difficulties.”

Bra stuck out her chest and marched to the door, taking her mother’s spot as she moved out of the way. “Papa!” she yelled as she knocked, “You’re taking forever!”

Vegeta could be heard sighing in the bathroom, and Bulma could vision him mouthing a string of curses and punching the air. But she didn’t feel sorry for him at all. This was his fault for telling Bra she could have whatever she wanted.

“This is silly, Bra, ” he said finally, his tone trying to sound authorative.

Bra took a deep breath, trying to reign in her angry tantrum that was surfacing. Bulma mimicked her, bracing herself for her daughters unrivaled emotional breakdown.

“Papa! You’re going to make Bra cry! I’m not supposed to cry on my birthday! ” Her eyes shone with tears as her face reddened, showing that she was far from lying. She sniffled as alligator tears raced down her face. Bulma had to hand it to her daughter; she really knew how to manipulate. She felt sorry for whomever Bra decided to date in the future.

“Papa…! ” her was voice milky with tears.

The door knob rattled and Bulma smiled, knowing the battle was over. It opened slowly, creaking in dramatics, and Vegeta emerged.

Dressed head to toe in a brown, fluffy monkey suit, his face showing discomfort in the cut out.

Bra clapped her hands excitedly, clearly over her tantrum. “You look so good, Papa!” she exclaimed, throwing her small arms around his waist. “And when you do your tricks, everyone is going to love it!”

Vegeta groaned, his face red with embarrassment. He looked over at his wife, who was barely stifling her laugher. “Is Kakarot here too?” he asked in a pouty tone.

Bulma nodded, trying to swallow down her chuckles. “He was the first to arrive with Chi Chi and Goten, followed by Gohan, Videl and Pan.”

Vegeta looked like he was going to die. “…and Piccolo?”

“Would never miss this. He was carrying Pan.”

Vegeta grimaced. “Krillin?”

“Brought a huge gift for Bra. Along with 18 and Marron.”

Fucking fantastic.

“Everyone’s here, Papa!” Bra jumped up and down, “all of you and Mama’s friends and Bra’s too! And Trunks and Goten said they would record everything so we could watch it later!”

Vegeta grit his teeth. Trunks sure was turning into a little shit. He was willing to bet that the lavender haired teen was the first to offer his ‘services’.

“Can you roar for me, Papa? ” Bra crouched into a stance, opening her mouth wide.

Vegeta’s face took on a new shade of red. “Monkey’s don’t roar, Bra.”

Bra puffed her cheeks and stomped her feet. Taking a deep breath, she screamed at the top of her lungs:“BUT YOU SAID THAT SAIYANS USED TO ROAR WHEN THEY TURNED INTO A GREAT APE AND I WANT TO SEE, PAPA! PLEASE FOR MY BIRTHD–”

“ALRIGHT! ” Vegeta groaned again, seeing so much of his wife in Bra. He took a stance that best resembled his Ozaru form, remembering what it felt like to turn into a Great Ape. Digging deep into the middle of his chest, he roared as loud as he could, delighting Bra.

And making Bulma lose it.

“Thanks Papa! ” she grabbed his hand as hugged it, pressing it to her cheek. “I’m going to go downstairs and tell everyone you’re coming! I’m so excited, this is the best birthday ever!” She skipped out of the room humming, her party dress sashaying behind her.

“Can you stop already?! ” Vegeta balled his fists at his wife, who was currently doubled over in a laughing fit and clutching her stomach.

“ I-I’m sor..sorry, ” she said in between breaths.

Vegeta folded his arms, looking away embarrassed. “You don’t have to make this worse, you know.”

Bulma collected herself and stood up, walking towards her husband. She placed her hand on his shoulder, resting her chin on top of it and smiled warmly at him. “I’m sorry, but that was adorable.”

Vegeta shifted his eyes to her. “I don’t look stupid?”

“No, you look like a father who wants his daughter to have a good birthday.” she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, leaning in his hear. “And a treat for Bra is a treat for you later, mister.”

A ghost of a smile lingered on his lips and he turned from her. “Fine. I’m ready. But you better hold true to your word later.”

“Thats my monkey man,” she grabbed his well toned butt, and he shoved her hand away, making her laugh all over again.

This would be a birthday party for the record books.

…. I laughed so hard writing this

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Papa: (on Papa II handing over the audience to him) “He said I’m giving them all to you now. As much as I’d like to keep them all. Do them all. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do everybody. Maybe one. Maybe two. “
My Fanboy Husband: yells “I volunteer!”
Papa: “..Why not, yes. I’m actually pro a lot of things. But not today. Maybe next time, absolutely!”

dinner for four

prompt: (1) Inojin runs his mouth about Sasuke which led to Sarada ignoring him. Sakura helps the two in making up. 

“Gee, your father is crazy.”

Sarada laughs. “That’s what you get for kissing me.”

Inojin rubbed the bruise on his arm. “I was lucky to get away when I could. Even though I fell a few times in my escape plan.”

“He’s probably still looking for you right now,” Sarada remarked.

Inojin’s shoulders tensed up as he glanced around the area surrounding the park. “Liar,” he muttered as he realized how ridiculously scared he must seem to Sarada right now.

“Don’t worry. Papa won’t murder you if he does find you.”

“You don’t know that. He’s done some bad things in the past.”

Sarada shot him a glare. “Hey! He had his reasons. Don’t talk about my Papa like that.”

“I didn’t mean it like that. But your father can be quite scary when it comes to exacting revenge,” Inojin explained. He realized that maybe he shouldn’t have said anything more when he saw the bitter glare on Sarada’s face. 

Sarada stood up. “You know what? I hope Papa does find you!” With a deep frown, she turned to leave the park. “Stupid boys,” she muttered under her breath. 

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