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sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town


Dark Matter - Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose

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Lady, I know…I KNOW.

This is not a top KGB agent, this is a son who’s mother taught him to be polite and respect his elders…

This is not a top KGB agent, this is a boy who’s letting his physical guard down with a girl he’s unable to find anything other than irrationally endearing (even after she’s already slapped him once with his own hand)…

This is not a top KGB agent, this is a calculating man who’s just been voluntarily bested by a woman half his size, but probably had more fun in the process than he has had in longer than he can remember…

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The Life They Knew Ch12 - AU - Olicity Fanfic

AU - Olicity - Felicity loved watching the happy life that her best friend had built for herself. Oliver watched his best friend reach every milestone he himself feared. An unexpected tragedy thrusts their lives together in a way neither could imagine. Could they over come their hate for each other to help fulfill the last wishes of their best friends. (Inspired by the movie - Life as We Know It)

Ao3 & Ffn

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Chapter 12 - Oliver

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