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A couple of rules:
• No NSFW, I won’t do it. Don’t ask, don’t try.
• No extreme violence.
• Email before you pay me so I don’t suddenly wake up with like 10$ in my account and a commissioner who wants me to do an extremely complex sketch of a giant dragon or something. These prices are suggested, depending on the complexity I may change the price based on how long I need to work on it. RN, my prices are based on California’s minimum wage (10$ per hour). So keep that in mind.
• my email is:, my paypal is the same.
• I’m like desperate for money, lads. Just got back from a trip I paid for myself and I only have 11$ in savings. So. PLEASE COMMISSION ME.
• I will send sketches of the beginning to any of those who contact me so I can change or alter things they don’t like, just keep in mind i’m not great at backgrounds.

I decimated this village days ago! Just for you…

fun tony reminder:the tonys are a business and function as a commercial for broadway. they have next to nothing to do with talent and everything to do with business, alliances, and politics. all the tony voters are business owners. i know you all want your faves to win but the tonys are literally just politics. they’re very fun to watch and it’s fun to root for people but just know what they are at the end of the day.