good logic tbh

All right so anybody who says Bellamy was wrong for what he said to clarke in 3x05, you need to listen up. I don’t care if you’re an anti or a clexa or a bellarke, thinking his words were wrong for being said is wrong and frankly racist. I’m gonna take this step by step so that there’s no ounce of confusion able to squeeze into anybody’s heads so here we go

1) (In response to: we need to talk) “Oh, you’ve decided that. The mighty Wanheda…”

All right, so two things. First off, people being angry that he’s questioning her when she ‘just wants to talk’ like back off because he has a right to be questioning her. in the last three times he interacted with her she left him and their people (hint: their), and now suddenly she’s in charge?

Also, Wanheda. Yes, Bellamy uses that title. Yes, it’s not exactly a flattering thing to say to Clarke. But you know what? Who Bellamy sees in front of him isn’t the Clarke he knew. It’s someone who ran away from her troubles (troubles he has too, thanks for forgetting world) and left him when he needed her most. Calling her Wanheda helps himself distance himself because what happened the last times he got close? Oh right

2) (continuing from last) “…who chose the grounders over her own people, who turned her back on us when we came to rescue you. Now you wanna talk.”

Was anything he just said not true? Hmmm. Seems to me like it was all true. Weird. Funny how people manage to twist words that were the frigging truth. And again, overall, this isn’t Clarke to him, this is someone who hurt him deeply and now suddenly he’s supposed to fall at her feet?

3) (”I came to tell you it’s over”) “There it is again. Why do you get to decide it’s over?”

Another example of Clarke being the power over Bellamy and people somehow not being okay with him not liking that???? Like, they’re partners. Co-leaders. Or supposed to be.

4) (“Please tell me that going to war is not what you want”) “We’ve been at war since we landed. At least Pike understands that.”

Before I even mention what he says you all have to acknowledge the look on his face, the pause, the way he says that line. That’s not how a ‘genocial maniac’ talks about war. That’s how someone who has suffered talks about it. How someone who possibly has PTSD talks about it. That’s the way someone talks about war when they don’t want it, but they know not wanting it won’t prevent it.

All right, to his words. Why on earth would he not think they were at war since they landed? In the first episode Jasper got speared, and from then on they were always fighting. Fighting Grounders, fighting Mountain Men, fighting, fighting, fighting. All they’ve known is war. Acknowledging isn’t accepting.

The bit about Pike, that’s where things get complicated, and not because Bellamy is wrong or a bad character. Along with the fact that the whole plot line itself is extremely racist and that’s the WRITERS’ faults, not Bellamy’s, Bellamy was deceived, all right? He was hurting. He had the weight of hundreds on his back – a weight he had to bear without Clarke, the first person who should’ve been there with him – and then because of the Ice Nation he has more, including Gina. He was grieving like mad, suffering from trauma (including probably PTSD), and wanting to help his people, and Pike came around. And YES, I know what they did was wrong, but y’all all act as if Bellamy should’ve trusted the grounders. BULL. When did the Grounders prove to Bellamy they could be trusted? From day one he and his people have suffered under Grounders. People were harmed and killed. They went to war against the delinquents. They betrayed his people, abandoning him and all the delinquents in a mountain to die. And yet he’s supposed to be sure that this ‘peacekeeping force’ isn’t going to do anything? Bull. Absolute freaking bull. Would you risk the lives of your people based on hoping they would hold to their word? I doubt it.

And here’s another thing. What Pike and all of them did, it was wrong, because it was a peacekeeping force (never mind they had no real reason to believe that). But here’s the thing–so many other characters have done awful, awful things that were morally wrong for their people or for someone in particular, and yet no one gets treated like Bellamy does. Clarke and Lexa let hundreds of innocent people burn to death, and what happened? A few people found out and were mad at Clarke, and…that was it? No one holds it against either of them because “it was for their people” and “the show’s supposed to be morally gray” and stuff like that. (There are many other examples, by the way, but you get my point, hopefully.) But for Bellamy it suddenly takes a whole season for him to be redeemed from this? Really? What about Bryan? Oh, wait. He’s a white man. Bellamy’s a POC. I see how this is. The non-white man has to have a season of redemption to not be seen as evil and anyone white gets redeemed instantly. Interesting.

5) “I let you and Octavia and Kane convince me that we could trust these people when they’ve shown over an over who they are.”

Refer to how Bellamy has literally no good reason to trust the Grounders thanks bye

6) “And I won’t let anyone else die for that mistake.”

Hmmm. Almost seems like Bellamy’s actions were out of wanting to help his people, even though he knew it was morally gray. Hmmm. A leader of their people doing something morally gray/wrong that cost lives in order to help their people…hold on, I swear I’ve heard this before…oh wait. It’s the exact same thing as several other characters on this show, but because they’re white women it’s fine. Sure.

7) (”Bellamy…I need you. And we don’t have much time”) “You need me.”

Yes, the Bellarke fam tends to rejoice at her words a bit. She needs him! Whoooo! HOWEVER. For her to say that to him right now…it’s not the right time, and to be honest, it’s a subtle way of manipulating him. She’s trying to convince him to agree with her, and at this point she’s using their relationship to do that. And Bellamy shouldn’t be uneasy about that?

Also. The way he said it is oh so fair because really? She needs him now? She needs him when it suits her, when she needs his help, but no other time? She left him after Mount Weather, forcing him to hide all the pain he bore, to face that without her (yes I know he has Monty but it’s Clarke he needed all right), to care for their people alone. And yes she couldn’t have handled it, yes it was something Clarke needed to do, but what about Bellamy? What about what Bellamy needed? Is it really fair to pamper Clarke and leave Bellamy out to suffer? Really? Of course he has a right to be angry. She left him with all that and now she tries to repair the relationship. When it’s strategic.

And anyway this whole concept of Clarke being in charge, of Bellamy always having to listen to Clarke, of ‘the queen and her knight’–it’s racist, guys. (If that concept doesn’t make sense to you, somehow, go find someone who is southeast asian and watches the show to ask. I won’t go very into it because I am not southeast asian and therefore don’t want to shout over them, even if I want to help.) What I will say is this–why is it that some people only stan Bellamy when he’s bowing down to all the white women in his life? (Clarke, Octavia, etc.) What would’ve happened if the roles were switched? Would anyone have yelled at Clarke for standing up to Bellamy, or hated because of her wrongs? Heck freaking no. You know how I know that? Because we’ve seen it. She and every other white character is thrown on a pedestal and everything is automatically justified (murder, torture, abuse, etc.) but not for the POC, oh no no.

8) (”I need the guy who wouldn’t let me pull that lever in Mount Weather by myself”) “You left me. You left everyone.”

Again, it’s true. She left him. She left their people. He was hurting same as her but he was the one who had to shoulder it all while she sorted it out. Why is that fair to Bellamy? Why is it wrong for him to be angry??????

9) “Enough, Clarke. You are not in charge here, and that’s a good thing because people die when you’re in charge. You were willing to let a bomb drop on my sister, then you made a deal with Lexa, who left us in Mount Weather to die and forced us to kill everyone who helped us–people who trusted me.”

Just like before, let’s notice how he says this. Do you see his expressions? Do you see his eyes? Bellamy. Is. Hurt. He is grieving beyond belief, carrying around this hurt and anger and confusion and loneliness and trauma all alone and now it’s being let out and you know what? Good for him. If the rest of the characters can have their tantrums, their stomp-offs, their three-month expeditions into the unknown, then so can he.

Oh, and look at this truth bomb. Clarke made a deal with Lexa who betrayed them (not her fault), and then left their people for hers. And why should that compute right for Bellamy? Why should that make sense to him? He doesn’t know Lexa or the Grounders, he’s only seen the hate and destruction they’ve caused, of course he’s mad about it. And Octavia. Octavia is his only family, the person he’ll do anything for (my sister, my responsibility). And Clarke lied to him about her for the mission, then was ready to let her die. So why the frick shouldn’t he mad about that? This man has every right to be angry, just like anyone should. The fact that he’s being hated on for this just shows how blind people become when they can’t see through racist beliefs and ship wars.


And here we are. Notice I only talked about what he said because that’s what I wanted to focus on. If you’ve got problems with what he did after where I ended, feel free to tell me politely for goodness sakes. And next time you feel like crapping over a character (especially one like Bellamy Blake, the third southeast asian main man on US television ever, an asian character who isn’t desexualized and is both an mc and in a position of power, who has been in several interracial relationships, who is a man who doesn’t objectify women and has been an active caretaker his whole life and allows himself to be vulnerable), maybe think before you do it, because your logic is nonexistent.