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i had a flashback to the above exchange after reading the most recent tweets-

fuckin mr planned out practical and concise boy whiskey vs “uhhhhh idk sure ok sounds fun” tango

like whiskeys just “im gonna do things This Way Specifically because that is The Most Sensible and Works”

tango: im gonna wing it

whiskey: [short circuits] [cannot Deal w/tango’s casual approach to life] [steals last of the pie]

also bitty with the relatable content-

IwaOi soccer player au: Forward(striker)!Iwaizumi and goalkeeper(also captain)!Oikawa

  • Their ritual before every game includes them holding each other’s face, forehead touching while cheering the other up, ending with a simultaneous slap to the other’s back. 
  • Iwa’s signature goal celebration is an air fist pump with Oikawa, which turns into a (very curt and quick) air kiss to Oikawa after they start dating. 
  • Both of them become extremely flustered (face all red or eye averted, Oikawa’s face sometimes hidden behind his gloves) every time Iwa does so. Their teammates and fans enjoy way too much at this interaction. 
  • Hanamaki once teases Iwa for keeping doing something that embarrassing himself so much. Iwa only replies “it just feels right.
  • They finally get more at ease with all the “public display of affection” after they get married, when Iwa’s goal celebration becomes a kiss to his ring finger (without a ring on the field for safety reasons) and Oikawa always mirrors it.  
the man from u.n.c.l.e. (2015) sentence starters

tw disordered eating, alcohol, gendered slurs, violence

❝ you look important… or at least your suit does. ❞
❝ statements like that can get you into a lot of trouble around here. ❞
❝ make yourself comfortable, why don’t you.  ❞
❝ you’re wasting your time. i haven’t seen him for 18 years. ❞
❝ if i had 15 minutes, we’d drink tea, eat biscuits; i’d talk, you’d laugh, and we’d be on our way. ❞
❝ are they still following us? ❞
❝ when you hear something that sounds like a gunshot, drive. ❞
❝ you can’t be serious. ❞
❝ excuse me dear, i just need to use your back door. ❞
❝ hug me. ❞
❝ what’s that? it smells like feet. ❞
❝ how long was your prison sentence? ❞
❝ don’t ever make the calamitous error of mistaking my deliberate short-sightedness for blindness. ❞
❝ look at ‘em. merrily oblivious as we labor tirelessly to save them from extinction and not even a ‘thank-you.’ ❞
❝ don’t kill your partner on your first day. ❞
❝ i’m sure you understand humiliation better than most. ❞
❝ my woman would never wear anything like that. ❞
❝ smoothly done. ❞
❝ you can’t put a paco rabanne belt on a patou. ❞
❝ and remember… take it like a pussy. ❞
❝ not very good at this whole ‘subtlety’ thing, are you? ❞
❝ either you start to look like you know what you’re doing, or i’m out of here. ❞
❝ would you like a bigger glass? ❞
❝ no fun dancing by yourself; i need a partner. ❞
❝ don’t you make me put you over my knee. ❞
❝ so you don’t want to dance… but you do want to wrestle. ❞
❝ i like my women strong. ❞
❝ now we are engaged. again. ❞
❝ i am neither a goat, nor your sister, so… get your hands off me. ❞
❝ i’m okay, i think. ❞
❝ i’ve been on a diet, my dear. just caviar and champagne for three weeks. ❞
❝ you see, each one of us has a destiny… and i believe i can help you with yours. ❞
❝ you can see the future? ❞
❝ i can see us having lunch tomorrow. alone. ❞
❝ darling, time to go. ❞
❝ they had it coming. ❞
❝ you need to control your temper. ❞
❝ i think he’s an athletic, good-looking gazillionaire, who’s offered me a job and made advances towards me. ❞
❝ i quite like him. ❞
❝ i don’t know what you’re upset about, you’re not even my fiance! ❞
❝ the thing is… i work better alone. ❞
❝ i’m not leaving. ❞
❝ and what, exactly, did you do to him? ❞
❝ just shut up and watch me work. ❞
❝ you’re trembling. ❞
❝ it’s going to be okay. ❞
❝ i’ll be close by. ❞
❝ help yourself to a drink. ❞
❝ so sorry to keep you waiting. ❞
❝ i thought i was doing so well. ❞
❝ the fault doesn’t lie in your performance. ❞
❝ she seemed so innocent. ❞
❝ i’m so sorry i can’t stay to finish you off myself. ❞
❝ man has only two masters in this world, and their names are pain and fear. ❞
❝ i never thought i’d say this, but i’m actually quite pleased to see you. ❞
❝ it’s okay. i would have done exactly the same thing in your position. ❞

I just really love everyone’s individual pas de deux moments in the dance circle part of “You and Me.” Each is so unique and tailored to each of their specific dynamics, it’s fantastic.

Like Carlos starts the whole thing alone like the break-dancing dork he is and then Jane joins him. They’re finally being honest about maybe kind of liking each other, but they’re not taking it too seriously. This is just a dance with a possible date to follow if things go well, so they’re just being silly and having fun. He wraps her arms around him like the goofball he is and carries her off because he’s just so happy that she’s actually there with him.

Then Jay and Lonnie both enter at the same time, doing flips and spins and all the stuff that’s tied into R.O.A.R. They’re friends and aren’t technically or officially there as a couple. They’re just teammates who understand and trust each other and know how to make each other look good. They’re both athletic, so they turn what they’re comfortable with into a dance and walk off arm in arm.

Then Evie kicks them out and takes center stage like the amazing diva she is. After her moment in the spotlight, she beckons Doug in—because he defers to her and knows she’s always in charge—and he comes sliding in like the hero he wants to be for her. He lifts her like she’s a princess—because she is to him, and he wants nothing more than to be her prince—but it’s not as graceful as some of the other lifts in the song. He’s still goofy, and she’s more than happy to go with it. When they exit, she struts while he flails, perfectly capturing their personalities.

Ben and Mal go in at the same time to meet each other in the middle, but Mal kicks water in his face—because she is absolutely done with pretending to be the perfect proper princess. And Ben responds in kind, kicking water toward her, with a laugh and a smile. He’s always willing to meet her halfway, and will do so gladly. But she’s accepted that she’s not just the punk villain kid anymore, she’s also a lady of the court. She’s both now, and that’s why she willingly jumps into Ben’s arms to get lifted into the air like a princess. He wants to show off his incredible pixie dragon princess girlfriend to the entire world, and she’s totally willing to do that, just so long as she can still be herself. And the only reason they don’t start kissing again right then are there is because everyone splashes them to tell them to get a room, and Ben unsuccessfully attempts to shield Mal from the water even though they’re both already soaking wet.

When you put it all together, each little moment is a miniature showcase of each duo’s individual dynamics and it’s just so cool!

Peter x Reader — The Pool Party

The Pool Party

Summary: you were invited to a pool party, and brought Peter and Ned along, since you three are inseparable. There, you see Mike, a senior, who happens to be in drama club with you. As the afternoon goes by, he starts flirting with you. However, Peter, who’s had a crush on you since he first met you, will try his best to distract you from flirting back at Mike. 

Warnings: none that I can recall


“Man, I’m more really glad you get to hang along with the popular kids” Ned said.

“I wouldn’t call them precisely popular but…” You added as you walked inside a pretty nice and big house.

“Well, theatre kids do have cool houses” Ned said.

“Thanks for inviting us, Y/N” Peter interrupted Ned.

“Sure” you answered. “Mike’s the only rich kid from theatre. He’s also really cool and nice”

Mike was a senior guy, who’s parents owned a big house with a pool in the backyard. He was the sort of kid who was incredibly handsome and cool. Every boy wanted to be Mike, and every girl wanted to be with Mike. Except, you weren’t really interested in him.

Although, you weren’t expecting that, from all people at the part, Mike would want to talk to you. The pool was pretty wide, and several people were there, including Ned and Peter. While Ned was having fun chatting with some more of their friends, Peter stared at you and Mike from afar, resting his elbows on the edge of the pool.

Peter knew you didn’t had a crush on him, but, the sight of him trying to win you over made him feel threatened. Mike was smart, good looking, athletic. Not that Peter wasn’t any of those things, however, Mike was popular. Peter wasn’t.

When Peter noticed Mike held your hand, as you two stood in front of each other, a wave of jealousy took over him. You didn’t mind Mike holding your hand. In fact, you started noticing his flirting after he held your hand, and it didn’t bother you. You began thinking that maybe by the end of the night, you’d probably end up making out with him. It wasn’t a big deal, it was a party, people did very stupid things at parties.

Peter got out of the pool, his thoughts clouded by jealousy. He walked towards you and Mike. You two were talking, next to the table with the drinks and snacks. Peter smiled, trying to hide his jealousy.

“Hey guys!” He said politely. “Do you mind if I steal Y/N” from you for a sec?“ He said looking at Mike, who shrugged.

"No, go ahead” Mike said.

“Y/N,  where’s your phone?” Peter asked suspiciously.

“In my purse, over there” you said pointing at a small couch.

“Lovely” Peter said, as he carried you in his arms.

Your instant reaction was to clung to him for your life, starting to get nervous.

“Peter, what are you doing?” You said, as he ignored you completely, and began walking to the pool. “Peter!” You shouted playfully when you realised what Peter was going to do. “Peter no!” You laughed, as he got closer and closer to the pool.

“Peter yes!” He said and jumped inside the pool with you in his arms.

The water splashed, and Peter still held you in his arms, as the two of you  swam to the surface.

“I hate you” you laughed as you took of your hair from your face

“No you don’t, you love me” Peter giggled.

“Yeah Peter. I love you, but I can hate you too, you know?” You chuckled, as you splashed water to his face, as he kept laughing.

You hadn’t even changed to your swimming suit, but your clothes were already wet, so you decided to ignore the fact that you’d have to wait to dry a little bit before calling your mom to pick you up.

You began swimming with Peter. At first, Peter taking the role of the protective friend, saying he wanted to avoid Mike hurting your feelings. Of course you didn’t believe him, and thought maybe he was jealous. But why? You shook that thought off your head and doc used on play and swim with Peter.

By sunset, you were piggy riding Peter’s back, as you were talking along with the rest of the decathlon team, discussing nerdy topics of your interests, still in the pool. After a few minutes, Peter walked away from their group of friends and began swimming with you in his back.

“C'mon, it’s my turn now to piggy ride” he said letting you go and swimming behind you, before wrapping his arms around your waist and his arms around your shoulders.

As you swam, with Peter on your back, you two began discussing what happened in Sokovia and the agreement that came up after wards. Peter had been contacted by Stark pretty recently, and was going to leave to Berlin. He still didn’t know why, but he was sure it had something to do with what happened in Sokovia

Eventually, Peter began massaging your shoulders, as he was still hanging from you back. It tickled, but at the same time it felt nice.

“This is good” you whispered as Peter got off your back.

“Yeah?” He asked, as you nodded in response.

At this point, it was starting to get dark, and some people began leaving the pool, however, some of your friends were still there. You and Peter were now in the opposite side of the pool. You were floating with your eyes closed, as Peter kept massaging your neck and shoulders silently.

Peter’s hand ran softly along your arm, and stopped on your hand. His gentle touch gave you chills, and everything felt more intense, since your eyes were closed. The next thing that happened, caught you by surprise. You felt Peter’s lips press against yours. It took you a few seconds before you realised what was happening, and kissed him back.

After a few seconds of awkwardly trying to figure out what was going on, you eventually synced. His arms held you by the back, and squeezed you in a tight hug, as you kept making out. Your hands were playing with his hair, as you wrapped your legs around his torso.

“Dude, check that out” Michelle whispered to Ned, as Ned turned around and saw you two making out slowly, yet passionately.

“Whoa…” Ned sighed. “It was a matter of time” he whispered.

“I always thought they looked cute together” Michelle added. “Let’s get out of here before this gets more awkward” she chuckled.

“I’m with you” Ned said.

You broke the kiss, and leaned your forehead against his, as you two panted.

“Peter, that was…” You whispered.

“Unexpected?” He added, blushing.

“I was going to say great, but it was also unexpected” you chuckled awkwardly, thinking that you’d made out with your best friend.

“I-I-I don’t know what happened there…” Peter whispered, looking at you in the eye. “I saw Mike flirting with you, and felt…” He stopped, and looked down for a second. “Really jealous…”


“I really like you Y/N” he whispered, holding your face in his warm hands, before he leaned forwards, kissing you again.


I hope you like it!! And, if you can, leave feedback, also requests are open. I’m a bit busy, but I’ll try to post more imagines soon!! ^-^



It’s a harry potter sore spot. But???? Rats???? Are????? Wonderful?????

Posts on the marauders talking about what their Animagi forms mean and being all awkward silence on Peter are funny and all but smh rats are beautiful and majestic and it is time to break my silence on this matter.

so here are some fun facts on rats:

  • they’re cute!!!!!!!
  • hella cute
  • they take care of each other!!! if a rat is sick in their pack they got each other’s backs 
  • they laugh!! they make a cute little high pitched sound when they’re happy – how cute??
  • they’re very good swimmers! athletic! look at them go!
  • v clean lil beans, who doesn’t love someone with good hygiene?
  • they symbolize intelligence!! little smartypants!! 
  • they also symbolize kindness, creativity, ambition, and success : ) : ) : )
  • they went to outer space!! look at the ambition!!! astronaut school!
  • they can be a symbol of luck \ (•◡•) /
  • a group of rats is called mischief!!! 
  • great memories! which is great bc they’ll remember all your cute memories with them

yes, Peter is at the root of all our angst and pain. and yes, he was a rat. but does that make rats bad? NO. should we have known he’d betray them because he was a rat? NO. Why?

because??? rats??? are?? wonder???ful???

#stop letting pettigrew give rats a bad name 2k4ever

[edit: photos were removed since I couldn’t cite their sources]

The housemate

Lee put the last of his things in the removal truck and said his silent goodbyes to the street he had lived on for the last 10 years. He was surprised by how little he actually cared. His marriage to Nicola had been dead for at least the last 5 years and it had been a long, slow journey to this inevitable end. No, Lee was happy he was finally here.  Now that the divorce was settled at last, he’d never have to speak to her again if he didn’t want to and, at the moment, he definitely fit into the ‘didn’t want to’ category.

Having been married straight from college, at the age of 21, Lee felt like he’d sacrificed his 20s. That’s partly why he decided to take up a room in a house share in the city when a room became available in his friend Steve’s house. Nicola always hated Steve as well, so it really was a win, win situation.

Steve was there to greet him when he pulled up and helped him carry his boxes. Steve was on the ground floor, close to the kitchen. It wasn’t the best room in the house; small and pokey. But the rent was dirt cheap and it meant he’d have lots of cash each month to save for his own place, whilst having plenty of cash to enjoy the lifestyle he’d missed out on, stuck at home with Nicola.

No, this place was pretty perfect. The only real snag was the fact that his gym was a 30 minute drive away. He could move gyms, but he knew everyone so well there and had so many friends, the extra drive seemed worth it.

Within an hour he’d met most of the other house mates. Steve, he already knew. He was a 30 year old party boy. Good looking and a complete player with the girls. He had exactly the sort of life Lee envied. Karen lived on the top floor. Her room was the biggest and included a small kitchenette, so Steve advised Lee that she usually kept herself to herself. She seemed nice enough though. Thomas was another housemate, but he lived with his girlfriend across town most of the time.

The only housemate he hadn’t met yet was a guy called Troy who lived in the room directly above Lee. He was away for another month travelling around Europe. He was a great guy though, according to Steve.

Lee began his bachelorhood in earnest, out on the town with Steve most nights, picking up hot girls most weekends. Lee was a good-looking guy, tall and athletic looking, so he often found it easier to pull than Steve did. Yes, this was certainly the life he needed after 10 years in a doomed marriage.

Things changed when Troy arrived home two weeks late from his trip around Europe. Troy was tall and broad but also incredibly built, especially considering the fact that he’d been away from his usual gym for almost two months. It was clear straight away that Troy was the alpha male of the house. His presence in any room commanded attention and Steve, who could be a bit of an ass at times, was always sure to be extra friendly around him. Troy was the cool guy and Lee knew straight away that he wanted to be his friend.

Troy was incredibly good looking, but also, it seemed, very lucky with the ladies. Troy seemed to be having sex with someone in the room above Lee every night. He could hear the floorboards creaking and Troy grunting. Lucky bastard, thought Lee, lying in his bed with his laptop on his knees, listening. The sound always turned him on. He wished he was Troy banging that girl and he usually ended up watching some internet porn and jerking off to the sound of it.

Eventually, just the sound of hearing Troy’s grunt as he fucked upstairs could get Lee off. This guy was quickly becoming his idol.

‘Damn, Troy knows how to please the girls’, commented Lee to Steve one weekend while they were out in a bar. ‘How come you didn’t invite him out with us? He could give us some tips.’

‘Oh, this place isn’t really Troy’s scene. He’s gay, he’ll be out in the gay bars across town right now’, said Steve, very matter-of-factly.

‘No way!’ Stammered Lee. He’d always considered himself to have a great gaydar, but Troy had totally passed him by. ‘Fuck me, I didn’t expect that!’

‘Yeah, I know. Still, with him here, at least there’s less competition for us eh?’ Joked Steve, eying up a girl in the corner. ‘Especially you, I mean, all this drinking and late night food is not doing your abs any good.’

Lee was a little taken aback at how brazen Steve was. Yeah, he’d put on a bit of weight. You could see it in his face and stomach. He’d been less enthused to go to his gym than he’d thought; he was starting to enter a bit of a fat phase, as he did every couple of years, before he got his act together again.

‘This is temporary man, trust me’ smiled Lee, determined not to spoil their night by taking offense.

That night, Troy arrived home an hour after Steve and Lee. Lee was alone in his room and listened carefully as Troy led his latest conquest up the stairs and into his bedroom. He lay there in bed, as the banging started almost immediately, the floorboards creaking and Troy’s inevitable grunting, as he fucked his latest guy without a care of who heard.

The sound made Lee’s cock sit up. Even though he knew Troy was upstairs banging a guy, Lee was still turned on. What the fuck? he thought. As Troy carried on grunting, Lee’s hard on grew more and more. In the end he had to take it into his own hand and jack himself off as he heard Troy climax.

Seeing Troy over the next few days was a little more awkward than Lee would have imagined. He found it difficult to make eye contact with him as Troy strutted about the house. The final straw came when Troy was ironing his clothes in the kitchen ready for a night out. He stood there in just his boxers whilst he ironed his shirt. Lee didn’t know where to look as he stumbled in for a snack.

‘Hey man’, said Troy, not looking up from his ironing. His body was more perfect than Lee had anticipated. He was built and incredibly toned. His shoulders were huge and he had large, defined pecs, with a muscled six pack. His butt was large and muscular and led down to massive, hulking thighs with muscles that were clearly defined. Lee realised then that what he felt for Troy wasn’t envy. It was lust.

Now that Lee had acknowledged his feeling for Troy. It was hard to ignore. Listening to him upstairs most nights didn’t help either. It ruined his nights out with Steve as well, he just wasn’t interested like he used to be. He also made sure he was home before Troy so he could be there to hear him in action. It was taking over his life. Lee was even shocked at himself as he walked past Troy’s room, having been up to ask Steve a question, and saw a pile of Troy’s dirty laundry sitting in a basket at the door of Troy’s room. Troy was in the bathroom. In snuck Lee’s hand, his heart racing in case he was caught, reaching around the dirty shirts and socks for the most beautiful pair of blue and red briefs. Holding them in his hand, he quickly ran downstairs and locked himself in the safety of his room. Holding them like the most prized possession in his life, Lee jacked off multiple times that night. There was no coming back from this.

Lee was in too deep. He found himself eating more and exercise had gone out the window. His pecs had grown soft and his layer of fat on his stomach was rounding out into a proper overfed gut. Despite having moved here for a more hedonistic lifestyle, the effects were making Lee feel quite depressed indeed.

One morning, Lee was up earlier than usual. His stomach growling for the leftover pizza in the fridge. He was taken aback when he walked in to see a huge hairy guy in there with Troy. The guy was bearded and built, with a huge gut that hung over his belt.

‘Hey Lee’ said Troy, not taking his hand off the big guy’s round butt, nor glancing at him for more than a second. ‘This is Roy, I met him last night’, again not looking at Lee but moving his hand to sit on top of Roy’s ball gut. ‘Are you sure you’ve had enough to eat big guy?’ he said sweetly.

‘Yeah, thanks. I’d best head off. Thanks for last night’, muttered Roy leaning in for a peck and being met with a large smooch from Troy who lustfully lifted the lower part of his t shirt to grope his love handles and overhang.

‘Catch you again big guy’, grinned Troy as Roy spun around, letting himself out.

‘So. He seems nice’, said a stunned Lee.

‘Have you ever met the guys Troy sleep with?’ Whispered Lee to Steve a few hours later. ‘I accidentally walked in on him with a guy in the kitchen this morning. He was a massive fat guy! And I mean massive!’ Lee modelled with his hands for emphasis.

‘Yeah, Troy’s into bears.’

‘Bears?’ asked Lee.

‘Yeah. Well, not so much bears. Um, let’s just say, Troy is a bit of a chubby chaser. He likes a guy with a bit of a gut on him. I’ve seen him with really big guys, like the one you saw this morning, to guys that are, well, sort of like you really, with a little gut.’

Lee didn’t know whether to be flattered or offended. In fact, he really didn’t know how to feel and so he quickly made his excuses to go back to his room. He took off his shirt and looked in the mirror. His gut was properly developed now. It was a beer gut, it had that sort of shape. His arms were still strong looking and he had nice big shoulders that hadn’t really changed. But the gut was undeniable. He was starting to wear large clothes and his butt had swollen, taking him in to 36″ work pants. He put his hand on the top of his beer gut and placed another below his gut, viewing the whole shape of his new belly. He imagined Troy touching him, like he had Roy that morning. One hand on his thick butt, the other on the top of his gut, gazing lustfully in to his eyes. Lee jacked himself off there and then, gazing at his thick gut in the mirror, imagining Troy touching and exploring it.

Lee learned a lot more about Troy over the coming weeks. Steve had been right, Troy did like guys who had guts and he was always sure to send them home the following morning with a hearty breakfast to keep their guts well fed.

It was thanksgiving and everyone else in the house had left to spend time with families. Troy was having a date round and asked Lee if they could have the kitchen to themselves for a couple of hours that evening.

‘Sure thing’, agreed Lee, pretending not to be jealous.

That night, Lee stayed in his room and heard the door bell ring. Troy raced down the stairs and opened the door. ‘Hey babe’ he cooed. Lee cracked open the door a little to see what this guy looked like. He was deeply disappointed. The guy was pretty small and didn’t have much belly on him at all. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw Troy come out from embracing him and lift up his shirt slightly to reveal only a very small poochy gut.

‘I hope you’re hungry. I’ve been cooking up a storm for this starter belly all day’. Then he leaned in closer and whispered into his ear. ‘And I’m not letting you leave until it’s absolutely stuffed.’

The guy smiled and allowed himself to be led by Troy, hand in hand into the kitchen.

Lee felt a surge of frustration. That guy was so damn pathetic. He hardly had any fat on him at all. What did Troy see in him? He sat there in his room for 20 minutes before the curiosity finally got to him. He crept out of his room and into the short hallway to listen at the kitchen door.

‘You can’t be full already Harry. That’s only half a pizza! You’ve not even had dessert yet!’ exclaimed Troy; frustration clearly evident in his voice.

‘Honestly man, I’m stuffed. I can’t take any more. I’m sorry. Can we just go upstairs now?’

Lee didn’t know what made him do it, but he suddenly felt the urge to walk straight into the kitchen.

‘Oh, jeez, sorry, I forgot that you guys wanted some privacy. I was just getting hungry in my room’, lied Lee.

Harry was sat in the chair in front of Troy. Troy’s huge, muscular thighs were splayed and a slice of pizza was in his hand, trying to coax it into Harry, who was shirtless; his small pathetic gut just barely hanging over his belt.

‘No worries man. We’re pretty much finished in here anyway. There’s loads of pizza if you want some’, said a deflated Troy, throwing the uneaten pizza slice back in to the box.

There certainly was a lot of pizza. Another 2 and half pizzas to be precise, plus a mountain of extras.

‘Cool, thanks man’, said Lee. He made sure to grab the slice Harry had refused to eat,  with another fresh slice. He grabbed a chair and sat next to Harry. He put the two pizza slices, one of top of the other, ready to eat and swallowed it as fast as he could whilst Harry and Troy sat there awkwardly.

‘This food is amazing Troy. I can’t believe you did it all yourself. You must love cooking?’ said Lee in between mouthfuls to lighten the mood.

‘Yeah, I like to cook for guys who appreciate it.’ He gave a slight dirty look at Harry.

‘Mmm, well you can cook for me any time’. He’d just finished his second double slice and was reaching for more.

‘Have you tried that new place down town? Gino’s Pizzeria? I had two whole pizzas to myself Tuesday night after work. It’s amazing.’

‘Yeah, I know the guy who runs that place’, smiled Troy, finally turning away from Harry.

‘It’s so damn good. I tell you, I’ve really started to get in to my food since I’ve been divorced’. He turned to Harry, looking at his tiny gut. ‘I used to look like you just a few months ago. You know, small little gut - no offense man’. He lifted off his t shirt. ‘Now look at me!’ He slapped his round gut that was already bloating from the nearly full pizza he had eaten. ‘My ex would have hated this. My gut is getting huge now. Ha! Fuck her!’ He smiled raising a pizza slice into the air before taking a mouthful.

Troy and Lee talked for ages about food places. Lee did his best to eat and eat and show no signs of slowing or getting full. It was hard work, but he knew this was the best way to get Troy’s attention and it seemed to be working. Troy and Lee had never spoken for this long before.

‘I’m going to head home’ said a sulky Harry half an hour later. Troy opened his mouth to protest when Lee jumped in quickly.

‘Alright man, it was nice to have met you. Take care’. Patting him on the back and turning immediately back to Troy. ‘So what about Indian food? Do you like taking guys on dates to that place on 42nd Street?’

Troy smiled, letting Harry get his shirt back on and let himself out. The pair of them talked for hours as Lee slowly ate everything that was in front of him.

‘Damn, that was good man. I’m sorry, I think I ruined your date with Harry’.

‘That’s alright’, said Troy. ‘That was a bit of a non-starter.’

‘He didn’t really seem your type anyway’ said Lee, carelessly.

‘And what would that be?’ asked Troy with a grin.

Lee squirmed slightly. ‘Did you say there was pudding?’

Half an hour later, Lee was absolutely stuffed but still did a great job of hiding it. His stomach could not be hidden however. It sat out proudly in his lap.

‘I really enjoyed myself tonight’, said Troy.

‘Yeah, man, me too. It was great’, gasped Lee, trying to speak normally, despite being so stuffed.

‘We should do it again some time’, said Troy raising an eyebrow.

‘Anytime you want dude. I love food as you can see’.

Troy got up saying he would sort the washing in the morning. And with that he was gone.

Lee sat there and finally allowed himself to gasp. His gut had never felt like this before. He grunted as he lifted himself up and went into his bedroom. Looking in the mirror, he could see he had chocolate sauce around his mouth and little spills of tomato sauce on his distended gut. He didn’t even care. He fell into his bed and went straight to sleep, feeling very uncomfortable, but satisfied that he had made his point to Troy.

From then on, Lee was certain to never wear a shirt around Troy. He proudly displayed his gut and enjoyed the subtle glances from Troy. Some days when he got up earlier, he would meet some of the guys Troy brought home. He was always delighted when his own gut was larger than theirs. Troy was always sure to welcome him warmly in to the kitchen on these occasions.

Lee became more and more confident, walking around in just his underwear. It also didn’t hurt because of the fact he was outgrowing most of his clothes anyway.

‘Is this your pasta in here Troy?’ said Lee, looking across at Troy who was ironing, getting ready to go out. Both of them were in their underwear. He nodded.

‘Yeah, have it man. It’s delicious and full of cheese. You’ll love it.’

Lee didn’t even get a fork and just started shovelling it into his mouth.

‘Can you believe I’ve put on 80lbs since I moved in here?’ said Lee, slapping his gut after he’d finished. He liked giving Troy an excuse to look at it.

‘Yeah, I can’, smiled Troy.

Lee looked down on it, rubbing and surveying it like he’d just noticed.

’My gut is just getting so damn massive isn’t it? I just really love my food.’

‘The guys in the bars I go to would love you now.’

‘Oh yeah?’ grinned Lee. He was definitely fishing for a compliment.

‘Totally. They’d love that gut on you’.

‘Ha, cool’, smiled Lee confidently.

Troy went back to his ironing. Lee searched desperately for a way to continue the conversation. He had butterflies in his stomach, he felt so nervous.

‘Maybe you should take me some time. I’d like to meet someone who loves this gut as much as I do.’

Troy put the iron down.

‘You like your new gut, huh?’ he said, intrigued.

‘Have you not seen this bad boy? What’s not to love?’ said Lee, fingering his belly button and sliding the other hand over the shelf of his belly.

‘If I’m being really honest man…’ Lee stopped. It was too soon. He was rushing this.

‘Go on’, ordered Troy moving closer to him.

‘If I’m really honest… I actually, I find it hot’.

‘Oh you do, do you?’ said Troy, inching closer and closer to him like a predator, still in just his underwear. ‘Even though you’ve completely lost your abs?’

‘Yeah’, agreed Lee chuckling nervously, rubbing his gut.

‘Even though your ass barely fits into those tiny briefs you’re wearing now?’

‘Ha, yeah, I know!’ said Lee, grabbing his butt and giving it a little jiggle to show he knew his underwear were too small.

‘Even though your moobs now rest on your gut? And you have a massive double chin that shows everyone how greedy you are?’ said Troy getting closer and starting to tower over him.

‘Yeah, man. I…I love it.’ confirmed Lee as Troy reached out his huge jock hand to touch his gut. ‘But there’s something you don’t know’, said Lee, embarrassed and turning away from Troy whilst he said it. 

’I…I want to be fatter’. There was silence. Lee turned around to face Troy again who had stopped advancing.

‘I want to be fatter’, he repeated into Troy’s hard eyes. ‘I want my belly to be bigger than any of the guys you’ve brought home’. 

Troy stared down at him.

‘And… and - I want you to be the one to do it to me’.

Troy looked at him breathlessly. When Lee looked down he could see that both of their cocks were incredibly hard in their underwear.

Troy reached for Lee’s fat butt and pulled him into his hard body, kissing him deeply. It was the hottest moment of Lee’s life. Then Troy stopped, and moved his mouth to Lee’s ear and whispered:

‘I’m going to turn you into the biggest, fattest fucker you’ve ever seen.’

‘Oh man, I so hoped you’d say that’’ said Lee as his underwear were slid down and Troy grabbed his hard cock.

‘Want me to show you fatty?’

‘Yes. Yes, I really do.’

At that moment, Troy spun him around. He threw open the fridge and pushed Lee towards it. Then he pushed his head down to the middle shelf where a huge chocolate gateaux sat, covering his face in it. Then he felt Troy grab a can of squirty cream and pushed it into his exposed ass, filling his ass with it. Then Troy threw off his own underwear and thrust himself into Lee effortlessly.

‘Eat, fat boy! Eat it all’ he ordered, whilst he fucked Troy’s wide ass.

Lee was so turned on. This was all he had wanted for months. He licked and sucked and chomped at the pudding just as Troy commanded, whilst one hand stimulated his throbbing cock and the other rubbed the huge expanse of his fat gut.

‘You want to be my fat boy? Big, fat ass and huge gut?’

‘Yes’, mumbled Lee between mouthfuls. ‘Do it to me’

He could hear Troy grunting as he was about to come. He licked and ate ferociously to complete it before they both came.

‘Shit! You really are the greediest fucking pig I’ve ever met’ marvelled Troy, so close to finishing.

‘I’m your pig’ he emphasised. ‘Make me fucking - oink… oink’ snorted Lee, making both of them come in the most intense orgasm either of them had ever experienced.

Troy pulled out, still panting. Lee stood up straight.

Troy tapped Lee’s fat gut and said, whilst still trying to catch his breath.

‘Get cleaned up. I’m taking this fat belly out for dinner’

Whatever It Takes [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which he likes Jason and Cheryl Blossom’s closest friend.

Part 2: here

Part 3: here


Jason Blossom always told (Y/N) (L/N) to do whatever it takes to always get what you want.

Or at least he did, before his plan to leave Riverdale failed and he ended up dead in the river, breaking both (Y/N)’s and Cheryl’s hearts.

All (Y/N) could think about were Jason’s words, and how she would do anything and everything in her power right at that moment to be at home, cuddled up with some blankets and reading some books that Jason had gifted to her over the years.

Instead, she was sitting next to Jughead Jones in biology as Archie Andrews stood in front of their table, nervously fidgeting as he spoke to (Y/N).

“So (Y/N),” he began, “I was wondering if you’d like to go to Pop’s with me sometime…only if you’d like to, of course!”

(Y/N) pursed her lips as she looked down at her textbook. Archie Andrews was precious. He was good-looking, athletic, and a total sweetheart, and had also been friends with (Y/N) as long as anyone could remember. They had been close, Betty, Jughead, Archie, and her. Not as close as (Y/N) was with the Blossom twins, but still close. After the argument between Jughead and Archie, (Y/N) had taken Jughead’s side, clearly causing some tension.

(Y/N) glanced up at the redhead who was waiting for her response. “I’m sorry Archie, it’s just, we’ve been friends since forever and I don’t see you as anything else but a big brother figure.”

Archie’s shoulders slumped. “It’s ok (Y/N). I’ll uh, I’ll see you later.”

As he walked off, she couldn’t help but feel bad. She didn’t like the redhead, at least, not romantically, but she still didn’t like knowing she had hurt people. She turned her head sharply as she heard Jughead snort.

“That boy has liked you for years and when he finally gathers up the courage to ask you out you turn him down?” He asked.

(Y/N) frowned. “Well it’s not my fault I don’t have any feelings for him Jug.”

“Yea but still, he’s liked you for years,” Jughead continued. ‘And so have I’ he thought to himself.

“Wait, what?” (Y/N) asked, sitting up straight. “You like me too?”

Jughead flushed as he realized that he had spoken his thoughts out loud, accidentally confessing his feeling for his lab partner.

“Jughead, I-” (Y/N) was cut off by the bell, watching as Jughead grabbed his things and fled.

“He ran. He confessed and ran without giving me a chance to reply,” (Y/N) complained as she flopped down onto Cheryl’s bed. Her mind was still on Jughead’s words. She hadn’t had a chance to talk to him. He avoided her like the plague in the hallways and in their shared classes, he made sure to switch seats with either Archie or Betty to avoid sitting next to her.

“(Y/N) shut up! You had like, literally shot down Archie less than five minutes ago. What did you think he was going to do? Stay and wait to hear you confess your undying love for him?” Cheryl said. She couldn’t help but feel pity for her best friend. While Cheryl couldn’t stand Jughead and his friends, he made (Y/N) happy, and she knew that they both needed all the happy they could get.

(Y/N) groaned as she sat up. “But Cheryl,” she whined, “You know that I’ve liked Jug since eighth grade.”

Cheryl rolled her eyes as she turned to her mirror and applied her lipstick. “Well you know what Jason used to say, ‘do whatever it takes to always get what you want.’”

Both girls froze at the mention of Jason. Neither of them had spoken his name since his body was discovered.

“I miss him,” (Y/N) whispered. “He was an ass and a pompous, self-centered jerk, but he was always there for us when we needed him.”

“I miss him too shortcake.”

The two girls sat in silence before Cheryl spoke. “Let’s get our minds off of him. Its time to take his advice (Y/N), do whatever it takes to get Jughead Jones to be yours.”

The (H/C) girl eyes Cheryl warily as her lips pulled up into a smirk. “Cheryl…” she spoke warningly.

“Calm down shortcake, I’ve got a plan.”

Part 1 of idk how many. :)

ID #94242

Name: Cassia
Age: 18
Country: Puerto Rico

I’m looking for a friend who is:



Listens and wants to be listened to

Thinks for himself and can have deep or subtle conversations, from “How was your day?” to “Why do stars shine?”

Can be sportsy, a nerd a geek.

Can be intro or extro verted. Overwhelmed or underwhelmed or maybe just whelmed.

Curious or not.

Shy or not

Cranky or not

Ugly or not

Just be yourself

I just want someone who is in the disposition to be a friend.

ALERT: I ask a lot.

I’ll be waiting for you.

Preferences: 18-20 years old.

And apply to anything above ☝

Venus Signs

If Venus is in Aries, one is often attracted to a tomboyish lover, perhaps athletic in appearance, but more importantly, direct, forthright, and straightforward. Ultra sensitive or shy lovers are not usually the most attractive lovers to these people, as they tend to prefer strong and independent types.

If Venus is in Taurus, one is often attracted to lovers with curves, who come across as natural and calm. More traditional feminine types are often preferred, as opposed to aggressive or in-your-face personas. Sensual but simple auras are most attractive to these people. Sweetness and voluptuousness in a lover is ideal.

If Venus is in Gemini, intelligence and liveliness are often more important than drop-dead good looks. An athletic or tomboyish look, sometimes on the slim side, is often preferred.

If Venus is in Cancer, one may prefer lovers who come across as sweet, soft, and warm. One is not as inclined to go for lovers who are model-thin, tomboy-ish, or for the high-profile career type. One often is attracted to more traditionally feminine looks, simply dressed (not gaudy or flashy). An aura of innocence or neediness, and the promise of devotedness are usually turn-ons. Venus in Cancer people often go out of their way to avoid feeling rejected, and this is mirrored in their attraction to lovers who are not too aggressive, loud, or overly confident.

If Venus is in Leo, one may be attracted to lovers who are proud, outgoing, and perhaps even gaudy. Aloofness or a dignified, confident aura is usually appealing to these people. Flashiness is often appealing, although some will prefer a slightly more understated look. The bottom line, however, is usually a rather bold, confident manner.

If Venus is in Virgo, an appealing lover is usually an understated, rather simple appearance without too much glamour or ostentatiousness. Healthy, natural, and clean are most appealing physical qualities, and a certain amount of intelligence as well as a modest, sensible approach to life.

If Venus is in Libra, one is most attracted to understated charm, good manners, and a simple but attractive appearance. Coarseness or rudeness is often a turn-off.

If Venus is in Scorpio, one is especially attracted to lovers who ooze sensuality, who are perhaps a little dark and mysterious, and who have a magnetic and powerful aura.

If Venus is in Sagittarius, an energetic, happy aura in a lover is often most appealing. Generally these people are attracted to a clean, robust, athletic look, generally slim but not necessarily well-groomed. A tousled, casual appearance is just fine with these people.  

If Venus is in Capricorn, one often finds a lover who has an aura of competence about them very appealing. More classic looks, as well as a career-oriented look are most appealing. Sometimes, older lovers are especially appealing to these people.

If Venus is in Aquarius, one can be most impressed by lovers who are somewhat unconventional or kooky in their choice of clothes and overall style. One wants an interesting lover. They can certainly be beautiful, but boring? Hardly.

If Venus is in Pisces, one is often impressed with an aura of softness, sweetness, and neediness to a certain degree. They need not be robust or aggressive. Lacking in confidence is just fine, and so is a touch of helplessness.

The Big Show on Roman Reigns:

People don’t understand how good Roman is,“ Show said. "He’s easy to pick on because he’s good looking and he’s athletic in our society especially with social media. Roman is great to work with, especially if you’re a big guy. If you’re a big guy and a bad guy, and you’re working with Roman Reigns, it’s really easy. Our audience has a way of being misinformed from the wrong people. The internet is filled with so-called experts who couldn’t lace up a pair of boots. He’s getting a lot of grief for stuff that isn’t his fault. It’s the in-thing to boo Roman Reigns. In time, thru Roman’s work ethic, he’ll be able to change a lot of those opinions.

The Big Show on Seth Rollins

My two favorites right now are Seth [Rollins] and Roman,” Show said. “Seth is amazing, he does A to Z. He does it in the ring, on the mic, heel and babyface. He’s not finding himself, he’s found himself.

It is official. Big Show ships rolleigns.
two situations, one party

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requested: yes! “hi omg I love seongwoo too so could i request a scenario for him? maybe something fluffy with a little smut if thats ok:) thank you so much<3”
pairing: seongwoo x reader
genre: fluff? smut (light)
word count: 1.9k oh my god im sorry
summary: you end up encountering seongwoo in two awkward different situations in one party
a/n: this was the first request sent to me and thank you for sending it! I had fun writing it tbh except for the smut part because it was really hard. please let me know how i did and if you liked it or not. its the first scenario i ever wrote so i know its not the best, it was also rushed (thats why its in point form)! i really didnt know how to properly end it, sorry… :( please let me know how i did and give me any suggestions to improve my writing! send them herethank you and have fun reading! 

  • You were busy trying on dresses for the party later at one of your closest friend’s house
  • You finished all of your exams and needed to let out some steam. You needed this as a “breather” after a long ass stressful semester
  • You picked this navy blue dress and was about to try it on when your best friend Ahreum slammed open your apartment door crying and sobbing as if someone died??????
  • “HE BROKE UP WITH ME, HE CHEATED ON ME” she could hardly say it because she was literally sobbing on the floor
  • “oh my god what did I tell you!!!!!!!! I told you not to date him, you guys haven’t even dated for longer than a month, why are you like this?” 
  • ok like you felt bad about your friend’s break up but you already gave her the warning that she shouldn’t date him because he was a f*ckboy… 
  • “OK GET UP WE’RE GOING TO A PARTY, YOU NEED TO FORGET ABOUT YOUR SADNESS FOR TONIGHT. WHO KNOWS MAYBE YOU’LL FIND SOMEONE BETTER THERE” you exclaimed because it was literally 7 pm and the party will start at 8
  • she was still on the floor crying but your bestfriend realized that she probably needed to get drunk to forget about her ex so she decided to just go with you
  • anyways, back to you
  • you decided to wear the navy blue dress that you picked, it was kind of showy and it highlighted your curves but who cares you have no time anymore
  • one of the reasons why you were going to this party was because
  • first: to actually celebrate
  • maybe second: to see the guy you’ve been crushing on for almost a year now, you were pretty sure he was invited because your friend (who was throwing the party) knew you’ve been eyeing him so she decided to invite him so that you guys can maybe have some interaction or something
  • you and seongwoo have always been so awkward and you never really knew why?
  • you were awkward because, obviously you had a thing for him
  • but he was awkward for an unknown reason? maybe because he knew that you’ve been crushing on him
  • ok well, you did talk a couple of times because you were in the same math class but that was it
  • he was a popular guy at school, he was smart, athletic, good-looking, he was all of that, he was really nice too. you were head over heels for him
  • you were glad he wasn’t one of the fboys tbh 
  • ok anyways
  • when you were almost at your friends house, you felt nervous????? like wtf
  • “do I look okay”, “is this dress too ugly”, “should we just go back home” “suddenly im allergic to parties”
  • you had all those thoughts in your mind but you had no choice but to go since your friend already seemed excited about partying
  • while you were parking your car, you could already hear the screaming and the loud music from the house (wow typical huh)
  • you fixed your dress and your hair before you enter  
  • ok theres a lot of people, is there anyway you can just go home??
  • there were people dancing on top of the tables, some making out, some looked intoxicated, wow people were so wild
  • you wanted to get some drinks so looked to your left you noticed that there were drinks on table and you were just about to tell your friend to come with you and get some but you lost her from your sight?
  • she was already holding a cup of beer and dancing with some guys? 
  • wasn’t she just crying about her ex earlier?
  • ok anyways 
  • you were headed to the table for the drinks
  • my god, it was a journey to get there
  • there were literally so much people that it was so hard to get through
  • when you reached the table, there was only one glass left
  • you reached for it but you noticed someone was about to reach for it too
  • you both touched the glass. now touching each other’s hand
  • you checked to see whose hand was it 
  • it was ONG SEONGWOO
  • yes the guy you’ve been crushing on is now having an eye-contact with you
  • and youre basically touching each other’s hand
  • well this is awkward….
  • but that’s not new because you guys are ALWAYS awkward
  • you snapped back to reality and said
  • “uh… you could take it!!” 
  • “oh um NO its okay! you can have it” seongwoo said
  • “no really, its fine, I can just get another one!” you nervously exclaimed
  • “no (y/n)! im okay, it wasn’t for me anyways, it was for my friend. it also looks like it was just going to be your first drink so go ahead and take it” he said while handing you the glass 
  • oh my god did he just say your name
  • surprisingly, he didn’t seem very awkward towards you at the moment? like you guys were actually talking 
  • “oh okay uh…. okay um thanks!!!” you were about to turn your back when he held you wrist making you look back at him and he said
  • “you look…” he looked at you from head to toe checking you out “ and beautiful by the way” he continued
  • ok now you really just wanted to go home and scream as loud as you can because THE ong seongwoo just said you look good?????????????
  • “oh thanks!!! you too! see you around” 
  • he gave you a sweet smile and good lord you were about to faint right there in front of him but you had to stay calm
  • maybe he doesn’t realize it because hes drunk or tipsy or something
  • its been a few hours since you saw seongwoo and honestly you were ready to go home but the alcohol you had earlier was finally hitting you 
  • your friend insisted that you should just stay here and go home in the morning since it was dangerous to drive when youre drunk
  • her house was big and theres a lot of rooms so she said just choose whichever
  • you headed upstairs where some of the rooms were located
  • there were a couple of people upstairs but you noticed that 3 out of 4 rooms’ door were closed so you decided to go to the one near the bathroom at the end of the hallway
  • you opened the door and you realized that this was one of the rooms where you and your friends would have your sleepovers 
  • your friend also told you to just use the clothes that were located in the closet just in case you wanted to wash up
  • you noticed that the bedsheets and comforter were a mess as if someone laid there but no one was there? 
  • anyways, you got some clothing, just shorts and a tank top
  • and since this room did not have any bathroom inside, you decided to go to the one near it because you wanted to take a quick shower
  • the bathroom was literally just before the entrance of the bedrrom so it was fine and by this time. there were basically no guests anymore who stayed upstairs
  • ok so you were about to open the door and when you opened it you were pulled in because someone from the inside opened it as well 
  • now youre inside the washroom with the person who opened the door
  • the door was still open tho but the person was now infront of you
  • you were looking at the person’s lower body and you followed this persons body to see who it was 
  • and right now you really just wanted to go home because your heart cannot take this anymore
  • you didn’t expect that he would be here after your encounter with him earlier
  • it was ong seongwoo… again… in another awkward situation
  • wow this is the weirdest way to encounter the person you’ve been crushing on
  • in the washroom
  • he looked shocked with what happened and tbh, you were too
  • “i… uh…. um I think I should just change in the bedroom” you nervously said
  • you were about to head out to go back to the bedroom when he held your waist with one hand and pulled you back. he closed the bathroom’s door and locked it
  • what the hell
  • did I mention that you were in an awkward position now? 
  • like your back was leaning on the sink but his hand was in your waist allowing you not to fall back and he was in front of you literally just 5 inches away 
  • thats too close but he WAS THAT CLOSE
  • man he was just staring at you, he was looking into your eyes
  • he looked at you from head to toe, again, for the 2nd time tonight
  • “I really think I should leave im sorry if I didn’t—“ he didn’t even let you finish
  • he tightened his grip on your waist and pulled you in for a kiss
  • you were confused for a second but he kept kissing you so you just gave in
  • the kiss started out to be light then it became really passionate 
  • he was kissing you so harshly now and it was so wild 
  • you never really thought that seongwoo was this good of a kisser 
  • in between your kisses, he said “you don’t know how long ive been wanting to do this to you”
  • you were stunned but you felt butterflies in your stomach when he said those words and you couldn’t help but smile while kissing him and you noticed that he was smiling as well
  • you placed your hand around his neck while he was still kissing you
  • he said “ive liked you for a long time now and I didn’t know I would confess like this” 
  • you couldn’t help but smile and laugh because this was honestly so unexpected
  • he didn’t give you a chance to talk and respond to what he said 
  • his hands explored your body, he traced all of your curves as if it all belonged to him
  • you did the same, your hands travelled along his upper body, you found your hands inside his shirt feeling his abs
  • your hands travelled down to his area and started to massage it
  • you could feel a bulge inside his pants and you chuckled to yourself 
  • seongwoo found his hands lifting up your dress just up to your hips and he started to touch you 
  • his movement started out slow but his speed became faster and faster
  • you both let out moans as you touch and kiss each other but tried to lower it down 
  • he rubbed his fingers around your clit in circular motion making you feel things that you’ve never felt before
  • your back arched to a certain angle that you didn’t even know was possible and thank god he was there to hold you in place and not let you fall back
  • he was getting deeper and deeper into you, everytime he hit the certain spot, you wanted more and more
  • he was about to fully undress you when he stopped and said
  • “not here. lets go to the bedroom” he said with a shy smile but with the look of lust in his eyes
  • you were frustrated but realized that this wasn’t a good place to continue what you were doing 
  • you nodded in response while trying to fix your dress and he was slightly fixing himself as well
  • you looked at each other’s eyes and he gave you his sweetest smile 
  • you couldn’t help but give him a sweet smile as well
  • he intertwined his fingers with yours before he leaned down to give you a kiss before heading inside the bedroom
  • you felt butterflies inside your stomach once again and you didn’t complain about it

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agentalex  asked:

For your greek!mythology au for supergirl do you think Alex would be daughter of Athena or Ares? Who would the other characters parents be? Winn would probably be the son of Hephaestus right? J'onn would be like the son of Hecate. What are some of your headcanons?

Okay so FIRST OF ALL!!!! That is mean. I’ve been racking my brain trying to decide which is a better fit for Alex, and you just forced me to do research (I love it, thank you).

Here we go. (Kara and Lena here)


Whilst in a first look, Ares would be a good fit for Alex, I think that’s mostly an act. I think all that aggressiveness of hers is mostly an act that she puts on so she won’t get hurt, because if you see her with Kara and Maggie, she’s the softest softy. Also, in the books it is said that daughters of Ares are massively built ‘Ares’ daughters, in particular, have the physical bodies, skeletal structure, and muscle distribution of exceptionally large, strong, and well-conditioned human men.’ and Alex is tall but rather tiny in structure (Chyler is very skinny, I’m afraid she’s going to break like half the time I see her)

Most of the cool stuff Ares gets Athena also has. Athena is, after all, the female counterpart of Ares.

Athena’s children’s abilities include:

  • Enhanced strength and swiftness.
  • Able to adapt to using various types of weapons quicker than normal.
  • Never forget what they heard.
  • Immense expertise in war strategy.
  • Great control over any weapon.
  • Highly skilled in armed and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Possess high intelligence and wisdom.

Again, Athena is the goddess of:  courage, inspiration, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, etc.

Alex is very brave, Alex is just, Alex is a fighter and a genius, she admittedly loves the sciences, she’s very good at using various different weapons (we’ve seen so many) she’s great at hand-to-hand, she’s a good strategist, she’s in a really good rank at the DEO so that proves that she is very intelligent even if we hadn’t seen other proof.

So Alex would be a Daughter of Athena.


Winn is also a constant struggle for me because I can see the Athena qualities in him, but let’s analyze Hephaestus.

Hephaestus was the god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture. He was a kind and peace-loving god. And he made a few of the other gods’ weapons as well as armors for demigods, he also made jewelry and many other crafty stuff. Was the patron of the arts.

on the books, he is also the god of technology, craftsmen, and blacksmiths.

Hephaestus children’s abilities are:

  • They are expert builders.
  • They are mechanics.
  • Technokinesis: As children of Hephaestus, they can control and manipulate machines.
    • Can sense machines, mechanics, or metal.
    • Can identify machinery type and use by touch.
    • Can sense faults in metal ore.
  • Can find and sense traps in the ground.

These all fit for Winn the techy guy who likes toys and computers and other machinery and is really good at making stuff, including suits, armors, traps, gadgets and so on. Like, just everything Guardian is enough to prove this, and that is only a fraction of what we’ve seen him do. Winn is a genius with mechanics, great builder, and good at fixing stuff. He is also comical and stubborn and kind and not very into fighting, which are all traits of Hephaestus.

But he is much more than simply mechanical minded, he is a genius in other fields of expertises, admittedly good with math and sciences and languages and being a super nerd.

So Winn would be a Son of Hephaestus but I’ll go as far as saying he’d have the grace of Athena as well.


I’ve never thought of J’onn as being on the same level as the rest of the characters. He is Spacedad. He has his own category. 

I like the idea of J’onn being a full on immortal who directs the camp and loves all the campers as his own children. However, he coul be a demigod who gained immortality from the gods.

In that case, I don’t really think Hecate would fit him because she’s the goddess of magic, sorcery, witchcraft, crossroads, trivial knowledge, and necromancy. Those aren’t things I associate J’onn with.

I feel like Hypnos would fit him better. Although he is the God of sleep, here are some abilities of his children:

  • They are capable of memory retrieval.
  • They are capable of memory alteration.
  • They can induce sleep.
  • They can use hypnosis.
  • They can astral project/dream travel. (when asleep)
  • They can manipulate dreams.

J’onn is a telepath, on the show he can both retrieve, read and alter people’s memories, hypnosis is also a thing for a lot of telepaths and astral projection would be something I wouldn’t cross out of his powers just yet, it’s definitelly something I think he could do. He is also very calm and knowledgeable and insightful, and the son of Hypnos we see in the books, Clovis, is like that.

So J’onn would be an immortal Son of Hypnos and the director of activities of the camp.

Other characters, 


James is a little tricky one. But I think he could be a Son of Apollo like Kara. 

Not only is he ridiculously good looking and athletic, but he is also very artistic, he is a skilled fighter, could be a good archer if they just gave him a bow on the show. He is a photographer, and Photography is all about light and Apollo is the god of light. Children of Apollo are skilled in physical contests and games, James is shown to be good at anything physical he likes games. Children of Apollo are natural healers and James really cares about helping people so I think that is something James would like to have do great use of.

And I’m sorry but that is literally the only God I could think for James.

So James would be a Son of Apollo.


For some reason, I think she’d be a daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture. I don’t have a good excuse for that, just that there are a few jokes of her being vegan and Demeter children can control plants. It’s silly, sorry.

But for real, Maggie could be a Daughter of Nike, who is the goddess of strenght and victory. I particularly like Nike.

Nike’s children’s abilities include:

  • They are extremely competitive.
  • They live for contests and never settle for second best.
  • They can be pretty intense and driven but they are hard workers and tough opponents.
  • They never turn down a challenge.

I think that fits Maggie. She is always making bets and challenging people at pool, doesn’t seem like the type to turn down a challenge or settle for second best. She’s tiny and she had that air that she’s ready to fight and challenge everyone all the time. She seems very competitive from what we’ve seen, and hard worker.

So Maggie would be a Daughter of Nike.


I love her, we need more Vasquez.

Vasquez is a Daughter of Nemesis, goddess of balance, justice, and vengeance.

Children of Nemesis:

  • Believe that people who are full of themselves should be brought down.
  • Never forget an insult.
  • Make good allies.

For me it fits Vasquez, she’s a great ally for the Danvers’ sisters, she looks like she’d fight people for calling her the wrong name, and she cared about justice and fucking up the patriarchy. lol


Lucy is really smart, but she would definitely not be a Daughter of Athena. I think Lucy would be a Daughter of Aphrodite. She’s very poised, she always looks good, canonly smells great and seems to have a lot of social skills and awareness.


My love. Cat is brilliant, Cat is elegant, Cat is witty, Cat dominant (ha, yes I rhymed). She’s really good with her words, she knows how to hold herself, she knows how to control people and boss them, she constantly insults people for their appearance and sometimes lack of wit/a brain, she always looks perfect beyond comparison, she’s sophisticated, she’s attractive, she is hinted to be strong on seduction, very influential, high social abilities and awareness.

Cat Grant is a Daughter of Aphrodite!

Like, there’s hardly room for debate on this. But she definitelly would have the grace of Athena.

And I can’t think of any other character of Supergirl, but I’m taking the liberty to add my favorite Flash characters here as well because why not, though I won’t go much into them because this is already huge, but they’re pretty much obvious

except for Barry and Wally, so here:

Hermes is the god of roads, speed, messengers, commerce, travel, thieves, merchants, athletes and mail deliverers (cuz that’s not random). Hermes was known to be quick and cunning and had the ability to freely move between the mortal and divine worlds. He is also the patron and protector of travelers, herdsmen, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade. In some myths Hermes is also depicted as a trickster where he would outwit the gods either for the good of humankind or for his own personal amusement and satisfaction.

Children of Hermes:

  • Are skilled at theft and trickery.
  • Have a high athletic ability.
  • Are persuasive.
  • Some or all of Hermes’s children have the ability to pick most locks with their minds.
  • Can sense any physical traps.
  • Are good at alchemy and making potions.
  • Are good with money.

Barry is a forensic Forensic scientist which means he is good with alchemy, he is a speedster and a good leader. He can ‘freely move between worlds’ and he is also good with inventions.

Wally likes the roads, like literally, he was into car racing, he loves speed, I’m pretty sure he is skilled at theft and lockpicking, he seems to be really into sports, he is witty and fun, totally into playing tricks on people.

So we have:

  • Kara Danvers, Daughter of Apollo 
    • With the grace of Zeus, aka she can fly
  • Alex Danvers, Daughter of Athena
  • J’onn J’onzz, immortal son of Hypnos and camp activity director
  • Winn Schott, jr, Son of Hephaestus
    • With the grace of Athena
  • Lena Luthor, Daughter of Athena
    • With the grace of Aphrodite
  • Cat Grant, Daughter of Aphrodite
    • With the grace of Athena
  • Lucy Lane, Daughter of Aphrodite
  • James Olsen, Son of Apollo
  • Susan Vasquez, Daughter of Nemesis
  • Maggie Sawyer, Daughter of Nike
  • Barry Allen, Son of Hermes
  • Iris West, Daughter Aphrodite
  • Wally West, Son of Hermes
  • Caitlyn Snow, Daughter of Athena
  • Cisco Ramon, Son of Hephaestus

As for Headcanons:

  • Athena is the only deity to claim their children at birth, but Lena was ‘adopted’ by the Luthors and Lionel died when she was young, Lillian decided to never tell Lena about her real mother. And so Lena remained oblivious to her demigod nature and parentage until she went to camp at the age of fourteen
  • Lena is immediately claimed by Aphrodite when she arrives at camp and it takes a few years before she finds out she’s actually a daughter of Athena, so she’s the only demigod(ess) to be claimed by more than one God and because of that, some people don’t like her.
      • most people feel abandoned by their godly parent so they don’t like her having too much attention from the goddesses
    • Children of Aphrodite don’t like her because she’s too smart and cares more about studying than caring about her looks
    • Children of Athena don’t like her because they think she’s too vain, but they eventually come around when she proves herself as a true daughter of Athena
    • When she still believed to be a daughter of Aphrodite and lived in cabin 10, she would mostly spend time with children of Athena studying and stuff
  • It is said on the books that Hephaestus has a crush on Athena, and also he is married to Aphrodite, so Winn totally has a huge crush on Lena, for both her claims and they are total besties. Lena is constantly sneaking into the forgery to work with Winn on their crazy inventions
  • Winn doesn’t have Pyrokinesis, but he has bunker 9 and managed to open it one time when his gadget exploded in his hand while he tried to fix it.
  • Literally everyone in the camp is in love with Kara
  • Everyone but the children of Aphrodite and Athena have the hugest crush on Lena because she’s just ridiculously hot
  • Single mother Eliza Danvers raising her two demigod daughters, Alex and Kara, by herself and taking in Winn when he is not on camp
  • Winn actually being led to the Danvers, by J’onn, when his mother died before any of them went/were sent to camp
  • Eliza is just so freaking smart that Athena took a liking of her so much so that Alex is one of the only Daughters of Athena with a human mother
  • Alex, Kara and Winn all arrived at camp together after some crazy spider attacks on the girls’ bedroom made Eliza decide to send them off for the summers. Kara was six, making her the youngest person to arrive at camp, Winn was seven and Alex was eight
  • James was the one who showed them around when they arrived and decided to take Kara and Winn under his protection because they were both so tiny. Alex was initially jealous of him because ‘they’re my siblings’, but came around when she saw how well he took care of Kara
  • Kara cried the first few nights at camp because she had never been away from Alex and Eliza before, but James made sure to calm her and tell her she was safe and she’d be able to spend time with Alex the next day
  • Kara cried when James said she had to throw part of her food in the fire for the gods
  • James arrived at camp with a satyr at the age of nine, he was eleven when Kara, Alex and Winn arrived
  • Cat was fourteen when Kara arrived, Kara all but imprinted on her and decided to follow the ‘pretty girl’ around. Cat pretended to be annoyed but she adored Kara
  • Cat was the counselor of Aphrodite’s cabin and passed it down to Iris
  • Lucy and Cat are a little bit of nemeses
  • As an Aphrodite tradition, Lucy was told to break James’ heart but refused and they maintain a strong lasting relationship
  • Alex fights everyone who dares look at Kara, she once broke a boy’s nose because he tried to kiss Kara and a boy’s arm because he checked Kara out with too much avidity… they may of may not be the same person named Mike.
  • The moment she set her eyes on Kara, Lena was in love
  • Kara and Lena became really fast friends, but neither Alex nor James were very fond of the situation. Cat and Lucy were their number one shippers
  • Kara and Lena danced around each other for two years before Lena kissed Kara on the last day of summer, they started officially dating the winter after that when Lena spent the holidays with the Danvers instead of going home
  • Even before they started dating Kara would fight anyone who tried to say anything bad about Lena. She spent three entire weeks without talking to James because he called Lena untrustworthy and wouldn’t let her be in their team for capture flag and two days without talking to Alex because she called Lena vain. Has physically fought people for things they said about Lena. Broke a guy’s arm and nose because he touched Lena’s butt and tried to kiss her, Alex had never been more proud
  • Alex only started liking/accepting Lena when it was revealed that she was actually a Daughter of Athena
  • Vasquez is always Alex’s second at capture the flag and Kara is often jealous
  • Maggie went to camp at the age of twelve after her parents kicked her out
  • Alex and Maggie started dating without even knowing. Everyone just thought they were dating and when they found out they didn’t care to correct people and decided to start dating anyways
  • Winn is the nerdy and annoying little brother of the group. Everyone calls Winn ‘Danvers’ and he loves it, Alex and Kara never corrected this, and have many times encouraged and used the name for him
  • Winn likes to tease Alex about Maggie and run to hide behind Kara before Alex can hit him
  • Alex and Maggie take turns scaring Winn, James and Kara are his protectors
  • Alex and Maggie always compete against each other, they are never on the same team for anything, they like trash-talking the other with the silliest lines. Alex calls Maggie Adidas to get her riled up, Maggie teases Alex about not having a bellybutton and calls her ‘brainy’
  • James and Maggie stay at camp all year around. Kara, Winn and Alex stay on school breaks (all of them). Lucy only stays on summers. Lena goes to boarding school when she’s not on camp. Cat refused to stop going to camp even after she started college, she goes back every summer. No one knows anything about Vasquez’s life, there is no pattern of when she stays on camp, she disappears for long periods of time only to show up again as if she never left.
  • Eliza takes in any and every demigod that shows up at her door, her children often bring home friends to spend the last week or so of summer

And I will stop now because this is too long and has taken up too much time, I’ve been writing this for at least six hours why am I like this? I got a little bit carried away, can you tell?